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Chapter 322

Grid was shaken when Transcend was blocked.

‘I cant believe it was defeated!

The number of times he had fired the energy blades in 30 seconds was well over 50 times.

But Piaro stood in place and blocked it with a hand plow He recognized Piaros skill from the beginning, but his agility seemed higher than yesterday.

‘Truly amazing.

Grid felt a thrill.

He realized that he was blessed to have such a great subordinate.

But Grid didnt like that Piaro was a farmer.

His subordinate would become much stronger if he was a sword saint!

‘Now I will make you a sword saint!

Grid rushed forward towards Piaro while avoiding the dozens of seeds.

He used Pagmas Swordsmanship, Pinnacle that could only be performed once an hour.

But the result fell short of expectations.

[You have dealt 10,500 damage to the target.]

‘Ah! Damn level system!

Piaros stats were high and the level difference of 100 was too much.

His attack power wasnt properly applied, catching Grids ankles.

But he didnt feel despair.

He had the power of items!

‘It is impossible to win with skills alone!

Grid faced the incoming hand plow and finally summoned a God Hand, defending by equipping the Divine Shield.



Piaro was greatly surprised by the sight.

Grid smiled at the sight.

“Let me show you the power of items.”

[God Hand]

Rating: Unique (Growth)

Durability: Infinite

Dexterity: 814 Strength: 813

A hand made by the legendary blacksmith Grid, using the material pavranium that was made by the former legends Pagma and Braham.

Since it reproduces Grids hands, all items can be worn without restrictions.

An item born from the intervention of three legends, it has the ability to transcend a divine item.

However, steady learning is essential in order to open up its potential.

* The unique ratedGod Hand only receives 30% of its masters strength and dexterity.

* The unique ratedGod Hand isnt yet able to reproduce its masters skills.

However, the skills possessed by items can be fully used.

Buff skills will influence the master.

*God Hand can learn blacksmithing, swordsmanship and shield techniques.

Currently, the Blacksmith skill of God Hand is advanced level 1, while Sword Mastery and Shield Mastery are beginner level 2.

Once the mastery reaches a certain level, the rating of God Hand will increase.

* Magic Missile (Enhanced) is attached.

Due to the effect of the Water Clan Kings Tears, this spell is reproduced with 100% of its power.

* Depending on the usage, it is easy to obtain the favor of the opposite sex.

Conditions of Use: Grid.

Weight: 21

The conditions of use was Grid rather than Pagmas Descendant.

As a dedicated item exclusively for Grid, its performance and role fulfilled his expectations.

There was a high likelihood of growth.

It might be comparable or exceed a myth rated item, so he was full of expectations for the future.

But there was one regrettable thing.

‘I was only able to make four.

He was able to make five if he only reproduced the shape, but the pavranium consumption rate was too high once he had to make all the structures.

‘Well, I still like it.

Wasnt it still four hands more than other people Grid threw Failure and Grids Greatsword into the air.


Forsaking a weapon during battle Piaro couldnt understand Grids intentions and was confused.

‘Perhaps…! There isnt only one golden hand!

Piaros gaze hurriedly turned towards the sky.

Two golden hands appeared and grabbed the greatswords.

Piaro paled.

“Is it the time to look away”

Grid replaced the Divine Shield with the Ideal Dagger, then he shouted.


Papat! Papapat!

The speed of the pavranium was comparable to hells best demonic beast, a memphis.

An ordinary person wouldnt be able to react.

Three God Hands approached and wielded their greatswords and daggers at Piaro.

The golden hands were moving and wielding their weapons by themselves.

They might be fast and amazing, but their sword skills were terrible.

It was like childs play to Piaro.

“This isnt the end!”

Chaaeng! Chaaeng!

Piaro blocked all the hand attacks with just one hand plow! He tried to aim the hoe at Grid.


‘There was one more hand!

A chill went down Piaros spine.

A golden hand holding a jade greatsword aimed at his back! Grid realized it the moment he saw Piaro sense and defend against the attack.

‘The current God Hands cant go against Piaro.

He was a monster who blocked all attacks, even if they struck simultaneously from all four directions.

‘But it is okay.

The presence of the God Hands alone were a great help to him.

The swordsmanship and strength were low, but all the items were top rated weapons.

Piaro was forced to be conscious of them, and Grid would aim for that gap.

‘I will do my best.


Grid was covered in black energy.

It was the manifestation of Blackening that belonged to Dark Bus Earrings.

[Your black magic power has increased.]

[You dont have any black magic power.

It will be replaced with demonic power.]

[While Blackening is activated, your species will change to half-demon.]

[As a half demon, your maximum health is reduced by 50%.

Your attack power, magic power and agility will increased by 20% each.]

[All attacks will be converted to the black magic attribute.]

Piaros eyes widened.

‘Demonic energy!

His lord wasnt a human He suspected for a moment.

Then he noticed that the cause of Grids demonic energy was the earrings he was wearing.

Piaro frowned despite feeling relieved.

“This doesnt look good!”

Grids skin was whitened and his eyes turned black, making his appearance unbearable.

Piaro didnt like that his lord was borrowing the power of a demon.

But Grid wouldnt hear of it.

“Dont give it any big meaning.

This is just an extension of the items system.”

Grids nature was more aggressive in the Blackening state.

How far would this power go against Piaro Grid felt pleasure as he gave an order to the hands.

After deploying Wind Blast attached to the Ideal Dagger, while Failure and the Doppelgangers Greatsword simultaneously hit the left and right sides of Piaro.

At this time, Grids Greatsword was falling from the air.

“Where are you going”

The attacks towards Piaro werent threatening at all.

They were easy to beat.

However, he couldnt help taking action towards them.


Grid summoned the demonic sword that he got from the Elfin Stone raid.

The demonic energy left an afterimage and a red line was painted.



Piaro was astonished.

Grids damage and speed was incomparable after he used Blackening.

The speed wasnt much different from Piaro.

Moreover, Grids swordsmanship suddenly increased greatly.

It was thanks to Iyarugt.

[Due to the option effect of Iyarugt, Sword Mastery has increased by 5 levels.]

[You dont have the Sword Mastery skill.

Beginner Sword Mastery level 5 is created while wearing Iyarugt.]

It didnt seem to be that much.

What was the effect of beginner Sword Mastery level 5 It increased attack power and attack speed by 3% when a sword was worn.

However, Grids basic stats were unusually high.

He was in a state where his stats were enhanced by Blackening.

This 3% was forced to become a large number.

Moreover, there was Iyarugts real strength.

[The strongest enemy I have met in centuries! Go and fight! Fight without stopping! Let me grow!]


The strongest demonkin when alive.

His spirit dwelled in Iyarugt, transmitting his excitement to Grid.

In Grids field of view, dozens of red lines were created and cleared.

Grid followed the most brilliant line and swung his sword.

This became the best trajectory that put pressure on Piaro.

‘My Lord…!

Piaro was thrilled as he confronted it.

Since acquiring the title of great swordsman, how long had it been since he was pushed on the defensive by someone It was the first time.

Thus, he was glad.

He was even more delighted that the opponent was his lord!

“Free Farming 4th Style!”

The demonic sword was too sharp.

Once the hand plows durability fell to the limit, he was forced to pull out a plow.

“Plow the Field!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

As the plow swept through the ground, the earth shook like there was an earthquake and pillars of earth rose.


Grid reflexively moved backwards and barely avoided the pillars.

But the crisis was still continuing.

Piaro sprinkled seeds on the land that was cleared.

The seeds quickly grew into thorny vines that surrounded Grids body.

It was the linkage of Plowing, Sowing and then Rapid Growth.

“God Hands!”

Grid quickly cried out as he was about to be overtaken by the front vines.

Then four golden hands flow and swung their weapons, cutting through the thorns.

However, there was a limit.

The thorns grew faster than the hands could act.

In the end, Grid was forced to use Link in order to avoid the crisis.

It was the moment he wasted an important skill for defensive purposes.

Piaro leapt quickly and wielded his sickle.

“Free Farming 5th Style, Harvest!”

Seokeok! Seokekeok!

The huge thorns were separated from the roots by the sickle.

At the same time, they moved like a wave towards Grids body.

[You have suffered 9,100 damage.]

[You have suffered 8,700 damage.]

[You have suffered 8,930 damage.]


It made him feel very bad.

The problem was the skill name ofHarvest. He didnt want to die from a farmers sickle.


Iyarugt had been waiting for this opportunity and presented a new sword trajectory to Grid.

It was a sword trajectory that aimed perfectly for when Piaro landed.

However, Grids speed wasnt fast enough to catch it.

The distance to Piaro was too far.

He did the next best thing and fired off four Magic Missiles, but he was interrupted by the thorns.

[What are you doing, incompetent bastard!]

Iyarugt urged him as he felt frustration.


Grid was baffled.

Then he came up with an idea.

It was the skill belonging to the Ideal Dagger that he forgot about for a while.

“God Hands!”

Grid shouted and the hand with the Ideal Dagger used the skill.

Quick Movements was used.

[Your evasion rate is increased by 30% and your agility doubled for 1 minute.]

This was why Grid kept the level 180 Ideal Dagger.

Double his agility! The Ideal Daggers abilities were low, but the skill attached to it was great.


Grid rushed along the sword path.

This speed overturned common sense, so there was no way for the confused Piaro to avoid it.


A red flash was launched in a straight line towards Piaros shoulders.

Originally, it was aimed at the heart.

However, the orbit was twisted because of Piaros flail.

But Grid wasnt shaken.

It was because he knew his present speed far exceeded Piaros.


[You have dealt 3,900 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 3,790 damage to the target.]

[You have succeeded in the 3rd combo!]

[The amount of damage the target will receive will increase by 200% for 1 second!]



A skill was launched with Iyarugt.

It was Pagmas Swordsmanship, Kill.

Grid had the legendary skills so there was no sense not using them.


[You have dealt 125,600 damage to the target.]

Piaros health fell by half in an instant.

[Piaro has realized what he is lacking.

The level of his farming techniques have risen from this enlightenment!]

[A hidden quest has been created.]

A quest window appeared to increase the value of this match.


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