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Chapter 320

What should he do if he encountered someone The nervous Youngwoo shot a movie for three minutes while taking out the trash bags.

He looked around every time he took a step, and occasionally took a low crawling posture.

He hid behind a telephone pole whenever car lights approached.

He was a former sergeant of the Republic of Korea army and was a reservist.

Thanks to this, he was able to return home safely after taking out the trash.

“Sigh… It was good that I went into the army.”

He had struggled during his days of active duty, but the things he learned during the army were really worthwhile.

First of all, the army was a sacred duty.

Youngwoo didnt think it was a waste of time to go into the army.

Rather, he took pride in it.

His mother, who was peeling garlic in the living room, looked at him with confusion.

“Why are you wearing a mask and sunglasses at night”

“I have to do this because of a false accusation.

I have to consider my body, so have Sehee take out the trash for a while.”

“Are you insane False accusation Consider your body”

His mother had a concerned expression on his face.

Youngwoo didnt want his mother to be concerned and changed the topic.

“Its a joke, a joke.

Ill help you with the garlic.”

Pak! Pa pa pa pat!

Youngwoo peeled the garlic at a great speed.

It was a level that transcended the skill of his mother, who had been peeling garlic for 30 years.

His mother was astonished when she saw how quickly the white flesh of the garlic was revealed.

‘My son is also talented!

Youngwoo hadnt done well since he was a child.

He didnt reveal any talents.

His mother always took it to heart.

She felt sorry that her son had no talent, and she also felt guilty.

But now he had her ability to peel garlic.

She was thrilled that her sons talent was belatedly discovered.

It was to the point of tears.

But he wasnt particularly happy.


After dinner, Grid accessed Satisfy.

He went to visit Irene as always.

She would give birth in 50 days, so Grid was motivated to whisper endearments to her and to maintain a faithful attitude.

“Dear husband, have a good day today.”


Irenes lips touching his cheek was softer and more thrilling than anything else in the world.

Then a notification window flashed in front of Grid.

[The child in the belly has felt the true love of the couple, increasing all stats by 1.]

It happened for the first time in a while.

It had been 10 days The rise in the childs stats was constantly being repeated in a certain period of time.

‘A good start!

The road was clear.

The confident Grid ran to the smithy.

“We greet the great sun of Reidan, Duke Grid!”

The young blacksmiths greeted him in unison.

Khan also laughed.

Grid responded to them, then closed his eyes.


Grid didnt delay.

He recalled the structure of the hand that he had memorized and immediately triggered the creation skill.

“Item Creation.”

[What item do you want to create]

‘Will it work

Item Creation wasnt an almighty skill.

A simple example was that Grid couldnt create accessories.

Grid could only create items that were suitable for blacksmiths to produce.


Grid gulped nervously and replied.


I want to create hands.”


It was silent for a while.

The system didnt have a reaction.

‘Is it impossible

It was the worst case scenario.

The moment Grid was going to frown with disappointment,

[It is hands, not gauntlets]

The notification window was different from usual.

It was a more organic question.

‘Something is coming!

Grid sensed this was a prelude to a special event and nodded.

“Thats right! I want to create hands! Hands based on mine!”

[It is possible if you set the material as pavranium.]


His morale started to rise.

Grid was delighted.

He shouted with excitement.

“I will set the material as pavranium!”

At that moment.


A cheerful sound was heard, and he couldnt imagine what happened next.

[You have had the same idea as the legendary blacksmith Pagma.]

[The third class questWhat Pagma couldnt Achieve has been created.]

[What Pagma couldnt Achieve]

Difficulty: Class Quest.

300 years ago, the legendary blacksmith created the strongest mineral called pavranium.

Pavranium is a mineral with a transcendent performance, even above the god mineral adamantium.

It is said that it wouldve never been completed without the knowledge of Great Magician Braham.

Pagma was inspired.

It was his desire to make something that even transcended the gods using the pavranium.

But there was a clear limit to the quantity of pavranium, so Pagma had to think about how to use the pavranium.

At this time, he came up with theGod Hand.

Several golden hands that could demonstrate a dexterity equivalent to the legendary blacksmith! With the God Hands, Pagma believed he could produce items in an area that he had never reached.

However, he was unable to make the God Hands.

Human life was finite and Pagma was already old.

Now you have reached the same idea as Pagma, so create and produce the God Hands.

Transcend the foundation set by Pagma by achieving the goal that Pagma couldnt reach.

Quest Clear Conditions: Fully produce hands made of pavranium.

Quest Clear Reward: One of the hidden pieces of Pagmas Descendant,Sealed Abilities will open.

‘It is as Braham said!

Pagma existed 300 years ago.

In addition, he was dying at that point.

So how did he appear in history 100 years ago Grid gradually started to accept Pagmas existence.

‘Perhaps a ghost… No, its useless to think about it now.

It was something he would naturally discover during the progression of his story quests.

Grid shook his head and focused on the challenge ahead of him.

‘Ill do it!

Grid was filled with a burning motivation.

He was confident after memorizing the shape and structure of a hand for three hours.

[Please design the God Hand.]

A blank blueprint appeared in front of him.

Grid drew the structure he learned and a form that resembled his own hand.

As a result, he was able to design a quality hand that exceeded his knowledge due to the Item Creation skills compensation effect.

[Design: God Hand has been acquired!]

God Hand.

The name itself was tremendous.

The performance was obviously great just based on the name.

The blissful Grid smelted the pavranium.

Then he used the Legendary Blacksmiths Hammer to forge it.

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid focused silently.

He didnt let anything obstruct him.


It was quiet.

For Grid, the only things that existed in the world at present were the pavranium, the anvil, and the hammer.

There was nothing else.

Ttaang – ttang -!

The hammer and Grid were no longer separate existences.

They were fully joined.

The hammer was Grid and Grid was the hammer.

The body and hammer moved as one.


The pavranium gradually took the shape of the God Hands.

The complex and delicate structure was recreated.

A clear sound rang out.

Khan and the young blacksmiths were impressed as they watched the golden hands being completed.

[Your extreme concentration has activated the Legendary Blacksmiths Breath.]

[The Legendary Blacksmiths Breath has increased the effectiveness of your production items.]


At the end of a long work, Grid finally returned to reality.

His eyes widened as he confirmed the result.


‘There is no possibility that I will lose today.

Piaro didnt doubt it.

Grids level was beyond his expectations, but it still wasnt a match for Piaro.

‘Im sorry towards My Lord.

Grid was growing quickly.

But that was it.

Grid hadnt yet become a suitable candidate for the title of legend.

‘There is still a sky between you and me.

A persons skills couldnt transcend that gap overnight.

Piaro recalled the battle from the day before and was confident that he could win against Grid today without any injuries.

Puk! Puk puk puk puk!

Pa pa pa pat!

As Piaro was thinking, his hands moved without any rest.

He quickly dug out the vegetables in no time.

Chris and the Five Captains were amazed at the sight.

‘I want such a farmer in our territory!

It was Chris desperate wish.


The territory ruled by the Giant Guild was different from the past.

Everything was trampled by the golem army, so they were currently in the process of rebuilding.

Of course, the fields were also a mess, and it was impossible to produce food.

But what if they obtained a Piaro Pedros crops would get better every quarter and the Giant Guilds finances would rise.

People would become motivated after getting food and the rate of the reconstruction would increase by several times.


Chris could only sigh.

He was envious of Grid, who had a great number of named NPCs like Piaro.

“Um, I should end it here today.”

Piaro rose from his spot.

He finished work three hours earlier than usual.

“Are you going already What about the sparring”

It was Chris who talked to Piaro with extreme respect.

“I have something important to do today.

After finishing the field work, we will spar at night.

Ill see you later.”

The dirt-stained Piaro left the fields.

“It must be huge if that old man, who is crazy about farming, left.”

“Maybe something happened with Overgeared”

The Five Captains guesses were reasonable.

Piaro usually cherished working in the fields.

What happened that would make him leave early

“Follow him.”

Chris felt curious and followed Piaro.

Piaros insight was so high that they had to be a considerable distance behind, but they were able to easily follow him.

It was because Reidans population was low.



Chris and the Five Captains followed Piaro to a large smithy.

They were confused at the sight of Piaro confronting Grid.

Grid was armed with two greatswords and had a grim expression on his face, like he was planning to fight Piaro.

‘Is there a feud between the two

If so, was this a chance to recruit Piaro Chris was inwardly cheering with delight.

“This idiot doesnt understand who he is facing.”

The other captains scoffed, except for Zirkan.

Grid couldnt beat Piaro, who defeated even them.

The Five Captains predicted that Grid would be killed with a hand plow in 10 seconds.

They believed it was a natural result.

‘Because we were beaten!

After reaching the third advancement, the Five Captains were stronger than ever.

They were aware of the level of Grids skills.

But what was the truth


The Five Captains watched the sight unfold before their eyes and couldnt close their mouths.

Chris was also shocked.


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