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Chapter 305

‘No, dammit!

Pagmas Descendant could wear all types of equipment items unconditionally.

This was one of Pagmas Descendants greatest strengths, and was the source of his destructive power.

However, he couldnt equip Iyarugt.

It was because Iyarugt rejected Grid.

–An inferior demonkin The demonic power that I feel from you is too weak and low quality.

You dont deserve to be my master.

[You are rejected by Iyarugt.]

[You have failed to wear Iyarugt.]

If Iyarugt had cursed him, he couldve cancelled it with his passive immune status.

But Iyarugt just didnt tolerate Grids existence itself.

It wasnt a matter that could be overcome with status immunity.

Grid was baffled.

He never imagined that there would be an item he couldnt wear.

‘Its frustrating.

There was only one way to increase the rating of a growth item.

Use it a lot.

However, Grid couldnt wear it so he had no way to increase the rating.

Grid wanted Iyarugt to become a legendary weapon, so he was now in a difficult situation.

‘I have to increase my demonic power

Iyarugt rejected Grid because his demonic power was too low.

If he increased his demonic power, Iyarugt would no longer reject Grid.

But Grid was unwilling.

‘The higher the demonic power, the more likely I am to go to hell.

Demonic power rising.

It meant he would become a demon sooner.

The reason Grid could be sure of this was because of the notification windows he saw when he was in hell.

[The duration of Blackening is over.]

[Your demonic power is sealed and your species has returned to a human being.]

[It is impossible for ordinary humans to enter hell.

You are expelled from hell.]

The system had clearly said so.

It was impossible for a human to enter and stay in hell.

In other words, if his demonic power was high enough to allow him entry to hell, he had already become a demon.

‘A demon…

If he played a species hostile to humans, would it be possible to progress normally in the game It would be tough.

He wouldnt be able to keep his position as lord of Reidan, which meant the collapse of Overgeared.

In the worst case scenario, Irene and Khan would leave his side.

Grid wanted to avoid becoming a demon as much as possible.

‘For the time being, I will use Iyarugt only when Blackening is activated.

If he handled it briefly, he would improve his understanding of the item.

If it reached 100% understanding…

‘At that time, I will use the Legendary Blacksmiths Reconstruction.

He would change Iyarugt into a soul that obeyed him, making him the perfect master of Iyarugt.

Grids face distorted in a wicked manner as he pledged.

‘I will change its name to Yakult.

It was a 200 won drink that Grid had drank since he was a child, and Iyarugt was hard to pronounce.

It was a good choice to change the name into something easier to call.


The demon sword Iyarugt, which had swordsmanship comparable to a great demon.

It wasnt long until his noble pride would be brutally trampled on.


Yura joined the party from the 14th city onwards.

She was level 203 when she joined.

She mightve been the former 5th ranked user and a legendary class, but wasnt her level too low The party members judged that Yura joining them was too premature.

She would be a burden, rather than help the party.

But she defied everyones predictions.

The legendary class, Demon Slayer, seemed to be fatal to all demonkin.

Yura showed off a transcendent combat power against the vampires.

Tatang! Tang tang!

A Demon Slayers main weapon was a magic gun.

For convenience, a magic gun was a weapon that could only be produced at an alchemy facility and it depended on the users control ability.

It required discharging a constant amount of magic power quickly and properly as a bullet.

Every attack required a series of steps, so it wasnt easy.

If Grid was given a magic gun to use, he would fail more than 100 times.

Maybe it would take him more than three minutes to shoot a bullet.

But Yura was different.

She skillfully handled the magic gun based on her masterful control from her time as a black magician, as well as her innate talent.

Even magic gunmen would admire her skill.



The pure white pistol blended with Yuras white skin.

Every time she fired a magic bullet, the inferior vampires would shed blood.

“What is this…”

The vampires made disbelieving expressions.

A human woman with ebony hair tied up.

She was so beautiful that she even attracted the vampires who regarded humans as food, and she didnt have any divine power.

Yet her abilities were deadly to them.

Their bodies turned to black smoke, but still received damage.

It was an attack that even neutralized the black smoke.

“This woman…! What is your identity”

A vampire shouted when he saw his kin die from the bullets.

The vampires reigned as a top-level predator, but they were now terrified of a human.

Furthermore, a Korean woman! Peak Swords patriotism rose at the sight.

“Do you know Yura!!!”

“…That person, its obvious thatdo you know are the only English words he speaks.”

“He doesnt even know how to use it correctly.”

The party clicked their tongue at Peak Swords tendencies.

Yura just focused on the battle.

The passive skill that was fatal to all demonkin,Purification was refined into the magic bullets and then she shot them withDemonkin Contempt.

Tatang! Tang tang!

The biggest advantage of a magic gun was the speed of the bullets.

It was almost impossible to cope with the bullets, unlike arrows.

The disadvantage was the slow firing speed.

Unlike the guns of modern society, the magic guns had to undergo the magic refinement process, making the shooting speed very slow.

This was a fundamental problem that couldnt be overcome, even with Yuras skill.


Yura shot at the head of a bullet and was reloading her magic power.

“Damn human!”

The surviving vampires rushed over and wielded their sharp nails at Yura.


Vantner, the only tanker of the party, was protecting Zednos.

It was because Zednos used a wide area spell and attracted the aggro.

He couldnt help Yura.

Someone ran over as Vantner looked shocked.


The person desperately called out Yuras name.

Was it Grid No.

Grid was struggling with Iyarugt while hunting alone.

In the first place, he wasnt paying attention to Yura.

The person rushing to help Yura was Peak Sword.

Yura was the proud daughter of South Korea, so he couldnt tolerate her being hurt.

“Im coming! Yura!”

Peak Sword shouted.

In fact, Yura didnt need his help.

A legendary class.

In addition, it was a combat focused legendary class.


Yura put away her magic gun and pulled out a sword.

She used the skillBrilliance Sword and swung at the vampires.

The vampires tasted the pain of burning flesh.

Peak Sword couldnt help admiring it.

“You can even use swordsmanship…!”

Thats right.

A Demon Slayers main weapon actually wasnt a magic gun.

A Demon Slayer possessed the Weapons Mastery skill and could use all types of weapons.

It was just that the active skills specialized in the gun and one-handed swordsmanship.

“Youre really running wild against the small fry!”

The intermediate vampires witnessed the junior ones being beaten up by Yura and rushed over.

Panic appeared on Yuras face.

The junior vampires were in the mid-200s, while the intermediate vampires were at least level 280.

The level difference between them was so large that Yura couldnt do any damage at all.

“Where are you looking”

Jishukas voice was heard as Yura looked around for a way to escape the vampires.

Jishuka was talking to the vampires.

“Your opponent is me!”


The arrows revolved like a drill and pierced the hearts of the vampires.

Jishuka connected fire arrows with the dancing arrows, causing them to explode.

“I didnt help you.

I was just maintaining my experience.”

Yura smiled at the words.

‘Im happy.

Due to her innate talent and beauty, Yura was always alone.

People of the same sex were jealous or wanted to borrow money from her, so she never opened up her heart to make friends.

But the Overgeared members were different.

They were all people with the same talent as Yura.

They didnt give Yura special treatment or try to keep her in check.

Yura was able to realize again.

It was much more rewarding being with someone, rather than being alone.

‘It is really good that I joined Overgeared.

The reason why Yura joined Overgeared was because of Grid.

She wanted to quickly regain her ranking by joining Overgeared.

There was also her personal liking.

Grid was different from ordinary men.

He was indifferent to her.

Every once in a while, he showed annoyance.

This aspect was attractive to Yura.

Was she masochistic No (perhaps).

Yura just felt comfortable with the man who didnt put pressure on her.

The main point was that Grids help in the National Competition was very attractive.

It was the first time she had a crush on someone, so Yura wanted to be near Grid.

However, now she liked the Overgeared Guild itself.

“Its up to here!”


It was around two days after Grids party started killing the vampires in the 10th city.

The boss appeared in the middle of the city, as windows of a building were shattered.

Just like the 14th, 15th, 12th and 11th cities, the boss was a True Blood Baron.

“Daring to make a mess in my city! It cant be forgiven!”


Bloody magic power spread in all directions.

The surge of magic power was enormous.

It was much stronger than a normal dungeon boss.

But it was nothing compared to Elfin Stone.

Grids party had experience raiding Elfin Stone, so the baron vampires were no threat.


Grid revealed his power from the beginning.

The red sword and dark power coming from him made him look like a grim reaper.

“K-Keok! Why are humans so strong…”

The boss of the 10th city scattered into black smoke.

The vampire ring he dropped was distributed among the Overgeared members.


His understanding of Iyarugt was approaching 20%.

It was very slow, but it was at least going up.

Grid once again vowed to rename him Yakult and started searching for the pavranium.

Then he encountered Brahams soul in the cave with the pavranium.

It was a reunion after around one and a half years of Satisfy time.

[Pagmas Descendant! We finally meet!]


It was an unexpected reunion.

It was because Brahams soul didnt appear in the 11~15th cities.

To be honest, Grid had almost forgotten about Brahams existence.

‘Will he be angry

Grid was stealing the pavranium instead of performing the quest, so Braham would obviously be angry.

Grid greeted him awkwardly.

“I-It has been a while.”

But Brahams response was surprising.

[Please help me!]

Not only was Braham not angry, he was actually begging.

It was different from the personality that Grid knew.

The class quest left abandoned was about to undergo an upheaval.


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