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Chapter 297

“What will happen”

Three men were sitting side by side in a spacious living room that was like a playground.

What was the identity of those enjoying the cool soju and spicy chicken feet while wearing 3D glasses

They were Chairman Lim Cheolho, Director Yoon Sangmin, and Team Leader Ashley Tosun.

They were major figures in the company.

The reason why these busy people gathered in Lim Cheolhos mansion wasnt for a simple drinking party.

On the big screen, Grids party would soon encounter Elfin Stone.

Could they really succeed in the Elfin Stone raid The three people wanted to check it out.

There was a debate.

“In order to raid Elfin Stone, at least three third advancement healers are needed in the party.”

The top priority was to neutralize Elfin Stones Blood Field.

But Elfin Stone took only 1.8 seconds to deploy Blood Field.

It was difficult to block it from being activated, so it needed to be offset with continuous healing.

A eight person party with no healers wouldnt be able to raid Elfin Stone.

The father of vampires, Team Leader Ashley, was confident.

I dont know what wouldve happened if Huroi was alive, but the possibility of Grids current party successfully raiding Elfin Stone is zero.”

Huroi was able to maximize the attack power of the party members while maintaining aggro.

Ashley thought that Grid was stupid for sacrificing someone so important to the party.

But Lim Cheolho gave a different opinion.

In the first place, Grids party wouldve been wiped out if they hadnt sacrificed Huroi.

In addition, the strength of Pagma\'s Descendant is far above what was originally planned.

One of the five people who can cause miracles in Satisfy is Grid.”

Grid wasnt the only special one in the party.

Jishuka, Peak Sword, Pon, Regas, Faker, Vantner and Zednos.

They had excellent control and senses, demonstrating a strength that was beyond the concept of levels and classes.

Wouldnt they have the power to beat Elfin Stone”

Yoon Sangmin ate a chicken feet and speculated carefully.

I agree with both of you.

But to be honest, I dont think Grids party can succeed in this raid.

The influence of Blood Field is too strong.”

In the past, Yoon Sangmin cursed Grid for being stupid and frustrating.

He was resentful that someone so stupid took one of the nine legendary classes.

But now he was different.

He watched the changes and growth of Grid that took place over a year, and now supported Grid.

His wife didnt know it, but he was a great member of Grids fan club.

However, even Yoon Sangmin was skeptical about this raid.

Lim Cheolhos lips, which were swollen due to eating spicy chicken feet, curved in a smile.

“Then my odds will rise.”

Thats right.

The leaders of the worlds largest corporation gathered to bet on Grid.

They seemed to have a lot of free time, but this wasnt the case.

They werent wasting time watching Grid.

Grid was a special existence.

They didnt want to miss the biography of a person who grew up through Satisfy.


The former 5th ranked Yura.

She was the worlds best female ranker who suddenly lost her ranking four months ago.

What was the reason This was still a big issue and caused curiosity among countless people.

Lauel and the Overgeared members were exposed to the truth.

“Demon Slayer...!”

Yura joined Overgeared with the authority of the lords agent, Lauel.

The guild members werent familiar with her class.

As many people guessed, she obtained a hidden class.

It was also a legendary hidden class!

Lauel and the Overgeared members were thrilled.

The Demon Slayer class was written in gold, just like Pagmas Descendant.

But there was something odd.

‘According to Grid, legendary classes get their level reset to level 1

On the other hand, Yura was currently level 203.

It meant she went from level 1 to level 203 in just four months.

A typical user.

No, it was three times faster than the growth rate of the strongest rankers.

‘Its amazing.

She was someone who maintained the 5th ranking as a black magician that was hard to raise.

Acquiring a legendary class was like growing wings on her back.

She used her innate talents, effort and the know-how she accumulated as the 5th ranked user to raise her level at a speed that exceeded common sense.

Lauel and the Overgeared members were amazed, while Yura watched Reidan Castles resurrection point.

‘I was told Youngwoo-ssi would appear soon.

She heard about what happened.

The group of eight encountered a boss that was impossible to raid and would be wiped out.

‘I dont think so.

Yura was always watching Grid.

She looked at all the stories related to him.

Taking into account Grids growth and the features of a legendary class...

\'Youngwoo-ssi can produce results that others cant imagine.

Yura knew about Grids past.

He had gone through all types of hardships due to a lack of natural talents and bad fortune.

He had lived an unhappy life for 26 out of his 27 years and suffered countless wounds.

Yura wanted him to no longer feel despair.

She simply wanted him to be happy.

‘I will share my good luck.

So please come back safely with a bright expression.

Yuras true heart was shown when Grid was in trouble.


Elfin Stone slept for 23 hours and his condition was the best.

The day before, he tortured the human who dared insult Shizo Beriache and was able to get a good rest.

Today I should work harder than usual.”

There were thousands of familiars who roamed the underground city that was Elfin Stones home.

They became Elfin Stones eyes and ears when he was awake.

Elfin Stone knew that Grids group had slaughtered the vampires in the city.

The city will be completely destroyed in the near future if this is left alone.”

Elfin Stone didnt care about the deaths of the ordinary vampires.

He could always raise more.

However, the True Blood vampires were different.

Only Shizo Beriache and her immediate family could create them.

They were precious resources.

It was troublesome to lose them.

‘I have to eat two people from today onwards.

He would keep the black haired man alive until the end.

He would leave the most delicious food to last.

\'He sold out his companion, but in the moment when he accepts death, will he feel despair

It was fun to imagine the people crying.

Earl Elfin Stone maximized his outward appearance by changing into a white tailcoat.

He strolled out of his mansion.

His destination was the location of Grids party.


‘Which one should I eat

In the thick darkness.

Elfin Stones red eyes burned as he sniffed.

It was to distinguish between the members of Grids party.

He would hunt Pon and Regas today.

\'It is better to get rid of those two first.

In fact, the assassin called Faker was the most annoying.

However, Regas and Pon were a little bit stronger than Faker.

Their physical strength was good, so it would be annoying if they were left alive for a long time.

If he took care of them first, he could enjoy the slow hunt.

‘Then I am going.


Elfin Stone turned into black smoke and completely assimilated with the darkness.

He approached Grid like lightning, at a speed that far exceeded Fakers.

‘Now! Give me your fresh blood!

Humans were truly inferior.

No one noticed that he was approaching above their heads.

This stupidity was funny.

Earl Elfin Stone ridiculed them and used Extreme Blood Transfusion.

His target was Pon.


A blood curtain stretched out towards Pon.

Now Pon would be destroyed and his health would become Elfin Stones food.

This was normal.


“Ive been waiting.”


Elfin Stones eyes widened.

The black haired man called Grid! The man behind Pon was staring at him

‘A human noticed my approach This has never happened before.

He didnt know what was happening.

But it was too late.

Extreme Blood Transfusion was already used and Pon would soon die.

This was Elfin Stones unshakable faith.

But Grid broke that faith.

Just like the other bosses that Grid hunted, Elfin Stone was forced to feel confusion.



It was an unbelievable sight.

The Extreme Blood Transfusion heading towards Pon was caught by Grids greatsword and turned back towards Elfin Stone


Extreme Blood Transfusion was the strongest magic.

He couldnt avoid being wounded.

Elfin Stone turned pale and hurriedly tried to turn to smoke.

It was neutralized by the golden spear that stabbed his side.

“What is this...”


The blood curtain swallowed up Elfin Stone.

This process happened in a short amount of time.

All the Overgeared members nervously waiting for Elfin Stone to appear were surprised.

Grid suddenly moved and Elfin Stone fell wounded from the sky.

Cough! Cough!”

Elfin Stone vomited blood on the ground.

The face beautiful enough to captivate a man was distorted.


The angry and confused Elfin Stone immediately got up.

The terrible notification windows popped up in front of the Overgeared members.

[The master of the 13th city, Vampire Earl Elfin Stone has appeared.]

[A strong evil influence is making your magic power turbid.

All types of spells and skills arent available.]

[A vampires gaze will subdue lower species.

Your body is subjected to a strong oppression.]

The Overgeared members were helpless.

At least two to three skills were sealed and all speeds reduced, so their minds and bodies felt very heavy.

But Grid was fine.

[You have resisted.]

It was a resistance only given to legendary classes.

Grid was able to exert his strength.

“Blood Field!”

Elfin Stone sealed some of the powers of the humans with his evil influence, and he didnt miss this gap to use a skill.

No, he attempted to use it.



It was before Blood Field was completed.

Grid rushed at a speed comparable to the assassin called Faker and stabbed his blue greatsword at Elfin Stones heart.

His magic power flowed backwards and Blood Field was stopped.


This guy, he wasnt affected by the evil influence Grid gazed calmly at the disbelieving Elfin Stone.

It was a cold look.

“My share ends here.

After this, its Hurois share.”

In the past, Grid found it difficult to control his emotions.

His personality was immature and he lacked social skills, often making him go on a rampage when he was angry, sad or happy.

But now it was different.

The experience of sacrificing his close friend made Grid fully aware of what it meant to beon top. Now he was able to stay calm, despite being filled with anger and a desire for vengeance.



Pagmas Swordsmanship, Link.

The sword was wielded dozens of times without a time difference in an unshaken and sophisticated manner.


On this day, Elfin Stone screamed for the second time since he had been born.

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