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Chapter 207

After the banquet ended.

Grid and the Overgeared Guild returned to the north.

“What All your stats have risen by 120”

The Tzedakah Guild admired the effect of the Kingdoms Hero title.

In the case of rankers, they had at least seven different types of stats.

Assuming that all stats 120 were applied to all seven, it was similar to gaining 84 levels.

“Wow, its almost a legendary title.”

“A hero of a kingdom would naturally be recorded in history, and they will eventually become a legend.”

“Aww… I wish we had joined the war a little sooner.”

“Im envious.

Its amazing.”

The former Tzedakah Guild members regretted that they didnt get the title because they arrived late to the battlefield.

They never even imagined it.

The fact that the legendary class Grid currently had 13 types of stats.

‘I want to boast about it.

Grid was stiff.

He wanted to brag to the about members about gaining1,560 stat points!


‘I have to be careful.

Grid was determined not to act childishly in the future.

It was the right judgment as the leader of the Overgeared Guild.

‘I dont want to make the guild members feel bad.

Grid learned how to care for others the more mature he became.

He barely suppressed his childish nature and changed the topic.

“Sehee, what happened to you”

She had just started Satisfy, so he was curious about how she obtained the Saintess class.

“It is…”

Sehee was sulky for some reason, so Yerim explained on behalf of her.

Grid listened to the story before laughing.

“Its just like you.”

Sacrificing herself to save others without any benefit It was difficult for Grid to understand Sehee.

He was worried that someone would take advantage of her good nature.

But he was proud of Sehee.

His sister could be as kind as she wanted.

Grid was smiling warmly when Yerim asked him a question.

“By the way Oppa.

I also got the hidden class called Saintess Knight How do I change to it”


Grid and the other guild members were shocked.

Both Sehee and Yerim got a hidden class at level 1

‘What is this good luck

‘If I stay with Grid, I might open the good luck stat in reality…

‘It was good that I bought land next to Grids building… I should move to South Korea as soon as possible.

Lauels complexion rapidly brightened as the guild members gossiped.

‘Sexy Schoolgirl seemed useless, but that was a mistake.


Laeul came forward.

“Let me explain.

The conditions are different for each class change but generally…”

With Lauels help, Yerim was able to change to the Saintess Knight class.

“Is this good”

A Saintess Knights had lower base abilities compared to other epic classes.

The performance of the newly opened stats were moderate to low, and the power and function of the active skills were too plain.

However, the passive skills were admirable.

If she was in a party with the Saintess, the performance of all skills rose by 20%, stats rose by 30% and her resistance increased by 50%.

In addition, her defense increased by 40% of the Saintess defense.

It seemed to be an upgraded version of Hurois second class, Apostle of Justices Partner.

“Both of you should stick together in the game.”

Satisfy would deepen the friendship between the two girls.

Grid was very proud that Sehee had such a good best friend.

It was because he recently became aware of how important the existence of friends was.

Before they knew it, the party reached the junction between Winston and Bairan.

Lauel pointed out Jishuka.

“Jishuka, you should say goodbye here.

Please rule Bairan as you have been doing so far.”

Jishuka responded in a frustrated manner.

“Shouldnt I be near Grid to help him Cant I leave Bairan to someone else and go with him to Reidan”

“Do you think there are any guild members who can rule a city like Bairan as well as you”

Jishuka was the only guild member who had proven their ability to manage a territory.

They had to depend on Jishuka, who was an experienced person.

“The guild members will begin to rule over small villages and gain experience as a lord.

Then your successor can be decided, so please endure until then.”


“Dont forget to accumulate minerals in the guilds warehouse while steadily doing the Guardian of the Forest raid.”

“I understand…”

Jishuka elected three guild members to help her and was about to leave with a bleak expression.

Then Lauel offered something that interested her.

“Do you want to swear a knights oath to Grid before leaving Then Grid can summon you anytime he needs you.”

“I-Is that so”

She could fly to Grids side no matter how far away she was.

Jishuka was enthusiastic and pledged to Grid without any hesitation.

[You have become the knight of Duke Grid of the Eternal Kingdom.]

[Grid can summon you to his side at any time, assuming that you agree.]

“Hehe, then Ill be going.”

Jishuka finally regained her energy and headed towards Bairan with the three guild members.

Lauel added something.

“In addition, keep searching for talent in Bairan.

Please gather three great knights each.

In addition, dont neglect the recruitment of soldiers.”

The knights and soldiers would become Grids power.

Jishuka remembered this point and nodded while leaving.

Then the rest of the guild members headed to Winston with Grid.


“Dear husband!” Irene met Grids group as they arrived in Winston.

She didnt care about other peoples eyes as she fell into Grids arms.

“Thank you for being safe! Thank you for helping my father! Thank you for protecting the kingdom! Im so proud that you have become a duke!”

Irenes face was filled with love as she buried it into his chest without hesitation.

Grid stroked her silver hair with a gentle expression before looking back.

Sehee and Yerim were staring at him.

‘Why do they look so angry

Grid wondered as he introduced Irene to Sehee and Yerim.

“This is my wife.”


Sehee and Yerim already knew that Grid was a married man in Satisfy.

It was natural since his father-in-law was Marquis Steim.

But they felt strange and uncomfortable when they directly saw the woman who was Grids wife.

‘Our parents are unaware that he is a married man… Hes a completely bad person.

‘I want to win Youngwoo oppa first.

Irene confirmed that the girls were looking at her with hostility and spoke with an uneasy expression.

“Dear husband, have you obtained concubines as soon as you became a duke My heart hurts…”

“It isnt like that.

They are…”

There was no time for Grid to explain.

Sehee and Yerim cried out.

“W-Who is Oppas concubine”

“Im not Youngwoo oppas concubine.

I will be his legal wife!”

It was quite a big disturbance.

Sehee was confused about what was happening, while Yerim blatantly spoke Irene.

“Well, this is a game world, not reality.

So Oppa and I can get married.

I dont want that, but if Oppa asks me… Uh.”

“You are Youngwoo oppas wife with that body Bah, did you use magic”

“Oh my, oh my.

What nonsense is this fox speaking”

‘Im tired.

Grid sighed and suddenly checked the time.

It was 7 p.m.

in reality.

It had been 6 hours in reality and 18 hours in Satisfy time since the kan jajang arrived.

Grid separated the two girls from Irene and said.

“You guys should log out.

Even if its Saturday, your parents will worry if you go home late.”


Many events had occurred since connecting to the game.

There was the battle with the golem army, the banquet, the journey, etc.

Due to that, the girls hadnt been paying attention to the time.

“Its already this time”

The girls belatedly realized the situation and prepared to log out.

But before they logged out.

“Todays money, Ill give it to Oppa.”

“Me too.”

Sehee and Yerim were only 18 years old this year.

For them, 500,000 gold was a huge sum of money.

Then what about 500 million won It was an amount they couldnt handle.

It made them scared.

Grid understood their minds and received the 442,900 gold that Sehee received from theFight the Golems quest.

However, he refused Yerims money.

“Ill take care of Sehees money and return it when she is an adult.

But Yerim, this is your money.

If you want, then Ill exchange it for cash and give it to your parents.”

Yerim stuck out her tongue.

“Oppa, why are you acting like this Please take my money.

Then at a later time, make me an item with that money.

I heard from the guild members that the items you make are expensive.”

Lauel prompted the hesitant Grid.

“Take it.

Please manage Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirls capital for a while until they level up.

Then make them items.

Its also good for the guild.”

Eventually, Grid nodded.

Sehee and Yerim confirmed it and logged out.

The mood finally stabilized.

“Irene, I will need to go away for a while.”

Irene looked sad.

“… Are you leaving for Reidan straight away”

Tears filled her beautiful eyes.

She didnt want to be separated from him.

Grid ached as he watched Irene, who was like a wet puppy in the rain, but it couldnt be helped.

“Someday we will be able to travel together.”


Irene wanted to tell Grid not to leave.

Or she wanted to follow him.

But she had a role to play as the heir of a marquis, and Grid was in a difficult position because he just became a duke.

Things might change in the future.

“Before you leave, let me feel your love for the last time.” Irene held Grid tightly.

She didnt care about the eyes of the soldiers, knights and guild members as she kissed Grid and declared.

“I want to conceive a child with you today.”


Speaking such an explicit remark in public The embarrassed Grid blushed while everyone else shifted their gaze as they coughed or whistled.

But Irenes eyes didnt shake at all.

She was serious.

Grid was spellbound by her heart and beauty.

“I understand.

I will do my best today.”

After that.

The two people headed to the bedroom and shared a hot and precious time.

Grids large and thick fingers moved over Irenes silky skin…

The details will be omitted.

“Ahh, dear husband…”

Grid went deeper than ever…



“Then I will move.”

As Grid and Irene were busy, Lauel headed towards the dungeon.

Shays party was contained there.

Lauel made a suggestion to the people who had already been trapped in prison for three days.

“Give me the most expensive item you have.

Then Ill guarantee your freedom and safety.”

Shay snorted.

“We will be released after three hours, so why should we”

Hurois situation in the past was a special case.

Normally, no matter how big the crime, a user couldnt be locked up in prison for more than three days.

Shays group knew this better than anyone, so they laughed at Lauels suggestion.

Lauel looked at them coldly.

“I will make it easier for you to understand.

I will kill you if you dont pass me an item.

If you have eyes and ears, you should already know that I have that power.”


PK users like Shays party had a high probability of dropping items when they died.

Lauel looked at their frightened expression and pulled out a list.

It was the list that Irene gave him.

“This is a list of items that you currently own.

Give me your most expensive and precious item.

Then I will spare your lives.”


Shays party thought it was ridiculous.

This young man called Lauel, he was as evil as them, who had threatened so many people Once again, Shays party vowed not to mess with Grid.

On the other hand, Grid spent precious time with Irene before calling for Euphemina.

“Do you remember Rabbit”


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