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Chapter 177

“Hurent If he participates in PvP, I will log him out in 30 seconds.”

It was a shocking declaration.

There was only the sound of breathing everywhere.

‘Are you making fun of the United States

The United States power was superior to all the countries that competed in the National Competition.

It wasnt uncommon for people to think that the United States would win the overall competition.

Hurent was the number two user in the US team.

Yet Hurent was going to be logged out in only 30 seconds Youngwoos remark was dangerous enough to stimulate the entire American population.

‘This will unconditionally be a front page headline!


A scoop above all other scoops.

The reporters eyes shone.

In particular, the Korean reporters were thrilled.

How excited would Koreans become when they heard Youngwoos remark They couldnt even fathom it.

On the other hand, the American reporters were uncomfortable.

“The experts have analyzed that Hurent is better than you.

Dont you think you are acting too proudly It seems to be an exaggeration.”

“You declared it publicly, but what if you cant log out Hurent in 30 seconds Then you will be be disgraced globally.

Can you afford the mockery and criticism from the public”

“The world will become disappointed that the first legendary class is a simple braggart.

Do you have any intention of withdrawing your remark”

There was no question if this was a question or a threat.

Youngwoo drove home his point to the American reporters who were subtly threatening him.

“I am better than you think.”

Originally, Youngwoo was a below average player.

He took a leave of absence from school and played Satisfy as soon as it was released, but he fell behind others instead of getting ahead.

Then he fell to hell when he performed Earl Ashurs quest to find Pagmas Rare Book.

He wasted several months on the quest, and kept dying and losing his possessions.

Thanks to his unyielding spirit, he barely managed to become Pagmas Descendant, but his personality and lack of talent were problems.

He was unable to properly handle the fraudulent class and wasted several months.

But it changed after the Malacus raid.

After building a relationship with the Tzedakah Guild and going through all types of incidents, Youngwoo gradually changed.

He surely grew.

Now at this moment.

Youngwoo was confident that he was the best player.

“Please dont overlook the fact that I am a legend.”

He was proud about overcoming the trials that accompanied his pathetic nature and lacking talent.

He expressed this pride without any shame.

“I am the best.

Control You shouldnt judge and ignore people because of that.”


The reporters swallowed their dry saliva.

The hundreds of reporters were convinced at this moment.

‘Hes a star.

Not all of Satisfys talents were stars.

Only a handful of people who had something special that would stimulate and make the public enthusiastic could become a star.

From that perspective, Youngwoo was a true star.

He was the first legendary class and had a pride that matched it.

The uncompromising words might make someone feel uncomfortable, but it would give others excitement.

He would be a hot topic whenever he opened his mouth, regardless of whether it was positive or negative.

The excited reporters continued to question him.

“A successor to Pagmas techniques and will has emerged.

Hes the only one in the world that can create legendary items. That phrase appeared in Satisfy.

As the phrase suggests, can you create legendary items”

“Thats right.”


“Truly a legendary blacksmith!”

“How likely is it that a legendary item would be produced”

“It isnt high right”

“What is the difference between your legendary items and the legendary items that can be acquired from raids”

“Do all your equipped items have a legendary rating”

“Its predicted that many top guilds will invite you.

Have you ever thought about leaving the Tzedakah Guild”

“What is your stealth Or did you create an invisibility cloak like many experts speculated”

The interview lasted more than 30 minutes.

But the reporters questions never seemed to end.

On the other hand, Youngwoo was a beginner at interviews and reached the limit of his concentration.

‘This is crazy.

In the first place, Youngwoo wasnt a clever person.

Until now, he had been able to lead the interview with full confidence, but he couldnt grasp the point of the current questions.

Yura noticed his difficulty and restrained the reporters.

“The interview ends here.”

“Isnt there time to spare until the next event Cant you cooperate a bit more”


It will end here.”

Yura had a definite personality.

Her decision was final.

The reporters were well aware of her nature and retreated.

They were already satisfied with the scoops that they got.

“Sigh… That wasnt an easy task.”

After the reporters left.

Youngwoo finally let out a deep breath.

Yura encouraged him, “You did well.”

Her ebony hair flicked back as she smiled beautifully, making her seem like a refreshing tonic.

Youngwoo felt like all his fatigue was released just looking at her.

“Thank you.

I was able to do well thanks to you.”

“Rather, I should be the one thanking you.

Thanks to you coming today, I was able to win a gold medal.”

Youngwoo had clearly stated his intention to not participate in the National Competition.

Nevertheless, the Korean government and Yura arbitrarily put him on the list.

It wouldve been very unpleasant for Youngwoo.

To be honest, Yura knew that Youngwoo wouldnt participate in the competition.

She was grateful that he appeared at an unexpected moment and got good results.

On the other hand, she was sorry.

“…Arent you angry at me” Yura carefully asked Youngwoo.

“I was mad that you got me involved as you pleased.”


Yura bowed her head.

Then Youngwoo spoke to her with a soft expression.

“But in the end, it was me who decided to participate in the National Competition.”

Thats right.

He made the decision himself.

“I dont blame you.

And I unexpectedly like this stage.

I really like the situation right now.

Ah~ its enjoyable.”

“Im glad.” Yura smiled.

She looked at Youngwoo with clear affection.

Unfortunately, Youngwoo failed to notice this fact.

On the other hand, articles about Youngwoo were being spread all over the world.

[Shocking news! Pagmas Descendant isnt complete yet!]

[The golden discs and blades are Pagmas Descendants exclusive items! Will future legendary classes also have exclusive items]

[The owner of the first legendary class, Shin Youngwoo.

In reality, hes just an ordinary youth.]

[Yura and Jishuka Its a simple friendship.]

[Pagmas Descendant can make legendary rated items.]

[(Column) The economic influence that Pagmas Descendant can exercise is astronomical.

Grid will become the richest.]

[Grid has no intention of leaving the Tzedakah Guild.]

[Can Grid really produce an invisibility cloak]

[Grid,Hurent Im not complete yet, but I can logout the 8th place person on the unified rankings in 30 seconds.]

[The Americans are angry at Grids arrogant remark!]

[There is a festive atmosphere in Korea.]

The Korean teams waiting room.

“Hahaha! Grid is doing well in interviews!”

The Korean players treated Youngwoo like a hero.

“I felt relieved after seeing all the American reporters close their mouths!”

“Im looking at the reactions from overseas sites right now, and it isnt a joke! There is an uproar and foreigners are envious of South Korea.”

“I never imagined that the first legendary class would be a Korean! My heart beat wildly the moment you came!”

“Grid is the light of hope for South Korea! Im proud!”

“Huhuhut…! Koreas light of hope… Its a good saying.”

In the midst of the excited players, Youngwoos nose rose into the sky.

Currently, the real time search terms of the Internal portal sites includedGrid,Grids interview, Grids class quest,Shin Youngwoo,Pagmas Descendant,legendary items,30 second logout,invisibility cloak, golden blades and so on.

It was the same for TV.

Most of the broadcasting stations around the world repeatedly showed how Youngwoo actively destroyed the targets.


The Shins vegetable store.

Youngwoos parents were stunned when they turned on the TV for the first time.

Why was their son on TV

“…Whats this”

Youngwoos parents thought it was a dream.

The news anchors and experts were praising their son as one of Koreas heroes.

–News! Did you see the news Arent you really proud of your son

–Youngwoos mother always boasted about her son, but isnt her son a really good person Im so envious~ so happy~

Their phones rang endlessly.

Alumni who they hadnt talked to in more than 10 years called.

They all spoke about how Youngwoo was a treasure of Korea.

Youngwoos parents hearts filled up.

On the other hand, there were people who visited Youngwoo in the Korean teams waiting room and produced a friendly atmosphere.

They were Jishuka, Regas and Pon.

Youngwoo lost his soul.

‘Is that a person

Jishukas body ratio in real life was too unrealistic.

She didnt wear heels, but she looked larger than life.

In particular, her legs were very long.

Youngwoo was approximately 10cm taller than her, but the length of her legs seemed longer.

Her face was also very small.

Her body ratio was like the model of the famous artwork X, which had been lauded as awork of art from God.


Her eyes and lustrous red lips stimulated male instincts.

Her bright coppery skin and voluptuous body proved why she was regarded as one of the sexiest beauties in the world.


Jishuka ran to him, who was standing at a loss for words.

“I wanted to see you!”

It was the moment when a South American womans aggressiveness was revealed.


Youngwoo had already experienced being hugged by Jishuka several times.

He was even a married man.

But that was in Satisfy.

In reality, he was a virgin who never once dated anyone.

The worlds sexiest woman was hugging him, so he couldnt cope with the stimulation and got a nosebleed.

“Haha, Grid looks the same in reality and in Satisfy.”


Its different from a certain person.”

Regas and Pon smiled.

On the other hand, the Korean players were blinded with jealousy.

‘Yura acted like his manager during the interview and now Jishuka…

‘He said there was no relationship between them in the interview… No matter how I look at it, isnt this special

‘Monopolizing two goddesses…! Even if hes Grid, its hard to forgive…!

On the other hand, Yuras gaze was cold as she looked at Jishuka hugging Youngwoo.

Jishuka met her eyes and stuck her tongue out.

Yuras thin eyebrows narrowed together.


Sparks flew as the two womens gazes crossed.


The waiting room of the United States team.

“Hahahahat! Hurent is going to be logged out in only 30 seconds”

The 2nd ranked Zibal laughed pleasantly.

He scoffed at Grid.

“He still doesnt understand, despite his weakness being revealed in the target processing event.

That dumb guy.”

He wasnt just incompetent, but stupid as well.

Indeed, he was so stupid that the highly acclaimed legendary class was dimmed.

“Hurent, thoroughly smash him in PvP.

Embarrass him publicly.”

Lauel frowned at Zibal.

“Honestly, is he a person to poke fun at In the target processing event, he didnt use the golden blades as weapons.

If he does, the likelihood of Hurent winning in a one-on-one match will decrease.”

“Our rookie is saying so”

Zibal smiled like he was cute and shifted his gaze to Hurent.

Then Hurent giggled while reading an adult magazine.

“Dont worry ~ Lauel.

I also have power that I havent shown.”

His battle method that utilized the use of aura was extraordinary.

Given Grids sense of control that he displayed in the target processing, it was hard for Hurent to imagine that he would be defeated, even considering the added bonus of the golden blades.

“Pagmas Descendant is clearly a superior class.

But Grid is incompetent.

He wont be able to beat me.

This is fa~te.”

Grid mightve succeeded in raids due to the performance of his items, but a match against a human was different.

Control was the most important part.

Hurent really recognized that Grid was inferior to him.

After a few moments.

Hurent held a press conference because of the medias enthusiastic request for him to respond to the30 seconds logout statement.

“Yes~ I am too mature to respond to my opponents statement about logging me out in 30 seconds… I wont say anything.

But lets make this as clear as possible ~ that newbie will fall to his knees in front of me.”

There was a clapping sound.

Due to Hurents press conference and Grids interview, the atmosphere of the National Competition became heated up.

Three days later.

The worlds attention was focused on the PvP event that would be held on the last day of the National Competition.

Grid and Hurent, who would be the one who got the stigma of being a braggart

The various illegal gambling facilities and sites hurriedly started the betting.

And the Tzedakah Guild didnt miss this opportunity.

“I will bet everything on Grid.”

In the target processing, Hurent had escaped from Grid.

Due to that, people analyzed that Hurent was better than Grid.

Therefore, the betting odds of Grid winning was raised to 3.2 times.

The Tzedakah Guild knew Grids real power, so this was a golden opportunity for them.

“The fact that we are going to gamble, dont let it enter Grids ears.

The moment he tells us to believe in him, we will all go bankrupt…”


As expected of their smart chief.

The guild members fell silent with admiration at Tobans sharp warning.


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