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Chapter 173

Talent, skills, appearance, wealth, and background.

Yura was born with everything.

Nothing was lacking.

Thats why people thought she lived without ever experiencing a single trial.

But that was a misconception.

They didnt know all the trails she went through and the effort she made.

In fact, Yura had suffered numerous trials and had many frustrating experiences.

She tried to withstand the trials and failed.

But she was able to mature because she didnt give in to her frustration.

It was a process that took place in both reality and Satisfy.

It was how she could become 5th ranked and a star that people were envious of.

‘I can learn from todays failure and grow even more.

There was a flash and weapons aimed at her organs.

She closed her eyes and accepted death.



Something flew from the sky.


Yura opened her eyes and saw seven beautiful blades.

Then a familiar voice was heard.

“The villain has appeared.”

A powerful and confident voice.

That voice was weak just a few months ago.

Would anyone believe her if she said that

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The black-haired man wielded his greatsword and proudly showed off his overwhelming strength.

The person was Grid! It was the moment when the person who once made Yura very frustrated appeared.

‘You came.

You decided to accept my compulsion.

Due to her innate talent, she lived a life of solitude.

She didnt have the experience of relying on someone.

Ever since her parents died, she was completely isolated.

She had a heart of steel because she had to face the world alone.

But at this moment.

Yuras solid heart melted like snow before sunlight.

“…Thank you.”

Yura smiled as she blushed for the first time.

Her smile was more brilliant than ever.


Tira Island.

The worlds attention was focused on the small island that was the stage for the target processing match.

‘A brilliant debut.

It was the honest impression of Turkeys representative, Bubat.

The young man called Grid appeared and saved Yura just before her death, blowing the rankers away.

Then he used the unidentified golden blades to destroy the targets.

The appearance was dramatic enough to seem like the main character of a movie.

Right now, the outside world would be in an uproar.

It was obvious that the ID Grid would occupy the number one spot on the Internet real time searches of each country.

There was a common question that everyone in the world had.

“Who are you” Bubat asked on behalf of the world.

Grid replied sarcastically, “Isnt it obvious after I saved Yura South Koreas representative.”

Bubat frowned at the words.

‘He doesnt feel any tension despite being surrounded by renowned rankers.

He is an arrogant person.

Grid was certainly a private ranker.

‘A person who hides behind a curtain and doesnt know the enormity of the world, he believes he is the best frog in the well… I have met many people like you.

The private rankers all had one thing in common.

It was that they didnt know the reality of the world.

They mocked the rankers who competed on stage with courage and honor, not realizing it was just an illusion.

Bubat had experience humbling such people.

‘You should always be vigilant.

Sneak sneak.

Bubat fixed his gaze on Grid and moved a few steps with skillful footwork.

He narrowed the distance to 3m and used a skill.

“Bull Headbutt!”

Bull Headbutt was the Crushers unique skill and had a higher concept than Blink magic.

He leapt through space itself, so he could approach the target no matter what obstacles were in his way.


Bubat emerged in front of Grid and used a skill at the same time.

He bent his waist.

Then his hard forehead hit Grid.

Yura countered Bubat using precise timing, but Grid didnt have the same control as Yura.

He allowed the attack.

[You have dealt 1,730 damage to the target.]

[ The target will become rigid for 0.3 seconds.]

[The target has resisted.]


Bubat was confused but linked his CC skills out of habit.

“Star Wish!”


Bubats one-handed hammer hit Grids temple.

There was the special effect of stars floating above Grids head.

[You have dealt 2,280 damage to the target.]

[The target will be stunned for 2.5 seconds.]

He did it properly.

This was the power of a Crusher, who could neutralize the enemy.

“Well done Bubat!”

The 10 remaining representatives moved in unison.

They were intent on killing Grid.

‘It doesnt matter who you are!

‘Ill make your face distort with pain!

They would force Grid to exit, making his spectacular emergence be in vain.

He would go back to hiding behind his curtain as usual, like all private rankers.

The rankers ridiculed Grid and prepared to attack him.


Bubat hurriedly exclaimed.

It was due to the incredible notification window that appeared in front of him.

[The target has resisted.]

He saw many people who could reduce the duration of CCs using stats, skills or item effects.

Therefore, he didnt think much of it when he saw that Grid resisted Bull Headbutts 0.3 second rigid state.

But to be perfectly resistant to a 2.5 second CC

‘Is he immune to CC

If so, it was a total scam.

A chill went down Bubats spine.

However, the other rankers were confident.

They couldnt imagine that Grid was immune to CC and ignored Bubats warnings, swinging their weapons as hard as possible.



The onslaught revealed their weakness, because they didnt expect a counterattack.


Grid laughed and moved lightly.


First of all, he would leave Bubat for later.


Grid evaded the attacks and advanced while counterattacking.





It was undeniable that Grids control skills were lacking compared to a ranker.

However, he had experience raiding powerful bosses and he had grown slightly beyond the category of ordinary people.

It meant he couldnt fail to counterattack against the enemies who werent vigilant and exposed their weak points.

“What is this… Ugh!”

Grid, who shouldnt be able to move, had neatly avoided their attacks and counterattacked.

Thus, the rankers were caught off guard and wounded.

They hurriedly took a health potion while shock filled their eyes.

[You have suffered 6,230 damage.]

[You have suffered 6,100 damage.]

[You have suffered 6,450 damage.]

Putting aside his immunity to CC, his flat damage was this much

“What is this guy…”

If a ranker received damage from a damage dealer with a level in the mid-200s, they would suffer around 3,000 damage.

Yet this was more than 6,000 damage In addition, this was the damage without using a skill

“You..! What is your identity”

Grid was different from the usual private rankers that they met.

He was a monster like Yura.

The South Korean team was hiding another bigshot like Yura The rankers became tense.

At this moment, someone saw the golden blades destroying the targets by themselves and belatedly recalled something.

“That reminds me, those golden blades… Dont they look like the golden discs used by Pagmas Descendant at the Bairan battle”


“It cant be…”

The rankers frowned.

At the same time, the commentators were making the same guess.

『 The seven golden blades are moving by themselves! The actions, material and color are similar to the golden discs used by Pagmas Descendant! 』

『 We should pay attention to that black greatsword! That greatsword has an orange color around it like the sunset, so I failed to recognize it at first.

But look closely! It is the greatsword that Pagmas Descendant threw to Toon in the Bairan Battle! 』

“Come to think of it…”

“Then perhaps…”

“That man called Grid…”

Was he Pagmas Descendant The millions of viewers around the world, including the rankers and audience members all wondered the same thing.

On the other hand, Grid was frowning.

‘They only lost one-fifth of their health, despite being hit by Dainsleif They are truly top rankers.

[ 8 Dainsleif (Reproduction)]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 500/500 Attack Power: 703~991 Attack Speed: -8% (-2)%

* Additional damage equal to 10% of the targets current defense will be dealt.

* The greater the number of enemies, the greater the damage.

(Additional 15 ( 3) damage per enemy)

* The skillGolden Flash will be generated.

The weapon was strengthened to 8.

Compared to the 0 weapon, the base attack power increased by 56% and the option effects increased by 20%.

Currently, Dainsleif perceived 11 people as enemies.

This meant that the 8 Dainsleif had an attack power of 901~1,


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