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Chapter 1728

At the time when the followers of the Martial God spread the word about Zeratuls descent, people naturally imagined terrible things.

They thought of Reinhardt and the Overgeared World collapsing.

Yet now—

Reinhardt was fine.

Only the huge stage in the central square was damaged and barely maintained the form of acoffin. Otherwise, the tranquil and beautiful scenery of the Overgeared World in the center of the city was the same as usual.

No… gradually, things started to change.

The range of the orange divinity coloring the Overgeared World was expanding like it was going to dye the whole city.

It was proof that the Overgeared World was growing.

“Is this the victory reward for Grid… In particular, there are rumors that the buffs that the gods get from the Overgeared World are amazing.

So it is correct to say that the more the domain of the Overgeared World expands, the stronger Grid becomes, right”

“Even that would only be a fraction of the reward.”

Grid fought and won against the Martial God, proving that items had the upper hand over the Martial Gods passed down martial arts.

Rewards that would be unimaginable for ordinary players would be floating in front of him.

In fact, Grid was staring into empty air.

It was even in the tumultuous situation of being surrounded by the 10 meritorious retainers and the apostles.

He seemed to be focusing on something invisible except when exchanging looks with Yura, Jishuka, Irene, Mercedes, and Basara.

It meant there were so many rewards it would take time for him to see and understand them all.

“In any case, it went really well.

Due to this, the perception that the surface is safe will take root in people.

Thank you, Grid.”

The Great Human and Demon War was the worst war in history.

There were too many casualties and the desperate fact that death didnt mean rest for humans was revealed.

People tried not to express themselves, but they were always anxious.

This was the story for NPCs.

Players could enjoy every situation in their own way, but NPCs were different.

Their numbers were greatly reduced and their efficiency in all fields had decreased.

The streets were less energized and the effects of the economy shrinking was quickly felt.

The quest incidence and fertility rate went in a downward curve like never before.

Some people even analyzed that in a few decades, Satisfy would become a world where only humans existed, just like Earth.

Then today, Grid proved the stability of the surface.

The anxiety of those who were nervous about not knowing when the demons of hell and the heavenly gods would invade again was resolved.

There were only two tasks left—it was to correct the distorted laws of hell, and to become independent of heaven.

“Look at those little pigs with their feet on fire.

All their arrangements to make Asgard a trading partner have become pointless, so they have to be nervous.”

“I think it is a bit too much to blame the merchants.

The reason they wanted to interact with heaven is to make the relationship between humans and the gods more familiar.

They tried to contribute to the peace of the world in their own way.

“That is just incidental.

Why do you defend those who are blinded by money”

In Reinhardt, people and wealth gathered.

It naturally had to continue to expand.

There was no city larger than Reinhardt on the West Continent and East Continent.

The sound of people talking filled the city.

The whole area was buzzing.

“Grids high speed combat is amazing no matter how I look at it.

Experts say that it is a pace that even veteran air force pilots cant handle.

How can the ordinary Grid handle it”

“If a transcendent being enters a state of battle, do they enter a separate server Grid moves as usual, but it is recognized as quick when observed from the outside.”

“I dont think so.

Rankers often testify that their visual acuity, agility, and cognitive ability have improved even in real life.

In my opinion, the system has evolved the players by slowly releasing the limit on the players brain.

The ultimate example of this is Grid.”

Was it thetranscendence that some media outlets were talking about Some people reacted like they were bored with the speculation of their colleagues while others were interested.

“You saw that video too, didnt you”

“You too”

“What is it What video”

“The video of Grid beating up dozens of black belt holders alone.

It has been deleted now, but it was a video uploaded by a resident living in the same neighborhood as Grid.

The resident said it was taken by the CCTV at his house…”

The camera position wasnt good, so it couldnt capture everything.

Yet at first glance, the people who fought Grid had tremendous fighting skills.

It was to the point that experts speculated that they were special force members.

Nevertheless, Grid knocked them all out.

It was even very easily.

“Grid is already not at the level of ordinary people, even in real life.”

Buzz buzz.

Grid was staring into the air as the conversations of the excited people spread endlessly.

[You werent the main character of todays epic,Holy War on the Surface.]

‘Is it still upset

Grid had experience talking to Morpheus directly.

Morpheus feelings could be inferred from the message that originally wouldve been treated as a simple notification.

It just so happened that the system was denying Grids performance.

Grid felt like he was talking to Morpheus again.

This was a mistake.

For now, Morpheus was faithful to its role.

It wasnt trying totalk to Grid.

It was justexplaining the situation.

The reason an explanation was needed was because there were so many things to convey.

It also wasnt denying Grids performance.

[You and your apostles are the protagonists ofHoly War on the Surface.]

[Sword SaintKraugel, Mumuds SuccessorEuphemina, and the oratorHuroi were also the protagonists of this epic.]

[Without their efforts, the epicHoly War on the Surface wouldnt have been completed.]


Grid was nodding sympathetically, only to become taken aback.

He was surprised that the system properly evaluated Hurois performance.

Yes, it was a proper evaluation.

Huroi wasnt a participant in this holy war, but he exerted a huge influence.

His sophistry at every important moment… no, didnt he use witty remarks to lead the situation in their favor

Blurring the judgment of the gods was just a basic thing.

He even caused the secret storyCrazy God and Crazy Dragon to be widely known to the world.

If it wasnt for Huroi, it wouldve been difficult to keep the situation in their favor.

It was only an indirect influence.

Grid was worried he wouldnt be evaluated properly because he wasnt active in the battle itself, but Morpheus was different.

‘In the first place, Huroi was never underestimated.

If so, would he have been the first to obtain a second class and be the first non-combat class to become the owner of a wyvern Since then, Huroi had been eating and living well…

Due to the nature of his class (), he had a lot of grudges toward him and he wasnt as flashy as the other Overgeared members.

Therefore, his public reputation was relatively low, but as far as the system was concerned, it had always evaluated him correctly.

[It is judged that a common reward should be given to the protagonists of the epic.]

[Rest assured that this isnt giving away the rewards you deserve.]

[As a reward for completing the 23rd epic, the status of the protagonists will rise.]

A rise in status—for the present Grid, it was a reward where it was hard to feel the change.

Increasing the chance of dealing a critical hit, decreasing the probability of receiving a critical hit, reducing the damage received, lifting the speed limit, increasing attack power, increasing recovery speed, etc.

It was because Grid had already enjoyed most of the important effects caused by an increase in status.

However, the change felt by the apostles, Kraugel, Euphemina, and Huroi was great.

For a moment, they felt their own leap forward to the point of briefly being overwhelmed by a sense of omnipotence.

This time, Grid felt a lot as well.

Now he finally met the conditions for a new phase.

[Your status is so high that it is difficult to put you in the category of transcendents.]

[To you, transcendents are nothing more than beings under your feet.]

[You have made those who became gods your apostles.]

[You have made those who will become gods your apostles.]

[You saved some gods and punished other gods.]

[The demons of hell fear you.]

[There are many inhabitants of hell who believe that you will correct hells distorted laws.]

[You have saved countless lives and preserved human dignity.]

[You have blurred the divisions between continents and united humanity.]

[There will be no war between nations as long as you exist.]

[Every nation on the surface is striving to emulate the norms, culture, and technology of the nation you have established.]

[The blacksmiths of your era are inspired by your work.]

[You are the adversary of hell, and the pride, hope, and pillar of humanity.]

The fragments of the Absolute gathered.

[You must be a target for the gods to imitate.]

Grid felt a tremor in his chest.

All the moments that had passed vividly came to his mind.

He felt all types of emotions.

[The reason why I defined you as the Creator and Ruler of All Things isnt because your achievements were comparable to the Gods of the Beginning who created all things.]

The reason why the Overgeared God was the Creator and Ruler of All Things was simple.

Grid could also predict the reason.

‘It mustve appreciated the possibility of Greed.

Greed was a collaboration between the greatest legends, Pagma and Braham.

In later generations, Grid evolved it, and in the background of the evolution were the blessing of the gods, the insane dragon iron, and the epics.

Greed was literally a mineral that had grown with Grid and had infinite possibilities.

It could be used as the basis for all types of items and objects thatmoved on their own i.e.

‘like humans.

[It was noted that you could create new things based onGreed.]

But Grid—

[But you havent tried it.]

He had no intention of making puppets.

The truth of hell and the attitude of the gods… He felt great despair at the reality he faced, but he didnt attempt to create a false world.

It was because it was meaningless.

Grid was just trying to preserve the reality he was living in now.

[You are great.]

[Not every moment of your life has been great, but your life that gradually changed to brilliance deserves respect.]

[This is a story from a general point of view.]

It isnt my private opinion.

Grid thought that Morpheus was a bit cute.

[I will give you a new definition based on several grounds.]

[Only One God Grid.]

[Unlike the Gods of the Beginning, you didnt create all things and life.

Unlike Martial God Chiyou, you arent the object of all of lifes aspirations.

Even the years you have existed are infinitely short compared to them.]

[Nevertheless, you have exerted great influence on all dimensions, including hell, the surface, and heaven.]

[It was possible because it was you.]

Then came the world message.

[Overgeared GodGrid has been reborn as an Only One God.]

[Players other than the Only One God can no longer use the nameGrid.]


Grid was feeling thrilled when a chill went down his spine.

He couldnt help smiling when he saw the colorful reward details that rose without stopping.

However, he unintentionally came to control other peoples IDs.

He was already afraid of public opinion…

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