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Chapter 1694

Human beings strived to interpret the words and actions of the gods described in mythology.

The gods were the same.

Rebecca and Hanul, who were sometimes in seclusion—the gods had to always try and figure out the intentions of their parents.

It was the same with the Three Masters.

The yangbans—they were artificial angels who would become the swords of the exiled gods.

The Three Masters tried to make them unconditionally strong and sharp.

They believed that this was what Hanul wanted and that it was their duty.

It was along this line that they erased Mirs memory.

They couldnt sit idly by as Mir had a good heart toward the Overgeared God, who clearly opposed the Hwan Kingdom.

This was the result.

I cant believe he was overpowered in an instant!

Mir was attacked by Grid and was too easily defeated.

It was to the extent that the Hwan Kingdom only belatedly noticed the incident.

Additionally, Mir activated the Magpie Bridge to save his life.

Thanks to this, Grid arrived in the Pa Kingdom at once and simply got his hands on the last of the Four Gods.

“I knew this would happen.

You dont have to respect the yangbans, but you shouldve avoided touching his memories.

You didnt consider the side effects,”King Sobyeol openly mocked.

He also urged them to take care of the situation before Hanul became disappointed.

The Three Masters were planning to step out immediately even if he hadnt said anything.

They descended to the surface with as many yangbans as possible.

To be honest, the situation wasnt bad.

Thinking about it calmly, it was actually pretty good.

It was not easy to resurrect the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger.

The Overgeared God was destined to stand at a crossroads of choice.

Would he abandon the Cho Kingdom and the Xing Kingdom to resurrect the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger Would he abandon the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger for the Cho Kingdom and the Xing Kingdom It was a choice he was forced to make because resurrecting the White Tiger and the Blue Dragon required the help of the Red Phoenix and the Black Tortoise.

The Three Masters split their power in half and surrounded the Cho Kingdom and the Xing Kingdom.

Nations that moved away from the myth of the Hwan Kingdom and regained the myth of the Four Auspicious Beasts—from the perspective of the Three Masters, they were raising their divinity to reclaim the territories that were a den of traitors at any time.

The weather changed according to their will, providing them with a favorable environment.

However, the opportunity for the Three Masters to step out never came.

It was because the Red Phoenix and the Black Tortoise didnt leave their positions even as the waves of energy from the White Tiger and the Blue Dragon started to be faintly felt.

It meant that Grid had given up on the resurrection ritual.

The traces of the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger, running wild with killing intent, were gradually felt.

The current position was gradually identified.

He is a fool.

He is from a human being and is caught up in personal things, ruining such a big thing.

Did he judge that the safety of the Cho Kingdom and the Xing Kingdom were more important than breaking the seals of the White Tiger and the Blue Dragon...

The hearts of the Three Masters became lighter as they laughed at Grids choice.

The Three Masters quietly waited for the right time.

They waited for the moment when the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger made a bigger turmoil, so they could accurately identify the location.

Thinking about it again, things went well in many ways.

The Chivalrous Robbers—it was an opportunity to find the homes of those who had disrupted the Hwan Kingdom for a long time based on the subject of a human organization.

Today, they would defeat Grid and clean up the Chivalrous Robbers.

The power of the Blue Dragon, who pierced the heart of the great Hanul, was likely to endanger Grid.

Then this would be a great opportunity for them.

We will also get back the White Tiger and the Blue Dragon.

It happened as the smile on the faces of the Three Masters deepened...

The world was tinged with pure gold.

It was only for a moment, but the Three Masters felt it clearly.

The quality of this land had changed.

It was a subtle change.

They wondered if it would be like this if a handful of sand in a huge desert changed color.

It meant it wasnt worth worrying about.

The Three Masters felt a weird feeling of strangeness.

The moment they were going to pass it off as inconsequential, the Overgeared Gods aura rose slightly.

On the contrary, his divinity was weaker than when they had met before.

It was dim like a torch on the verge of being snuffed out.

It felt ridiculous compared to the presence of the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger, who were facing him.

“We found it.”

The smile disappeared from the faces of the Three Masters.

They were calm, not excited, even though they felt the presence of the dying Overgeared God, who wasnt able to handle the attacks of the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger.

It was proof that they were great gods and didnt let down their guard.

At this point, they deserved to be role models for everyone.

A huge cloud gathered under the feet of the confident Three Masters.

The clouds carrying the Three Masters and dozens of yangban crossed the continent with a rainstorm.

They arrived at the scene where they could feel the traces of the Blue Dragon, the White Tiger, and the dying Overgeared God.


The Three Masters arrived at the scene and found the remnants of the protection.

It was the protection that had been hiding the base of the Chivalrous Robbers for a long time.

Human beings had such complex tricks that they were surprisingly amazing.

The Three Masters immediately understood the trick.

In the future, the Chivalrous Robbers would be in the palm of the Three Masters hands, no matter where they fled.

“We have to admit that the Overgeared God isnt weak.”

“Even though his divinity has faded, we shouldnt underestimate his potential and thoroughly subdue him.”

“The Blue Dragon and the White Tiger wont be complete either.

Our goal is to capture as many of the three as possible.”

It was the moment when the Three Masters, who didnt find the yangbans very reliable, instructed them to destroy the protection embroidering the sky in the form of clouds...

A pillar of light rose through the gaps in the damaged protection.

It aimed for Unsa among the Three Masters.

It could be seen as a surprise attack and had an impact even on Usa, whose abilities was greatly influenced by Unsas clouds.

“Kuack!” A yangban was caught and dragged from the cloud to become a shield to protect Unsa.

Instead of Unsa, he was the one struck by the flash of light and pierced through the chest.

The flash literally passed through the yangban and reached Unsa as well.

Unsa realized that the power of the flash was weaker than its momentum and swung his hand to strike at it.

A Breath Putting aside its insignificant power, it was a blow that reminded him of a dragons Breath.

It happened at the time when Unsa was feeling some anxiety...

The fragments of the completely destroyed protection scattered with a loud noise.

It was caused by a sudden shockwave.

The shockwaves were created by an unexpected being.


Overgeared God Grid—he rose at an unstoppable speed and astonished the Three Masters.

It was because he was carrying a completely different divinity behind him than what they had seen before.

It was different from when it was the Crazy God and Crazy Dragon.

The form of the divinity had changed.

It was close to the feeling that his existence itself had changed.

He wasnt weak.

The Three Masters realized why Grids aura felt so weak and realized they had fallen into a trap.

It wasnt weakened, it was changed.

The even more shocking thing was that the divinity of the current Grid was completely consistent with something that had changed the quality of the land.

This world—the East Continent, which had been overshadowed by the myth of the Hwan Kingdom for many years, started to be tinged with the myth of Grid.


what is this How could you do this when you are nothing special...”

The reason why the Three Masters tried to interpret Hanuls words and actions was because Hanul was also unknown to them.

However, Grids origin was far from unknown.

His beginning was as a feeble human being, and the epics leading up to him becoming a god were spread around the world in detail.

The Three Masters had also seen and heard the epics.

They understood Grids source.

However, they suddenly couldnt understand Grid from the time of Crazy God and Crazy Dragon.

It was just like Hanul.

It was like the Gods of the Beginning, where there were only three of them.

“What is it that makes you such a mutant”

It was a stupid question.

It was like the Three Masters admitted that it was a false trust.

They had never been truly worshiped, so they didnt understand the current Grid, who was reborn from the aspirations of the humans, dragons, and the Four Auspicious Beasts.

Grid realized it.

“I know why Chiyou is lonely.”

A god who came from the hearts of all beings living in nature who revered power—the reason why Martial God Chiyou was the Only One God was because the other gods didnt truly understand and accept him.

The heavenly gods were gods from the beginning and took worship for granted, so they couldnt fathom the true value of worship.

Despite knowing the background of Chiyous birth, they mightve disparaged him in their hearts as being nothing special.

They believed that as gods from the beginning, they were far nobler than Chiyou and dismissed Chiyou as a mere mutation.

Therefore, to Chiyou, who was always alone, this world must seem very contradictory and worthless.

“It wasnt all of you who were truly chosen, but us.”

Grids words were very outrageous.

You are the truly chosen one

Are you saying that you are superior to us, who was created by a God of the Beginning


with the power you were fortunate enough to obtain, you became arrogant and spoke nonsense.”

The faces of the Three Masters turned red and they created a storm.

Unsa, Usa, and Pungsa—the cooperation of the Three Masters created a destructive power on a different level than when they were individuals.

It was at the level of causing a disaster that could easily destroy the civilization that humanity built up with their own willpower.

From the perspective of the humans, the anger of the Three Masters seemed to imply the end of the world.

However, it didnt pose a major threat to Grid.

In the first place, how could a storm block the advance of the gods The role of the Three Masters wasnt to fight or win.

As long as their power lay in controlling the weather, their role was to rule.

They didnt understand combat, so they worked together to erase Mirs memory.




The eyes of the Three Masters widened.

It was because the lightning strikes that shouldve burned Grid the moment he stepped into the storm had no effect.

Some of the blue lightning strikes were dyed yellow and shot at the Three Masters in reverse.

The eyes of the Three Masters belatedly fixed on Grids divinity.

The divinity in the form of a Yellow Dragon was changing every moment.

The breath the dragon released sometimes controlled lightning or reigned over fire, weakening the power of the storm.

“Gasp...!”Unsa was startled.

It was because a dragon of yellow light descended from the gap in the clouds he had summoned.

It was the effect of Come Down!, which was used with the power of the Blue Dragon that Grid unexpectedly activated.

“Hup!”Usa groaned.

It was because the heavy rain that contained his willpower started to evaporate quickly.

The flapping of the wings of the Red Phoenix, made up of yellow flames, was generating heat in the area.

It was the effect of Fly Up!, which was used with the power of the Red Phoenix that Grid unexpectedly activated.

“Kuock!”Pungsa staggered.

The storm he ruled lost its target and scattered without a trace.

It was the result of Grid using the power of the White Tiger after he used the power of the Blue Dragon and the Red Phoenix.

The effects of White Tigers Cry and Howling! were linked, causing Pungsa to stiffen and lowering his attack accuracy.

“How can this crazy thing...!”

The Three Masters released the same cry in the midst of the fading storm.

It was close to a scream.

They noticed that Grid had fully embraced the power of the Four Auspicious Beasts.

There was only one thing they could guess.

It was that Grids changed divinity originated from the worship of the Four Auspicious Beasts.

A god worshiped by the gods was born.

He was probably the first of his kind, apart from the Gods of the Beginning.

In this unbelievable situation, the bodies of the pale Three Masters swung back and forth.

They were repeatedly cut and hit by the sword energy in the shape of a Yellow Dragon that ascended, descended, and twisted along Grids sword trajectory.

The people of the Pa Kingdom watched the scene from all over the city and were stunned.

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