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Chapter 1692

I fully understand their feelings.”

Grid thought about it in reverse.

What if a player he hadnt heard about or wasnt famous acquired a myth rated class while he was away It wouldnt be easy to understand.

This was even considering the fact that the world was wider than imagined and there were many geniuses.

Becoming a myth wasnt in the realm of talent and luck.

It wasnt enough to simply accumulate a number of unique achievements.

To become the object of worship and aspirations for people...

it needed something that was hard to explain, even for Grid who had already experienced it.

The something he was talking about here wasnt transcendence.

It was because worship usually came from understanding, while ignorance caused fear.

Grid reviewed his own epics.

In the epics, he was mostly ordinary.

No matter whether the subject was human or not, he was almost always with someone and communicated with them.

He acted with good intentions as much as possible.

No matter how much he thought about it, there was nothing special about the character of Grid.

He just thought he had played a lot more, but it wasnt enough to make him a myth.

The incident where he declared he would become a god against the yangbans It was too far-fetched for this event to make Grid a myth.

It was natural.

The system wasnt a convenient concept that always responded to the wishes and will of the players.

Therefore, it was difficult.

Becoming a myth wasnt something in the realm of calculation.

In particular, it was almost impossible for a player, who didnt exist in Satisfys setting, to be deliberately worshiped.

In that sense, Grid would be unfamiliar and incomprehensible to the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger.

It was because a god wasnt omniscient.

They were gods, so how could they understand miracles

“A mere human being became a god due to the wishes of the same human beings and is standing before you.

Looking at me from your perspective, you are bound to have doubts.”

They might be suspicious, but accusations should be avoided as much as possible.

It was a divinity filled with peoples aspirations.

It was unbearable to go beyond questioning the source to criticizing it.

It was Grids heart.

However, it was quite embarrassing to say this himself.

In recent times, he had been unwilling to speak as if he was speaking for humanity.

There was a sense of being impudent.

He just communicated briefly.

“Still, what can you do I won.”



The Blue Dragon and the White Tiger, who were still suffering badly from the aftereffects of their defeat, became stunned.

He looked too compassionate to be born in the Hwan Kingdom.

Grid spoke in a soft voice like he understood the position of the losers and this revealed his true nature.

If you are weak, then just keep quiet.

Grids attitude was very aggressive, unlike his sympathetic tone.

It seemed he would give them a death notice if they refuted even a single word here.

This guy is different from the exiled gods.

There are no signs of regret.

If we act in a wrong manner, he isnt going to seal us.

He is ready to kill us completely.

Whether a god could be killed or not was a secondary issue.

The very fact that he would have killing intent was terrifying.

If Grid tried to kill the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger right now, the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger would be forced to flee.

This meant abandoning their land.

This was a big problem, even if it was temporary rather than abandoning it forever.

It was because having the land stolen and abandoning it themselves were completely different concepts.

A god who ignored their responsibilities would suffer a severe blow to their divinity.

The divinity of the White Tiger and the Blue Dragon would be shaken and the balance of the East Continent would collapse.

The Red Phoenix, the Blue Dragon, the White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise—this vast land, which was too much for the Four Auspicious Beasts to bear, would immediately fall into chaos and enter the hands of the Hwan Kingdom as soon as the two gods were lost.

“Im not asking for much.

Just listen to me.”

Grid interpreted the silence as an agreement.

He believed that the silent Blue Dragon and White Tiger were gradually getting rid of the doubts they had in them.

Grid told a long story.

He calmly expressed the entire journey he experienced to reach this place.

The Blue Dragon and the White Tiger gradually listened.

They noticed that Grid was telling only the truth based on the attitude of the Red Phoenix and the Black Tortoise, who were giving Grid a warm look.

Then it ended.


The White Tiger wept sadly, while the lightning that made up the Blue Dragons body faded faintly.

After repeated withering and blossoming, a feeble existence was standing before their eyes.

Grids epics, the myth, was distinctly different from the myths of those who were born as gods.

It was incomparably heavy.

It was desperate and sometimes miserable.

Thus, it was even more special.

-Overgeared God...the creator of the great Overgeared World.

-We have been gods from the moment we were born and we took being worshiped for granted.Shamefully, we have always believed that we were right.Please forgive us for not trying to understand the unfamiliar feeling we felt for you and daring to commit disrespect by doubting you.

-Now we also understand the feelings of the Red Phoenix and the Black Tortoise who care for you and respect you.

-Most of all, thank you for releasing us from our seals.

The reward for clearing the emergency questSuppress with Force with a time limit of 15 minutes gave Grid huge benefits.

He got five each of the Blue Dragons Breath and the White Tigers Breath.

He had secured 10 high-end production materials with a value that were just below the dragon scales.

That wasnt all.

He obtained a title that permanently increased the power of skills related to the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger, including Lightning God and Earth God.

They were all physical rewards.

Perhaps it was due to the content of theSuppress with Force quest, but he didnt increase affinity with the White Tiger and Blue Dragon.

This was the only disappointing part, but the next moment, this disappointment disappeared.

[Affinity with Blue Dragon of the Four Auspicious Beasts has reached the maximum.]

[Affinity with White Tiger of the Four Auspicious Beasts has reached the maximum.]

It was as the Red Phoenix said.

The Blue Dragon and the White Tiger were close to beasts.

To put it in an extreme manner, the beating acted as medicine.

They immediately idolized Grid to a level that fully conformed with the concept of the strong ate the weak.

Of course, the fact that they owed Grid wouldve played a bigger role—probably.

Im glad...

In this way, he obtained the entire myth of the resurrected East Continent as a strong ally...

Grid was smiling with joy when his expression stiffened.

He received a notification window that he never wouldve imagined.

A system message with a gold color was flashing in the corner of his field of view, just like when he had become a myth.

[All of the Four Auspicious Beasts are looking up to your divinity.]

[The worship of all of the Four Auspicious Beasts has established a new myth on the East Continent.]

At the same time, a world message emerged.

[The Four Auspicious Beasts of the east worship the Overgeared God.]

[The worship of the Four Auspicious Beasts has started the prologue of the new myth,Yellow Dragon.]


The divinity of the bewildered Grid experienced a change.

The energy of the sunset, which had been spreading endlessly, became concentrated behind Grid.

In the first phase, it formed a circle with a diameter of three meters.

Then it started to draw the shape of a dragon in the circle.

It was the appearance of an eastern dragon that resembled the Blue Dragon.

Unlike the Blue Dragon made of lightning, this was a Yellow Dragon made of Grids divinity.

[The Yellow Dragon is a god born from the subconscious of the Four Auspicious Beasts, who have been sealed for a long time.]

[The illusionary god that the isolated Four Auspicious Beasts relied on to endure the years of hardship has descended to reality through you.]

“Hah...” The witnesses murmured to themselves.

They werent reactions of admiration and astonishment.

They all looked ecstatic.

They were purely fascinated by the figure of the Yellow Dragon that rose behind Grid.

It was such a beautiful sight.

[Overgeared God Grid is writing the 22nd epic.]

[The beginning of the epic comes from the aspirations of the guardian gods of the east, who couldnt reveal their weakness.]

The content of the epic was the same as what was previously conveyed to Grid.

The Four Auspicious Beasts, who had been sealed for a long time—due to their excruciating suffering, they also found a place to rely on, like humans.

They subconsciously created the Yellow Dragon, an illusionary god that went beyond them.

They worshiped Grid, so this caused Grid to come to bear the Yellow Dragon.

It was thrilling from start to finish.

Goosebumps appeared on the skin of the people who witnessed the epic in real time.

Putting aside the feelings they had for Grid, they were equally thrilled.

Grids hands were also shaking slightly.



[The 22nd page of the epic has been completed.]

[As a reward for completing the epic, the new myth,Yellow Dragon, has become a part of you.]

[The level of your transcendence has reached the maximum as a reward for completing the epic.]

[A fragment of the Absolute has started to vaguely appear...]



[The fragment of the Absolute cant be materialized.]

[There are too many unique concepts that symbolize you.

It will take a long time to measure it.]


A bell sound was heard.

It was closer than ever before.

It was really close.

Grid raised his head in surprise.

Suddenly, the world stopped.

The descent of theOnly One God took place in the gap of time that was only recognizable by those who were at least Absolutes.

“Overgeared God Grid.”

[Martial GodChiyou has descended.]

[An incomprehensible and unknown phenomenon is putting pressure on you.]

“You still dont understand It is fine.

Your progress is fast enough.”

“...Chiyou, is your wish still the same”

“Yes, my wish has coincidentally become your duty.

It isnt a duty to impose on those in power.”


Grid understood.

Mir—he was the only yangban qualified to dream of being a god killer.

He was one of Chiyous few hopes, but he was now completely fascinated by Grid and worshiped Grid.

Mirs feelings, which had changed in real time on the side, were clearly conveyed to Grid.

Grid would take Mir.

He was going to make Mir his last apostle.

Either directly or indirectly, he was obliged to make Chiyous wish come true.

Of course, it was something he could turn away from, but...

he couldnt do that.

Grid hadnt forgotten Chiyous favor and grace.

Moreover, now he knew.

A god who had forgotten their duty—he naturally understood that a god who had lost their value to exist shouldnt exist in the world.

“Additionally, there will come a time when the qualification of a god killer is definitely necessary to fulfill your wishes.”


The meeting was short.

Chiyou left before the gap in time closed.

He knew that there would be great confusion if the beings present recognized him, so he cared about them.

Chiyous voice that was mixed with the sound of bells permeated into Grids mind.

Zik, Hayate, Muller, and Mir—he left a deep impression as he said that he felt a great fate because three of the people he coveted were following Grid.

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