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Chapter 1677

From Grids perspective, Nevartans position was very ambiguous.

He was Nefelinas father.

They were forced to be hostile when Nevartan was insane, but Grid felt very reluctant to be hostile when Nevartan was sane.

Of course, it was true that he didnt like Nevartans way of treating Nefelina.

However, it was a priority to have a conversation.

Humans and dragons were different from their species.

Effort was needed in order to understand each other.

In the first place, Grids emotions werent lacking enough to hurt a father in front of his child.

This subtle hesitation—

[Ill allow it.

Your union.]


Nevartans words maximized it.

It was expressed in his sword dance.

There was a slight shake in the Drop Dragon Pinnacle Linked Kill Wave sword dance, which had been used to respond to Hayates rising sword.

It was a very small shake.

It was at a level that even a passable transcendent wouldnt notice.

Yet Hayate noticed it.

The light of the Dragon Killing Sword, which was falling toward the top of Nevartans head, changed its trajectory and struck Grids sword.

[The casting of Drop Dragon Pinnacle Linked Kill Wave has been canceled!]

An unchallenged power—the weight of the Dragon Killing Sword weighed down on the two dragon weapons and stopped the progress of the sword dance.

The reasons why it was possible—

[The energy of the dragon slayer has greatly weakened the beneficial effects ofDragon Knight.]

[The energy of the dragon slayer has greatly weakened the power ofGujels Fang andCranbels Horn.]

[The energy of the dragon slayer has impaired the performance ofFire Dragon Ifrits Arm,Fire Dragon Ifrits Shoulder,Cloaked Dragon Cranbels Pelvis, andCloaked Dragon Cranbels Head.]

It was because of the power of the Absolute walking the opposite path to Grid, who interacted with dragons.

Dark red blood flowed down the corners of Grid and Hayates mouths.

Hayate abruptly changed the trajectory of the Dragon Killing Sword while Grid failed to trigger the sword dance due to physical force.

They both suffered serious internal injuries.

Hayate told the startled Grid, “Dont do anything you will regret.”

Hayates clear blue eyes captured the image of Grid and Nefelina together.

He was convinced that the bond between the two of them would last forever.

“I understand your position.”

“Hayate...” Grid was greatly thrilled.

Hayate had always been like this since the moment they first met.

He always understood and cared for Grid.

The surface could be so peaceful because the only Absolute of humanity was such a person.

Hayate was clearly good.

Grid was once again convinced while Hayate reacted in an embarrassed manner.

“It is embarrassing.

I also dont want to have a bad relationship with Nevartan.”

Hayate also couldnt define Nevartan as an enemy with certainty.

Before he was called an Insane Dragon—

Nevartan hadnt experienced madness and he lived a much quieter life compared to the other old dragons.

Even after he became an Insane Dragon, it was rare for him to recklessly harm humanity and he always left behind numerous witnesses.

This was why most of the literature related to dragons was about Nevartan.

It might be a favor out of indifference, but it still couldnt be ignored.

[...It wouldve been quite dangerous.] Nevartan, whose head was tilted due to the shockwave caused by the collision between the Dragon Killing Sword and the sword dance, straightened his head and spoke.

He felt the energy of the dragon slayer disrupting the binding of his scales and the circulation of magic power.

Nevartan readily admitted that he wouldve suffered quite a bit of damage if he was stabbed by the Dragon Killing Sword and was hit by Grids sword dance while his weaknesses were exposed.


At this point, you deserve to be with my daughter.]

Nevartan was wary of the madness that he didnt know when it might come back.

He immediately turned around and flew high into the sky.

It seemed like he was about to fly into space.

He flew so far away he became a dot in an instant.

Grid shouted after him, “Nevartan! I know how to fix your madness!”

[A method I also know a method.

However, who in the world can ask for her cooperation It is futile.

I hope you will be eager to cherish and love my daughter.]

Nevartan didnt delay for a moment.

He said goodbye in a subtly softened tone and disappeared.

Grid understood Nevartans position while feeling great regret.

How could they afford to have a conversation when it wasnt known when Nevartans madness would strike again What if they delayed time and there was an irreversible situation Who would be held accountable

The only thing that bothered Grid was that Nevartan didnt say goodbye to Nefelina in the end.

He was afraid that Nefelina would be sad.

[Goodbye, Father.]


The worried Grid started grinning.

Then he heard Nefelinas surprisingly bright voice and realized it.

I hope you will be eager to cherish and love my daughter.

Nevartan had already conveyed his feelings to his daughter.

He loved her and wished for her to be happy.

It was definitely communicated to Nefelina.

“You will be able to meet again someday.

Until then, I am your father.” Grid patted Nefelina on the head.

He thought that the round back of her head was cute even when she returned to her main body.

Then he called up the list of quests currently in progress.

[Marie Roses Blood]

[ Hidden Quest

Get the blood of Marie Rose, the vampire duke, and give it as a transfusion to Nevartan, the insane dragon.

Quest Clearance Reward: Nevartans madness is cured.

Affinity with Nevartan will increase.]

It was a quest he got for satisfying the Gourmet Dragon Raiders.

At that time, he only felt helpless about how to obtain Marie Roses blood.

Even if he gained the blood, he wasnt sure how to transfuse it to Nevartan.

This was no longer the case.

He was still afraid of Marie Rose, but it was no longer an unrealistic quest.

Come to think of it, did Raiders want to help Nevartan

The maniac who took the world tree, the elves parent, as gourmet food in front of the elves.

Grid didnt like Raiders, who wanted to destroy the Hilgram family, who had been making food for him for a thousand years, simply because he was tired of the taste.

He even wondered about the difference between this guy and the Evil Dragon p.

Then he realized it after meeting several dragons.

Raiders was a really gentle dragon.

He seemed subtly on the good () side based on human standards.

It seemed rather natural for Raiders to show a favorable attitude toward his kin.

[Father...] Grid suddenly came to his senses.

It was because he heard Nefelinas murmur.

[W-We need to unite.

Isnt this pretty uncomfortable by human standards...]


[H-Huh I-If you dont mind, then Im okay with it.]

“...... Yes, Im glad youre okay.”

The conversation between Grid and Nefelina was subtly misaligned.

It was because they interpreted the meaning ofunion differently.

However, Grid failed to notice anything particularly strange.

The situation itself was joyful and exciting.

He was worried that Nefelina would be disappointed after finally meeting her father, but everything went well.

She gained peace of mind by confirming her fathers love and would grow into a much better dragon in the future.

In fact, she got the title of transcendent dragon.

It is unfortunate that it isnt Overgeared dragon, but it cant be helped.

In any case, he would be able to ride Nefelina in the future.

He could enjoy the Dragon Knight effect at any time.

It happened as Grid was feeling a huge amount of joy comparable to when he became myth rated...

[The stamina of transcendent dragonNefelina is at the limit.]

[Nefelina can no longer carry you.]

[Nefelina needs plenty of rest.]


Nefelinas large eyes suddenly turned into an X shape and her body drooped.

Thanks to this, Grid fell off her back and started to fall to the ground.

Is this real

Only one minute—the time Nefelina could transcend a hatchlings limits and carry Grid was only 60 seconds.


“What type of compact car has a bad fuel economy”

Grid had bought a luxury sports sedan for his first car and he had never driven a compact car.

Thus, he complained based on prejudice.

“Grid, sometimes you say things that are hard to understand.”

“S-Sorry, I was talking to myself.”

Grid smiled awkwardly and Nefelina looked at him curiously.

The tower members and apostles approached the duo, who had made an incredible achievement.

Good work.

“You made even the Insane Dragon retreat...”

They all had strange expressions.

They were reactions that seemed to have gone beyond the level of admiration or astonishment and were more like they had seen something bizarre.

It wasnt much different from when they first saw Hayate.

They noticed that Grid had risen to the rank of an Absolute.


Im sorry.”

Braham abruptly apologized.

His arrogant expression was as usual, but he avoided making eye contact with Grid.

It was inconsistent with having a clear conscience.

It was natural.

Braham had almost killed everyone.

His judgment that there would be a chance of winning if they fought in the Overgeared World was what led to the battle.

What if Nevartan hadnt overcome the madness at the end All of Reinhardt and the Overgeared World wouldve been in ruins.

Grid took his head as his head was slowly lowering due to being crushed by guilt.

“Its fine.

I wouldve fought anyway even if you hadnt persuaded me.”

In fact, there was a high possibility that Grid wouldve endured it...

Putting aside the pitiful Nefelina, Grid was in a position to make composed and wise judgments.

However, Braham had trolled more than once or twice.

It hurt his mouth to point it out.

Braham was already reflecting on himself so Grid could only hope he would be more cautious in the future.

I would just be nagging him if I say anything else here.

In fact, it was shameless to rebuke Braham.

It was Grid who decided that Brahams opinion was correct and became determined to fight Nevartan.

Shifting the blame onto Braham now would just prove that he had a serious defect in his personality.



It was after the atmosphere had been cleared.

The eyes of Grids party in the Overgeared World widened.

They were impressed by the camp that the Overgeared members put together.

The knights led by Asmophel and the Red Knights, the peasants of Bland, the evil eyes, the magicians and Ul Clan of the magic tower, and the tens of thousands of troops lined up with the Overgeared Guild as the leaders.

Fronzaltz admired the Breaking Evil Arrows that embroidered the sky like starlight.

“The extraordinary thing is their true determination to fight the dragon.

Is this the power that one nation can have”

In terms of armed force alone, it transcended even the heyday of a great nation.

Putting aside Grid and the apostles, it wasnt an exaggeration at all.

Yura, Jishuka, Faker, Chris, Haster, etcetera—there were many legends in the Overgeared Guild.

Reinhardt wouldnt take any damage even if the Yatan Church did the crazy act of summoning a great demon in the middle of Reinhardt.

The problem was that even the Yatan Church was mostly friendly to the Overgeared Empire.

The world had changed so much.

The people gathered here had changed it.

“Grid, lets start with the granting of rewards according to merit,” Lauel, who had been staring in the direction where Insane Dragon Nevartan disappeared for a long time with a mesmerized face, belatedly came to his senses and told Grid.

His hands were still shaking.

It seemed he thought the empire would be ruined today.

“Yes, lets change places first.

Prepare a banquet.”

The ceremony to grant rewards according to merit ended.

The top 30 people in terms of merit at the time that the Asura Road closed were announced and rewarded.

It was a large-scale quest with a high difficulty, so all participants benefited from it.

However, people honestly felt it wasnt enough compared to the hardships they went through.

The national treasury played a role in filling that deficiency.

The empire—in other words, Grid had a duty to continue to motivate people.

It was because he didnt want to be alone in this world.

After a while—


At the square in front of the Overgeared Castle...

At the scene where hundreds of thousands of people gathered, including spectators, Biban found Kraugel and wondered, “Why are you here”

Kraugel was sitting where the people who made achievements sat and looked puzzled.

“Why is Sir Biban here...” Kraugel cocked his head and responded.

The tower members saidWhat reward can we get from our junior and returned to the tower.

Biban was the only one who stayed here.


Did I not do anything In the eyes of the present day Sword Saint, is the Sword Saint of a previous generation a has-been”

“You are misinterpreting things.

Your personality seems to have become even more eccentric.”

The atmosphere gradually became noisy and Grid covered his face.

“Someone should do something about Biban.”

Thousands of stars filled the skies of Reinhardt even though it was still bright daylight.

They were the cameras of broadcasting companies from around the world to capture the image of the heroes.

It was peace that came after a long time.

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