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Chapter 1675

It was a touching father-daughter reunion.

The sight of Nefelina crying emotionally at the sight of her father made Grids nose feel clogged.

Nevartans will to overcome his madness for a while also made Grid become solemn.

A curse placed through the cooperation between the Absolute of hell and the heavenly gods.

He overcame the most powerful curse in the world with his determination to talk to his daughter.

It was the willpower of a father that deserved to be respected by everyone.

Thats right—Grid clearly felt the love and affection between blood and flesh.

He forgot about the precarious situation for a moment and cheered for Nefelina with a happy heart.

Thus, he tried not to see it.

The desire that slowly filled Nevartans eyes as he scanned his daughter.

Grid pretended not to hear.

The sophistry of eating his daughter, who was unable to bear his eggs.

Grid believed it wasnt sincere.

Wasnt this right after showing true affection He thought that Nevartan was affected by the madness and was speaking nonsense against his will.

Then Grid saw Nefelinas expression and was forced to admit it.

Nevartan hadnt fallen to madness yet.

He was uttering disgusting nonsense with a normal mind.

Grid felt a boiling rage.

Of course, he didnt show it outwardly.

He was reminded that dragons were a different species from humans.

He tried to understand because he knew that the common sense and morality of humans shouldnt be enforced on them.

He realized that provoking Nevartan would endanger tens of millions of people and their loved ones.

He even considered the fact that he wasnt confident what Nefelina would face hundreds of years in the future.

It meant he was thinking very realistically.

“Stop the nonsense.” However, he couldnt stand it.

He pulled Nefelina to his side because she looked so sad and distressed.

Grid remembered.

Nefelina had lived with humans from the moment she was born.

It wasnt just him.

Irene and Lord also treated her as family.

The Overgeared members were her friends.

A dragons standards shouldnt be placed on her.

Would she suffer pain in the future that would come hundreds of years from now Was it at a time when he didnt exist This didnt give him a reason to turn away from her.

He felt a duty to take responsibility for her to the end since she lived a human life because of him.


-How long are you going to just watch Why dont you try to win when there is a chance

Braham was urging him to kill a dragon.

The Overgeared World was located in the heart of Reinhardt—in that place, Grid and the apostles were rapidly strengthened.

It might be a bit inferior to Baal, who showed off his invincible majesty in hell, but there were also the tower members here.

-Make the tower members your believers.

If you make them inhabitants of the Overgeared World and you fight together, killing a dragon isnt a dream...

Brahams eyes as he persuaded Grid again were filled with anger rather than the desire to kill a dragon.

Before he met Grid, the only one he loved and admired in the world was his mother, Beriache.

Therefore, he understood and sympathized with Nefelinas pain.

It was because he also had the experience of being abandoned by his mother.

Of course, she had good reasons behind her abandonment.

He was exiled due to the tragedy of killing his kin.

On the other hand, Nefelina did nothing wrong.

She was forced to make sacrifices simply because she was a child.

The heart that dreamed about revenge for her father was thoroughly trampled on.

She was miserable.

For the first time, Braham felt pity for the hatchling who only ate all the time.

[It seems that this place will disappear today.]

Nevartan looked at Grids provocative gaze like it was hard to understand, before suddenly making this declaration.

The heart of the empire—it was a declaration that he would destroy this place full of the history and connections that Grid had built up.

Grid shouted, “You dont understand Nefelinas feelings!”

[Understanding my childs feelings It is an unnecessary act.

I gave birth to that child, so she belongs to me.

It is my right to treat her according to my will.]

“What is the difference from parents who ignore their childrens dreams and only let them study!”

Did South Korea still have such an environment these days

Some players clicked their tongues while Nevartans golden eyes quickly became black.

The focus disappeared.

At first glance, it was like a gaping hole.

No sign of intelligence could be seen in it.

It was tainted with complete madness.

“Now.” Braham gave a signal.

He added his characteristic arrogant expression that made it seem easy to lure someone with no sense of reason.

Nevartans giant hand struck at Grid.

It didnt contain anything special.

It was close to an action of simply dealing with an annoying bug.

However, it was insanely fast.

Grid barely responded by using all his buff skills and crossing the dragon weapons in front of him.

He faced Nevartans hand without avoiding it.

There was no way to avoid it.

There were still countless people behind him.

The Overgeared members and knights hadnt finished evacuating all the people.

“Ah...!” Screams burst out from everywhere.

It was because they vaguely witnessed the bizarre bending of Grids waist.

The moment he confronted the dragons hand with his swords, the back of his head was almost touching the ground.

They wondered if he would die with his body folded back.

This was what he showed when he fought Baal.

People sensed Grids crisis.

“Uh.. Uhh”

It was different for the people who stood behind Grid.

Thousands of people clearly witnessed it.

It was the sight of Nevartans hand slowly being pushed back without crushing Grid.

“...Ohhhhh!” Grids shout of concentration grew louder and Nevartans hand moved away from the ground.

The two dragon weapons were enduring the strength and weight of Nevartans hand and pushing it away.

[Power of Not Knowing Defeat]

He wasnt aided by Saleos power.

He couldnt win against the top three great demons, gods, and dragons with Saleos power.

It would be a tie at best.

The force that was currently sustaining Grid was the reward for writing the 20th epic.

[God has proven that he is unbreakable.]

Grid couldnt withstand the power of the demonic sword wielded by Baal.

Every time he exchanged a blow with Baal, he groaned as his arms bent or his back was heavily bent back.

Baals sword would eventually crush Grid along with his sword and armor and Grid looked as precarious as a flower.

People thought that Grid would break, but he never broke.

He gritted his teeth and held on.

In the end, he wasnt defeated by Baal.

The narrative of that time, which was witnessed by all, sustained the present Grid.

Grid wasnt broken.

He stood up to an overwhelmingly immense force and wasnt crushed by it.

Such a law was established.

It was a law made by one passage of the epic.

In the end, Grid completely shook off Nevartans hand and leaped forward.

He headed toward the Overgeared World.


Nevartan chased after him while shooting a Breath.

The Breaths shockwave ruined the citys buildings.

Fortunately, the buildings were empty.

Everyone had gathered in the square to welcome the returning heroes.

The collapsed buildings were immediately restored by Garion.

Grid used Shunpo and immediately rushed into the Overgeared World.

At the same time, the Breath hit him.

The Breaths speed caught up with the speed of Shunpo.


“Your Majesty!”

Those who witnessed Grid being swept away by the Breath screamed.

Most people imagined Grid turning into ashes.

However, Grid stood intact in the place where the Breath passed through.

Only a few drops of dark red blood poured out.

Serious injuries such as the loss of certain body parts were avoided.

Things were different now compared to when he lost his arm in the aftermath of Cranbels Breath.

Grid was currently armed with the dragon armor.

After writing the 20th epic, he became a lot stronger than before.

Additionally, Nevartan didnt use Dragon Words.

Behind Cranbels Breath seriously injuring Grid was the power of Dragon Words.

Grid was under great pressure at the time and had all his stats reduced by nearly half.

On the other hand, he wasnt influenced by Dragon Words when he was hit by Bunheliers Breath in hell or at this moment.

He survived because he endured the Breath without being under a weakening effect.

A being who moves by instinct cant use Dragon Words.

The Insane Dragon—Nevartan was crazy.

Rational judgment was impossible.

The fact that he followed Grid without delay proved it.

This guy entered the Overgeared World on his own.

He entered the divine world and wasnt much different from Martial God Zeratul, who descended to the surface and suffered humiliation.

“It is absolutely a lizard.”

Braham, who had already arrived in the Overgeared World, performed the magic he had prepared.

It was magic that was unfolded with purple magic power.

Magic power with the power of a mental image aimed at a being who could naturally resist magic.

The spear of light that was created was so huge and sharp that it pierced Nevartans body diagonally.

Nevartan stiffened for a moment and coughed up blood.

Then a meteorite fell toward Nevartans head.

All types of great magics were linked together without a time difference.

The title of the 20th epic wasHell. Just like Grid, the narrative of the apostles who were active in hell was also recorded in the epic.

The 20th epic was a means of strengthening not only Grid, but also his apostles.

It was easy to understand if one thought of Hayate, who was included in Grids epic and regained his full skills.


Nevartan was angered after being successively hit by magic and his wrath turned in the wrong direction.

He was deceived by the clones created with Brahams magic power and shot Breaths at them.

The Breaths momentum was weaker than before.

Even if he was an old dragon, he couldnt quickly adapt to the environment of the divine world that was born not long ago.

On the other hand, Brahams magic was far more complete than when he used it outside the Overgeared World.

The clones created by his magic power had the same characteristics as Braham and Grid.

It was enough to trick this insane lizard.


Nefelina had an anxious expression as she chased after them to the Overgeared World.

There was no certainty in the voice that was calling Grids name.

Was it right for Grid to fight her father for her Everyone was in danger because of her...

Her trembling voice was filled with doubt, anxiety, confusion, and sadness.

“It will be okay,” Grid answered with a smile.

The sunset divinity that spread throughout the Overgeared World was gathering at the tip of his sword.

-The cooldown time of all skills is removed for the Overgeared God and his subordinate gods within the Overgeared World.

-If a target that isnt allowed by the Overgeared God enters the Overgeared World, their status will be greatly weakened and all stats will be reduced by 50%.

It was the dimensional effect of the divine world.

It was also an indication that the Asgard conquest was impossible, so he didnt feel very comfortable.

Still, in any case, Grid was almost invincible here.

“Serve Dragon Pinnacle Wave Kill Link.”

Penetrating head-on.

“Drop Dragon Pinnacle Linked Kill Wave.”

Striking down and piercing through.

“Transcend Linked Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave.”

Creating a new sword dance and striking up.

This was possible thanks to the deity gained as a reward for the epic.

“Serve Dragon Pinnacle Wave Kill Link.”

Penetrating again.

“Drop Dragon Pinnacle Linked Kill Wave.”

Pressing down again.

“Transcend Linked Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave.”

Striking up again.

It couldnt be repeated endlessly.

The sword energy that almost seemed infinite due to the fast recovery speed was now quickly depleted.

The continuous use of the six fusion sword dance was burdensome.


Nevartan didnt lose momentum even though his scales were brutally shattered and his limbs severed.

He opened his huge snout and fired a Breath at Grid right in front of him.

Grid was slowed down in the aftermath of the depletion of sword energy, but his complexion didnt change.

The Dragon Killing Sword that shot up under his feet stopped the Breath.

“I joined the Overgeared God Church.” Hayate stood behind Grid and smiled softly while the apostles and tower members were lined up on his left and right.

The protagonists of the 20th epic—they were also residents of the Overgeared World.

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