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Chapter 1662

“”Space Sword.””

It had to be tolerated even if this space was destroyed andthat was touched.

It was urgent to get rid of the monster wearing a human mask and who grasped the reality of that…

The demon who received the soul of the Sword Saint made a decision.

There was just something he had overlooked.

It was that Mercedes had witnessed the complete Space Sword several times.

It was Sword Saint Kraugels Space Sword.

The Space Sword he was using could be more powerful than Kraugels one, but it couldnt be perfect.

The demonic energy that had accumulated in the demon who lived since close to the beginning was strong, but the soul transplanted into him was nothing more than a fake.

‘It isnt Muller.

Then why did he believe that Mullers soul was transplanted in him

Mercedes threw the shield and plugged it into the wall.

Then she used the handle as a rod.

She held it in one hand and turned her body to dodge the Space Sword.

It was a feat that happened in an instant.

The entire backdrop behind her was split in half, making it even more gorgeous.

People cheered and the demons face crumpled.

“”You avoided it””

The Sword Saint had to cut the target.

The representative technique for proving this law was Space Sword.

It was an ultra-wide range technique that cut down the center of the world by taking the target as the vanishing point rather than the ultimate target.

The moment the world was cut apart, it was natural for the target to be cut with it.

However, it was avoided.

The demon belatedly noticed it—the world wasnt exactly split in half, it was split diagonally.

‘I got the vanishing point wrong.

How could he make this mistake

Mercedes spoke to the demon who was criticizing himself, “It is natural that you cant do it right.”


“Youre not a Sword Saint.”

“”That… this is something I know myself.

It doesnt make sense as a provocation.”

He had been transplanted with only a very small part of the soul of Sword Saint Muller.

He could only understand and use the techniques of the Sword Saint.

He wasnt actually a Sword Saint.

‘This is why it is impossible to be perfect and it is natural to make mistakes.

How he dealt with the mistakes was important…

The demon sublimated the enemys provocation into enlightenment and smiled with satisfaction.

He calmed his mind and heart.

Then his composure was broken right away.

“The soul you have been transplanted with isnt the Sword Saint.”


The demons eyes shook.

The colors of his pupils, which were half blue and half red, gradually turned red all over.

Blue seemed to symbolize intelligence and red seemed to symbolize anger.

“”Once again, it is pointless.

It is useless no matter how much you provoke me…””

“The Sword Saint cutting the world isnt an abstract expression.

It is real.”

Mercedes stomped her feet lightly.

It was a gesture that indicated to the land that had been split by the demons sword.

“It isnt scribbles like this.”

“”Scribbles How insolent.””

The demon knew—the trajectory of the sword he just used went around all of hell.

It really cut the world.

It wasnt at a level that could be disparaged as scribbles.

Eventually, the blue color completely disappeared from the demons eyes.

The way he roared and rushed like a beast made him seem like an ordinary demon.

The rumors buried in his memories were messing with his mind.

They were the rumors that Muller was still alive.

It was a rumor that shouldnt be true.

If Muller was still alive, then the fragment of the soul transplanted into the demon wouldnt really belong to Muller.

There was a series of nervous noises.

It was a scream that emerged every time the demons sword collided with Mercedes White Tiger Sword.

The quality of the weapons themselves was different.

Moreover, the current White Tiger Sword was filled with the dramatic victory sword energy, thus the demon couldnt bear it completely.

The more he couldnt overwhelm her in swordsmanship and the more the wounds on his body grew, the stronger the doubts that arose in the demons mind.

“”If it isnt the Sword Saint… what is it””

What was this in his soul… The demon was unable to bear the fear and finally asked this question, only to become stunned.

Mercedes transparent eyes were turned to the huge piece of flesh behind him.

That was her answer.

“”This… it cant be…! Absolutely not!”

The demon acknowledged that Mercedes eyes could see through the soul.

In fact, she wasnt deceived by the soul bombardment of this chunk of flesh.

Therefore, he couldnt deny Mercedes answer.

He just refused to believe it.

“”My life shouldnt be insignificant…!””

The demon lived in the Age of Mythology.

It was the era when Yatan stayed in hell.

At that time, hell was a shelter for the dead who hadnt ascended to heaven.

The demon sympathized and cared for the dead according to the will of God.

This was until God disappeared all of a sudden one day.

Eventually, around the time when Beriache was expelled and hell was deformed, the demon entered seclusion.

He denied the new hell.

Even so, the reason he accepted Baals request to protect this place was for the sake of the future.

In order to fight on the side of his God who would one day return, he coveted the power that Baal had given him in return for fulfilling the request.

In silence, he cut off communication with Baal and worked hard to train his strength.

Yet that power was fake Then the years he endured were meaningless…


A dark shade appeared on the wrinkled demons face.

It was a total defeat.

The fact that he was unable to subdue a swordsman with swordsmanship further increased the suspicion that filled his mind.

He had long lost his composure.

He wasnt able to fully demonstrate his incomplete skills.

Mercedes added a cruel truth to him, “That chunk of flesh can fuse souls.”

The souls fired earlier when the flesh attacked were independent individuals.

However, Mercedes saw traces left in those souls.

They were like traces left on torn paper.

No, to be more precise, they were traces that had stuck to something and then came off.

“The soul implanted into you is also a work that was made.”

Perhaps the souls of the swordsmen who were killed by a Sword Saint were fused with the souls of unnamed great swordsmen This was why it could create a soul that remembered the techniques of the Sword Saint and vaguely imitate it.

It was scary and horrible.

“That is why I have to get rid of it,” Mercedes persuaded the demon.

It was a situation where even a little bit of help might not be enough to win, so she felt a certain sense of betrayal when she saw the demons inner thoughts.


The demon couldnt easily answer.

Despite feeling the same sense of horror as Mercedes, as well as a terrible sense of desolation, he didnt have the courage to antagonize this chunk of flesh.

It was because he knew the truth that Mercedes didnt know.

“”That… it is better not to touch it.

It is because that thing is probably a god.””

“A god”

“”I noticed at first sight that it resembled Demon God Sitri.””

Demon God Sitri—a god who screamed and wandered, created by the accumulation of souls who lost their place.

“”If it was Baal who made it… the usage of it would definitely be dangerous.

Maybe it is linked to Demon God Sitri.

The moment you harm it, the pain and anger might be transferred to Sitri.

This can be an opportunity to awaken Sitri into a cruel being.

Then hell would really be over.””

The demon didnt think that Baal would use it to make himself a god.

It meant he understood Baals personality very well.

“It could be a vessel for creating a completely new god.

Then I have to get rid of it.”

“”A new god… isnt that impossible even for Baal””

Baal was a direct descendant of God Yatan and the ruler of hell.

He wielded great power, but he wasnt omnipotent.

If even the heavenly gods werent omnipotent, how could the child of a god be omnipotent It was the demons idea that it was impossible to create an entirely new god.

However, he couldnt convince Mercedes.

“I think I have to get rid of it now.”

Now wasnt the time to drag things out.

No matter the reality of this thing, it was true that it was currently performing the role of a hell moon.

It was the culprit that turned the surface into an Asura Road.

This was the overriding goal of this expedition and Mercedes had an obligation to get rid of it.

To be honest, she didnt care what happened to hell.

“”…You arent a character who needs a conversation.””

The demon clicked his tongue and stepped to the side.

He had lost the will to fight Mercedes.

Originally, his anger and resentment had been directed at Baal for many years.

He had just turned away while waiting for the right time, but now he couldnt turn away any longer.

“”You should hurry.

Five of the six demons above have long become Baals henchmen.””

The ones with the souls of human legends like himself.

No, the old demons who had been transplanted with false, fused souls.

They also longed for the hell of the past and held a deep resentment toward Baal.

However, this had changed over the years.

They were intoxicated by the easily acquired power and forgot about the past.

They would never be as easily persuaded as himself…

The demon advised and Mercedes nodded.

She was no longer hindered and ran toward the chunk of flesh.

The chunk of flesh fired the souls to resist, but it didnt stop her.

It was cut by the sharp and huge sword, and writhed bizarrely.

It was incompatible with Keen Insight, which distinguished between souls.

It happened as Mercedes was gaining momentum…

[Do it, in moderation.]

One of the cut pieces of flesh took a human form and attacked Mercedes.

Mercedes immediately sensed killing intent and twisted the trajectory of her sword to fight back.

However, the latecomers technique wasnt easily blocked.

In exchange for acting first, she was cut first and flew far away with her shield.


Mercedes expression hardened as she got up and wiped the blood from her mouth.

It was because the human figure formed from the chunk of flesh resembled Grid at first glance.

However, he had fangs that came down, white skin, and red eyes.

It was a deceitful and demonic figure.

It was the blackened Grid who once roamed through hell.

[Killing intent.

I, kill you.]


Mercedes hurriedly extended her sword.

She was wary of the layers of souls around the blackened Grids body.

It was undoubtedly powerful.

He used not only swordsmanship, but also magic.

It was noticed that at least dozens of souls of great swordsmen and great magicians were accumulated and attached to him.

He showed a martial power that transcended legends.

‘Ugh. It was the moment when Mercedes swallowed down a groan after being hit and coughed up blood again…

“…Lets end this.”

Grids eyes sank coldly as he floated above the river of reincarnation.

The Sanctuary of Metal was unfolded.

The 100 God Hands that were moving dizzily stopped in unison and grabbed swords.

It was a spectacle that couldnt be seen anywhere else.

The already tired Eligos felt shock.

To be honest, he was fascinated.

Grids high charm and dignity stats combined with the situation to exert a powerful effect.

However, Eligos didnt show it.

He asked in a calm tone, “Why are you in a hurry to win all of a sudden”

“I have a place to go to.”

“…Then just go.

I will let you go.”

“You want to hit me in the back of the head, but it wont work.”

“You can sign a contract with me if you dont believe me.

You know that a demon bound by a contract cant lie.”


At the Dogs Mouth that connected hell and the surface…

Eligos, the Black Knight who guarded the river of reincarnation where souls were bound—one of the strongest beings in hell and who overshadowed the concept of hierarchy was now requesting a contract from Grid.

It was a crazy situation that even Baal couldnt have predicted.

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