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Chapter 1656

The dragon heart spun and the refined magic power was shot out into a breath that caused certain phenomena.

This was a Breath.

It was why it had powerful attributes.

Heart and breathing—the operation of the Dragon Breath included two concepts that were regarded as the source of life and this source was usually an attribute.

[You are a Sword Saint.

However, your disposition is different from the idiot in the tower.]

There was a rumor that Biban cut the already fired Breath with physical force.

On the other hand, Kraugel cut at his breathing, so this stopped the Breath itself.

It meant the exercise of his willpower was blocked in advance.

It was a humiliation never experienced before by the great old dragon, who had existed since the beginning.

The wavelength was huge.

Kraugels achievement that was beyond a legend caused his status to rise in real time.

However, Bunhelier didnt show any signs of uneasiness.

He pleasantly evaluated the human being who developed using himself as a stepping stone.

[You are different from Muller.

You forged your own path even though you had a predecessor to watch and learn from.]


Bunheliers attitude shook Hayate.

The fact that an arrogant old dragon—it was even the Evil Dragon—showed interest in a human was an astounding event.

He even mentioned Mullers name.

However, it wasnt a favorable attitude at all when Hayate recalled the story that some of the old dragons treated Muller as a mutant and hated him.

Bunhelier was obviously chatting pleasantly on the surface, but he was obviously hiding a lot of killing intent in his heart.

[It isnt a very good variable.

It would be better for your talent to disappear.]

Grruk, grruuk…

Bunheliers voice spread along with his rough breathing and it shook the entire continent.

A tsunami occurred in the sea, lava erupted from a volcano, and the ground where Garion was missing from had consecutive earthquakes, causing canyons to form on the plains.

The voice of the Evil Dragon and the demonic energy, which contained blatant killing intent, spread and it became a disaster in itself.

The biggest victim was Kraugel.

He suffered from all sorts of abnormal conditions.

Among them was the most fatal abnormal condition.

[Bunheliers Dragon Words have extinguished your talent.]

[Most passive skills are temporarily sealed.]

His passive skills were sealed.

Kraugel was crushed by the sheer pressure and recalled the situation a little while ago.

He hadnt been able to discern Bunheliers huge body until Hayate stopped Bunheliers tail and caused him to stiffen for a moment.

It was due to his speed.

Even though Bunhelier was in view from a distance, he kept losing sight of the movement.

The limit was just faintly catching a glimpse of him using the assistance of super sensitivity.

Additionally, the super sensitivity of the Sword Saint was a stat, not a passive.

Not yet—he could still fight.

“I dont think I will be as helpful as I thought.

Please take that into consideration.”

It was true that his status has increased after cutting off Bunheliers Breath once.

However, for Kraugel, transcending status was a concept he had long been used to.

He fought against the half-gods of the East Continent; defeated the Elemental King of Wind and succeed in purifying a dimension; returned to the surface and was chased by a blind swordsman who claimed to be a disciple of a master swordsman; went to war with the subordinates of the leaders of the No Offspring Tomb, who controlled what was believed to be Mullers tomb; and finally, he climbed Grenier for a class quest and had to go through the trials of the Mountain King.

Kraugel had experienced and resolved major incidents one after another and had built up his own status several times.

It meant he understood that rapid growth wouldnt happen just because his status rose by one level.

Irresistible—Kraugel clearly realized this fact as the presence of the Evil Dragon Bunhelier grew, and he lowered his goal.

Rather than just assisting Hayate, he instead urged him to retreat immediately, “It seems wisest for you to step back while I buy some time.”

Hayate shook his head.

“I must not back down.”

He was the only Dragon Slayer in the world.

It was his obligation to stand up to the Evil Dragon that had started to run wild.

Even if he had encountered this situation in the past when he was hiding out of a fear of death, he still most likely wouldve done the same as now.

Kraugel stared at Hayates determined expression and nodded.

“Do as you wish.”

It was a few months ago—by the time he cut down the Elemental King of Wind, Kraugel was in a situation he didnt understand.

The Pioneers qualifications, which shouldve belonged to Grid, were transferred to him.

He thought there must be a reason, and now he realized why.

“However, please be sure to survive.

I will die on your behalf.”

A sacrifice—it was the role that Grid shouldve originally played.

It was just that Grid had taken on too much responsibility, so he was chosen as the next best one.

Kraugel, who grasped the situation, didnt resent it.

Instead, he took it as an honor.

He was willing to share Grids responsibility.

Hayate expressed his gratitude with a nod and explained, “I am going to aim for the dragon heart.

This is the only way to kill the dragons momentum.”

One of the decisive reasons for the cause of Fire Dragon Ifrits death was the overlapping of multiple Breaths.

She wasnt an old dragon, so she was in a different position from Bunhelier, who stacked up five Breaths when using Dragon Rage.

The burden every time a Breath was overlapped caused the dragon heart to be overloaded.

She lost her horn and suffered irreversible fatal injuries in her weak state.

It was safe to say that she was virtually dead by the time she arrived at the lair of Fire Dragon Trauka.

What if a direct blow was inflicted on a dragon heart Even an old dragon would have to devote decades to recovery.

Of course, they could be active forever without worrying about their wounds, but… an old dragons competitor was an old dragon.

They didnt want to become a target of another old dragon in their incomplete state and experience a crisis.

[Aiming for my heart]

There was no particular reason why Hayate spoke openly about his aim.

The Dragon Killing Sword that looked like a galaxy condensed into a straight line.

It was Hayates sword energy and willpower.

According to Hayates intention, the direction of the blade changed in real time and it explicitly pointed at Bunheliers heart.

This meant that Bunhelier couldnt be unaware of Hayates intentions.

[Then why dont you give it a try]

The smiling Bunhelier openly displayed his chest proudly.

It was as if a wall had spread out in the sky.

[My heart is here.]

Just as Hayate didnt hide his thoughts, Bunhelier had no intention of hiding his heart.

It was because he was strong.

It was to the extent when he could thoroughly trample on Hayates willpower.


Bunhelier had been talking confidently, but now his expression stiffened for a moment.

It was due to the sharp blade that pierced his skull and gave him the sensation that his brain matter was being stirred.

The Heart Sword—Sword Saint Kraugels ultimate technique.

It inflicted damage proportional to the targets maximum health.

Of course, it didnt have a significant effect on targets who had a higher status than him.

In fact, the sensation that Bunhelier felt when he was hit by the Heart Sword was more an awareness of a foreign object, not any pain.

However, that was enough.

The agitation that lasted only 0.001 seconds—there was a man who was skilled enough to take advantage of that gap.


Kraugel was fascinated.

The polluted night sky had transformed into space.

It was bigger than the universe in Bunheliers pupils.

Celestial bodies existed everywhere in his field of view, all of which were the waves of Hayates sword energy.

It was a wave caused by the aftermath of slashing the dragons chest.

By the time Kraugel recognized the changed landscape, the results had already occurred.

Hayate was still standing behind Kraugel, but the Dragon Killing Sword had already split apart the chest of Bunhelier, who was hundreds of meters in front of him.

It was a mystery, not swordsmanship.

It seemed that the only technique that could be compared to it was the Heart Sword.

‘The Dragon Slayer…

There was no record of a dragons skin and scale being cut by Muller.

Of course, it had to be taken into account that most of the records about Muller had been lost.

However, it was common sense from the beginning that a dragons skin and scales couldnt be pierced by anything.

Yet today, it was terribly split apart.

Black demonic energy poured out like blood from the cut that stretched from Bunheliers shoulder to his abdomen.

The amount was so great that it seemed like the rivers on the ground would flood.


It was an overwhelming sight that he might never see again in his lifetime.

Kraugel stared blankly at Bunheliers body, which was tilting at an angle, only to become stunned.

His vision turned a few laps.

He was drawn to Hayate.

The shoulder caught in Hayates hand couldnt be leaned back, so his body rotated like a spinning top.

He couldnt react even with his super sensitivity.

He didnt feel any signs at all.

Kraugel became desperately aware of the gap he had with an Absolute, but he only focused on the situation in front of him.

He recalled the role he had promised Hayate and predicted the reach of his body that was spinning.

He drew his sword and raised it.

At this moment, Kraugel was Hayates shield.

He was used like this.

He protected Hayate from the attack of the long-haired man who emerged from the dragons torn stomach.


He had to swallow back his screams.

The shock delivered through the White Tiger Sword after it collided with the mans fist penetrated deep into his bones.

The sound of wrist bones being crushed was much louder than the sound of grinding teeth.

He mightve managed to block it, but he lost nearly half his health.

[You have suffered thefracture abnormal condition.]

[However, a Sword Saint can handle the sword perfectly in any circumstances.]

[The demonic energy of the Evil Dragon Bunhelier has penetrated into your body.]

[The health lost to Bunhelier cant be restored until the end of the battle.]

“Hahahaha! Using a human as a shield As expected of a guy who has been hiding for over a thousand years!”

The unidentified man—Kraugel couldnt accept the identity of the laughing handsome man with black hair reaching his pelvis.

He was dumbfounded even after checking the name floating above the mans head.

“It is Polymorph.”

Hayates voice echoed in his ears.

It felt more like he was talking to himself than explaining to Kraugel.

Kraugel understood the situation.

Bunhelier gave Hayate his chest as if to be cut and Hayate aimed at his carelessness.

He fired a blow with all his strength.

It was a trap.

Bunhelier used Polymorph to reduce the size of his body, so the position of his heart changed dramatically.

The thing that Hayate cut was just the remnant of Polymorph, not Bunheliers heart.

‘He is cunning.

Not only was Bunhelier strong, but he also knew how to use tricks.

Wouldnt he be the biggest challenge for Grid, who had a slightly simpler side

Kraugel was suddenly worried.

Kraugel put all his strength into his trembling hands.

He felt that Hayate, who managed to take a breath while he was the shield, was still behind him.

“You must achieve your purpose.

He is someone who shouldnt meet with Grid.”

“I agree.”


Kraugel re-measured the distance to Bunhelier, who had transformed into a human, and became startled.

It was because Bunheliers hand suddenly appeared in front of him and quickly became huge.

It made all his calculations useless.

Bunhelier, who used Polymorph to change to a human form—he acted by replacing part of his body with a dragons body.

It was virtually impossible to respond when he turned his outstretched fist into a dragons claw.

The forelimb, which looked infinitely small when in the form of a dragon, became abnormally large on a human body.

The range of the attack was so wide that there was no way to avoid it.

Kraugels body was pushed back as he was about to recite the poetry that praises the sword.

Once again, he was drawn back to Hayate.

He was grabbed by the nape of his neck and felt Hayates hand gently pressing on his back.

Kraugel understood the other persons intentions and pointed his sword forward.

This time, he was Hayates sword.

Kraugels sword sneaked through the gap in Bunheliers claws.

He couldnt get through the skin, but he managed to widen the gap.

It was in the realm of his calculations.

It was the result of Hayate moving Kraugel, who couldnt show his skills in a fight between Absolutes.

The Dragon Killing Sword dug in through the gap.

The startled Bunhelier returned his arm to human form.

The feet he raised were in dragon form.

It rushed like a great mountain.

The Dragon Killing Sword lost its target and immediately changed its trajectory.

It blocked the dragons massive feet.

The wave from the Dragon Killing Sword caused Bunheliers actions to stiffen for a moment, but it didnt have a great effect.

Bunheliers feet seemed to become smaller again and before he knew it, the five stacked Breathes flooded in front of him.

It was shot when Kraugel couldnt read it, so he couldnt stop the breathing.

“I understood it at the end of my admiration.”

Kraugel used Poetry that Praises the Sword.

He was convinced that Hayate couldnt use Shunpo.

At present, Bunheliers senses were spread all over the world.

There was a high probability that the path of Shunpo would be read and he would be hit by a fatal counter.

As expected, Hayate didnt use Shunpo.

He left the Breath to Kraugel as if he had anticipated Kraugels judgment.

At the same time, the Dragon Killing Sword was in the form of a ring.

There were a total of eight rings.

Each and every one gave off intense waves.

[A legend doesnt die easily.]

Poetry that Praises the Sword was practically invincible.

He replaced his defense and health with the swords attack and durability, ignoring damage and abnormal statuses in return for the sword being consumed.

However, there wasnt much of an effect on Bunhelier.

Kraugel sacrificed dozens of swords but could endure only one Breath.

Meanwhile, Bunheliers stacked up five Breaths without a time difference.

It completely turned Kraugel to rags.

However, he managed to save Hayate.

Kraugels eyes shone even after consuming his immortality.

He believed in the power of Poetry that Praises the Sword and swung the White Tiger Sword sharply.

“Space Sword.”

[The effect of Poetry that Praises the Sword has increased the skills attack power by 15 times.]

Was it pity after seeing him being trampled on all the time After a long time, a jackpot occurred.


Bunheliers eyes widened slightly.

Blood flowed down his cheek as he tilted his head to avoid the sword attack.

His smile disappeared from his beautiful face for the first time.

Bunheliers expression crumpled like a piece of paper and his gaze as he glared at Kraugel was unusual.

‘It is over.

Even if it was a stab, it was a stab that hit the worlds strongest monster.

Kraugel might really have to quit the game if things went badly here.

Kraugels expression stiffened as he clicked his tongue.

He watched as the ringed Dragon Killing Sword occupied all directions around Bunhelier.

They were the same Dragon Killing Sword, but they each took a different form.

Some of the rings became Bunheliers tails, claws, and legs, while others were shot with a flash like they were a Breath.

He implemented some of the deadly moves that Bunhelier showed in the last few seconds.

This was the power of a Dragon Slayer.

It took the dragon as its prey and completed the analysis of the prey.

“Where did your roots go Dirty bastard with no honor.”

How dare you try to reproduce me

The shaking Bunhelier became huge.

He sensed that his state of absolute defense was intermittently nullified by the waves from the Dragon Killing Sword and abandoned his human form.

He once again put on his scales.

Bunheliers massive body shook as he allowed simultaneous blows.

This was followed by a series of thunderous explosions.

It was only then that people saw Bunheliers image properly.

It was only a few dozen seconds after he first appeared.

He moved at a speed that the naked eye couldnt keep up with and caused all types of disasters.

Now that shadow stayed in place for more than one second for the first time.

Exclamations burst out everywhere.

Bunhelier—it was the aftermath of discovering the Dragon Slayer fighting the monster, who had embedded great fear and anxiety in peoples hearts ever since he appeared in the National Competitions server.

Gradually, more and more people clenched their fists and chanted Hayates name.

However, silence soon fell again.

The burning hot atmosphere cooled down like it had been a lie.

The world that the Space Sword split in half slowly collapsed.

It was the greatest ever trolling.

Garions vacant spot was painfully realized.

As people glared at Kraugel, who was caught by Hayate and being swung back and forth, the situation of the battle changed in real time.

Bunhelier used Dragon Fear and blew up all the images of what seemed to be a silver dragon attacking him.

Then he started a counterattack.

The appearance of the dragon and Hayate once again became indistinguishable.

Lights flashed throughout the battlefield where the entire sky was the stage.

It looked like a scene of constellations being formed.

Rainwater fell on someones face.

The person wiped it with curiosity and found it was blood.

It was the commonly known dark red blood.

It was definitely human blood.

It was the blood that Hayate and Kraugel shed.

It happened as peoples anxiety was growing again…

A shadow appeared that blocked the blood.

It was with a gorgeous black parasol with blue decorations.

“Not bad.” A woman wiped the blood off the parasol with her thin fingers and smiled softly.

It was a beauty that transcended imagination.

Could it be that the red eyes that were like rubies contained some type of magic power

The people present were fascinated, regardless of their age or gender.

[Vampire DukeMarie Rose has appeared.]

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