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Chapter 165

Syuok! Syu syu syu syu syuk!

The seven golden blades simultaneously aimed at his eyes, cheeks, head and chin. The speed was equivalent to Memphis, who was the fastest in hell, so the demonkin would be unable to react.

But Hell Gao was one of the 33 great demons, so he didn\'t think of it as a threat.

‘The human might be skilled at throwing, but this is just at the level of a pest.\'

He drew a small circle with his staff.


The seven blades didn\'t reach the target and scattered all over the place.

However, they didn\'t fall towards the ground.

Instead, they flew up again and attacked Hell Gao.


Hell Gao was amazed. He thought the seven golden blades had been thrown by the human in red armor, but they were moving by themselves

Kaang! Kakakang!

The golden blades that continued flying at Hell Gao were annoying.

He decided to destroy them and firmly hit one with his staff. However, the blade was fine and didn\'t even get one scratch.

It stiffened for a while before moving again.

\'Outstanding durability.

Is it adamantium But why are they moving on their own’

Fast and solid gold blades! They weren\'t controlled by magic, so how did they move by themselves They didn\'t tire, and gave Hell Gao a feeling of pressure.

In the end.

“Get lost!

Hell Gao released hot wind all over the place. The golden blades were pushed by the wind pressure and could no longer approach him.

“Come back.”

The human in red armor watched from a distance and gave them orders. Then the golden blades flew to him and started to rotate around him.

\'What a bizarre artifact.\'

Hell Gao opened his mouth.

“I never dreamed in my thousands of years of existence that I would have a question for a human.

Those blades, what are they They have a durability comparable to the god mineral adamantium and they move by themselves Why is an ordinary human carrying something like this

Ordinary human The human in red armor, Grid, grinned at him. You still think I\'m ordinary

“What” Hell Gao spoke cynically. “Kukuk! You only barely managed to wound this trash body! So what, you think that you are special

Hell Gao was the 9th strongest of the 33 great demons, but this was only applicable to hell. After being sealed by Sword Saint Muller 150 years ago, he had to borrow the body of a demonkin every time he appeared in the human world.

In other words, Hell Gao\'s current body wasn\'t originally his and he couldn\'t exert his true strength. Grid was arrogant just because he managed to damage Hell Gao a little bit, so Hell Gao couldn\'t help snorting.

“I know that you are a fairly strong human.

But you aren\'t particularly special. The black flames around Hell Gao\'s body flashed. I only recognize the man called Muller.

You\'re just a trivial existence who can\'t even reach Muller\'s toes.”

Grid remarked, Ah, Sword Saint Muller Wasn\'t he the one who turned your body into a rag in the past

Hell Gao\'s eyes narrowed.

“What\'s so funny

The smiling Grid kindly explained to him. “I am in the same class as Muller.

It\'s laughable that you can\'t see that.

Well, today you will die again.

Hell Gao thought it was so absurd that it was funny.

“Kuhahahaha! This crazy person is talking nonsense!

Sword Saint Muller was such a great figure that he broke Hell Gao\'s common sense, who had lived for thousands of years. He was a mortal who transcended a great demon. His swordsmanship was enough to cut through the flames of hell, making them look like sheep.

In comparison, Grid was just plain.

Grid was stronger than a normal human, but he was no match for Muller. 

A person who puts himself in the same class as Muller, he really doesn\'t understand… Huh

Hell Gao stopped laughing as his gaze turned to a corner of the dungeon. Thanks to the golden blades, he had missed the other human.

That human was aiming the pickaxe at a fire stone. It was Peak Sword. The 16th ranked Peak Sword, who was a fearful person to some and a target of respect for others, was challenging the act of mining for the first time.

Hell Gao was furious.

I don\'t like this pair!

He was able to bring four fire stones to the human world from hell.

He lost a quarter of his magic power when one of them was taken.

He couldn\'t allow another fire stone to be mined.


Hell Gao ran while the dark flames wrapped around his body like a cloak. His target was naturally Peak Sword.

He wanted to smash Peak Sword\'s head and destroy that pickaxe. But his path was blocked by Grid.

Where are you going during our conversation

Grid attacked while talking.


Hell Gao\'s arms shook after he defended against the blue greatsword with his staff.

\'It isn\'t just that I\'m weaker.

He has grown stronger.\'

Grid spoke to the somewhat shaken Hell Gao. “Of course, my current skills aren\'t even one-hundredth of Sword Saint Muller\'s skills.

But it isn\'t a lie that I am in the same class as him.

I am also a legend.


Hell Gao spoke in a confused voice. Grid wielded a master weapon that had been enhanced to 9, and his utilization of it was already at 100% after several months of experience.

Jjang! Jjejejeok! Jjejeong!

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship (Lv.2) increased physical attacks by 30%, critical hit rate by 20% and critical damage by 10%. The power of the 9 Failure combined with Pagma\'s Swordsmanship was truly beyond imagination! Grid\'s power brought confusion to Hell Gao.

‘This guy, the attack power in one blow…!\'



Hell Gao defended against the attack with his staff, and eventually threw up. A red light shone in the black flames and Grid grinned, revealing his white teeth.

Can you feel it This is strong enough to fill up the difference in abilities.


Hell Gao finally felt alarmed. The man in front of him, he wasn\'t a master of swordsmanship like Muller was.

His comprehensive physical abilities were far below Muller\'s. 



Why was he so strong Hell Gao\'s suspicious gaze was fixed on Grid.

\'It\'s that greatsword.\'

He had lived for thousands of years, but he had never seen a weapon like this blue greatsword. Hell Gao trembled. The golden blades that moved by themselves and this powerful greatsword, how did the man in front of him gobble up such powerful items

\'Does this person have the treasures of the gods\'

Hell Gao could no longer take it easy and needed to fight with all his strength. Hell Gao made a decision and shot out hellfire.


The flames that wouldn\'t fade away once they started burning hit Grid. Hell Gao confirmed that Grid\'s chest was burning and burst out laughing.

Kuhahaha! It\'s useless even if you jump into the sea right now.

Once the hellfire has started burning, it won\'t fade away until the target has been turned to ashes!

Hell Gao didn\'t doubt that Grid would become ashes within seconds. However…

It turned off

Grid waved a few times and the hellfire was extinguished.


How did you turn off hellfire like it was a match fire It was the moment when Hell Gao\'s common sense that \'hellfire will never go out\' was broken in his thousands of years of living. Yes, the last time his common sense was broken was when he met Muller 150 years ago.

‘It isn\'t a lie that he is in the same class as Muller…!\'

Hell Gao felt a chill and reflexively took a step back. 

[You have suffered 4,800 damage.]

[The black fires of hell have attached to your body.

The flames won\'t turn off until your body is turned to ashes.] 

[You will receive 2,000 burn damage per second until death.]

[You have resisted.]

Grid felt pleasure as he confirmed the warning windows and started a dance. White light moved around the blue greatsword, like a shark swimming in the sea.

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Link.

The muscles that squeezed during the dance were released at once.

At the same time, the greatsword moved explosively. 17 blue and white energy blades sped through the air at a terrible speed before compressing the air.


It was quiet.


Only the sound of Peak Sword swinging the pickaxe was heard. Hell Gao had doubts.


Perhaps it was a vain attack And.


The 17 strands of energy were drawn around Hell Gao\'s body. This was followed by 17 sharp waves.

Pipit! Pipipipipit!

The air that was compressed simultaneously exploded. At the same time, 17 wounds appeared on Hell Gao\'s body.


Hell Gao belatedly screamed. It wasn\'t a missed attack.

This was the true dignity of the sword of light, Link. It was the moment that Grid, who raised his stats and level to 246 during the past four months, perfectly reproduced one of Pagma\'s sword techniques.

“Didn’t I tell you I am also a legend.

Grid was even more impressed.

T-This guy…!

Hell Gao\'s body started wobbling. Before the fire stone was collected and Hell Gao was in perfect condition, a fatal strike barely decreased his health.

Now he lost more than a tenth of his health the moment he was hit by Link.

Grid was convinced.

\'It is enough to fight.\'

Kaaang! Kaaang!

The sound of Peak Sword\'s pickaxe was heard non-stop from the rear and Grid felt more courageous. Then from a corner of his field of view, Hell Gao\'s staff came flying.


[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[You have suffered 7,930 damage.]


Grid was perfectly hit by the staff that moved between the rotating golden blades. Hell Gao shouted while chanting a spell.

You aren\'t Muller!

That\'s right.

He wasn\'t Sword Saint Muller.

One strike from his sword had caused Hell Gao\'s limbs to fall off. It was true that Grid\'s weapons covered his deficiency, but it couldn\'t be denied that he was very lacking compared to Muller. 

Chaaeng! Chaaeng!

The seven golden blades moved briskly to contain Hell Gao, while protecting Grid at the same time. But Hell Gao was in complete combat mode and was very fast and powerful.


The golden blades that Hell Gao struck were stuck in place for two seconds and then,


Hell Gao\'s staff moved flexibly, avoiding the other golden blades and striking Grid\'s abdomen.

[You have suffered 3,550 damage.]

\'Damn! It hurts!\'

All of Grid\'s armor had been enhanced to 6.

He had to spend a tremendous amount to enhance Failure up to 9, so he had to be satisfied with this much for his armor. But after many tests, he thought that his current defense was enough. 

A month ago, he had faced the Awakened Guardian of the Forest and found his defense quite bearable. However, Hell Gao\'s attack power was too strong.

\'This is after he was weakened by having the fire stone mined…!\'

Peeok! Peeeeok!

[You have suffered 3,590 damage.]

[You have suffered 3,480 damage.]

[You have suffered 4,900 damage.]

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[You have suffered 7,700 damage.]

The chances of a critical hit were tremendous high. There was one critical hit in every three blows.

Hell Gao\'s basic damage was also tremendous.

His crazed behavior restrained Grid\'s actions. Grid barely survived with one-third of his health and fought back with Failure. 


Grid used the repulsive force generated by the collision with the staff to open a distance, then he used a skill.


A blue and white wave spread out around him. 

[You have dealt 18,500 damage to the target.]

[The target\'s attack speed has reduced.]


Hell Gao\'s overwhelming momentum that Grid couldn\'t overcome was noticeably reduced. Grid counterattacked a few times during this gap while shouting to Peak Sword.

No, this damn guy! You still haven\'t mined one fire stone

Peak Sword was frustrated, “I told you that it is my first time mining! I don\'t know the tricks!

“Ah, it\'s frustrating!


Hell Gao was the master of hellfire, while Grid was the first legendary class. There was such a large difference between Peak Sword and them, and he was frustrated at not proving his reputation as 16th on the unified rankings.

Grid explained to Peak Sword. “Take a good look around the fire stones! There is a part around the root where the ground will be weak, attack that place…!

“Shut up.


Hundreds of spheres of hellfire flew. Grid took out the Divine Shield and defended with it and the golden blades.


Hell Gao struck the ground with his staff.

He leapt using the rebound and landed over Grid\'s shoulder.


The golden knives mercilessly stabbed Hell Gao.

But he couldn\'t stop Hell Gao\'s actions.  Hell Gao grabbed Grid\'s head with both hands and shouted.

If you can\'t burn then I will crush you!



Black flames emanated from both of Hell Gao\'s hands and swirled crazily.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!


Even a rock would quickly be turned to sand from this heat, let alone Grid! Hell Gao laughed as he anticipated flesh and brains to splatter everywhere. He didn\'t see it. Grid pulled out a blue ring and put it on his finger.


Hahaha…! Huh

The voice of the man who should\'ve died was heard perfectly. As Hell Gao was surprised, Grid used Blacksmith’s Rage and cut off both of Hell Gao\'s hands with the 9 failure.


[Failure\'s option effect is activated, causing the skill \'Bisect\' to be generated.]


[You have dealt 46,940 damage to the target.]

[You have cut both wrists of Hell Gao, the master of hellfire.

Hell Gao\'s actions will be limited and his attack power and attack speed will be greatly reduced.]


Hell Gao\'s terrible screams echoed in the wide dungeon.

Grid smiled wickedly.

This is the second round.

Grid had accumulated a lot of combat experience and he learned how to take advantage of Doran\'s Ring.

For example, he would wear the ring when the enemy used a powerful skill.

This maximized the effect of Doran\'s Ring and the Holy Light Armor.

On the other hand, Hell Gao\'s health was reduced by three-tenths after Grid consecutively used Kill, Transcended Link, Link and Wave.

Then just in time.


Yes! Success! I gathered a fire stone!

Peak Sword, who had been playing Satisfy for a year and a half, felt the pleasure of mining for the first time.

Kuk…! You guys…!

The black flames around Hell Gao\'s body lost more momentum. Grid didn\'t doubt it. The second round would be a KO win.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 166


[A fire stone has been acquired.]

While Grid was struggling with Hao Gao, Peak Sword successfully managed to mine the fire stone.

\'I did it!\'

The red stone that clung deeply to the ground emerged, causing Peak Sword to feel a tremendous joy. It was like managing to pull out a fat lump accumulated in his nose for many years! Was it like pulling out the roots  

Yes! Success! I gathered a fire stone!

He played Satisfy for a year and a half, endured all types of trials, gained experience and earned the 16th rank on the unified rankings.  He was able to raise his level through hunting, raiding a powerful boss or fighting against hostile forces.

Now his eyes were opened to a new way of enjoying the game.

\'I felt so much pleasure the moment I extracted a mineral.

Should I learn the mining skill\'

Peak Sword felt a serious sense of accomplishment and waved the fire stone at Grid.

How about it Didn\'t I do well

Grid raised his thumb from where he was confronting Hell Gao. “Well done.


It was amazing. He felt good about receiving praise from that guy. Peak Sword was laughing when he suddenly frowned.

\'No What am I doing right now\'

He was 16th in the unified rankings and the master of the Silver Knights Guild, yet he was wagging his tail like a dog for someone at least 10 years younger than him

\'Wake up.\'

He became more excited than necessary after realizing that the first legendary class, Pagma\'s Descendant, was a Korean. Peak Sword calmed his heart and watched Grid and Hell Gao. Grid looked relatively fine, while Hell Gao was wounded.

He even had both hands cut off.


The monster who slaughtered 200 Silver Knights members with an average level of 140 was being pushed back

\'The dignity of a legendary class…\'

He recalled the battle of Bairan, which caused an uproar in the world four months ago. One of the most powerful groups in Satisfy, the Tzedakah Guild, had been pushed on the defensive by the Yatan Church.

At the time, Peak Sword and his guild members gathered in a pub and predicted that the Tzedakah Guild would be wiped out. The Yatan servants Neberius and Balak were overwhelmingly strong, and were also superior in numbers, so the Tzedakah Guild seemed to have no hope.

Then a man suddenly appeared. He overturned the balance by throwing armor to Vantner, a weapon to Toon, and using the skill \' Pagma\'s Swordsmanship\' against Neberius. Peak Sword felt his blood boil and the people filling the pub cheered in unison. It wasn\'t an exaggeration to say that the whole world was buzzing at that moment.

After the battle was over.

Pagma\'s Descendant might be armed with powerful items, but the public mocked him for having weak control.

However, Peak Sword through differently. Pagma might be an excellent swordsman, but he was fundamentally a blacksmith. It was right that Pagma\'s Descendant took advantage of his class traits to arm himself with excellent items.

He expressed his strength in a manner appropriate for him.

And now.

The Pagma\'s Descendant that he met was making good use of his class characteristics. His armor and weapon were estimated to have a legendary rating, there were the fraudulent seven blades that moved on their own, and the ring that seemed to have a recovery skill. His control skills were still bad, but thanks to the power of his items, he was strong enough to be compared to a ranker.

But Hell Gao\'s strength was endless. He lost both hands, but he continued his onslaught against Grid.

Peak Sword hurriedly swung his pickaxe again.


I still need to collect two fire stones.\'

Grid was the new hope for South Korea, a country weak in Satisfy. Peak Sword wanted to help Grid in this raid.  Grid grew so fast, that one day he would enthrall the Korean people. However, he still a lot of mountains to cross to reach that point.

Begin the mining!”

Kaaang! Kaaang!

Peak Sword found a new fire stone and swung his pickaxe. At that moment, he was Peak Pickaxe, not Peak Sword.


I\'m worried… Worried.

Bairan Village Castle\'s resting room.

The Tzedakah Guild\'s chief of staff, Toban, was anxious. The guild members who returned after hunting or work frowned at him.

What happened You have no spirit.

Toban, who was grabbing his head, carefully opened his mouth. “Grid went to mine fire stones…

What about Grid

“…He told me to believe him twice.

The first time was before leaving for Cork Island.

Then there was one time after arriving at Cork Island. He clearly said it two times.


Toban broke his nail from worry. And the guild members were in great shock.


He said to believe in him, twice

“Huh, that\'s the worst.

It was after the Yatan\'s massive raid was prevented. Grid spend most of the four months afterwards making items, and produced a total of 142 items. Out of those 142 items, 25 were normal rated, 84 were rare, 30 were epic and 3 were unique.

Was it simply bad luck, or the operator\'s agenda as Grid claimed

In the early days of joining the guild, Grid had a relatively high probability of making high rated items and even produced two legendary items.

However, he had been in a slump for the last four months.

The items he produced had a 20% higher performance than normal items, so even the rare rated items were good, but the guild members couldn\'t help feeling disappointed. In particular, the guild members who received normal items shed tears of blood. A legendary blacksmith ended up creating normal rated items Their disappointment couldn\'t be expressed.

Then they noticed something that Grid said every time he produced a normal rated item. It was \'Believe in me.\' Grid said it every time he believed he would produce a legendary item. So when the guild members heard the words \'Believe in me,\' they assumed the worst.

In fact, it always produced the worst result whenever he said it.

But he said it again this time…

Believe in me…

Three fire stones were needed to produce the Fire Shield. Could Grid really collect three fire stones It seemed like it might not happen. Toban was sad.

His ominous feelings almost always came true.

The other guild members also expressed disappointment.

If he fails to make the Fire Shield… Should the Phoenix Raid be delayed for the next time

That\'s probably the case.

It is unlikely for the raid to succeed if the main tanker can\'t hold on.

It was a solemn atmosphere. After being armed with Grid\'s equipment, they were strong enough to easily raid the Awakened Guardian of the Forest.

Now it was possible to raid higher level boss monsters.


The 4th floor of Cork Island\'s dungeon.


There was a steady stream of blood from Hell Gao\'s severed wrists.


There was smoke and an unpleasant smell as the blood touched the ground. Grid blocked his nose and suggested, Why is a bad smell coming from your blood

“Shut up!”

Hell Gao\'s body was suddenly full of wounds.

The body of an advanced demonkin was weaker than Hell Gao thought. In addition, the second fire stone was taken, so Hell Gao\'s magic power was weakening.

More than half of the black flames that symbolized his power had turned to jade.

This was bad.

‘I am going to suffer a disgraceful loss to a human again…!\'

He thought that only Sword Saint Muller was special. But Muller had died over 100 years ago, and now a special human had appeared again. As other demons said, the potential of the human species couldn\'t be ignored.

\'I will be ridiculed in hell if I lose to humans again.\'

He couldn\'t give up yet.

I will surely kill you!

Hell Gao shouted and wielded his arms. Then he covered Grid with the blood pouring from his severed wrists.

[You have suffered 1,850 damage.]

[You have suffered 1,790 damage.]

\'Damage is inflicted just from a drop of blood This damn monster!\'

The confused Grid flinched while Hell Gao burned his wounds with his blood.

Then he made an expression of enormous hatred.

I will take your soul to hell and make you my slave forever!

Kwa kwa kwang!

Hell Gao changed the way he fought. He used his staff as his primary weapon when he had both hands, and hellfire as a secondary attack.

Now that he lost both hands, he could only fight as a magician, launching hot winds and hellfire.



Grid tried to avoid the flames. He wasn\'t able to easily approach Hell Gao.

Hell Gao thought.

‘Yes, he\'s a swordsman, so I have the advantage when fighting at a distance.\'

Hell Gao was two times weaker than when he first appeared. But by human standards, his magic power was still infinite. He kept generating hellfire at 0.3 second intervals and fired continuously, looking like a laser gun that ran on solar energy.

“Come and burn to ashes!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Three rays of fire that flew in a straight line!  Grid was constrained by his air being obstructed and hurriedly tried to avoid it. Then the pavranium moved.


The seven blades gathered in front of Grid and took the shape of a triangular shield.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The golden shield collided with the flames. The shield stiffened and fell to the ground, while the hot winds hit the body behind it. Hell Gao aimed at the heart of the floundering Grid and declared.

You shall soon die.


[You have suffered 3,900 damage.]

[You have suffered 4,150 damage.]

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[You have suffered 8,870 damage.]



Grid lying on the ground was hit. He was very confused.

‘I was sure the 2nd round would be a KO win after I cut off his hands.

Rather, he was more comfortable to deal with when swinging his staff.\'

Hell Gao had certainly weakened since Peak Sword took the fire stone.

The damage from hellfire had noticeably fallen. But he was still strong. His strength couldn\'t be measured.

\'I have to narrow the distance…\' 

He could use Transcend to attack from a distance.

But unfortunately, Transcend only lasted for 30 seconds.

He had to save this means of attack as a trump card, so it was better to approach and attack.

However, Hell Gao controlled the hot wind while simultaneously launching the hellfire, so a method to narrow the distance didn\'t easily appear.


The wounded Grid was unable to properly control his body and fire spheres appeared around Hell Gao. Hell Gao completed 30 spheres in  flash and burst out laughing.

“Kuahahaha! This is the end!”


The 30 spheres simultaneously attacked from different orbits. It was practically impossible to defend against all the fire spheres with only seven blades.

‘I have to take some damage.\'

Grid judged and threw three darts from his belt.


A fog spread out in the spot where Grid was standing. Then the 30 spheres hit the fog and exploded in unison.



Peak Pickaxe who was swinging his pickaxe in the corner… No, Peak Sword, fell down. It was because a huge explosion shook the dungeon. Peak Sword turned in the direction of Grid and his expression hardened.

The fog cleared and revealed the point of explosion. Grid couldn\'t be seen at all.

It can\'t be…

Had he turned into a grey light after suffering from that attack

This can\'t be…!

Peak Sword was frustrated. Hell Gao was delighted and laughed like crazy.

Kuahahaha! That cockroach like man has finally been turned into ashes!

Human flesh was weak, and couldn\'t be unharmed after being bombarded with 30 hellfire spheres. Grid was armed with excellent armor and received the protection of the golden blades, but there was a limit. Hell Gao was convinced that Grid had died.



The laughing Hell Gao suddenly looked back. The center of the dungeon. Hell Gao was the only one standing there after Grid became ashes.

…Pagma\'s Swordsmanship.

Grid pulled down the zip of his Hooded Zip Up and slowly appeared. Hatred and killing intent towards Hell Gao, one of the 33 great demons of hell, circled around the blue greatsword.



A large wound was carved on Hell Gao\'s false body.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 167

Exactly 24 seconds ago.


Grid stiffened as he saw Hell Gao create dozens of black spheres in an instant. Could he withstand the huge bombardment of spheres that did 3,700~4,200 damage each

\'29, 30… Surely he doesn\'t intend to throw them all at once\'

The flames shot by Hell Gao were fast and explosive.

If 30 spheres were fired at once, it was almost impossible for Grid to completely defend or avoid them.

\'In the worst case, I might need to rely on my invincible passive.\'

He thought realistically and changed his mind about concentrating on defense.

\'I heard that a crisis is an opportunity.\'


Grid concentrated on the 30 fireballs.  He saw a face that was a mixture between a monster and a male human face. A thick smile could be seen on Hell Gao\'s bizarre face beyond the flames.

\'That monster, he will be off guard because he\'s certain that he won.\'

Grid had been through countless battles and was aware of the moment of greatest weakness. He decided to boldly confront Hell Gao rather than react timidly to the current crisis.

\'If I assume that I can\'t rely on the invincible passive, it\'s wiser to fight back rather than defend.\'

This was a chance to overcome the crisis.

In his low level days, he had face the knight Leo of Winston.

During his middle level period, it was Malacus and the Guardian of the Labyrinth.

After that, it was Shay\'s party, the pope, the Awakened Guardian of the Forest, and Neberius.

Grid had faced all types of enemies, so his eyes sharpened.

‘I have to take some damage.\'


It was good if simple fog or poison fog was generated, not so good if it was an explosion.

Hell Gao\'s vision needed to be blocked. Therefore, he prayed while throwing Kenen\'s darts and fog appeared.

\'It is good.\' Grid smiled with satisfaction and commanded the pavranium. \'Protect me as much as possible.\'

The seven golden blades moved at his command.

They defended as the 30 black fireballs penetrated the fog.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The golden blades showed superior mobility, but it was impossible to defend against all 30 fireballs. Some fireballs broke through the barrier of blades and hit Grid.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

[You have suffered 3,870 damage.]

[You have suffered 3,920 damage.]

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[You have suffered 8,100 damage.]


He used the Divine Shield to minimize damage, but the areas that could be shielded were limited and his health fell sharply. 

Gulp gulp. Grid hastily drank a potion and wore the Hooded Zip Up.


The Hooded Zip Up perfectly reproduced the unique function of the invisibility cloaks made by the legendary tailor Kruger. As explosions occurred in rapid succession, Grid\'s body became completely invisible.


Kuahahaha! That cockroach like man has finally been turned into ashes!

Grid equipped the Ideal Dagger and used Quick Movements to run towards Hell Gao at a fast pace. The weakened Hell Gao\'s detection ability was very different from when he first appeared.

[You have been detected by Hell Gao, the master of hellfire.]

[Stealth has been turned off.]


Hell Gao detected Grid once the distance was narrowed to 3m, and the stealth was released.

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship.

Grid had already summoned the red lightning bolt to surround Failure, used Blacksmith\'s Rage and hit Hell Gao\'s heart with his strongest skill.




[You have dealt 538,000 damage to the target.]

The red lightning, Blacksmith\'s Rage and the 9 Failure showed overwhelmingly dominant damage. Hell Gao\'s health gauge, which had lost three-tenths of its health, now fell to half. But Grid was disappointed. He was disappointed because neither the \'5 Joint Attacks\' skill attached to the Holy Light Gloves or Failure was activated.

\'If both had been activated and there were 10 strikes, I could\'ve killed him…\'

It was a pity, but it had already passed. Grid was successful in approaching Hell Gao, so he shrugged his disappointment off.

Cough! You bastard…!

Hell Gao suffered damage that couldn\'t be overlooked anymore. His face stiffened as he sensed the danger.


Grid twisted Failure that was in Hell Gao\'s chest and declared.

Now it is your turn.

As the battle continued, the cooldown time of all his skills except for Transcended Link had ended.

He just used Kill, but he still had Link left.

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Link!

Pipit! Pipipipipit!

Grid skillfully used Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, and dozens of energy blades appeared.

[The level of Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Link has increased.]

[Your damage will increase.

The number of times a target is hit will increase by 5 times.]

[Link Lv.


A dazzling sword dance that is like the wings of a butterfly.

Deals 1,100% of your attack power to a single target.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword type weapon equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 500

Skill Cooldown Time: 100 seconds

It had been five months since he killed the pope. After that, he used Link hundreds of times, and the level finally rose. Grid smiled joyfully and Hell Gao\'s face distorted horribly.


[You have dealt 154,600 damage to the target.]

Hell Gao had been weakened two times, but 150,000 damage wasn\'t enough to kill him. Hell Gao recovered his poise and fired flames all over the place at Grid.

“Where are you aiming

Grid got as close to Hell Gao as possible.

He used Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Wave to cancel out the flames. Then he subsequently used Restraint and made Hell Gao unable to do anything for three seconds.

\'Looking back, the fusion of Transcended Link was only possible after Link reached level 2.

Grid\'s brain rapidly spun at this moment. He stepped towards Hell Gao who was shrinking back from Restraint, and triggered two skills in succession.

\'Now that Link is level 3, is it possible to combine it with other techniques\'

He would give it a try. First, it was an attempt at fusion with the most anticipated Kill.

If that didn\'t work, he would try it with Wave.

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship…!

Grid started to dance and killing intent once again gathered at the end of the greatsword. Meanwhile, Hell Gao escaped from the influence of Restraint and summoned a flame in his left hand and hot wind in his right hand, then he combined the two forces together.

\'It is a technique that I can\'t stand again.\'

Hell Gao fired the attack in a straight line.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The ground burned and the whirlwind of flames hit Grid. Then Grid\'s dance finished.

“Kill, Link.

If these skills failed to combine, Grid\'s current health would fall and his invincible passive would activate.


It was less than a second. Grid hoped that the fusion of Kill and Link would be successful, and Hell Gao hoped that Grid would die.



Grid\'s Failure collided with the whirlwind of flames. The flames were swallowed up by Failure, while the light around the greatsword became more intense than before.

‘I did it!’

Grid was delighted. It succeeded.

[The new skill fusion has succeeded.]

[Fusion skill \'Linked Kill\' has been created.]

[Your intelligence has increased by 10 due to the successful fusion of a new skill.]

[Linked Kill]

It is a sword dance that combines hatred with the dazzling flapping of wings.

Due to the weight of Kill, the dazzling style is reduced, but the strength of Kill is overpowering.

A minimum of three to seven blows will be randomly generated that will deal 1500% damage per hit (the current damage of Kill -300%).

* This skill doesn\'t share a cooldown with Kill and Link.

* Please note that your stamina will be depleted if there are seven strikes. 

Skill Mana consumption: 90% of the maximum mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour.

It was a skill where the power of Kill was weakened.

It might not have compared to when 5 Joint Attacks was triggered with Kill, but the big advantage was that three strikes were always guaranteed, while it wasn\'t certain that 5 Joint Attacks would be triggered.

Duguen! Duguen!

Grid\'s heart beat wildly from joy.

The first Linked Kill crushed the power of the fire whirlwind.


\'He still has that much power left\'

The current Grid was clearly injured.

Nevertheless, he unfolded powerful attacks in succession, so Hell Gao was forced to feel confused.

\'Is he human\'

A tenacious vitality.

Indeed, he was similar to Muller. Hell Gao was forced to acknowledge Grid as the blue greatsword penetrated through the remnants of the flames.

[You have suffered 215,000 damage.]

The second blow.

[You have suffered 219,800 damage.]

The third blow.

[You have suffered 214,600 damage.] 

The fourth blow.

[You have suffered 220,100 damage.]

The fifth blow.

[You have suffered 218,700 damage.]

The sixth blow.

[You have suffered 219,200 damage.]

The end No. Was it like a Chinese restaurant offering good service when it was just opened Even if he ordered one bowl of jajangmyeon, they would give a second bowl for free as a service. Grid received a lot of service for his success in a new skill fusion.

[Failure\'s option effect is activated, causing the skill \'5 Joint Attacks\' to be generated.]

A notification window constantly popped up as Grid\'s attack hit Hell Gao.

[You have dealt 1,057,300 damage to the target.]

[Failure\'s option effect is activated, causing the skill \'5 Joint Attacks\' to be generated.]


[You have dealt 2,230,900 damage to the target.]


Hell Gao couldn\'t even scream. The black flames around him turned to jade and were then extinguished. The strongest skill was used and the option of the strongest item was activated, meaning Grid drove Hell Gao to death in an instant.

He once again told the kneeling Hell Gao.

I am in the same class as Muller.


Hell Gao nodded for the first time, I admit it.

He saw and felt this human called Grid grow in battle. He would eventually follow Muller\'s course.

I lost.

I will put off my purpose of ingesting the souls of humans to increase my strength for the moment.

Hell Gao admitted his defeat.

The body of the demonkin was destroyed and turned to fog.

At the same time,

Pepeng! Pepepeng!

The two fire stones that hadn\'t been mined yet exploded at Hell Gao\'s disappearance.

T-The fire stones

Peak Sword panicked because he had been so busy watching the battle that he forgot about mining. Grid was looking at the notification windows and didn\'t see him.

[You have defeated Hell Gao, the master of hellfire, who seizes human souls.]

[Memphis\' Egg has been acquired.]

[118,411,132 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has…]

He gained 11 levels at once. Now Grid was level 253.

It was a level comparable to the top 300 rankers, but it was still the lowest among the Tzedakah Guild. Furthermore, the reward was a strange item.

In the end, only two fire stones were mined… It\'s big damage.”

Hell Gao was the most powerful boss he had ever met. Grid didn\'t receive enough rewards for the effort he put in, and he flopped to the ground in disappointment. His stamina was depleted and it was difficult to even lift one finger.

Peak Sword ran up to him. Are you okay

Am I okay Grid frowned and glared at Peak Sword. “What will you do if I\'m not okay Will you give me the fire stone you mined

“Of course. Peak Sword confidently replied and pulled out the fire stone he obtained. “I will give this to you.

The value of the fire stones were so high that it was difficult to price them. But Peak Sword\'s life and ranking were saved by Grid, so this was his way of showing gratitude.

I need one more… Grid grumbled as he grabbed the fire stone. Sigh… I tied Hell Gao up for 10 minutes, so how did you only obtain one fire stone in that time Perhaps your level isn\'t good enough… It is pretty pathetic.


Peak Sword was 16th on the unified rankings.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 168

Reality and Satisfy.

The 16th ranked Peak Sword had built a successful life in both worlds.

\'There is someone who actually treats me like this… Grid, you\'re the first man since I went to the army 17 years ago.\'

Peak Sword couldn\'t adapt to Grid\'s treatment of him.

But he didn\'t feel bad. He was ecstatic on the drug called patriotism and Grid seemed beautiful, no matter how he acted.

“Were there any good items

“Not at all.” Grid pulled out an egg. “This is the only thing that dropped.

I didn\'t even get one silver.

A bean

It\'s an egg.

What That\'s an egg

Peak Sword was surprised. The size was two times smaller than a quail egg, and it looked more like a bean or small bead. Grid shared the details of Memphis\' Egg.

[Memphis\'s Egg]

Memphis\' egg.

Weight: 1

Peak Sword frowned.

Hah… It\'s really an egg If so, is this a pet egg

Hell Gao, the master of hellfire was a formidable adversary.

The item he dropped couldn\'t be ordinary. Peak Sword didn\'t doubt that a monster with the name of Memphis would hatch. But Grid thought differently.

“Do you know what a memphis is

No It\'s the first time I\'ve heard of it.


It\'s impossible to grasp what type of pet it is.

Satisfy\'s pets gave their owners various effects. In rare cases, there were pets that increased the amount of experience or drop rate of items, so the users\' interest in pets was very high. South Korea broadcasted several Satisfy pet related programs, so Grid knew the basic information about pets.

However, the name Memphis was unfamiliar.

Even more.

“If this is a pet, there should be a hatching method in the item description.

Grid had a point. All pets had a brief explanation of the hatching method. However, Memphis\' Egg didn\'t describe how to hatch it.

Rather, it only had a short description of \'Memphis\' egg.\'

Even if you are right that it is a pet, it\'s useless if I don\'t know how to hatch it. 

Peak Sword agreed, That\'s right.

Even if that bean is an egg, it looks like you\'ll never see what is inside.

Grid frowned and put Memphis\' Egg back into his inventory.

I\'ll ask the guild members to research the identity of the egg.

“I will also use my network to find out.

“Thank you.

Grid didn\'t have any expectations. This egg was more likely to be a cooking ingredient than a pet.

‘Considering that Hell Gao is such a strong guy… Eating it might be similar to an elixir that permanently raises my stats.\'

For ordinary users, elixirs that permanently raised stats were very rare. But in the case of production class users like Grid, they didn\'t feel a huge need for elixirs because producing items raised their stats.

‘That damn Hell Gao.

He should\'ve dropped equipment instead of this.\'

Didn\'t the pope drop three legendary items, despite being much weaker than Hell Gao Grid had been hoping that Hell Gao would drop legendary items.

But the reality was the worst, so he felt down.

\'I don\'t know exactly what the item is, so I can\'t sell it.\'

As he lay on the floor and looked up at the ceiling, Peak Sword held out a hand.

Get up.

I want to invite you to my castle.

You can eat delicious food and rest there.

Grid questioned him, “Why are you acting so favorable towards me Are you hoping for something I didn\'t lie about the item dropped by Hell Gao.

I can\'t give you anything.

I don\'t want anything.

Didn\'t you save my life I\'m just grateful for that.

But didn\'t I steal your guild\'s prey as a result You must be angry.

“In the first place, it was a battle that we couldn\'t have succeeded with our strength.

So I don\'t feel like it was taken away.

It\'s true that you walked into an area controlled by our guild, but aren\'t you a Korean I am happy and grateful to have discovered that the first legendary class is a Korean.

“I see.

Grid smiled and grabbed Peak Sword\'s hand. At that moment, Peak Sword made a cold expression. Grid stopped.

\'Did he really have ulterior motives\'

Peak Sword shouted.


What are you saying

The Sakura Guild is attacking!

The resurrection point of the Silver Knights members was at Cork Castle. Therefore, the guild members wiped out by Hell Gao resurrected at Cork Castle.

Peak Sword had commanded them to wait there and not come back.

But was someone a mole The guild discovered that the Sakura Guild somehow knew the situation and came here, where only a minimum of troops guarded the entry.  They had already reached the 2nd floor.

“Those guys received information that we were challenging the Hell Gao raid today and waited.

What is the Sakura Guild

It was a power in Satisfy that Grid had no clue about. Peak Sword gave a brief description.

They are one of the three guilds that represents Japan.

Unlike the other two guilds, they are nationalists who are very malicious.

Even the Japanese users avoid them.

They have a grudge against your guild and came here to hurt you, is that right

Yes. Peak Sword nodded and placed a hand on the sword at his waist.

He took a fighting posture and declared. Log out first.

What about you

I will never run away from guys like that.

The guild members are coming, so I will hold on until then.

Peak Sword denounced the Sakura Guild as nationalists, but he also seemed quite nationalistic.

\'I am tired.\'

Grid tried to logout.


[The remnants of the great demon Hell Gao\'s magic power is scattered into the atmosphere.

It is impossible to logout due to this disturbance.]


This damn monster was screwing with him even after death. A chill went down Grid\'s spine. His stamina was depleted after Linked Kill, and only 60 points had been recovered.

With 60 stamina, he couldn\'t fight for even one minute. This was a huge crisis, because stamina was a different concept from health.

\'My invincible passive might activate, but if my stamina is zero, I can\'t move a single finger and will eventually die.\'

Potions to restore stamina didn\'t exist.

Only rest was required to restore stamina, but that was slow.

The speed could be slightly increased by eating. In other words, this was bad. Grid hardly ever felt the constraints of stamina thanks to his unusually high persistence stat, making this crisis unfamiliar to Grid.

He urgently shoved beef jerky into his mouth as he asked, What is the Sakura Guild\'s power What is the level of their strongest users How many minutes can you hold on by yourself When will your guild members arrive

Peak Sword had encountered countless crises while playing Satisfy. He was able to explain calmly, in contrast to the agitated Grid.

The Sakura Guild has 180 people.

Their master Yoshimura is 2nd in the archer rankings and 98th on the unified rankings.

Apart from him, there are eight more rankers in the top 300.

\'Isn\'t this formidable\'

Grid\'s expression stiffened. Peak Sword made a grim prediction.

“The guild members will take 15 minutes to get here and the amount of time I can hold up alone… If I am being generous, it\'s seven minutes.


Peak Sword finished his explanation and shouted to Grid.

Don\'t think about helping! It is a matter that doesn\'t have anything to do with you! Go ahead and logout!

“…I can\'t logout.

Originally, it was impossible to logout in raid rooms.

But that was only when the boss was present.

There were few cases where a user couldn\'t logout after the boss had died. So Peak Sword misunderstood.

Grid… Do you want to help me because I\'m also Korean While you aren\'t in a perfect state Hah, you are a true Korean…

“No, don\'t talk such nonsense! What drivel are you saying when I really can\'t logout I can\'t logout! I really can\'t!

At that moment, the Sakura Guild came pouring down the stairs. Peak Sword gulped and continued to babble nonsense.

“I would like to encourage you to logout.

Don\'t worry.

It isn\'t shameful to logout in front of enemies.

\'Why Ah, this really sucks.\'

Grid didn\'t know. The man Peak Sword admired since childhood was Admiral Yi Sunshin.

“How dare you guys! I will turn you into a river of blood today!

Bah! Peak Sword! You\'re the one who will shed blood on this earth today, not us! I\'ll pay you back for taking Takeshima from us!

A small man emerged from among the Sakura Guild members and shouted. It was Yoshimura, the best archer after Jishuka and 98th on the unified rankings.

\'It\'s like a drama.\'

Grid was able to grasp the atmosphere of the two people with one glance. The Silver Knights Guild and the Sakura Guild. It was clear that the two people enjoyed the Korea-Japan war in Satisfy more than anyone else.

Yoshimura declared, Since you\'re alive, I guess you succeeded in the Hell Gao raid You, I don\'t know the jackpot you received, but that joy is short-lived.

I will take away everything you obtained.

Peak Sword yelled. Try it! And this is Cork Island, so stop calling it Takeshima!

Bah! You still can\'t grasp the situation!

Yoshimura made a sly smile, like someone from a Japanese historical drama! He pointed fingers covered in calluses as he commanded his men.

Kill that damn Korean person. (TL: The word Yoshimura uses is actually more like Joseon person, with Joseon being a name for a Korean kingdom in the past.

It basically means Korean person but it was first used by the Japanese during the Japanese colonial period of Japan.

It isn\'t exactly derogatory, but it is a term only used by Japanese and Koreans don\'t like it because of the context.)


Several months ago, at the time of the contest over Cork Island. Peak Sword had caused terrible agony to the Sakura Guild.

It was due to Peak Sword that they lost Cork Island, and many guild members died and lost experience. This was a perfect chance to pay back the grudge of that time.

Peak Sword was \'alone\' so their morale skyrocketed.  Peak Sword pulled out his sword from the sheath.

“Draw Sword, annihilate.

Multiple lights flashed. The eight knights of the Sakura Guild, who had been rushing at the front, vomited and collapsed.

Your skills haven\'t gone rusty!

This was the dignity of the 16th rank that made level 150 knights fall into a critical state with one blow. Yoshimura truly admired it.

But there wasn\'t the slightest bit of tension in his expression. Only eight out of the 180 guild members were injured, so the situation didn\'t change.

On the other hand, Grid hadn\'t seen Peak Sword\'s swordsmanship and was amazed.

Then he heard a strange voice.


-I want to eat.


It was the voice of a young boy or girl. It wasn\'t a hallucination. Where did this voice, filled with a strong greed, come from Then a notification window flashed in front of Grid.

[A memphis, the first demonic beast of hell, has hatched due to his greed for human souls.]

[You are the first user in Satisfy to become the master of a demonic beast from hell!]

[Title, \'Man who has Touched Hell\' has been acquired.]

[Health has increased by 3,000 points.]

[Demonic power stat has opened.] 



Grid made a surprised noise at the notification windows and Yoshimura was surprised to hear it.

W-What That guy

At this point, all of his followers except for him were struggling with Peak Sword 10m ahead. Yoshimura was nervous when he suddenly heard someone else\'s voice near him.

Then he flinched. A long tail suddenly protruded from empty space! There was an enormous gaping mouth


Yoshimura reflexively tried to shoot his bow, but it was already too late.

His body was swallowed by that huge mouth.

[You have lost a part of your soul to the memphis.]

[You are more likely to be affected by status conditions.]

[There will be a 50% decline in your main stats for 3 seconds.]


Yoshimura was spat out after being swallowed, and saw the image of a cat. It was a typical Persian cat. However, it was black, had a small horn on its forehead and small devil wings on its back.

The cat licked its paws and winked.


The cat with a horn and wings was talking In particular, the color of its fur was attractive.

It was black all over, except for its four paws which were white as snow.


Yoshimura was a cat lover, so he couldn\'t help feeling thrilled.

He wanted to bring this cat into reality and raise it at home. Then the cat revealed its canines.



Yoshimura\'s face turned pale. It was due to the appearance of an person behind the cat. There was no one there a little while ago, but he appeared like he always existed and naturally stabbed with a black greatsword.


It was a surprise attack. Yoshimura\'s agility was decreased by 50% so he was slow to move, while his opponent was too fast. Yoshimura lost two-thirds of his health from a single strike and fell into a confused state.


The Sakura Guild noticed the crisis of their master and belatedly shifted their gaze.  They were able to see it. A flying cat demon. Then a black-haired man in red armor and a gold tail was cutting down their guild master.

T-This is ridiculous…!

Was it so easy to kill someone that was ranked 98th on the unified rankings It was hard just going against Peak Sword.

How could they deal with that monster as well The Sakura Guild lost their willpower and retreated.

Grid and Peak Sword didn\'t chase after them. Meanwhile, the cat with an enlarged belly walked around Grid and rejoiced.

“My master is a killer ~~ my master is a killer ~~ killer~~ nyang!

The cat singing the eerie song innocently was the first demonic beast of hell, memphis. It was the worst pet that stole some of the stats from the souls he ate and temporarily gave them to his master.

Grid faced an unfamiliar notification window after killing Yoshimura.

[Your demonic power has increased by one.]

[Demonic Power]

You can communicate with demonic beasts.

The higher the number, the more likely you are to enter hell.

* Stat points can\'t be distributed to this stat. 

“I want to go to heaven.”

The word \'hell\' wasn\'t very good.


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Chapter 169

Hell He never wanted to go there.

\'Won\'t there be more guys like Hell Gao in hell\'

The demons were too strong.

He also didn\'t want to fight them again, because the dropped items were too bad.

‘No, it was a misunderstanding that the dropped items were bad.\'

Grid watched the grinning memphis who was licking his fur with a red tongue.

\'An amazing pet dropped.

Hell Gao was the most powerful boss I\'ve faced.

I might\'ve only obtained two fire stones, but I was able to get a tremendous treasure in return for raiding him.\'


The most powerful species among the thousands of demonic beasts inhabiting hell. 

As an adult, their fighting abilities are superior to the higher-ranked demonkin, so they are the favorite of the 33 great demons.

But they are a species in danger of extinction, due to their lack of breeding ability.

Their natural habitat is hell.

\'I managed to obtain such a precious pet and I ignored it.\'

Grid reprimanded himself and brought up the status window of his pet.

Name: Not Set

Level: 1 (0/200)

Affinity: 0/100

Health: 5,000/5,000

Physical Attack Power: 60   Magic Attack Power: 30

Defense: 50   Magic Resistance: 80

Attribute: Dark

Status: Narcissistic

(As soon as I was born, I ate a human soul with my own strength! I am the best demonic beast of hell! Nyang!) 

-Current Skills List-


When attacked, the body can become fluid like a slime to minimize damage.

However, the damage from some attribute magic might become even greater.

[Soul Ingestion Lv.


Has the ability to take away half of the target\'s highest stats and transfer it to your master.

Skill Cooldown Time: Your own decision.

[Scratch Lv.


Your paws will attack and poison the target.

Skill Cooldown Time: Whenever you like.

\'He gained zero experience points from defeating Yoshimura, so is it impossible to gain experience from PK Anyway, his abilities at level 1 are terrific.

The skill called Soul Ingestion is a complete scam.

The fact that the skill cooldown time depended on the memphis was quite annoying, but he would take it step by step. Grid laughed with joy.

“Master, do you like me Nyang!

The memphis was great. Grid made a pleasant expression as he looked at the cat.

‘Sehee likes cute things like this.

I\'m worried because she has no hobby other than studying… Should I buy her a capsule\'

The memphis\' eyes in the shape of a \'ㅅ\' looked sweet and cute even to Grid. He thought about buying his little sister a capsule, because he wanted to show her the memphis. Grid quickly nodded.

“Yes, I like you.

Of course you do! I am elegant, beautiful, and powerful.

I am the best demonic beast of hell! Nyang!


The memphis\' big and round eyes narrowed. Then he sniffed and spoke words that stabbed at Grid\'s heart.

“But I don\'t like Master.

Eh Why”

“You are ugly! I don\'t like you!


“Take a look twice~ can\'t~ unsee~ it~~ nyang!

Recently, Grid hadn\'t been hearing that he was ugly. He had built up confidence, so there wasn\'t anyone who became sick or tried to run away when he smiled at them.

Therefore, he was shocked to hear that he was ugly from a cat.

Then the memphis tried to comfort him. “Don’t worry! I won\'t abandon you because you\'re ugly! You can be ugly! Master just needs to entertain me!


The cat should honor and serve his master, yet he was asking for his master to entertain him

‘This damn cat, does he not know the meaning of the words Master\'

Grid\'s expression distorted while Peak Sword laughed at the sight.

“It looks like a cat, but its nature is different from a cat.

Won\'t you be struggling in the future

Well… I can tolerate some things if I have this pet.

The first way to build affinity with a pet was to name it. Grid worried about what he should call the memphis.

\'If it was a dog, not a cat with wings, the name Dog would be perfect…\'

Was there a name he could give to this prideful cat Grid thought of an appropriate name.



Your name is slave.


Padak padak!

The memphis flapped his wings hard around Grid and bristled.

Master\'s naming sense sucks! How can a noble beast of hell be a slave Master is crazy! Nyang!

Grid was surprised to see that the memphis had even extended his claws.

\'This cat doesn\'t know the meaning of the word master, but it knows the meaning of slave\'

If affinity entered into the negatives then the pet could escape. Grid wanted to prevent the worst so he quickly changed the name.

You heard wrong.

It isn\'t slave, it is Noe, Noe. (TL: Slave in Korean is pronounced like Noye)

“Noe” The memphis was confused. What does Noe mean Nyang

Grid replied roughly. “A slave is a slave… Noe means you are not a slave….

That is what it means.

Oh…! Ohhhh!

The memphis\' wild eyes became lanterns again. As a demonic beast of hell, he had a lot of knowledge after being born, but he was still just a kitten. He felt like there was something wonderful and cool about Grid\'s words. And then…

“Good! I am Noe! Nyang!

He felt better and rubbed his cheeks against Grid. Grid laughed at the poor little guy.

Okay! With this, your name is Noe!

[Do you want to set the memphis\' name to \'Noe\']


[The memphis\' name has been set to Noe.]

[Affinity with Noe has risen by 5.]

The memphis raised a paw to his engorged belly and shouted.

You are Master and I am Noe!


Grid made a serious expression and raised his thumb. Memphis.

No, Noe was satisfied! He laughed. Peak Sword saw this and clicked his tongue.

\'Giving that name to a demonic beast…\'

Grid truly wasn\'t an ordinary person. After that, they left the dungeon and headed for Cork Castle.

Ohh! The return of the heroes!

“You cut down Yoshimura

The guild members praised Grid and Peak Sword, who had defeated Hell Gao and the Sakura Guild. They tried to question Grid, but were stopped by Peak Sword.

\'He didn\'t register in the rankings, so he probably doesn\'t want the public to know that he is Pagma\'s Descendant.\'

Peak Sword had keen insight as the head of an organization, so he didn\'t spill Grid\'s identity.

He highlighted that they succeeded in the Hell Gao raid because of the fire stones weakness.

During the night.

Grid enjoyed a banquet and built up a friendship with Peak Sword and the Silver Knights Guild. Some guild members caused a fuss after they became drunk, but fortunately it ended without anything serious happening. 

The next day. In the early morning, Peak Sword carefully asked Grid who was preparing to leave.

You aren\'t participating in the National Competition this year

Grid nodded. “A strange woman put down my name on the list of participants, but I have no intention of participating.

I don\'t want to expose my identity, and there isn\'t much merit to participating.


But I hope that you change your mind next year.

As a man, fighting for the honor of your country isn\'t a bad experience… I will participate next year, so let\'s join together.

“I will think about it then.

As a reservist, I am already in the arduous position of striving for the security of our country.

Grid went out to the terrace.

He savored the smell of salt on the wind and told Peak Sword.

“Please let me know if Hell Gao responds normally during the next cycle.

I need one more fire stone.

“I understand.

But as I said yesterday, Hell Gao probably won\'t appear for a while.

He\'s likely to be replaced by other high ranking demonkin.

“I guess I\'ll have to look forward to it.

Then I\'m going now.

Grid immediately used Fly.

Then he flew away from the island and disappeared into the horizon. Peak Sword watched Grid and thought.

‘The greatsword with fraudulent attack power, the golden blades, the invisibility cloak and now the boots with Fly magic attached to them… Amazing.

This game truly is about items.\'

To be honest, he was really envious.

‘I want to obtain items like that soon.\'

Then Grid\'s voice entered his ears.

–If you have a request to produce an item, please contact me. I will add you to the schedule. Of course, it’s a paid service.


He could request the production of an item from a legendary blacksmith! Peak Sword shook with joy.

–Thank you Grid! 

The two people rapidly became closer after sharing secrets.



Toban was waiting at Khan\'s smithy as Grid returned after six days. Grid\'s face, which had been happy since obtaining Noe, stiffened as soon as he saw Toban.

“Good work! Did you obtain the fire stones

Grid looked at Toban\'s expectant expression and pulled out two fire stones.

…I am lacking one.


Toban had already predicted this situation since Grid said \'Believe in me.\' However, he couldn\'t help feeling disappointed as it was proven true. Grid apologized to the frustrated Toban.

“I’m sorry.

I did my best, but Hell Gao was too strong.

It was impossible to focus on mining.

Toban panicked. “Why are you apologizing Is it something you should be apologizing for I\'m just grateful that you tried.

To think he would apologize.  Grid really had changed. He felt like a completely different Grid compared to the one Toban first met.

\'Can people mature while playing the game\'

Anyone could become strong if they levelled up.

That was all.

The level up system wasn\'t one designed for people to grow internally.

So how could Grid change in this way 

Toban thought it was a miracle. “In the past four months, Vantner had put his stat points in stamina and he can now play the role of tanker.

Even if I don\'t have the Fire Shield, there\'s a chance we can succeed in the Phoenix Raid with him.

So don\'t worry about it.

“Then I’m glad.

I will keep these fire stones for the Fire Shield production.

“Yes, thank you.

By the way, why did you ignore Jishuka\'s whisper

Jishuka Grid was confused. “Jishuka never whispered me

On the day you left for Cork Island, Jishuka kept whispering to you, but there was no response.”

Grid looked through his memories and nodded.

“Ah, I was busy with flying that day and ignored some whispers.

It might\'ve included Jishuka\'s whispers.

But why was she trying to contact me

She wanted to ask for your home address…

My home

She came to South Korea and wanted to meet you.


Grid thought about it and was sad to miss the opportunity. The guild members who came to South Korea because of this National Competition was Jishuka, Pon and Regas, so it was a chance to meet all of them.

‘I definitely want to meet them… If I don\'t meet them this time, I might not get another chance\'

Wouldn\'t he regret it someday if he missed the chance to appreciate Jishuka\'s fantastic body, who made hundreds of millions of won for taking pictures for a few hours Grid checked the time.

“It will be the second day of events in reality.

What events is Jishuka participating in

Target processing and the siege.

And it seems like the last one is treasure hunting.

The second day… It is the day with target processing and siege.

The National Competition was everywhere when he turned on the TV, so Grid couldn\'t help memorizing the schedule.

Maybe I should go there.

He said goodbye to Toban and logged out.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 170

The first day of the First Satisfy National Competition opened with the expectations of the world. The crowd cheered as the boss raid and labyrinth breakthrough proceeded.

There was nothing unusual. The United States, Canada and France were strong candidates for the championship.

The three countries received medals. In particular, the 2nd ranked Zibal, the 3rd ranked Chris and the 8th ranked Bondre were remarkable.

Zibal participated in the boss raid.  He played the perfect role of a defender and led his team calmly, allowing the United States to be more stable and quicker at the raid than any other country.

On the other hand, Bondre participated in the labyrinth breakthrough.

He grasped the structure of the labyrinth quicker than anyone else and gave his country, France, a medal.

Finally, Chris participated in both events. As the leader of the largest guild, the Canadian had excellent leadership and succeeded in the boss raid after the United States. He also broke through the labyrinth. Based on his overwhelming combat power, he was able to defeat other rankers and break through the labyrinth after Bondre.

As a result, the United States and France got one gold medal each.

Canada had two silver medals.

The Canadian people were frustrated by such results. Players could only participate in a maximum of three events, so Canada was desperate at not winning a gold medal despite the fact that Chris, Canada\'s strongest player, had already participated in two events.

In the end, most people predicted that the two countries competing for the general championship would be the United States and France.

Today was the second day. People were paying attention to two countries other than the United States and France. South Korea and Brazil. Who were the most beautiful women in the world If you asked any person, they would say two names.

Yura and Jishuka. Billions of people anticipated their competition in today\'s target processing match.

“A long description isn\'t needed.

Jishuka is the expert archer, expert archer.

She is Satisfy\'s best archer.

Of course she will win the target processing.

I think Yura will win.

Yura\'s ability to control magic power has always been well known.

Her magic casting speed and accuracy are second to none.

She has the ability to hit the targets.

What There is a limitation that she must chant the spells in order to activate the magic.

Arrows are much faster than magic.

Jishuka\'s arrows will penetrate all the targets before magic is cast.

“Hrmm, you don\'t know.

Don\'t forget that the range of magic is much wider than arrows.

While an arrow will penetrate through a few targets, Yura\'s magic will destroy dozens of targets.

Yura had maintained the 5th ranking since Satisfy opened. Jishuka started Satisfy half a year later than others but she was 13th on the unified rankings. In today\'s target processing, they were the ones who would win gold and silver.

The hundreds of thousands of spectators and hundreds of millions of viewers around the world predicted so. However, the opinions of the experts were different.

『 It can\'t be overlooked that 17 countries are participating in the National Competition.

『 Unless the players from other countries are stupid, they will focus on Yura and Jishuka.

『 Unfortunately, the target processing match isn\'t a solo exhibition.

It\'s a contest of pairs.

One person will focus on handling the targets, while the other one has to protect their teammate.

But Korea and Brazil are countries weak in Satisfy, so they don\'t have the capacity to protect Yura or Jishuka.

Unfortunately, it\'s painful, but they will certainly be excluded.

The rules for target processing were simple.

The S.A.

Group designated nine uninhabited islands for the National Competition. Two representatives of each country would be placed on the uninhabited island called \'Tira.\'

Each representative had to destroy small targets 5cm in diameter that were moving at a speed of 40m per second.

Each target would give points, and the players themselves could be attacked and logged out.

Destroying one target gave one point, and no additional points were gained by logging out another user. The country that earned a total of 150 points first would win.

『 Before the event starts, let\'s take a look at a map of Tira.

The area is 67.21km, slightly smaller than Ulleungdo, and there are two mountains standing 589m high in the centre of the island.

The island is made up of dense forests, and there are areas where monsters spawn and deep cliffs, so the participants need to be careful.

『 Is there a point where the targets are 』

『 No.

There are a total of 1,500 targets distributed evenly throughout the island, and they continue to move.

The targets are small, fast and have various movement patterns, so it is very difficult to destroy them while the enemies are interfering.

『 I heard that the colors of the targets vary.

Are all points equal, regardless of the color 』

『 That\'s right.

But there is one exception.

It\'s the gold target.

Unlike the other targets, destroying the gold target will give the player 50 points.

Therefore, the gold target is what we should pay attention to in this competition.

It is an important target that will help a team win.

However, it moves 10 times faster than normal targets… It will be very difficult to shoot at it.

『 10 times faster is 400m per second Isn\'t that similar to the speed of a bullet fired by a pistol How can it be destroyed Since the targets have 100% resistance to status conditions, isn\'t it impossible to restrain the targets\' movements with magic 』

『 A target that is smaller than a human and faster than bullets.

It\'s impossible in reality, although Satisfy is different.

Isn\'t Satisfy an impossible world Maybe Jishuka can easily handle the gold target 』

『 As we are speaking, the players are entering.

Seoul Olympic Stadium. The hundreds of thousands of spectators welcomed the 33 participants who headed to the capsule room in the middle of the stadium. That\'s right. There were 33 people, not 34. All the countries had two people participating, except for South Korea, who only had Yura.

The crowd belatedly realized the situation.

What Yura doesn\'t have a partner

“Won\'t she be at a disadvantage if she joins alone

Ohh! South Korea! What are you doing

South Korea must be crazy! Are you going to bully Goddess Yura now Huh You deserve a scolding!

There was booing from the stands. 

Inside the capsule room. The players started laughing.

South Korea has no one except for Yura.

The second person who would participate would just be trash, so Yura has probably given up.

I feel sorry for her.

“In the first place, it is just significant that South Korea managed to participate in this National Competition.

To be honest, it was almost a miracle that South Korea was able to put its name on the list of participating counties.

They should be satisfied with just that.

“Indeed… South Korea doesn\'t have anyone except for Yura and Peak Sword.

Peak Sword isn\'t even participating in this competition.

It is funny.

How was South Korea able to participate in the National Competition Wouldn\'t it be difficult for them to do well in the selection quests

“The host country is South Korea and S.A.

is a Korean company.

There was probably some manipulation.

“Maybe Yura entertained them Kilkil.

Everyone was gossiping and murmuring. But Yura had a unconcerned expression on her face. She prepared to enter the capsule without caring about anyone else.

A British representative approached her. It was Regas. He was unable to hide his uncomfortable tone as he asked Yura.

“Miss Yura, why are you participating alone It would\'ve been hard originally, but now that you\'re fighting alone Surely you aren\'t giving up on the competition like everyone else said

Regas had moderately accurate Korean pronunciation.

He had studied hard to learn Korean.

But there was a sense of stiffness. In order to ease his efforts, Yura replied in fluent English.

“I don\'t know the words \'giving up.\' It might be hard when fighting alone, but I will surely win.

So don\'t worry.

Yura was beautiful and 5th on the unified rankings. She was a remarkable commodity. Most of Satisfy\'s rankers had been exposed to the media. This was the first time they met directly, but Regas had seen interviews of her and knew her personality.

You mean it.

You really plan to win by yourself But is it possible I don\'t understand why you are playing alone without a partner.

“My partner can\'t be contacted.


What was this

‘Her teammate…!\'

A representative couldn\'t be contacted They were the worst. The angry Regas turned his gaze to the capsule next to Yura\'s capsule.

Then he was surprised to see the participant ID on the badge attached to the capsule.

…Grid Grid was supposed to be the one to participate in the target processing with you

“Grid-ssi didn\'t agree.

I registered him as a participant without telling him.

I don\'t blame him if he doesn\'t come.

Rather, Grid will probably grumble since I acted arbitrarily.

\'Does Yura know Grid\'s identity So she wanted to depend on Grid\'

Certainly, South Korea would get a high ranking if Grid participated in the National Competition. But it was regrettable. Regas was a fellow guild member, so he knew that Grid wasn\'t willing to participate in the National Competition.

“…It will be a struggle.

The British team won\'t attack the lone Korean team.

Regas said with a grim expression on his face, while Yura sent him a taunting smile.

“You might get hurt if you ignore a lone woman.


This was truly the confidence of a top 5 player. Regas reminded himself.

\'That\'s right.

There is no weak person here.\'

Everyone who participated in the National Competition… There might be gaps between them, but they were excellent representatives of each country. Regas was reminded of that thanks to Yura. He was delighted to be able to compete with the strongest players.

Meanwhile, Jishuka was pouting over at the Brazilian team.

\'What Grid isn\'t coming\'

It was a large shock when Grid ignored her whispers in Satisfy. However, she didn\'t despair because of her strong mental state. She grasped all the events that Grid was signed up to in the National Competition.

She was looking forward to seeing him in the target processing event. She hoped she could meet Grid. But in the end, Grid didn\'t come. Her disappointment couldn\'t be hidden.

\'Really… I can\'t meet him despite being in South Korea\'

This was the first time she was interested in the opposite sex. She wanted to see his face, but it was too hard. It seemed too much when she was a star.

I am angry. But she needed to separate her priorities. She calmed down and ordered her partner, Samuel. “We will enter the forest as soon as we log into the game.

Samuel had the strongest fighting power among the remaining Brazilian users, but his overall ranking was very low.

Samuel questioned her.

As an archer, isn\'t it better for you to occupy the top of a mountain Isn\'t it easier to snipe the enemies from a high place

“On the contrary, it is easier to become a target.

It isn\'t just one team participating, but 17.

We\'ll be attacked if we stand out in the beginning.

Let\'s hide as much as possible until the enemies are annihilated.


Jishuka was the leader of the Tzedakah Guild, a strong group in Satisfy. She was much smarter than Samuel, so he vowed to always obey her orders. Then all the players entered their capsules.

After a while.

The large screens installed all around the stadium started to show Satisfy. 33 players appeared on the small but lushly forested island of Tira. They were logged in at regular intervals, so they could move quickly to secure their safety. Most teams ran to occupy the top of the mountains, but some teams were hiding in the forest like the Brazilian team.

Then Yura aimed at magic spell at the small targets flying around in the sky.

Dark Storm.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


It was truly an overwhelming sight. One-fifth of the forest that made up the island was swept away by the storm and completely destroyed. The commentators shouted in a trembling voice.

『 The South Korean team has acquired 28 points! The Italian team has been logged out! 』


The crowd was shocked and fell silent. The players participating in the game were also confused.

What Why are the Italian people dead

They seem to have fallen off a cliff because of the storm.

It\'s crazy.

“Wow, look at the forest.

What type of magic is that How high is her magic power

Indeed… It\'s true that she\'s the Eighth Servant.

The 5th place on the unified rankings was a special place. Since Satisfy opened, many rankers tried their best, but the 5th rank never changed. It was because the wall of Yura blocking them was too high and solid. The 5th place wall was insurmountable.

When they actually faced her, it was really great. But they weren\'t afraid.

\'We are also strong.\'

Right now, she was just a lamp in front of the wind.

The waiting room of the United States team.

Zibal smiled as he watched the live relay on the monitors.

She is choosing a quick victory.

Indeed, she\'s a girl that I acknowledge.

In the first place, she was outnumbered.

If they enemies allied together and dragged out the time, Yura would be helpless. She planned to win before the other teams could block her. She judged that it was wiser to move fast and hit hard.

But Yura.

You would do well not to ignore the participants.

Everyone is wise and strong.

Zibal was sure. Yura would soon meet her end. This was her limit, despite her 5th rank.

At the same time.

“The sound of the shouts are amazing.

Youngwoo arrived at the entrance to the stadium.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.


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