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Chapter 1638

“I will save you.

Desire my advent.”

Children, that is enough.

She muttered while looking up at the ceiling.

She was casually speaking to herself.

Her face couldnt be seen because it was covered by fine cotton, but it was easy to infer that she was making a crazed expression.

However, Rose didnt mind and instead felt thrilled.

She had been plagued by terrible anxiety for the past few months.

Was it because the number of humans invading hell through the weird machine called the hell elevator was increasing day by day No, this was something to be grateful for.

The small fries wandering through hell was nothing more than food to fatten the great demon Rose.

The problem was the main expedition.

The most elite party consisting of many famous rankers of the Overgeared Guild and the kings of the different species.

They were using the swarm of demonic creatures sent by Baal as mobs and were getting stronger every day.

It felt like there would be trouble if left like this.

However, Rose didnt dare to step out.

The best she could do was curse Baal, whose mind was unknown, and Amoract, who still coveted Yura and didnt rush out.

This XX guy, this XX woman, these bastards that shamed their parents, and so on—it just so happened that Roses cursing skills were rising.

Then today, Amoract made a decision.

She said she needed to meet the Overgeared God.

She was suspicious of that guy Baal, so she announced her plan to propose a cooperation.

Rather than being wary of the growth of the hell expedition, she didnt want to ignore what Baal was doing.

It was good.

Rose was proud of Amoract, who came up with the card of negotiation, unlike the other great demons who might not have brain cells.

She thought that the three evils of the beginning were truly different.

It was strange to see her looking up at the dark ceiling and talking to herself, but… it was understandable enough.

‘She is probably practicing before giving a speech in front of humans.

She is thorough, unlike great demons who dont know how to plan.

As expected, she is one of the three evils of the beginning.

Amoracts authority was incomparable to the other single digit great demons.

She was terribly free.

Even without using the Abyss, she could go to the surface at any time, either directly or indirectly through a clone.

Of course, she couldnt avoid a penalty, but it was okay.

Amoract didnt seem to have any intention of fighting against Grid or the Overgeared Guild.

Additionally, given the content of the rehearsed speech, it seemed she planned to mitigate the penalty by winning the support of human beings.

“As expected of a monarch.

Look at the humans listening to the world of their monarch.”


Rose slowly shifted her gaze.

Yukal, a great demon loyal to Amoract, was laughing as he looked at a crystal ball.

Surprisingly, it was a crystal ball that relayed the situation of the surface.

Oh my god, a broadcasting tool that transcended dimensions

“Was there something like this”

“What a stupid question.

Indeed, you are a bumpkin of human origin, so you dont know.

The crystal ball is enchanted with a spell to share the vision of Amoracts mimicry.”

Of course, Amoract could share her gaze with her familiar without the help of the crystal ball and she had over a thousand familiars on the surface.

Rose ignored Yukal, who was saying that he would be able to get a glimpse into the heavens if he could plant familiars.

To be precise, Yukals words didnt enter her ears.

She was amazed to learn that Amoract, who she thought was talking to herself while staring at the ceiling, was actually speaking to humans.

‘Isnt that almost a god

An influence that transcended dimensions—the power of the three evils of the beginning was truly astonishing.

It was more than Rose had expected and imagined.

She was convinced that the things to come would exceed her imagination.

The Yatan Church and some humans who were thrilled by Amoracts speech and desired her coming—Amoract would use their desire to step on the surface and Grid, who was unable to stop her, would have to sit down at the negotiating table with her.

Perhaps the union of hell and the Overgeared Empire would be born.

Grid must be afraid of Baal, just as Amoract was wary of Baal.

He would naturally grab at this last straw and join forces.

It happened at a time when Roses anticipation was gradually growing…

“What…!” Amoract, who was humming, showed signs of confusion.

It was a familiar sight to Rose.

Grid was usually intertwined whenever a great demon acted like this.

Most of the great demons involved with Grid died.

It wasnt just one or two who perished without leaving even their souls behind.

‘It cant be… no

One of the three evils of the beginning suffered a defeat to Grid There was no way.

It didnt matter how great Grid was.

Amoract was now in hell.

It was her main body.

It couldnt or shouldnt be the case where Grid could harm Amoract when they existed in different dimensions.

Then… why was she so anxious


The sound of Rose gulping echoed through the palace.

Some time passed.

“The power of Keen Insight is more than the rumors.

There is a monster by the side of the Overgeared God,” Amoract opened her mouth.

The breath that she let out like a groan blew the cotton veil that covered her face.


As Rose was sighing involuntarily, Amoract swung her tail to fix the cotton and continued speaking, “There are so many children who make up the legends.

There are also many children who became gods.

However, not even a handful of them discussed the ultimate and the Absolute.

No matter how many times I have looked back at the world, there has only been one Absolute with a human origin.”

However, Grid was on the verge of stepping into the realm of an Absolute.

Amoract had never actually experienced his armed might, but he was the one who gave birth to the Overgeared World.

The divine world on the surface made Amoract carefully consider her emergence on the surface.

She had no intention of underestimating Grid even after seeing it.

How could a human god become like this… She wouldve been convinced if it had been a hundred years since he became a god but Grid hadnt been a god for long.

How did he grow up so unrestrictedly The question that seemed impossible to solve forever was only resolved today, at this very moment.

Keen Insight—she realized after meeting those irrational eyes why the gods were reluctant to even mention it.

The secret to Grid becoming a god and growing so quickly was probably thanks to him borrowing the power of Keen Insight.

‘The power of the apostles is the power of the god.

He used the exploit properly.

It was very wicked.

He definitely wasnt an easy opponent.

“I shouldnt provoke him.”

To be honest, she could send a clone or familiar if she wanted to meet the Overgeared God.

The reason why she gave a long speech before her visit and why she was prepared to go in person was in an effort not to offend the Overgeared God.

Wouldnt he feel less repulsed if she announced in advance that she would come She also decided it would be good for negotiation to visit in person, rather than sending a clone or familiar, because it would allow him to realize her strength to a certain extent.

Yet looking at it now, this wasnt enough.

He had the foresight to keep a monster with Keen Insight by his side.

It was clear that the Overgeared God, who always borrowed the power of Keen Insight, would be much more arrogant than expected.

She decided that in order to come to the surface, it was necessary to ask for permission from the Overgeared God.

It would be a bad move to take advantage of peoples desires and gain the Overgeared Gods displeasure.

In the first place, Amoract had no intention of harming the humans on the surface.

It wasnt due to any good feelings, but simply because it wasnt necessary.

Placing a curse on Mercedes so she went on a rampage was by no means intentional.

That crazy monster looked her way willingly and was cursed uncontrollably.

“Um… Prepare a sheet of paper and a pen.”

“Why a sheet of paper and a pen…”

“Im going to write a letter to the Overgeared God.

I have something to discuss, so can you please allow me to visit”


“Is your hearing savage because you are from a human origin” Yukal scolded Rose, who questioned it.

He poked her side and urged her to bring a sheet of paper and a pen.

Of course, Roses hearing was fine.

The reason she asked the question wasnt because she didnt hear Amoracts words, but because she couldnt believe them.

The 2nd Great Demon was one of the three evils of the beginning.

Now she was sending a letter asking for permission to visit one player

Rose was well aware that Grid was a great person, but it seemed like something was wrong.

‘Even if she appreciates Grid, how can a great demon be so gentlemanly

Was she crazy

Rose clicked her tongue at the absurdity, but she still faithfully carried out her orders.

She scoured the castle for a sheet of paper and a pen.

However, it was nonexistent…

There was no way there could be writing utensils in a castle where demons and demonic creatures resided.

“Paper and pen… there is none Should I go to the neutral zone to obtain it”

“It isnt very elegant.

The quality of the paper used by demonkin will be very poor.”

“Then Ah, dont you have many familiars on the surface Why dont you send a familiar to deliver your message”

“That isnt polite.

It is bad manners considering the hierarchy of the Overgeared God.”

No, was this what a great demon should say

It happened as Rose, who was still unable to adapt, frowned…

“Rose, the situation is like this, so you will have to go to the surface.

The Overgeared God wont care about your appearance.”

“Huh… Amoract, do you want me to meet the Overgeared God directly to convey your will”

Rose was shocked.

She used to be a Yatan Servant and had many enemies in human society.

Almost all players hated her after she became a great demon.

She was treated like a traitor who sold out the country.

She was even the target of the Overgeared Guilds kill order.

In other words, it meant the role of a messenger wasnt suitable for Rose.

Maybe as soon as she visited Reinhardt—

No, she would be killed even before she arrived in Reinhardt.

“You dont have to do that.

At your level, you wont be able to handle the divinity of the Overgeared World.”

A quest window appeared in front of Rose, who was feeling dizzy.

[Paper and Pen]

[ Hidden Quest

The 2nd Great Demon, Amoract, has given you a solo mission for the first time.

Bring her a sheet of paper and a pen from the surface.

The better the quality of the sheet of paper and the pen, the greater the reward.

Quest Reward: Depends on the result.]


You have acquired the first solo advent event since becoming a great demon.]

[Your appearance will be spread widely and intensely throughout the world.]


Roses cursing skills were developing every day.


“It is over Really”


Mercedes nodded as she lifted her gaze from hell.

The light that spread in her transparent eyes scattered like shards of glass.

It scattered like snowflakes around her blue hair before disappearing.

Now all that was left were the petals floating in the spring breeze.

Grid removed the petals from her plump lips and sighed with relief.

“Im glad.”

There was a small sense of futility, but the relief was much greater.

So far, Grid had met a lot of Absolutes.

Hayate, Marie Rose, Raphael, Gabriel, Zeratul, Dominion, Chiyou, and the dragons…

Not a single one of them failed to thrill Grid.

It meant all of them were really great.

However, the power in Amoracts voice just now was particularly special.

There was an extremely sinister feeling.

It even made him feel hopeless.

This was just the power of her voice.

It was enough to make night and winter come to this warm world.

He felt intuitively that he shouldnt let Amoract appear on the surface like this.

Yet to back off after making eye contact with Mercedes a few times…

‘Keen Insight is truly fraudulent.

Bibans advice to not rely on Keen Insight came to mind once again.

Rubys divinity and Mercedes Keen Insight—what was the source of these powers that the heavenly gods loathed and the demons of hell feared

Grid was questioning it when he became startled.

It was because Mercedes body was trembling.

She bowed her head and the nape of her neck and her earlobes were dyed bright red.

She seemed to be completely exhausted.

It was proof that it wasnt easy to counter Amoract.

“Youre not feeling well.

Go to the doctor…”

“N-No, Im fine.

I-I just need to rest! Im fine!”

“…She sounds fine.”

Mercedes was ridiculously fast as she rushed to leave.

He couldnt help feeling that her condition was better compared to usual.

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