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Chapter 1625

‘Indeed, there are limits to my current state.

Watch the strength and weaknesses of the enemy before taking action.

Even if the sword was drawn late, he would strike the opponent first and deny the rule ofmust win for the opponent.

It was an easy trick against those who werent skilled.

If it was an opponent he could overwhelm with physical power and control, then it was easy even if he watched and responded late.

However, it was difficult to use for an opponent who was equal.

It had to be supported by not only control and the body, but also insight and light.

The difficulty was high.

So far, Kraugel was the only player who had shown a late start against Grid.

Kraugel had only shown it a couple of times, which was the limit.

To be honest, Grid had only recently learned the concept of a late start.

Over the past few months, he had been collecting and analyzing the PvP footage of players.

It was a concept he realized in the process of playing Kraugels highlight videos over and over again, as if it was a habit, before he realized there was something strange.

Then he concentrated and dug into it.

A technique that couldnt be defined even if he experienced it himself in the past.

Grid was fascinated the moment he understood the trick that he had dismissed as merely a miracle caused by superior control.

He had a desire to master it perfectly and use it freely.

Today, Grids aspirations grew even stronger.

Gabriel stoked the fire.

She dodged the first blow of the six fusion sword dance that was used in a fully buffed state.

It was a reaction rate that was clearly superior to Grids.

Grid checked his status window.

[Name: Grid

Level: 719

Class: Overgeared God

Species: God

Title: Dragon Knight and many more

Strength: 8,900 Stamina: 7,500

Agility: 7,500 Intelligence: 9,250



The beautiful arrangement of numbers was eye-catching.

Grid had been growing steadily ever since becoming a god.

He earned a lot of stat points during the growth process and he distributed points in response to the stats that rose partially when obtaining items or titles.

It meant he didnt miss thegolden ratio, which had different ratios for each level section.

Grids status window was simply perfect.

The level was abnormally high It was nonsense.

Grid had justifiably leveled up.

He fought enemies that were hard to handle every time.

After becoming a god for a while, he defeated various enemies.

Additionally, he steadily made myth rated items.

Grid was proud of his level.

The 19 levels gained today from defeating Gabriel felt rather small.

‘In fact, the amount of experience received was more than what I got when I defeated Zeratul.

It was the aftermath of the amount of experience required to level up rising after reaching level 700.

The experience required, which hadnt changed much after level 400, grew dramatically.

He was on the verge of recalling the hell section he had experienced in the 300s and Grid had a vague idea about the reason.

‘It is the last safeguard.

During the time when Grid was in his late 300s, the average level of the named NPCs was in the 500s.

At that time, Grid wouldve surely passed the level of the named NPCs if the hell section hadnt appeared.

‘It is right to say that the average level of the super named NPCs right now is around 900.

It was a line that wasnt allowed even for Grid, who became a god.

Even the authority of a Pioneer was lacking.

This line seemed to mean that the level of the opponent that Grid had to confront wasnt narrowed down.

Grid didnt care.

He had titles and status that nullified the concept of levels as well as Chiyous blessing.

Right now, there was a separate part that was striking his nerves.

[ Strength and speed and easily reach the maximum.]

Grid crossed the limit every time his status rose.

He broke the upper limit allowed for players again and again.

As a result, the above phrase had always appeared at the bottom of Grids status window from a certain point.

Just as it had become natural to exert the maximum grip force after equipping Ifrits Arm, Grid could easily reach the maximum strength and speed in any situation.

A typical example was the usage of the six fusion sword dance.

Grids attack speed reached the maximum from the moment Gujels Dao was drawn.

It was incredibly fast.

Even so, Gabriel avoided it.

‘Speaking of beings who are stronger than the version of Gabriel on the surface…

There were the heavenly gods, Raphael, Baal and Amoract in hell, the gods of the Hwan Kingdom…

There were at least more than 20 when estimating it.

The senses and physical abilities of those specialized in combat among them would usually exceed the level of Gabriel seen today.

It meant they were superior to Grid.

There was nothing to be upset about.

Just look at any online game.

There were few cases where the boss was weaker than the player.

However, Grid had always been greedy.

He wanted himself to be stronger than the enemy.

The efforts made in the past, the help of the people around him, the good fortune that followed, etc.

He kept all this in mind and thought it was natural to be stronger.

It was why he was obsessed with a late start.

He was convinced that a late start was one of the means to overcome the upper limit that the system had re-created.

‘Another means…

It was naturally the strengthening of his items.

Grid decided that the upgrade of the God Hands was urgent.

Originally, the greatest strength of the God Hands was forcing the enemy to choose between them.

A very simple example was Grid and a God Hand attacking the enemy at the same time.

The enemy had to block one of them, maximizing the value of the God Hand.

It was just that the God Hands werent very effective against recent enemies.

The problem was that the speed of the God Hands was too slow.

Even in the fight against Gabriel today, the attack of the God Hands only hit once.

Gabriels spear, which was taken away, couldnt be utilized as he wished.

‘It is a problem that Braham has to solve.

Gravurnium—when would Greed evolve It was when Grid was thinking about these things…

“The god of the earth has completed her restoration.

Should I bring her here”

“No, I will go by myself.”


People were busy.

The work of recreating Garions stone statues and repainting the murals was in full swing.

Their faces were all bright.

Not a single person was dissatisfied with the sudden increase in work.

They were happy and it wasnt just at the level of being happy to work for a great god.

‘This is why appearance matters.

There was a saying that the best probability was appearance.

Why was reason so easily twisted by the protagonist of a novel It was because the protagonist was pretty or handsome.

In any case, Garion, who they thought was a middle-aged man, was actually a young woman.

Large pupils and drooping eyes.

Combined with the bountiful body, she gave off a gentle and cozy appearance.

She was like a mother or big sister.

There was a certain mysterious charm that made people naturally rely on her.

“Maman…” (French for mother)

It felt like it was the scene of separated families reuniting.

Some players were treating Garion as a parent.

Grid heardmaman,maman as he passed the painter players painting the mural and once again realized.

‘There are so many players from France.

As expected of a country that produced high rankers like Bondre.

It happened when he was thinking nonsensical thoughts…


Grid reached his destination, but the door opened on its own before he could knock.

Beyond the door stood Garion.

She felt Grids presence and came directly to meet him.

She was well-groomed and had very polite manners.

“Why are you talking formally all of a sudden…”

“I have received your life-saving grace and must serve you with the utmost sincerity.”

Garion didnt have much time to think when she met Grid during the crisis.

It was a habit to omit honorifics when exchanging written conversation.

Now that she was saved and received treatment, she came to her senses and changed her attitude.

‘It is burdensome.

Grid respected Garion.

Garion was one of the old gods and was much older than Grid.

She was at least thousands of years older.

Additionally, many people started to call hermother. She was expected to become the godmother of everyone sooner or later, so it was burdensome that such an existence would serve him.

He was afraid that the number of anti-fans would increase like in the Noe incident.

Even so, he didnt point out that she needed to change her attitude.

It was because he thought it wasnt polite.

Grid respected Garion.

He wanted her to do whatever she wanted to do.

“Besides, you are also my chief god,” Garion read Grids complicated facial expression and added an explanation.

Currently, her divine power used Grids divine power as the source.

Therefore, Grid became a god served by gods and was called achief god.

A chief god—Grid thought about the weight of these words and asked with anticipation, “Is there room for my divinity to rise significantly”

“Yes, the more gods who serve you, the greater a chief god you will become,” Garion answered with a kind smile before blinking and looking back.

Then the awkward Debirion cautiously approached Grid.

“That… can you also build my temple here”

It was a very cautious tone, but there was no hesitation in it.

There was a certain conviction.

“In fact, I wasnt sure exactly what it meant to become a god.

I just became a god without knowing anything.

I once resented my situation.”

It was a time when the pursuit of the myth usurpers was in full swing.

Why do I have to go through such trials

I wont grow old or die.

Maybe I, a human who became something other than human, am simply a poor monster

Debirion had such doubts and skepticism.

It was a type of puberty symptom experienced by most people in their early years.

But today—

He saw the other gods and the responsibility and pride they carried.

He had a desire to be like them.

He wanted to be together with them.

Griid read Debirions inner thoughts and held Debirions hands with all his might.

“Im glad.”

A world message appeared.

[Overgeared God Grid is writing the 19th epic.]

[It comes from a small divine world that was just born.]

‘Divine world…

[He was revered by two gods.]

[Garion, the god of the earth, worshiped his great power that overshadowed the years.

She was fascinated by the achievements he had accumulated.]

[Debirion, the god of hunting, worshiped his noble sense of responsibility.

Debirion hoped to watch and learn from the achievements he would build up in the future.]

“May we be of help to you.”

[The desire of two gods to be with him became a ritual.]

[A holy divinity has arrived in the world.]

[The cornerstone of the wall has been laid and will lead to the jealousy and envy of others.]


[Your deity stat has risen by 10 as a reward for completing the epic.]

[The level of Sanctuary of Metal has risen due to the increase in deity.]

[You are now themaster of one world.]

[The size of the world is proportional to the size of Reinhardts temples.]

[The more gods you recruit, the more the worlds size and influence will expand and more functions will be added.]

[Choose the name of the newly born divine world.]

This was unbelievable! Grids body trembled.

He was thrilled by the completely unexpected situation.

The birth of a divine world following Asgard and the Hwan Kingdom.

Additionally, the master of this world was Grid himself.

He felt a different type of emotion compared to when he founded a kingdom.

“What is the name of our world”

Our world.

It was really nice to hear.

Garion asked with a benevolent smile and Grid responded to her.

“…It is Overgeared World.”

The trembling voice represented Grids emotions.

His feelings were passed to Garion and Debirion as well and the three gods smiled sweetly.

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