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Chapter 1621

The past few months had been hectic and busy.

Finding and distributing the secret techniques obtained from Zeratul, disassembling the weapons to create new items, inspecting the armies of the main strongholds, visiting Valhalla to build up an exchange, exploring ancient ruins and securing new food resources for Nefelina, who had become dissatisfied with livestock such as cattle and pigs.

There were no major incidents, but time flew by quickly.

A sensation that penetrates in an instant.

It resembled Zeratuls sword power.

Grid was aware of it.

‘Im nervous.

His reunion with Baal wasnt far away.

He realized it in the course of crossing the continent in search of the human gods.

The flow of the world had become even faster.

After encountering the servants of the myth usurpers, fighting several battles, and destroying the guardians who protected the ruins, he reached level 700.

All stats were strengthened by 1.3 times after reaching the 7th awakening.

He felt several times stronger.

Just in time, he received the news that Chris had surpassed level 400.

It was a growth rate that exceeded expectations.

It was a feat achieved only one year after his class change.

It was at a time when 15 people who completed the 5th class advancement were born inside the Overgeared Guild alone.

It was followed by reports that Zibals boarding time on the magic machine had become several times longer.

‘Every situation is hastening the growth of the players.

This had been the case since Grid became involved with dragons and the appearance of the forgotten ancient cultures.

It seemed to be warning him to prepare for the impending hardships and Grid gradually realized that he would soon be reunited with Baal.

It was the reason why time passed so quickly.

Grid couldnt wait to fight Baal, win, and purify hell, but on the other hand, he was afraid because he wasnt sure he could fight Baal and win.

He hoped the day of the decisive battle would come soon and at the same time, he wished to have a grace period.

The world would change 180 degrees depending on the outcome of the day, so his tension and burden grew indefinitely.

However, he didnt show it on the outside.

Grids expression was always calm and his actions were dignified.

Thanks to this, many people believed in him and felt relieved.

The expressions of the people Grid met while inspecting the main strongholds and visiting Valhalla were as bright as ever.

How could people have no worries It was just that their hope seemed greater.

“Is this the right place”

Grid had been in constant communication with Garion.

Garion, who started to be worshiped again thanks to Grid, was in the stage of slowly restoring his divine power.

It was a divine power based on Grid.

It was the aftermath of people misunderstanding Garions small temple being placed next to Grids large temple.

Many people recognized Garion as the god who assisted Grid rather than the god of the earth.

Garion didnt care.

It was an attitude that any status was good as long as he could fulfill his duties.


Garion tracked the divine power and identified the location of the human gods based on the flow of the earths veins.

It just wasnt as almighty as Grid expected.

“Even if it is somewhere here…”

Grid frowned.

A huge forest overgrown with lush greenery.

It was a dark and wide forest with no room for sunlight to fall.

How many years would it take to find a person who was determined to hide here It wasnt much different from finding a needle in a desert.

“Cant you pinpoint the location more accurately”





“…It is below expectations.”




“A close friend of mine is a scientist who created a radar that identifies dragons.

That radar pinpoints a dragons location.

Isnt it a big problem that the god of the earth is inferior to a machine made by human hands”

He added a bit of exaggeration.

The dragon radar wasnt almighty either.

It was detected only if the target was nearby or emitted a large amount of magic power.



‘The old man is upset.

Grid chuckled.

He had a sentiment of affection, not contempt.

Grid opened up to Garion after only a few months.

Garions tendency to love and embrace all beings on the ground had earned Grids favor.

Grid pulled out Cranbels Horn.

A dragon weapon—it was reminiscent of a beautiful black meteor that revealed a pure white appearance in a forest without light.

A meteor that soared through the dark night sky.

The thing that could never be reached by human hands until it fell to the ground and became a meteorite was lightly held by Grid and swung.

The fan-shaped sword energy that made day and night coexist.

The spot where Grid stood was dark, while the place in front of Grid was bright.

It was because all the lush bushes were cut down and the sun shone.

Moss was visible everywhere on the ground.

It was the culprit that made Randy slip a few times.

Overgeared Skeleton Two read Grids meaning and caused a fire that burned all the moss.

That was it.

The flames, which were raging intensely, burned only the moss before dying down.

Not even a small ember was transferred to the bushes.

Overgeared Skeleton Twos mana control ability had become extremely delicate after studying under the tower members.

It meant that the power of his spatial distortion, which was used as a long-term weapon, was maximized.

Grid swung his sword again.

It was a dance move that slowly took the breath away.

Every time the glow of the sunset, which was darker than the sun, fluttered like silk, it brightened the surroundings.

The forest was cleared.

“It isnt enough.”

Ifrits Arm contracted.

Red scales were stacked on top of each other in layers and adhered to Grids muscles.

There was no discomfort.

On the contrary, his veins were energized and a sense of freshness was felt.

The flow of mana was stimulated.

A large amount of magic power gathered at his fingertips.

It was the precursor to Breath.

It was weak, but it was clearly the power of a dragon.

Grids gaze focused on a further place and Grids hand holding the breath formed a straight line with his gaze.

“Are you going to completely get rid of the forest” The existence that Grid was eagerly looking for emerged.

It was an elderly man with an old wooden box in his hand.

“This is a very important place in the area.

It is an indispensable forest that circulates nature and provides abundant resources to people.

It is also a place that the servants of the myth predators are keeping an eye on.

So for the sake of people and even your own safety, stop doing that.

I lose.”

Debirion, the god of hunting—he was famous for the Hunting Gods Protection buff which greatly increased PvE ability and was the god served by the majority of monks.

At one time, Zibal was Debirions Envoy.

He was the most well-known human god before the Overgeared God.

“What are you doing Go ahead.

Take back that ominous energy and hit my neck directly with your sword.

I wont resist.

It is better for the world to give you my life than to be eaten by a myth predator.”

Debirion had also heard the fame of the Overgeared God.

He knew that Grid had protected millions of people through the mouths of hunters, woodcutters, and herbalists who came to the forest.

He just couldnt trust Grid.

It was the side effect of being troubled by the myth predators.

Debirion had been trapped in this forest for a long time.

He hid while being targeted by the servants of the myth predators.

He developed the misconception that other people would be seeking his divinity.

Thus, he hid deeper when he sensed the visit of the Overgeared God.

Yet at this moment, he let go of his lingering attachments.

After the disturbance, he decided it was right to sacrifice himself rather than being eaten by a myth predator.

He gave up his life and resistance for the world.

It was a life where he shouldnt have lingering regrets in the first place.

Ever since being worshiped by people and becoming a god.

Had he really been helpful to the world so far At most, he only helped people hunt.

All he did was help their arrows pierce the animals necks accurately, hoping that the number of hungry people would decrease a bit.

It was insignificant and worthless.

There was absolutely no reason to cling to life.

‘My life ended hundreds of years ago.

The day he stopped being a human.

There was no life for him the moment he stepped into solitude.

A weak god.

A being who was worshiped and became a god simply due to his good heart smiled after many years.

Once he accepted the end, he felt at peace and regained his smile.

Just then, the Breath was fired from Grids hands.

It reached Debirion, who had tightly closed eyes, and pierced the ominous mist that had risen behind Debirion, extinguishing it.


The wide-eyed Debirion, who survived without dying, became dumbfounded.

‘Was that a lichs magic power I wonder if it is a servant sent by the childless specter.

Grid inferred the identity of the mist and used Shunpo.

He approached Debirion and asked while feeling admiration in many ways, “Have you only been hunting animals all this time”


I am a hunter, so I have only killed animals for their flesh and skin when necessary.”


Grid swallowed down his embarrassment.

He smiled with joy despite feeling embarrassed by the shabby appearance of Debirion that was contrary to expectations.

A god who was much nicer than what he vaguely imagined.

After Garion, he met a god he could trust again.

The weakness wasnt a problem at all.

It was enough to increase the power.

In the first place, Debirion had a shabby appearance, but his divine power was extremely dense.

It was natural since he had been worshiped by many people for a long time.

He might have no experience in fighting properly, but he had great potential.

“There are so many animals to be hunted in this world.

Dear Debirion, I need your help,” Grid politely requested.

It happened as Debirion was hesitating with a puzzled expression…

“… Lets move the location first.”

“Ah, yes.

That would be great.

The specter will send a new pursuer if we stay here.”

Debirion was concerned about the servants of the myth usurper, but this wasnt the problem for Grid.

Grid felt Garions divine power, which was connected to him, shaking as if it was going to be extinguished.

He seemed to have been attacked by some overwhelming being.

It was reminiscent of Martial God Zeratul, but Zeratul had lost so much of his divinity that it was impossible to descend again this soon.

So this…

“Lets go.” He had to hurry.

Grid grabbed Debirions wrist tightly and immediately started to leap through space using Shunpo.

However, he stopped along the way.

It was because barriers were being spread on every road leading to his destination.

The space movement restrictions that often followed a super named boss were scattered everywhere.

-Lauel, send the apostles to these coordinates.

Grid realized that one of Rebeccas archangels had appeared and summoned the apostles.

Lightning Speed was triggered.

The Arrogant Blue Dragons Boots, that put the sky and earth under his feet, glowed and helped Grid fly.

He soon became the Lightning God and turned into lightning.

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