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Chapter 1605

People who were satisfied and comfortable with only billions or tens of billions in assets werent eligible to become Overgeared members.

It had been a long time since the Overgeared Guild dominated various contents and Grid had reached the level of easily producing legendary items.

Just as Chris recently purchased a legendary class change book, it was right to say that the Overgeared members were always exposed to the opportunity to purchase astronomically valuable items.

It was a situation where an ancient city and dragon killer appeared.

As a result, forgotten literature and treasures were being unearthed.

They couldnt be careless no matter how much wealth they accumulated so far.

Unless they were going to settle for the present and be eliminated, they had to work as hard as a cow to make more money.

They also had to engrave the habit of frugality on their bodies.

Grid had personally reminded them by turning Chris into a debtor in an instant.

It wouldve been very painful for Grid to sacrifice a longtime friend and colleague, but he had to sacrifice Chris as a lesson for everyone.

‘He knew in advance that we would need more money in the future.

From the first day they met, she knew that Youngwoo was a great person.

In fact, he became one of the best players in the field.

There were so many things to respect that she was naturally convinced when he was praised as a great man.

However, she hadnt expected his foresight to be so excellent.

In fact, wasnt his intelligence itself very high At this point, it wasnt enough to express it asperfection. It was an objective assessment.

It had nothing to do with the feelings she had for him.


Yura returned after a photo shoot to earn money.

She had led the hell expedition for four months and was engaged in external activities, so her fatigue was very great.

She was less physically exhausted due to consistently exercising since she was young, but she was mentally exhausted.

It was hard to believe it had been only a few months.

Yura felt sorry for her weak self.

Yet when others saw it, they thought it was natural for her to be tired.

It was fortunate that she didnt fall down.

High rankers who were envied by two billion players—they were the best in different ways.

It wasnt easy to lead these strong people who had extremely strong individual personalities.

Besides, what about the three kings of the different species They openly ignored Yura, saying they were only loyal to His Majesty Grid.

They prioritized their own judgments over the orders of Yura, the commander-in-chief.

It wasnt just one or two operations that were ruined because of them.

Even so, Yura never blamed them.

She controlled herself most thoroughly and led the expedition so that the expedition members didnt antagonize each other.

So far, there had been no casualties.

Surprisingly, Jishuka helped a lot.

During the expedition, Yura and Jishuka never clashed.

There was no fighting.

In the first place, Jishuka would mostly lose if they fought, but… in any case, the war of nerves between the two of them was famous.

Yet recently, they showed off their friendship to the point where it could be believed they were real sisters.

The more they spent time together, the more they acknowledged each other.

In hell, the two of them were the strongest allies, not competitors.

They relied on each other more than anyone else.



Yura parked in the parking lot and was running her bathtub application when she stopped.

She unknowingly put away her desire to wash and lie down on the bed.

She turned in the direction of the cats cries rather than entering her house.


The cat who made eye contact with Yura cried out again.

It was a very ugly cat.

The fur pattern was ugly.

It looked grumpy.

There was a lot of flesh on its body, so it seemed to have stolen all the food from the stray cats in this neighborhood.


Yura didnt approach small animals.

They were cute and pretty, but they were small.

She was worried they might get hurt if she touched them.

Of course, there was a lot of interest.

She had countless urges to hug them tightly and rub her face into their fur.

Thus, she had her own knowledge.


The day was cold.

South Koreas temperatures had dropped below zero since the closing of the National Competition, which recorded the lowest ratings ever.

A cats fur swelled up when it was cold.

She remembered reading that it was the effect of narrowing pores to withstand the cold.

“Did you come to a warm place”


The cat cried out as if answering her and it looked every uglier close up.

She couldnt turn a blind eye to it.

She thought other people would avoid the cat because it was ugly.

She was worried they would abuse it rather than feeding it.


She slowly reached out.

The cat approached and rubbed its cheek against Yuras white hand.

The surprised Yura felt flustered and she carefully touched the cats back.

She could feel the skinny body beyond the puffy fur.

It looked fat, but it was actually underweight.

“Uhum… Wait here.”

Yura walked inside the parking lot.

Her mansion had a huge parking lot.

There was plenty of space left even if she parked more than 20 large cars, so she could use it for various purposes.

Naturally, there were several warehouses.One warehouse had piles of canned food for cats.

She had never actually given it to a cat.

Yura wasnt the type to look for stray cats and she never had a cat approach her like this.

The reason why she had canned food… it was preparation for a situation like the present one.

She was very well prepared.

“Eat slowly.”

The shelf life of canned goods was sufficient.

She also periodically purchased new ones out of thorough preparations.


A cat that answered her even when frantically eating canned food.

It was very kind unlike its grumpy face.

‘A lovely kid.

Yuras heart softened as she sat in front of the cat and smiled.

Naturally, her fatigue disappeared.

Many thoughts flowed through her mind as she relaxed.

Apart from her thoughts about the missing Youngwoo, all of them were work-related thoughts.


The 2nd Great Demon—she threatened the expedition by sending her mimicries and she sent a whisper to Yura every time.

Come back to my side now.

I covet you so much.

She connected mind to mind and sent a whisper without anyone knowing.

Of course, Yura didnt fall for the temptation.

She had no intention of becoming a demon.

It was decided a long time ago.

It was the time when the 30th Great Demon pushed a kingdom to the brink of destruction.

Yura had been able to reign as a demon early on, but she chose a hard road out of her own will.

Rather, she became the Demon Slayer to kill demons.

She wouldve been hostile to Grid forever if she had become a demon.

She didnt like it.

It was impossible for her to change her mind now.

Furthermore, Amoract was a dangerous existence similar to Baal from Yuras point of view.

Amoract constantly persuaded Yura by saying she planned to return hell to its original state for Yatans sake and it would be beneficial for humanity, but Yura never trusted her.

It was because Amoract was the great demon of conflict.

Was it shamelessness or a lack of self-awareness Amoract herself acted without being aware of her title, but Yura was rightly wary.

It was true that Amoract was hostile to Baal right now, but Yura decided that they should never hold hands.

‘Yatans honor and the restoration of hell might be excuses.

Conflict—Amoracts setting was quite malicious.

It was her essence to split up sides and create fights.

The fact that she didnt show it outwardly made her worse than Baal.


Yuras mind suddenly returned.

The cat who neatly emptied the canned food was rubbing against her calf.

Yura, who was unknowingly smiling, couldnt help blushing.

She was embarrassed at the thought that she was smiling like a fool.

Even so, she thought she would have a good dream today.


Dragon Slayer—the world was abuzz with the emergence of a being they never imagined would exist.

On the other hand, the elemental world was serene.

The only human here was Kraugel and he didnt talk much.

‘It is hard.

Kraugel didnt prefer a party play.

He found it uncomfortable to work with someone.

It was because he generally suffered losses.

This talented persons intuition was his strength.

He had to lower his level by several stages when cooperating with others.

His body that moved while omitting the process of reasoning, understanding, and judgment confused even his allies.

Cooperation required mutual understanding, but there werent many people in the world who could read Kraugels intentions.

Therefore, a proper cooperation couldnt be achieved.

From a certain point, Kraugel preferred solo play.

He unintentionally isolated himself and adapted.

This was a story until he met Grid.

Kraugel changed.

He got used to being together with others.

At this moment, he noticed the absence of Hao and Alexander, who dared to follow and assist him.

-Sword Saint

The empty spots of the Overgeared members who fought together in hell.

-Huhu, it is just this much

Above all, the fact that he couldnt be back to back with Grid gradually made Kraugel anxious.

The Elemental King of Wind was outstanding.

It had been nearly four months.

Kraugel, who had slaughtered hundreds of thousands or even countless dark elementals, was confident that not only had he leveled up significantly, but he also fully adapted to thedelay.

The spirit that escaped from his body.

He had a perfect understanding about how to operate this slow body that couldnt keep up with accidents.

However, the limitations were clear.

The problem was that his actions were slow no matter how many times he fought with the correct timing and predicted the future actions.

He had a bad compatibility with the Elemental King of Wind, who used speed as a long-term weapon.

If it hadnt been for his super sensitivity and the Formless Will that developed in the process of making up for the loss of his body, he wouldve died immediately and been expelled from the elemental world.

-No matter how many years pass, humans remain the same.

They arent that great.

Just look at the Grid whom you worship as a god.

He trusted me without doubting me until the end.

He ignorantly relied on his strength and was lacking in his senses.

The torn apart spirit body—Kraugels expression turned cold as he barely moved his translucent body to prevent a violent storm.

For the first time, he opened his tightly closed mouth, “…It wasnt worth doubting.”


“To Grid, you are nothing, so he passed you over as unimportant.”

For Kraugel, Grid was a special existence.

Grid was the first person in his life that he aimed for.

He was close to an idol.

From a certain point, just chasing Grids back filled his heart.

It was a type of sanctuary.

No one could intrude on it.

-…Hah Hahat! It is far from reasonable to say this.

You are too emotional for someone who proclaims to be the Sword Saint.

I can see why you are weak… huh

The Elemental King of Wind was laughing from the absurdity, only to flinch.

It was because he felt that the willpower of this insignificant human being was suddenly strengthened.

[Confirming the expression of emotions based on your remarks.]

Expression of emotion—it was the most important virtue for the Sword Saint who used the Heart Sword as a weapon.

The thing that Kraugel lacked was being fulfilled in this moment.

The system analyzed and judged his vocalization, breathing, pulse, etc.

The intangible sword cut through the storm.

As if to prove that the willpower of the Sword Saint had finally become clear, the color of his translucent blue spirit body gradually deepened.

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