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Chapter 1596

There was no one who didnt know of Amoract.

Even those who didnt play Satisfy knew the name of the 2nd Great Demon.

Moreover, she was the founder of the Yatan Church.

Amoract was almost the only faithful believer among the great demons.

In other words, she caused the greatest harm to humanity.

Until the Great Human and Demon War, most of the great demons that came to the surface were done through the rituals of the Yatan Church.

It was Amoract who spread the evil doctrines to people and turned the surface into chaos.

“This is crazy…”

At first, they thought a god was descending.

A being with a pure white body.

A huge but slender woman whose body shone white.

She descended in a divine manner in conjunction with the 12 meter tall height that made them look up at her.

This was until they looked closely.

The woman had no contours on her face.

No features such as eyes, nose, a mouth, or ears existed.

The body was also flat.

Only her protruding chest and narrow waist symbolized that she was a woman.

In short, she gave off a creepy feeling like a mannequin.

The name that appeared above her head was Amoract.

The demon, who had something similar to divinity, was the 2nd Great Demon.

It was so strange that it gave them a greater sense of rejection.

It was terrible.

The faces of the expedition members who were in high momentum quickly turned white.

They were nervous, frightened, and disgusted as they gripped their weapons.

Thebizarre debuffs induced by Amoract were infringing on all types of freedoms, but the hell expedition members were the elite of the elite.

They might not be the strongest, but they were a group made by selecting the best players.

There was no way they would lose their original intention to fight back.

The bodies of the expedition members were wrapped in various lights.

They were buff skills that overcame fear and strengthened their bodies and magic power.

The hands of Saintess Ruby were shaking as she grabbed her wooden staff.

She intended to expand the Sanctuary to push away Amoracts demonic energy, but it felt like it was being drained away in an instant.

The Sanctuary couldnt surround her allies.

It just hovered around Ruby and failed to grow its territory.

No, it was being pushed back.

It gradually paled.

The Sanctuary, which boasted an absolute effect ofI disapprove evil against demons, was hopelessly helpless.

‘There is no… demonic energy

The Saintess was the supporter of humanity.

Ruby was clearly aware of this fact.

Therefore, she was strong at any time and under any circumstances.

She wasnt shaken by any crises so that others could rely on her.

At times, she felt the responsibility was too harsh and felt a tremendous burden.

Then she saw and learned from her brother Grids back.

She didnt resent the responsibility she had in return for her strength and accepted it as a duty.

Yet at this moment, Rubys big eyes lost their way and shook.

It was the first time she ever felt such a thorough sense of helplessness as she was gradually eroded by Amoracts mysterious brilliance.

[The great demon of conflict,Amoract, has taken away your right to use your skills.]

[All skills that are being deployed will be deactivated.]

[The great demon of conflict,Amoract, has changed your skill structure.]

[The great demon of conflict,Amoract, has made it impossible to distinguish between yourself and others.]

“Sehee!” The first person to detect the change was Jishuka.

She was in charge of the rear of their allies along with Saintess Ruby.

Furthermore, she was able to watch her allies closely because she had an unusualvision. In the first place, she was a legitimate leader.

She gave up the position of commander-in-chief of this expedition to Yura due to the special environment of hell, but she had the habit of taking care of her companions.

Jishuka was the first to notice that Rubys Sanctuary faltered and failed to grow its territory.

She sensed the impending crisis.

She immediately established a barrier with the Breaking Evil Arrow to protect Ruby.

The moment that the wide area skill that Ruby was using was extinguished, Jishuka activated the Breaking Evil Arrows barrier.

The barrier that removed all harmful effects and gave protection with the arrows—Rubys skill structure, which had been altered by Amoract, was restored to normal.

Then eight blue arrows emerged around Ruby and succeeded in intercepting Amoracts fierce bombardment that followed.

“Are you okay”


For Jishuka, Ruby was Sehee, not the Saintess.

A child who had lived next door to her for years and was like family.

She grew up so quickly but Jishuka knew she wasnt an iron man, unlike her appearance.

She had a kind heart so she took good care of people and she loved her brother so much that she tried to be helpful.

Not so long ago, Sehee was a girl who wasnt even an adult.

She didnt show it, but she needed someone to rely on.

“Now, take a deep breath.

Look around.

The people here arent fools who cant do anything just because they dont have your help.”

Ruby felt like she was leaning against a large tree.

She slowly shook off the tension and burden as Jishuka wrapped her arms around her and whispered to her.

She relaxed her stiff body and mind.

“…I think that isnt Amoracts body.

It is like a mimic made in a special way and most skills probably wont work,” Ruby spoke with despair.

She knew that every word she said would dampen the morale of her allies.

Even so, she had to convey it.

Jishuka stroked her hair.

Jishuka wondered if Grid wouldve looked like this when stroking her hair.

“Yes, then well win,” Jishuka reassured Ruby.

A mimic form where most attacks didnt work What about it It would be weaker than the main body.

Jishukas eyes became deeper as she pulled the string of a huge bow.

The bowstring that dug into her skin and flesh gave her new pain, but at this moment, the emotion that rose in Jishukas mind was passion, not fear.

Protect—herself, her dear persons little sister, and her colleagues.

Jishukas heart was as bright and hot as the South American sun as she created a wheel of fire.


My child who once served God Yatan… huh

Amoract was whispering only to Yura without caring about the surroundings, only for her creepy voice to stop for the first time.

Her face without features turned toward Jishuka.


Jishukas right arm soared into the air.

Amoract, who had been approaching her the whole time, blew away her shoulder with a single hit.

In the eyes of the expedition members, it happened in an instant.

A light seemed to flash and then the result had already happened.

However, the eyes of the Bow Saint didnt miss Amoracts movements.

Jishukas bow was aimed precisely at Amoracts face, who shot straight forward at the shortest distance.

She intentionally gave up her right arm to Amoracts attack, which was aiming for her neck.

At the same time that her arm was cut off, she let go of the bowstring.

Her arrow left the bowstring.

It was made by Overgeared God Grid, and contained the flames of the Red Phoenix, the energy of Breaking Evil, and the ideas and Origin True Energy of the Bow Saint.

She was vulnerable to melee combat compared to other legends, so the Origin True Energy system of the Bow Saint opened up her keen senses that easily allowed her to cross the line of life or death.

Jishuka used without any regrets the power that was only allowed three times per account.

…Of course, it was false to say there were no regrets, but she decided that she had to go out strong from the beginning.

The hell expedition consisted of powerful high rankers.

If many of them were to die, the scale of the damage done to the player forces would be great.

The hell expedition schedule itself was likely to be delayed.

That was a nuisance to Grid.


Amoract shouted but her voice was shattered and scattered by the deafening roar of the fiercely rotating arrow.

It didnt reach anyone.

This meant that her incantation stopped working.

The invisible chains of magic power that occurred every time Amoract whispered could no longer bind Yura.

After regaining her freedom, Yura immediately communicated with Nothing Stone.

Elemental armor—the orange translucent aura, which resembled Grids divinity, became an armament and wrapped around Yura.

Yura was already acting.

She looked closely at Jishukas arrow, which spun while embedded in Amoracts face, sucking up Amoracts body like a black hole.

“Hell Regulation.”

Hell became the hunters territory.

All beings living in hell became designated as prey.

“Light of Destruction.”

A jade beam of light penetrated Amoract, but it had no effect.

It was a sight that once again proved that the brilliance surrounding Amoract was something other than demonic energy.

Yura didnt panic.

She could feel Jishukas arrow drawing in the Light of Destruction that had just passed through Amoract in vain.

It wasnt just Light of Destruction.

The skills and magic used by the other expedition members were also sucked in by Jishukas arrow, which was still spinning fiercely.

Jishukas arrow quickly grew in size.

It was enough to swallow up Amoracts upper body.

-You… ar…e…

Part of Amoracts stretched out voice flowed through the deafening sound.

Judgment, quick.

You, also, greedy.

It was some nonsense like that.

After swallowing Amoracts body completely, Jishukas arrow caused an explosion and shattered Amoract.

The flying fragments were slashed by the expedition members, including Yura, Katz, and Faker.

At a certain point—


The expedition members let out a heavy breath.

They were liberated from all the debuffs they received from Amoract.

Did they make the 2nd Great Demon retreat

“We have to leave now…!” Jishuka urged them as they felt relieved and cheered.

Jishukas body was shaking.

Her stamina was drained in exchange for consuming the Origin True Energy and she couldnt move a single finger.

Yura carried Jishuka on her back and led the rest of the members.

“Go to the castle!”

The crystal castle—it was the safest place in hell and had the elevator attached to the surface.

The expedition members started moving quickly only to find a presence blocking them.

“Ah, what is it again Why do I have to take care of the cleanup every time”

Rose, the first player to become a great demon—she claimed to be Amoracts subordinate and gained great power.

Now she flew in the air with dozens of magic circles.

She would use the staff that released fire to tie up the expedition members…


…She couldnt do so.

Faker flew like a ghost from the shadows to cut her throat and block the magic casting.

She was about to go crazy.

She only had to hold on for three minutes until Amoracts new mimic came but it was twisted from the beginning.


Roses tenacity was also great.

She barely straightened her collapsing body and got up to engage in a hand-to-hand battle.

She swung her staff like it was a rod and aimed at Yura.

It was because Yura seemed to have the most gaps with Jishuka on her back.


“Kyak!” Katz sword cut at her first before her staff could reach Yura.

It was an incredible attack power.

Rose even felt ecstatic.

“Cool…! This is the ancient class directly linked to the three evils of the beginning!”

I also, I also someday…!

Dozens of skills fell toward the eager Roses body.

It was impossible to block the expedition with the power of a great demon in the 30s…

“Damn woman.” Jishuka clicked her tongue at the sight of Rose smiling as she disappeared into ashes.

After a while—

-I didnt know.

Amoract muttered after belatedly arriving at the scene where all the humans had already left.

-A bow that can drop the sun… I didnt know there was a human being with the power of the great star king.

Jishuka didnt inherit Povias power, but instead became the Bow Saint.

She carved her own path and gained the power of Breaking Evil from the shrine in the East Continent.

It was a very shabby shrine with the wordBow carved on it.

It was so old and poorly maintained that it wouldnt be strange if it collapsed immediately.

Out of the forgotten gods, there were only two gods who shot arrows.

The great star king (King Daebyeol) and the little star king (King Sobyeol).


Among them, the great star king was wise, kind, and favorable to humans.

He fell into the trap of the little star king, fell to hell, and was trapped in the river of reincarnation, but he left his last strength and will on earth.

It seemed that Jishuka had inherited it.

-All causality continues in this world…

Amoract vaguely noticed it.

This could be the last world.

Her father didnt have to cry sadly any longer… Perhaps it would be okay to send humans to Baal.

Maybe Baal would die this time.

No, it wouldnt work.

This was the time when she needed to be more cautious.

She had to be wary about Baal swallowing the humans of this age and becoming unprecedentedly strong.

In the first place, hell wasnt a place for humans.

The hell that her father desired was a haven for those who died and couldnt ascend to heaven, not a place for the living.

As expected, it was right to turn all humans who came to hell into demons.

It happened as Amoracts thoughts started to twist with madness…

“I think I am lacking in strength.

Is there any way to become stronger Huh Great Amoract! Look at me!”


Amoracts plain face was slightly distorted.

It was because Rose ran over the moment she was resurrected and broke her thoughts when it was going well.


King Sobyeol literally means little star king.

Ive been using the name directly, but based on this chapter, it also has this meaning.

I will be interchanging between King Sobyeol/little star king and King Daebyeol/great star king depending on the context

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