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Chapter 1589

Envy and longing created a desire to be like him.

The reason why the number of Reinhardts blacksmiths was hard to count wasnt just due to the high benefits.

It was also because of Grids presence.

Countless people were dreaming of becoming the second Grid.

“If blacksmiths change the recipe, it is usually because things are bad.”

The 1st ranked blacksmith, Panmir.

He explained on the premise that Griddoesnt know much about the production system. He knew the story about how Grid didnt know the item auto production system.

Pagmas Successor surprisingly wasnt an all-rounder blacksmith.

Panmir immediately noticed that he was subjected to checks by the system.

“The materials required for the recipe werent provided in time, there was a mistake in the technique required by the recipe, or they are affected by sudden changes in the environment.

Most of these things happen unintentionally.”

In Satisfy, rapid changes to the environment were relatively common.

Imagine that someone nearby used ice or fire magic.

This might be a fairly extreme example, but it was surprisingly frequent because Satisfy had such a large population and so many incidents.


Variations in the recipe have a 99.99% chance of producing defects.”

It was obvious common sense.

However, Grid didnt consider it a trivial matter.

He noted the 99.99% probability instead of 100%.

“There is a 0.01% chance that a miracle will be born.”

Grid had been supported by the guild for a long time and always produced items in complete conditions.

The only variable he experienced during production was thefluctuations in rating. Of course, he had to deal with all types of variables when making a new recipe, but they were currently talking about making itemsaccording to the recipe.

“This is one of the miracles.”

Admiration was on Grids face as he looked at the strangely curved sword.

A legendary rated sword was born from thePattern: Whirlwind. The maximum rating was unique, but a legendary rated Whirlwind was born.

It was in the hands of an ordinary blacksmith, not Grid.

“Thats right.

It has happened before in the past.

A very small number of blacksmiths, including myself, had experienced results that transcend the limits of the recipe at least once.”

This was why Panmir ordered some blacksmiths to work bychanging the recipe. Reinhardt had too many blacksmiths.

There were limits to the supply and demand of materials used to make supplies, while manpower remained.

Recently, miners had discovered new mines around the empire, but surplus manpower still existed.

Panmir thought of a clever way to utilize them.

They were ordered to produce items using the remaining materials, i.e.

materials that didnt fit the recipes.

As a result, tens of thousands of defective products were poured out, while a very small number of them were miracles.

“I just never dreamed that a legendary rated weapon would be made.”

Originally, legendary weapons and armor could only be made by Grid.

However, from the time that legendary recipes appeared, craftsman-grade blacksmiths started to produce ordinary legendary items.

Yet this legendary rated Whirlwind was made by an ordinary blacksmith, not a craftsman.

“I think it is the influence of you becoming a myth.

The overall level of the world has risen.”

Now the best blacksmith was a myth, not a legend.

It was right that the level of other blacksmiths would evolve in line with this.

It was the flow of the times, the balance that the S.A Group was obsessed with.

“…This is great.”

Grid smiled happily.

He was proud of the blacksmiths who had been steadily developing.

He also felt respect for Panmir, who produced unexpected results by utilizing the remaining materials and manpower.

Panmir was a different type of teacher than Khan.

Khan gave a lot of enlightenment based on how to use thesystem that he couldnt teach.

What would it have been like if Khan and Panmir worked together

Today, he missed Khan terribly.

Urgent news flew to Grid as they were leaving the smithy.

-A dragon is attacking Reidan.

Noll and the vampires who fought it escaped with the help of Black Teddy.

There is no information about other survivors.

Expecting catastrophic damage.


“Why did you hurt innocent people”

Grid ran without stopping.

He repeatedly linked Barbatos Vision with Shunpo to blast himself forward every moment.

Several times along the way, he endured the pain of the shortness of breath and suffocation.

In particular, the flow of mana became thicker as he approached Reidan and it weighed heavily on his body.

Even so, he endured it with transcendent patience.

The warp gates werent available.

The route from Reinhardt to Reidan had been removed.

He understood when he arrived.

Everything in Reidan had turned into ashes.

The castle, warp gates, numerous mansion, industrial complexes, and the alchemy facilities.

This guy.

The dragon with silver scales stated that it was his fault.

‘He is arrogant.

It is proof that he is strong.

The other four dragons concealed their scales in some artificial way.

On the other hand, Cranbel didnt do this.

He resembled Ifrit who was armed with red scales.

He didnt hide himself.

It was as if revealing his attributes and temperament wouldnt be a weakness.

Grid intuitively sensed it.

This wasnt an opponent who could be controlled with Dragon Knight.

It was going to be a hard fight.

Nausea soared at every moment as he crossed the space at a speed that transcended the limits of his body.

He experienced extremes that were hard to handle even with transcendent patience.

There was no chance of victory.

Honestly, he was afraid.


“Its fine.

How can I understand guys like you even if I hear the reason”

Grid didnt back down.

The land that was the origin of the empire.

Reidan was the beginning of Grid.

It was used as a base of the Overgeared Guild from the moment it was formed to when the Overgeared Kingdom was constructed.

Many connections, memories, and foundations were created here.

Now it was removed from the map.

Could he turn a blind eye to the one who sent the tens of thousands of people living here to hell just because he was afraid It wasnt possible.

It wasnt a matter of pride or saving face.

Rather, it was the loss of his foundation.

This was a fight that couldnt be avoided.

There was no need to worry about future troubles with the dragons.

He wouldnt win anyway.

Grid slowly moved his hands.

The swords drawn together by the silver thread were caught by his hands in turn.

The first one was the Enlightenment Sword.

Cranbels cold eyes contained no emotions.

[Overgeared God Grid.

The one who overshadows the current era.

I also know you.]

The second sword was the Fire Dragon Sword.

Cranbels eyes were still indifferent.

It was even while looking at the scene of Grid and Ifrit projected in the polar lights.

[I cant agree with Ifrits claim of you being great, but I am willing to respect you.]

In Grids left hand where the veins were bulging, the Enlightenment Sword and Fire Dragon Sword were merged into one.

The two swords that Grid made for himself were woven into the most ideal form.

The sunset polar lights, which symbolized Grids divine nature, started to swirl violently.

The combined sword was used as a medium to amplify the energy.


[Step back.

Then I wont hurt you.]

Cranbel wasnt stimulated.

Cranbel calmly faced the polar light that had become huge due to the sunlight heating up the desert and vibrating the atmosphere.

A third and fourth sword were held in Grids right hand and combined together.

It was the Formless Sword and Gujels Dao.


Cranbels expression hardened for the first time.

It was because he felt insulted, not threatened.

The weapon made by dissecting the remains of his kin was held in the hands of a god.

The entire dragon species felt insulted.

“Isnt it reasonable to apologize first before making a request”

Was this the one who dared to reach the sun Grid was surrounded with the sunset divinity and looked like he was burning in it.

The dizzying momentum released by the divinity was that fierce.

At first glance, he seemed to be one with the flames, but Cranbel saw through it.

This was nothingness.

It could be a mace that crushed a dragons scales or a sword that cuts it.

‘Or it could be a barrier to Breath.

The absence of any attributes meant unlimited potential.

‘Of course, that potential wont be fully blossomed.

Rebecca had used Chiyou as a motif when making Zeratul.

Zeratuls attribute was also nothingness.

Considering Zeratuls personality, he would be more vigilant and hateful toward the Overgeared God than anyone else.

Cranbel was certain that the Overgeared God would be short-lived.

There were too many strong existences in this world who wouldnt watch his growth.

The dragons were the only group truly indifferent to the world.

“It is ridiculous to ask you to do something…”

[I apologize.]


[Regardless of the situation, Im sorry for angering you.

I want to ask for forgiveness.]

Cranbel apologized again to the flustered Grid before asking something.

[I have apologized, so will you step down]


[You dont look relieved at all.

This is why a humans words are ridiculous.

Reason isnt an excuse for exoneration.

It is just a convenience for the weak to use when complaining.]

“…If you had kept your reason in the first place, you wouldnt have committed the sin.”

[If you are going to say these words, at least give an example of a world without sinners.

You are only a madman living in a fantasy.]

Cranbels expression suddenly changed.

His forehead narrowed and the ends of his two huge eyes were raised in a frightening manner.

The inner light resembling the cross section of the universe gradually turned red.

He was slowly becoming angry.

It was as if the respect was over.

[Overgeared God, you are a foolish person who doesnt know the weight of a gods death because you dont know defeat.

I dont like your behavior of ignoring my favor due to overconfidence in yourself.


Be frustrated and take it as a lesson.]

Dont know defeat.

These words proved it.

At the very least, Cranbel didnt know Grid in his human days.

He also didnt pay close attention after Grid became a god.

He had no idea of the many defeats Grid had suffered.

Since becoming a god, Grids win rate in battles was surprisingly low.

However, the help of his relationships meant his life was spared every time and he never died.

Grids attitude was the same in front of Cranbel, who was teaching without knowing the details.

“You will also be in pain, so be prepared.”

He had lost his composure from the beginning.

There was no way he could be calm after seeing Reidans situation.

Grid was pretending to be calm.

His head was actually boiling with anger.

It wasnt rational.

This was why he was prepared to die without avoiding a fight.

He was going to deal just one blow.

He wanted to make the being who dared to hurt his city and his people feel regret for a moment.

[Seal the power of the Overgeared God.]


Grid was taking a posture when he was filled with a sense of weakness.

He failed to completely resist and faced a notification window that all his stats had fallen by half.

[Overgeared God Grid cant deviate from my space.]


Grids body moved uncontrollably.

He flew to the vicinity of Cranbel like he was attracted by a magnetic force.

The God Hands held onto Grid and pulled, but it was useless.

Rather, they were dragged together with him.

It was the coercion of Dragon Words.

A creature that players could never harm.

The ultimate transcendent dragon ignored the status of a human god.

He acted according to his taste.

“Cough…!” Blood poured from Grids nose and mouth.

He shed so much blood that he wondered if it would be like this if he scooped blood out of his body with a bowl.

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!]

A single blow—his stats had halved, but no matter how much his stats had dropped, it was too much to lose more than half his health with a single blow.

Grids focus became blurry for a moment.

It was only for a moment.

He was used to persevering against pain.

His gaze was fixed on Cranbels forehead and he quickly regained his focus.

It was the point where the horn was rising.

The finishing move.

As expected, a Breath flew.

Cranbel, who had pierced Grids chest with his tail and lifted him high in the air, wanted to end this battle.

No, he was trying to end the slaughter neatly.

It was a chance for Grid.

He immediately responded using his artificial senses.

“Revolve Dragon Drop Pinnacle Kill.”

Grid used the possible fusion sword dance creation of Overgeared Gods Sword Dance.

He counterattacked the Breath by creating a new fusion sword dance in real time.

It contained the image of killing a dragon.

At this moment—

He added up all the strength he had accumulated over the years he had worked hard without giving up.


All the explosions and collision noises died down at once.

It was swallowed by the vortex that the two swords made.

The silver Breath was turning around.

It permeated into Grids two swords.

It inflated the power of the sword dance and struck Cranbels forehead.

The absolute defense was immediately removed.

It couldnt withstand the momentum of the Hero King and Dragon Slayer titles and was shattered.

‘Didnt I say it You will feel pain.

A faint smile appeared on Grids face as he looked into Cranbels two eyes, which had grown somewhat larger.

Reflecting on his own life had made all types of impossibilities possible.

The desert split in half.

The back of the god crashing along with the dragon underground filled the vision of the four awestruck dragons.

They desired it.

They wanted to be the main character who reproduced theCrazy God and Crazy Dragon story.

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