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Chapter 1578

Lauel didnt want a situation that was out of control.

It was due to the principle that he had to coordinate every situation himself.

“The power of certain factions shouldnt be too strong.”

Lauel started to be wary of the Muto Merchant Group.

The Muto Merchant Group—this force virtually monopolized commerce in the Overgeared Empire, and it was huge.

It was even called the kingdom of King Muto.

In fact, the status of the land they owned was enough to make a self-sufficient kingdom.

The scale of the city owned by Kir, the first player to be a Merchant King, couldnt even be compared to it.

“The Muto Merchant Group is our biggest ally and has adhered to the one-tenth policy.

Do we have to keep it in check…

One-tenth—this was referring to the profits gained by the Muto Merchant Group when interacting with the then Overgeared Kingdom.

Considering various circumstances, it was like abandoning greed altogether.

It was at the level of mentioning unfair contracts, slave contracts, volunteering, etc.

Furthermore, Muto was a member of Overgeared Two.

In the name of being a guild member, he had provided the personnel and information of the merchant group free of charge to the then Overgeared Kingdom.

Nevertheless, it experienced huge growth due to the fact that it won the commercial power of the then Overgeared Kingdom.

Huroi was unconvinced by Lauels decision to recruit another merchant group to keep the Muto Merchant Group in check.

Lauel explained it, “I dont doubt or dislike Muto.

I am just concerned about a situation where Muto cant control his forces.

Dont you know that there are presently more than 30 operators at the top of Muto Merchant Guild”

“I heard that Muto selected pro-Grid personnel…”

“Politics have to proceed separately from individual emotions.

In particular, merchants are more prone to corruption because their ultimate goal is to make a profit.

Consider this.

They dare to aim at Grid once they are able to exert sufficient influence in Grids empire.”


Hurois face gradually turned red.

The docile and meek eyes that were reminiscent of a puppy soared upward in a terrifying manner.

For Huroi, the first subordinate of Grid, Grid was his only monarch and god.

He felt anger just thinking that someone might swing at Grid.

“The inner stability of the Lion Merchant Group which you understood with your demonic talent… it is very solid compared to its size.

There is a constant influx of external capital like a spring that doesnt dry out.

It is hard to see it as solely relying on the forces behind it.

I am wondering if perhaps the merchant group members arent able to identify internal spies because they are focusing on foreign investment to attract investors.”

The internal spy naturally referred to Huroi.

It was a few months ago.

After disguising himself as a third person and infiltrating the Lion Merchant Group, Huroi was still pressing forward.

He gained countless pieces of information but wasnt discovered as a spy.

He was even promoted to an interim executive.

Lauel interpreted it as a type of luck.

The management team was out of position due to the nature of the Lion Merchant Group, which was obsessed with external capital.

It was easy for Huroi to be active because it was open to new people.

Of course, it was possible because Hurois camouflage and acting skills supported it.

He was truly an orator.

It was his job to live and eat with his mouth.

“The Lion Merchant Group has invested heavily in every business it enters for the first time.

If they get a chance to contract with us, they are likely to invest all the capital at the top.

This will cover a significant amount of the construction costs of the hell elevator.

Of course, you need to convince them Huroi.”

“You dont have to worry about that part.

The top leaders trust me unconditionally.”

“As expected of Huroi… you are great like Grids first confidant.”

“This is the basics.”

Start by making the Lion Merchant Group join the construction of the hell elevator, and then grow it into a counter for the Muto Merchant Group.

Throw a competitor to instill alarm in the leaders of the Muto Merchant Group and seal it off from crossing the line.

The Overgeared Empire would gain a number of advantages from the overheated competition that the two merchant groups would create.

There was no room for the two merchant groups to collude as one.

Just like Huroi in the Lion Merchant Group, the leadership of the Muto Merchant Group had been planted with many moles over the years.

They were able to induce infinite competition rather than collusion.

The justification was sufficient.

It was physically impossible for one merchant group to handle the kingdom that had turned into an empire.

The leaders of the Muto Group had no choice but to take this incident as a matter of course.

They wouldnt dare to even feel disappointed.

‘At the same time, it will be easier to access the background of the Lion Merchant Group.

It should be considered killing two birds with one stone.


Two days later, at the Lion Merchant Group…

“I think there is a way to open up trade with the Overgeared Empire.”

“What… Is this true Hasnt the Muto Merchant Group monopolized the commercial rights of the Overgeared Empire How is this possible”

“It is due to the consideration of the top leader and vice-president who have always trusted me and entrusted me with this job.

Trying to live up to your trust has become a great opportunity.”

“Huhu…! You are like a lucky charm to this merchant group! I think it is our biggest luck that we were able to recruit you!”



The host and the recipient of the hospitality.

Seomye, who was the host, was troubled.

His heart was rotting unlike his smiling face.

‘I dont want to get too involved with the Overgeared Guild.

Seomye clearly knew why the Overgeared Guilds Huroi was planted as a spy.

One of the dozens of branch organizations of Inferno—the Overgeared Guild identified them and approached the Lion Merchant Group.

The ultimate goal was to reveal the identity of Inferno.

All information related to Inferno was destroyed and the only real person in contact with Inferno was the top leader of the Lion Merchant Group, but…

There was a limit to how much they could conceal the tail.

The tail could be quickly seen if the Overgeared Guild got close.

Of course, stepping on the tail was unlikely to do any harm to Inferno.

They couldnt grasp Inferno just by digging at the Lion Merchant Group.

In fact, even Seomye didnt know exactly what Inferno was.

However, Seomye was wary about the destruction of the Lion Merchant Group.

What if the merchant group was damaged and abandoned by both sides as the Overgeared Guild dug into Inferno

‘Lion said there is no reason to be obsessed with the merchant group, but this merchant group is everything to me…

Seomye was overwhelmed with nervousness.

However, he couldnt express it and just laughed with Huroi.


It was after repairing Gods Circle…

“I am really indebted to you.”

Grids group politely said goodbye to the World Tree.

It wasnt just the elves.

The elementals also gathered in one place to send them away.

[Hey, Nothing Stone.

Come to the elemental world often to play.

It is your home.]

[Yes, Fire Stone.]

[This crazy guy keeps going!]

[Isnt it better than not having a name I like Pure Water.]

[Earth Stone.

I like it.

I listen to it.]

[I am Pure Wind… I dont particularly like it, but… Im happy about Nothing Stones heart behind naming me.]

[Im going crazy…]

The atmosphere was friendly apart from the sighs of the Elemental King of Fire.

The elemental kings released from the oppression of the Elemental King of Light felt free, while the elves found new happiness by eating Grids dishes and opening their eyes to a new palate.

The World Tree who suffered a huge loss in the process of summoning the elemental kings weighed on Grids mind, but… it was a problem that time could solve.

Grid planned to encourage the people of the world to worship the World Tree.

As long as the elves allowed people to come and go from the forest, many people would come to the forest in the future to pray to the World Tree, promoting its recovery.

‘The World Tree is unconditionally beneficial to people.

The World Tree purified the air and mana of the surface just by existing.

There was a future for humanity only if the World Tree was healthy.

-If you need my help, please feel free to come at any time.

“I wont just come when I need help.

Ill often come to play.”

-Im happy.

I hope you come to see me often.

The long journey was over.


“Ohh, this…”

“I didnt expect you to really do it!”

Before returning to Reinhardt, Grid stopped by the Tower of Wisdom with Filewolf.

The brothers, Fronzaltz and Radwolf, were thrilled when they were handed the perfectly repaired Gods Circle.

The giants divine object had regained its former glory.

They were so thrilled that tears flowed from their eyes.

“You are the benefactor of our species.”

“Dont do this.”

Grid hurriedly raised Fronzaltz who was bowing.

“It is just a small favor to you who have been fighting for peace in the world for so long.

I am always grateful to you.

Besides, it is Filewolf who repaired Gods Circle, not me.”

“The big help came from the World Tree who took the risk.

It is something that is possible purely due to the World Tree.”

It was felt every time, but Filewolf was a really clever guy.

He naturally shifted all the merit to the World Tree.

It was to encourage the World Tree to recover more comfortably.

He knew Grids wish.

‘It makes me have no choice but to like him.

Filewolf was a pervert.

Even at this moment, he was stroking his body.

Nevertheless, the rejection became lighter and he was more likable.

The smarter the person, the better the interpersonal relationships.

This was actually just a prejudice.

Grid was shaking his head as he recalled the interpersonal relationships of Lauel and Braham when a notification window appeared in his vision.

It was a message that his affinity with Fronzaltz was at the maximum.

A message followed that the survivors of the wise giants started to respect the World Tree.


“It is four times more powerful.”

At the Overgeared God Churchs temple, Reinhardt…

Damian, the leader of the church, enjoyed the honor of being the sandbag for the Overgeared God.

He personally experienced the difference in damage between the five fusion sword dance and six fusion sword dance, and couldnt close his mouth.

His sword dance also faced the evolution of the nothingness attribute.

In line with Grids growth, the sword dances of the church members naturally grew.

Players who belonged to the Overgeared God Church were enjoying the fantasy-like experience ofbecoming stronger even when staying still.

“Additionally, the unconditional stun… it is a great strength.”

“Honestly, it is a scam.”

“Was it called Ultimate Martial Art Will it have an effect on the sword dances of the church members someday…”

“Um… I dont think so.”

Ultimate Martial Art was a favor that Chiyou gave directly to Grid.

It would probably beonly one if he had to rate it.

It was impossible for anyone other than Grid to get it in their lifetime.

‘It would be a great help if my colleagues got it as well.

It was just likely to be impossible.

Grid left this regret behind and moved places.

It was to the construction site of the hell elevator.

Yura drew attention as she gave advice to the engineers by comparing the utility of the hell gate to the elevator.


Yura was wearing a silver-white cloak that was the transformed Nothing Stone.

The cloak that fluttered despite there not being any wind was gorgeous.

It naturally attracted peoples attention to the point where it seemed to be a means of cultivating Yuras beauty.

There was probably no one who would expect that this cloak would turn into a suit that covered Yuras entire body, right

Grid felt a subtle sense of superiority that he knew Yuras secret.

Furthermore, he had great expectations for Yura.

It was right to say that Nothing Stone was Yuras new item.

It could be transformed into various forms, so it could be used like the God Hands.

It could also be used as a weapon or armor, which was a huge strength.

Beyond transforming into separate weapons or armor, it could also be layered on top of the weapons or armor she was using.

It was the Nothing Stone version of Item Combination that greatly increased the items power.

‘It will play a big role in the fight against Baal.

The preparations for the hell invasion were progressing…


After looking at Yura happily for a while, Grid turned toward the cylindrical elevator running deep toward hell only to become surprised.

It was because his back was cold.

Mercedes was staring at one place with an expressionless face.

He followed her gaze and found Yura.

“… Mer”

“Yes.” Mercedes expression when answering was as bright and pretty as a widely blooming flower.

It was completely different from the cold expression a moment ago.

‘Did I see it incorrectly

Grid shook his head and focused on the inspection.

Before the hell elevator was opened to the public, the Overgeared Guild planned to operate 12 hell expeditionary units for the time being.

There would be a competition in Reinhardt tomorrow to pick the 12 captains.

It was a large-scale competition involving not only the Overgeared members, but also rulers such as the lord of the half-draconians, the orc lord, and the dark elf king.

Public interest was high because it was an opportunity to figure out the power of the rankers ahead of the upcoming National Competition.

There was also a series of evaluations that the Overgeared Guild was somewhat arrogant for exposing their power on their own.

Even so, the Overgeared Guild didnt care.

The Overgeared members participating in this competition had no plans to participate in the National Competition.

Starting from this year, the National Competition would be played by the non-top members of the Overgeared Guild such as Coke, Ibellin, and Toban.

The items created by Grid before the Great Human and Demon War were so powerful that they alone could sweep the gold medals.

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