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Names sometimes had great power. It was because it was a symbol of existence. 

Overgeared King, Overgeared God, Overgeared Emperor, and Grid—at this moment, all of the names that signified Grid were exerting influence all over the world.


The name of the fire elemental king was the same. The source of all the flames in the world—its name followed where there was fire, and it could never be extinguished. However—

‘What is this’

A little while ago, the fire elemental king felt the horror of annihilation. The moment it was slashed by the sword of the human whom it didn’t properly identify, it became dizzy.

It checked the flames that were scattering and sensed death. It was because the sweeping sword wind was so strong.

The physical phenomenon caused by the human motion of ‘swinging a sword’ was tremendously powerful. That was all. Thus, it was even more absurd.

‘A god with extreme power’

The fire elemental king had often experienced the human world. It was because humans who were qualified to sign contracts with it were born every few hundred years.

It was not ignorant of the human world. Therefore, it knew that humans who didn’t understand the target properly easily overused the expression of ‘god with extreme power.’ It was ridiculous.

The fire elemental king had experienced the ‘gods’ firsthand and desperately knew the weight of the name of a ‘god with extreme power.’ The god with extreme power that the fire elemental king thought of was very different from what humans referred to. A being who caused a disaster with insensitive hand gestures—the idea that Grid was a god with extreme power was embedded in the mind of the fire elemental king.

“Take it easy.

Now, eat gimbap.”

“What gimbap”

“I just made it.

I went grocery shopping before we left.”


The briefly stunned fire elemental king regained consciousness. The sight in front of it was very unfamiliar. A pair of humans was using the wind elemental king as a mat. They sat on the softly circulating breeze and seemed to be enjoying a fresh play. Next to them, the water elemental king had become a fountain that gave clear water, while rare dishes were prepared on the tableware made by the earth elemental king.


The fire elemental king found it absurd and was mesmerized.

On the other hand, the atmosphere that wrapped around Grid and Yura was warm. Grid had been roughly eating bread with every meal, but now he prepared food after grocery shopping. It was all for Yura. Grid planned this gourmet itinerary in the hope that she wouldn’t neglect a meal during their journey together.

Yura was impressed and Grid found it rewarding. The dishes were also successful. Grid had both dexterity and sensation, which were the most important things in cooking.


[The ‘Advanced Cooking’ skill has been opened.]


Grid’s dexterity sublimated the dish called gimbap into art. The rice was wrapped neatly and smoothly with laver, and the color of the ingredients was a beautiful blend that was just as beautiful when put in the mouth. This was the power of dexterity. The workmanship of cutting the gimbap properly surpassed the workmanship of a three-star Michelin chef. 

Furthermore, Grid was the owner of transcendent senses and these senses naturally included taste. His ability to taste was truly perfect.

It was to the point where he could serve as a teacher for every chef in the world. This was why the cooking skill was opened the moment the first gimbap was made, and it was even the advanced cooking skill.

“What is this gimbap It is crunchy, but it melts like persimmon”

“It is the finest laver recommended by Peak Sword.

It is dried by the sea breeze of Galest on the day when the sun rises the highest.

Seeing how delicious it is, it is worthwhile to airlift it, despite the difficulty.”

“The moment it touches the teeth, the grains of rice and the ingredients inside spread out to deliver the taste to all sides of your tongue.

It feels like there is an orchestra of taste unfolding in my mouth.

The strength of the dish called gimbap has been maximized.”


In fact, Grid wasn’t a person who enjoyed gourmet food. He didn’t grow up in abundance so he didn’t experience a variety of flavors.

His taste buds were naturally accustomed to seasonings. He felt that ramyeon broth was more delicious than expensive broth that was boiled with dozens of ingredients.

However, his taste buds had changed little by little thanks to Yura and Jishuka. Over the past few years, he had enjoyed frequent meals with the two of them and widened his spectrum of taste.

He experienced a taste he had never known before, became accustomed to it, and pursued various tastes. Such precious experiences seemed to have been reflected in his cooking. It was to the extent that he could make gimbap using a variety of ingredients that existed only in Satisfy.

‘There is a reason why it is said that Satisfy is a gourmet’s heaven.’

The reason why Grid neglected to eat in Satisfy was simply because he was busy. He had a lot of work to do that piled up like a great mountain, and it felt like a waste of time to take care of his meals every time. Now he changed his thoughts. He vowed to make sure to take care of the time when dining with his precious people. 

The meal he enjoyed at the Tower of Wisdom was a lesson. Grid felt quite happy due to the gourmet feast made by Abellio, and Betty’s warm heart as she fed him like he was her grandchild. He wanted to share that happiness with other loved ones and make it a memory.

“White wine would suit it.”

“Really Water elemental king.”

[I’ve already prepared it.]

The water elemental king filled a glass made by the earth elemental king with transparent wine. The refreshing breeze that wrapped around the branches of the world tree was a service prepared by the wind elemental. In reality, it was literally a fantasy fine dining experience that was hard to experience even if someone gave billions of gold.

“Come over here.” Grid, who was drinking while stroking the back of Yura’s hand, called out to the fire elemental king. The intention was to persuade it to forget the dispute that happened a little while ago, so they could get along well in the future. There was nothing bad about being close to the elemental kings.

[Yes! What type of meat should I cook for you]


There was no need to convince it. Grid was silent as he watched the fire elemental king quickly rushing over and gently igniting the flames.




[The light elemental king is ignoring your call.]

It was the third day they stayed in the World Tree’s Forest. These days, Yura was happy to spend time with Grid, who had the hobby of cooking, and the friendly elves and world tree.

However, her mind gradually became uncomfortable. The light elemental king refused communication. It was a colder attitude than usual. All the passive skills that occurred when she obtained the light elemental king were disabled.

“It’s fine.

Let’s enjoy it.

If I am with you, I can spend a few more days here.”

Grid cheered Yura, who couldn’t hide her frustration, up. He handed her a skewer made in collaboration with the fire elemental king.

[The light elemental king has been a jerk since ancient times.

It is because it believes it is the only line of descent of Goddess Rebecca in the elemental world.

Everything was as it pleased, so it used to argue with us often.

I think it would be great if you, an extremely powerful god, teaches it a lesson.]

The fire elemental king added. It reiterated that the reason why the light elemental king was quiet wasn’t Yura’s problem.

Yura felt great gratitude toward the elemental kings. They promised that they would wait until the end without returning to the elemental world.

“The smell of the cooking meat is shocking.”

“You came at the perfect time.

I’ve prepared a share for you, so eat as much as you want.”

“Thank you for the food!”

The elves also looked forward to the dishes that Grid made. At first, they were reluctant to eat meat, but recently, they enjoyed it. It was due to Grid’s pure question if it was wrong to eat plants rather than animals if they really valued nature. Due to the changes in eating habits, the slender bodies of the elves started to develop muscles.

It didn’t mean that they gained a big build.

Rather, their thighs were fleshy and they developed solid abs, giving the impression of a nimble female warrior. In fact, their overall physical ability had risen. He even had the absurd idea that the elves were close to truthseekers who sealed their own strength by limiting their eating habits.

‘I am thankful to them.’

Yura had a determined expression as she looked at the elves and elementals gathered in front of the table filled with Grid’s dishes. 


She suddenly took a bite of the grilled skewer. It was inferior compared to the meal she ate alone with Grid in reality last night, but it was still delicious. Her heart became warm. It could be thanks to the smiles of the elves beckoning her to come over or due to the consideration of the elemental kings who encouraged her.

‘Yes, I shouldn’t be anxious.

Everything will be fine.’

The others believed in her. Doubting herself was just an act of betraying the faith of others.

Yura’s eyes shone as she controlled her heart. 

The thing that the brightest star lost—Yura’s self-esteem, which had plummeted for a while due to Grid’s ambiguous attitude, was restored at this moment. 

She felt Grid’s hands wrapped around her shoulders.




“I think it is because of you.”

“As expected, it is like this.”

Grid was likely to be the cause of the failure to summon the light elemental king. Grid was hostile to Asgard. The light elemental king considered itself the descendant of Rebecca, so it was natural that it harbored animosity toward Grid.

“In this way, the light elemental spirit might destroy its contract with Yura.”

This was the opinion carefully put forth by Filewolf, who had been quietly watching the last five days. Grid couldn’t just sit back and watch, so he asked for advice from the world tree.

“Is there no way to resolve the situation”

-You can go directly to the elemental world and persuade the light elemental king.

“Going directly to the elemental world...”

-The other elemental kings are cooperative with you, so they might open the way to the elemental world.

“How do I persuade the light elemental king”

-Use the same method that you used to persuade the fire elemental king. Looking at it, this is the most efficient way.


Were elemental kings more attracted to violence than conversation It happened as Grid thought about it and seriously nodded...

“I finally succeeded in summoning it.” Yura’s voice was heard.

The startled Grid turned his head and saw Yura covered in wounds. She was holding the light elemental king in one hand.

‘This is summoned...



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