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The giants perished over a thousand years ago. Their civilization was submerged in the deep sea and completely disappeared.

Humanity of the modern era had no way of knowing the history of the giants. 

Stormbringer, Argo, God’s Circle, etc.

This was why the great treasures of the species who destroyed demons and confronted dragons were forgotten. 

“Among the treasures of the giants, God’s Circle has the greatest versatility and is very complex.

It isn’t easy to repair.” 


“Still, I can do it.

I am the one who led the design of God’s Circle.” 


The brothers, Fronzaltz and Radwolf, were excited.

It was the moment when they encountered the history that they thought had disappeared.

Emotions came flooding in like a tsunami. Filewolf’s behavior of caressing his chest made of cold metal was no longer unpleasant. It didn’t matter what he looked like or what he did. It was worthwhile even if he was a beast that stank of cheap feces. 

“There is just one problem.

God’s Circle is a treasure that is made of 32 types of metals, adding the cutting edge technology built by dozens of scientists throughout their lives and the elemental power gained through the favor of the world tree.

There are endless calculations, so readjustment is necessary if there is even the slightest deviation.” 

In other words. 

“It means that in order to fix God’s Circle, we must get closer to the concept of recreating it.

I need to ask the world tree for help again, but will the old tree help I would be lucky if I could step into the forest.” 

“Doesn’t the world tree have a tendency to cling to peace I think she will cooperate if we explain the role of the tower.” 

Filewolf was resurrected in the magic machine made of Greed. This meant he was completely under the control of Grid and it wasn’t strange for him to accompany Grid to climb the tower.

In other words, it was a position similar to Noe, Randy, and the Overgeared Skeletons. The brothers, Fronzaltz and Radwolf, didn’t hide the existence of the tower from him. It was shortly after explaining the history and role of the Tower of Wisdom. Nevertheless, Filewolf shook his head. 

“The world tree is old and sick.

It has been a long time since she has been too weak to be worthy of her reputation.

Half of the remaining life will be lost if we want to strengthen God’s Circle.” 


The role of the world tree for the surface was very important. The world tree was beneficial just by existing. The moment the world tree disappeared, the air of the world would become turbid and nature would lose its vitality. Was it worth sacrificing the life of the world tree to repair God’s Circle It was a matter for the world tree to judge. The tower couldn’t weigh it casually. 

The repair of God’s Circle seemed very distant. It happened as the brothers, Fronzaltz and Radwolf, were thinking this... 

“I don’t understand something.” Grid, who had been silent until now, came forward and spoke, “It isn’t the power of the world tree, but the power of the elementals needed to create God’s Circle, right So why is the lifespan of the world tree slashed” 

It was an accurate point. Filewolf had explained that God’s Circle was created by ‘adding the elemental power gained through the favor of the world tree.’ 

Radwolf came out and spoke, “It is because the power of the elemental kings is needed.

It is also many elemental kings.” 

Filewolf nodded. "That's right.

Five elemental kings need to be summoned in total to borrow their power and this is a big burden for the world tree.

In particular, the highly aloof light elemental king is a big problem. 

“Light elemental king...” 

“You must’ve never heard of it.

There are very few humans who know about the elemental kings that are difficult to meet, let alone the rarest light elemental king.

They tend to be obsessed with the purification of demonic energy, so they don’t care much about the surface...” Filewolf’s red eyes started to rotate as he talked. 

It was due to the light that suddenly appeared. It was the ‘advanced light elemental’ that contracted with Grid. 

“Ah... You must’ve heard of the light elemental king.

You wouldn’t have met it, but...” Filewolf was correcting himself only to fall silent again. He got a strange feeling from the way that Grid cocked his head. He noticed that Grid had something to say so he waited. Soon, he heard shocking words. 

“My lover has signed a contract with the light elemental king...

It was in the past.”


“What is this!” 

The brothers, Fronzaltz and Radwolf, shot up from their seats.

The eyeballs under their eyelids seemed like they were going to pop out. Filewolf also had an intense reaction. “Is that true Lover Is it the female knight you go around with every day” 

“No, not Mers.” 

“Ah, you are referring to the Bow Saint I saw a while ago.

Her cheerful nature means she can communicate with an elemental king...” 

“No, not Jishuka, but Yura.

She is usually in hell, so you haven’t seen her.” 


No one talked about the unusually large number of lovers. Grid was a god and an emperor, so it wouldn't be surprising if he had 3,000 women. The giants focused on the word ‘hell.’ 

“Don’t tell me...

is it perhaps the Demon Slayer” 

“That’s right.” 

“Hah...! That's right! She is worthy of the light elemental king!” 

The gazes of Fronzaltz and Radwolf toward Grid changed. 

Mercedes, Jishuka, and Yura—the women around Grid were legends. Originally, it was hard to give birth to one in an era.

Now Grid captured the hearts of three legends. Grid truly didn’t have ordinary capabilities. They thought it was great. 

On the other hand, Filewolf’s thoughts were different. “By the way, why are you leaving Greed behind and dating humans You’ve made the best mineral in the world, so why...” 


Grid ignored him. 




Wounded dragons were rare to see. The fact that a dragon suffered irreparable wounds meant they were dealt by an old dragon.

Few dragons survived after being targeted by an old dragon. In other words, Ifrit was a unique elixir in the world. Yet they failed to hunt her. The cause was Grid, and Mir was absolutely responsible for letting Grid go freely. 

“Let’s discipline him with a flogging.” 

This was proposed by King Sobyeol, who finished investigating the case. It was ridiculously lacking to satisfy the three masters. The three masters lost their minds because they witnessed the ‘crazy god and crazy dragon’ that had never been seen before.

They were in a position where they needed the next half a year to recuperate. Yet the one who created this situation, Mir would just be flogged 

“That can’t be.”

“Are you going to spare the child who betrayed Hanul” 

The regular sound of ‘tap, tap, tap’ suddenly stopped. 

“Then do you want to kill him Are you saying this because you think you can recreate that child” 

There was still a gentle smile on the face of King Sobyeol. However, the reflection of the three masters in his pupils were split into six pieces and the three masters felt great panic. 

“You have been kicked out of Asgard, but you still can’t figure out who you are up against Now we can’t get angels on the surface.

We have no choice but to make and train them ourselves.

Therefore, every one of them is valuable.

Now you want to kill one without any countermeasures.

How should I react” 

“We’re sorry...

we were too agitated that we didn’t speak properly...” 

The three masters lowered their eyes and trembled. Even the first ones made by a god of the beginning, Hanul, became smaller in front of King Sobyeol, who personally inherited Hanul’s blood. 

“Don’t worry, it will be a sufficient warning for Mir.” 

Four in the left eye and two in the right eye. 

The eyes of King Sobyeol, which had split into taiji shapes, returned to their usual appearance.

Eyes that shone brighter than obsidian.

It felt like he embodied the image of a benevolent god among civilians. 





The expression gradually disappeared from Mir’s face as he was bound to the rack. 

There was a touch of loss and oblivion woven in. 

Mir’s precious memories and emotions had dimmed. 




Yura didn’t really realize the existence of the light elemental king.

The number of times the elemental king assisted her was low enough to be counted using her hands. 

First, they weren’t able to communicate. It was hard to use because she couldn’t catch it. Most of the skills gained from signing a contract with the elemental king were often arbitrarily deactivated. It was impossible to control because the cooldown time was marked as ‘when desired.’ It was a phenomenon that became worse over time. 

“I understand.” 

Nevertheless, Yura readily accepted Grid’s request. It was a request to summon the light elemental king in front of the world tree. It was hard to guarantee success but she didn’t want to refuse.It was very unusual for Grid to make a request of her and she was the only person in the world who could summon the light elemental king. 

‘I will surely do it.’ 

Grid, Filewolf, and Yura—an uncomfortable companionship began. 

Yura was very annoyed by the metal robot that kept gasping and stroking his body.

It overshadowed the experience of meeting ugly demonic creatures and demons in hell, and made her feel a bit offended. 

Filewolf spoke to such a Yura, “Generally speaking, men are fond of hands that love touching their own bodies.

It is hard for women like you to be loved for a long time.” 


It was nonsense that a pervert spoke to rationalize his behavior, but Yura took it seriously. It was because Filewolf was more like Grid’s pet. There was a possibility that he represented his master’s thoughts to some extent. 

She felt a great sense of crisis and clung tightly to Grid. 


Yura’s clumsy touch as she secretly brushed her hand against her waist and thighs confused Grid. 




“This place hasn’t been affected by the tectonic fluctuations.” 

“Of course.

The world tree is a divine tree supporting the sky.

The world tree is the center of the world and the center doesn’t fall easily.” 

The World Tree’s Forest was the same as before. The elves ran to Grid’s group and welcomed him. “I greet the Overgeared God.” 

Grid and the Overgeared members were the benefactors of the world tree and the elves. This was why the Overgeared members could contract with the elementals. In recent years, the elves’ favorability and respect for the Overgeared Empire reached the maximum after it defeated the dark elves army and led the way to victory in Great Human and Demon War. 

“I am new to such an attitude from these long-eared people...” 

Filewolf marveled at the appearance of the elves, who acted respectfully every time they encountered Grid. It was a reaction that disproved the aloof character of the elves. 

“I would like to ask for your assistance in order to reconstruct God’s Circle.

I am requesting for you to summon the five elemental kings.” 

Filewolf was also polite in front of the world tree.

He respectfully made an unreasonable request. It didn’t have much of an effect. 

-I have already kept my promise with the giants in the distant past. Filewolf, you don’t have the right to ask this of me. 

“Please listen to me.” 

Filewolf left the elves and Yura behind and explained the situation. He mentioned the existence of the Tower of Wisdom and the hard work of the tower members fighting to protect humanity.

Of course, he didn’t forget to say that Yura had signed with the light elemental king, so the burden would be less. However, the attitude of the world tree didn’t change. 

“It is over.” 

Filewolf fell silent as he faced the worst situation. He looked at the old bracelets that the brothers, Fronzaltz and Radwolf, protected with bitterness.He had a conscience. 

The brothers who watched the destruction of their homeland—they were the only two left, and were more lonely and painful than anyone else.

Even so, they fought for humanity.

Filewolf was proud of them and pitied them.

He frankly wanted to help them. 

“The world tree is nature after all.

There are limits to understanding and resonating with human beings.

Persuasion is impossible.” 

It was a waste of time to stay any longer. It happened when Filewolf told them to go back with regret... 

“World tree.” 

Grid came out in person. He solemnly requested of the divine spirit that he couldn’t see the end of even when he lifted his head carefully, “Can you reconsider The power of the tower members is essential for this world.

I want them to be stronger.” 

-I understand. 


Filewolf was flustered by Grid making a request when he was giving up. Then the world tree responded.

The soft voice was gentle. 

-I’ll accept your request and call the five elemental kings. I will definitely do so, even if I wither.


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