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“Duke of Amplification.” 

Betty was the first person in human history to sign a contract with Baal.

This meant that her talent captured Baal’s attention.

However, she couldn’t refuse the hand that Baal held out to her.

It might be a talent that was gained in exchange for a rough fate. 

In any case, her skills were still being proven.

The status of a tower member.

She was a powerful person who became a tower member after being abandoned by Baal.

One of the sources of that power was—

“The magic and techniques of the Duke of Amplification are twice as strong as the theory.” 

Increase the power of skills.

This was the power of amplification.

It was a mystery created by Betty’s knowledge and ideas that made different judgments even when looking at the same formulas as others. 

‘It is like Braham’s enhanced magic.’

The enhanced magic more than tripled the power of ‘magic,’ while Duke of Amplification increased the power of ‘all types of techniques’ by two times.

Rather than being versatile, the limit was low and there were side effects.

Not only did it double the power, but it also doubled the cooldown. 

If he had to differentiate it, this proved that Betty’s talent was slightly worse than Braham’s. 

‘It isn’t that Betty is bad, but that Braham is too great.’ 

Would Braham’s high nose remain uncrushed in the future Mumud was the only person in history who made him feel inferior. 


by now, he must be wandering the river of reincarnation.’ 

Braham had become remarkably quiet after learning the truth of hell. 

Mumud—his regrettably short life was far from happiness.

He became an orphan when he was a child and was betrayed by the only teacher he relied on.

He suffered the humiliation of becoming an undead after his death and was finally liberated according to his original will, only to be unable to rest. 

It was because the humans in this world had no right to eternal rest.

It was a truth of this world that even Braham couldn’t predict.

The curse of hell, distorted by Baal, made Mumud unhappy even until the last moment.

Braham was angry. 


[The title ‘Duke of Amplification’ has been acquired as a quest reward.] 

[Duke of Amplification] 

[Once activated, the power of the magic and skills you use will be doubled. 

However, the resources consumed and cooldown are also doubled. 

★ The effect of items and skills that shorten the cooldown time are only 65% effective.] 


It was a simple and powerful new duke title.

It was unfortunate that the effects of God's Command and Divinity were reduced by it, but it would exert great power in short-term battles.

It was unconditionally versatile to utilize the power of a deadly blow whenever he wanted. 

Grid felt stronger and declared it with a deep voice, “I will surely kill Baal with this power.” 

At least in this moment, it was a declaration for Betty.

Grid had noticed it when he was with Betty today.

Her big eyes couldn’t project light properly.

Her eyes were dead like a rotten fish that fell under the stalls.

It was the same for the body covered by a robe. 


have strength,” Betty’s mouth slightly twisted and twitched as she answered.

It was like an effort to smile, but her expression was more like she was crying.

She forgot how to smile. 

Grid held Betty’s small, trembling hand tightly.

“Please cheer up as much as I am working hard.” 





The immature absolutes repeated their unspeakable destruction.

Humanity had nothing to expect from those who looked down on everything in the world. 

A disaster.

They were no more and no less than that.

The best humanity could do against them was to ‘not meet them.’ It was better to obey them, but they didn’t even give humans a chance to serve them.

Yet today— 


Hayate witnessed it.

The appearance of Grid interacting with a dragon.

It was a scene that completely denied Hayate’s life.

Dragons were incomprehensible and unsympathetic creatures.

Rather, it was right to treat them as supernatural phenomena and avoid them.

The logic of the tower, established by thousands of years of experience and study, was broken.

There was joy, not despair. 

“...Is it hope” 

A being who communicated with dragons. 

A smile spread on Hayate’s face as he thought of Grid. 




Betty had described it as ‘transferring’ the Duke of Amplification to Grid.

However, Duke of Amplification was a title derived from a power she created.

The transfer of the title didn’t mean that the power would disappear. 

It was a relief. 

The relieved Grid had a long conversation with Betty.

The topic of the conversation was Agnus.

Grid wondered what would happen to Agnus, who resembled Betty in many ways. 

“Anybody who signs with Baal will have to pay their soul in return, but that is a story for after they die.

If the contract is destroyed while the person is alive, Baal doesn’t have the authority to ask for the soul.” 

Baal even unilaterally broke the contract.

He failed to abide by the contract, so it was right for him to pay compensation.

However, Baal was the source of all evil.

He despised and mocked the contract.

Unlike other demons, he wasn’t bound by the compulsion of the contract.

It was because his status was so high. 

“He didn’t have the authority, so he tried to rob the soul by force.

It is just that the soul isn’t easily peeled from living flesh.

The flesh was ripped out before the soul.” 


Betty pointed to her chest.

It reminded him of the body she showed once in the past. 

“I am biologically dead.” 

“Your words...

are you a lich” 

“It is different.

It is mana and a clear sense of purpose that maintains a lich, while it is the reversibility of the soul that maintains me.” 

“The reversibility of the soul...” 

“Baal’s attempted robbery loosened my soul.

The loose soul moves indefinitely in order to regain its foothold in the body.

As long as this nature is maintained, I continue to exist without dying or living.

I won’t disappear.” 

“What if the soul eventually gets a foothold” 

“That won’t happen.

The body that the soul remembers is different from the present body.

The soul can’t get a firm foothold.” 


The conclusion was that she wouldn’t disappear.

It was a curse, not a blessing.

There is no happiness in enjoying an eternal life with half of the body as white bones, spending eternity without belonging to either the living or the dead.

‘...But Agnus is a player.’ 

Grid sympathized with Betty while being wary of Agnus. 

‘If a player enjoys a bit of the permission to be free from death...’ 

As an extreme example, if he didn’t receive the death penalty or received a lesser penalty— 

This was a huge benefit.

Of course, the comprehensive benefits would’ve dropped significantly compared to his days as Baal’s Contractor.

Agnus was a single digit ranker before he became Baal’s Contractor, even though he was suffering from craziness.

Considering that overwhelming talent, it was right to say that a large amount of power remained. 


it won’t be a problem.’ 

Among other things, the reason why the Overgeared Kingdom kept Agnus in check was because he was Baal’s Contractor.

That wasn’t the case any longer.

Agnus had freedom.

He was able to make the right choice out of his own willpower.

Grid decided to trust him at least once rather than worrying. 

‘He saved Irene and Lord.’ 

It was because Grid couldn’t forget the incident of the attack on the Vatican. 




After separating from Betty, Grid was called to Hayate and had another long conversation.

He talked about his experience in the East Continent for a long time.

Hayate kept smiling throughout the conversation.

The way he looked at Grid was very deep.

It was as if he was looking at a beloved child. 

‘Can I get this much favor’ 

The Tower of Wisdom and the Pioneer had a mutually cooperative relationship.

In fact, Grid had received more favors than his performance.

He had always gotten help, so he couldn’t help being embarrassed when he received infinite affection. 

Grid didn’t know.

There wasn’t a single day when Dragon Slayer Hayate didn’t have nightmares.

It was because he knew that one day, the world would surely collapse.

However, starting today, he believed that nightmare was going to end.

It was thanks to Grid.

Grid was Hayate’s savior. 

“By the way, that dual wielding swordsmanship.” 

Grid didn’t hide anything when telling his story.

He confidently said that he could teach Mir a lesson if he could’ve used both arms.

It wasn’t because he actually believed he could beat Mir, but because he was embarrassed. 

The story of being intimidated when facing Ifrit. 

The story of suffering from the reversal of the sky and ground every time the three masters gestured. 

The story of Mir going easy on him... 

The more he spoke, the more he felt defeated and ashamed. 

He added some bluffs for his self-esteem. 

Hayate showed interest in the dual wielding swordsmanship. 

“Dual wielding swordsmanship is powerful, but the weaknesses are clear.

If you can use it skillfully, you can use two sword techniques at the same time to fight, but the level will inevitably be lowered.” 

In fact, the former Sword Saints and Hayate didn’t use two swords.

It was because it was more versatile to handle a single sword with both hands.

Swordsmanship could be used in depth by changing the position and direction of the sword freely.

Grid confirmed it, “I know.

However, you know that I’m not very talented in swordsmanship.”

Grid’s swordsmanship was fast and powerful.

That was all.

It wasn’t easy to perform tricks such as alternating between holding the sword in the left and right hands to add confusion or to create variables by suddenly grasping them in reverse.

In fact, he relied heavily on skills.

Therefore, he had been obsessed with dual wielding swordsmanship.

It was a type of trick to maximize the destructive power. 

Sword Saint Biban immediately detected this fact. 

“The absolutely right training method is to grasp and polish your strength.

However, it is also necessary to train to overcome your weaknesses.

That way, you will achieve bigger results.” 

“You are finally finished cleaning.” 

Grid welcomed Biban. 

It was purification, not cleaning... 

Biban murmured as he put down the cleaning rag and placed a hand on his sword sheath. 

“Give me a chance to see your dual wielding swordsmanship.” 

Biban planned to break Grid’s shallow trick.

He intended to make Grid embark on the difficult road of swordsmanship by making him realize the weakness of the dual wielding swordsmanship, which lost its usefulness as the opponents became stronger.

It was because he knew that Grid’s talent was gradually evolving.

Biban trusted Grid.

He was confident that Grid would go further beyond the limits.

Therefore, he was determined to push Grid with the feeling of a beast pushing his cub off the cliff. 

“It is an honor.” 

At the end of the day, Grid wanted to test the power of the dual wielding swordsmanship, so he readily accepted it. 

“It is better to change places,” Hayate suggested. 

Soberness, composure, and insight—his always calm aristocratic eyes were rarely shining.

He seemed to be very interested in the duel between the two people. 

“I wonder if it is necessary to change locations.


it can’t be helped if that is what the room’s owner wants,” Biban’s attitude as he spoke with a shrug was terribly arrogant. 

He was convinced it was an easy victory as long as he was competing with swordsmanship, not power.

It was a qualified confidence.

Biban was a Sword Saint.

Furthermore, Grid had the limitation of dual wielding swordsmanship.

Biban’s victory was a foregone conclusion.

At the top of the tower... 

“I, the observer, Hayate, will notarize the result of the duel,” Hayate proclaimed to Grid and Biban as they stood facing each other on an angled, circular rooftop. 

Biban pulled out Gujel’s Sword and laughed.

“That’s fine.

This might be a secret duel, but is it necessary to record the defeat of the Overgeared God Now, come.

I’ll let you attack first.” 

“Then I won’t refuse.” 


[The effect of Item Combination has caused the ‘Gujel’s Dao’ and the ‘Formless Sword’ to become one.] 

[The effect of Item Combination has caused ‘Fire Dragon Sword’ and the ‘Enlightenment Sword’ to become one.] 

[The effect of ‘Mountain Appearance and Flowing Streams’ has removed the penalty of wielding two swords.] 

[Duke of Amplification is activated.] 


Grid’s purpose was to confirm the power of the dual wielding swordsmanship.

He didn’t have the idea of defeating Biban or the confidence.

He didn’t even feel the need.

Therefore, he went straight forward.

In addition to his smooth strides, he swung the divine swords in both hands as hard as possible. 

There was nothing for later.

In order to leave no regrets, he focused all his energy in one blow.

The result of this simple choice and action was enormous.

Under the influence of Mountain Appearance and Flowing Streams, the power of Duke of Amplification was added to Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle and Linked Kill Flower Pinnacle Drop used simultaneously with both hands. 


Hayate’s eyes widened and he hurriedly used his infinite sword energy.

It was his mental world.

The place where the three of them stood changed from the rooftop of the tower to Hayate’s territory.

Part of the sword curtain that was spread along with the infinite sword energy was destroyed.

It recovered immediately, but for a moment, his mental world obviously broke.

The tower was rocked by the shockwave that leaked out. 

It was simply physical strength.

It was a destructive power that exceeded the Breath fired by Stone Dragon Gujel as the last struggle. 

“Great... hah...” 

In the end— 


Biban gave a thumbs up.

It was heartbreaking to see him swallowing a groan while bleeding from his mouth and nose...


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