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Chapter 1563

‘It is so uncomfortable.

How did I live without Shunpo’ 

Shunpo was restricted. The magic of the three masters that surrounded the city blocked all space movement techniques. Grid felt more uncomfortable than he imagined. It was much harder than when he lost his limbs during battle. 

The power of Shunpo was that outstanding. A technique that allowed him to move anywhere within his field of view. There was bound to be a big difference from when he had Shunpo and when he didn’t. In particular, the opponent in front of him was Mir. He was a strong rival who used the speed of the blue dragon by completely embodying the power of the Four Auspicious Beasts. 

It was virtually impossible to respond to that speed without Shunpo. His transcendent senses might recognize the attacks that reached supersonic speed, but Grid’s motor abilities couldn’t respond. 

That’s right. Mir was faster than before although there was still the premise that the blue dragon’s power should be activated. He felt much faster and stronger than when he fought against Raphael a month ago. This was a unique growth power when comparing it to all the worldview existences that he had witnessed so far. 

After all, one of the beginner gods, Hanul made him to be Baal and Raphael’s enemy. Chiyou must’ve been watching Mir with anticipation before meeting Grid. Mir was proving that his potential suited his background. 

It was normal for Grid to have no chance of winning. It was right to say that Grid’s defeat was set from the time that Shunpo was sealed. However, there were other things to consider. Grid’s growth rate was comparable to Mir’s growth rate. Additionally, his artificial senses. 

Grid contemplated his own limitations and made the peak power of being overgeared. Unlike his transcendent senses, which only recognized an attack, the potential of the power to read the trajectory of attacks was endless. It was possible to grasp the intent and nature of the attack based on the trajectory. 

Furthermore, Grid was currently making an item.

The patience skill was activated and this increased defense, health, and stamina by 300%. It was somewhat inferior to the legendary miner who became invincible during mining, but Grid’s defense was so high that it had a great effect. Even if he was properly cut by Mir’s sword, he only suffered less than 10,000 damage.

It was possible to almost negate the damage by overlapping it with White Tiger’s Posture. 

He used the artificial senses to avoid fatal injuries, held on patiently, and counterattacked with the dragon weapon. The strengths of a blacksmith overlapped. Rather, the penalty of completing the item within a set time was turned into an advantage. 


Mir was already wary about the destructive power of the dragon weapon, so he became a bit more passive.

He got a strange feeling so he was unable to rashly attack Grid. This allowed Grid to adjust the positions of the God Hands more closely.

He used the God Hand controlling the Magic Power Ejection Machine and designed the artificial senses more effectively. 

‘I wasn’t mistaken.

Just now...

he read the attack perfectly.

Is it that skeleton’s black magic Or the vampires’ blood magic’ 

Mir was wary of Grid’s pets and subordinates.

Their level was all unusual so he naturally doubted them. 

‘It is right to kill the pets first,’ Mir judged.

He also hoped that Grid would give up and leave in the process of losing the summons. Mir still didn’t want to hurt Grid. At this moment— 

“You are buzzing like a fly.

Flies will eventually be caught,” Grid opened his mouth.

It was a clear provocation.

It was an attempt to break Mir’s composure and create a better situation. 

Mir took it differently. 

‘He is giving me advice even in this situation.’ 

He was understandable. Mir was the person most clearly aware of Grid’s growth power compared to his own growth power. Mir’s evaluation of Grid was more than imagined. Furthermore, the two of them were mutual benefactors.

They owed each other their lives.

Mir felt a great liking.

It was just that he couldn’t reveal it due to being in different factions. In other words, they didn’t have a relationship of low level provocations. No matter what Grid said or his tone, it was all considered as good intentions. 


I was too obsessed with speed to be vigilant about the dragon slaying sword.

I used it incorrectly.’ 

His first mistake was that he somewhat shrank back in front of the dragon weapon.

His second mistake was that he didn’t want to hurt Grid. Mir first decided to understand the situation. It was only disadvantageous for the Overgeared God if he dragged out the time. 

Acting sloppy due to useless hesitation would only make the situation worse. He needed to conclude it quickly. He would remove Grid from this land, even if it meant killing him. This was the only way to protect the Overgeared God... 

“Sigh.” Mir took a deep breath and his eyes became calmer than usual. He experienced the lineage of the Sword Saint from Muller to Kraugel and awakened sharp, blade-like sensations. 

The atmosphere that changed in an instant flustered Grid. 

‘It backfired’ 

Mir shot forward like a flash of light and appeared right in front of him. He immediately swung the Blue Dragon Dao and the artificial senses in his way were cut without a problem.

It literally unraveled like a cobweb. The silver threads that were segmented into particles and connected by magic power were cut. The Sword Saint’s sword that cut all concepts naturally came to mind. 

Grid was shocked, but putting aside his shocked heart, his mind was spinning quickly.

The moment his artificial senses were cut, he predicted and defended against the attack based on the information delivered. The Blue Dragon Dao interlocked with Gujel’s Dao held on without being pushed. The extreme sword energy supported the Blue Dragon Dao. 


Grid’s willpower urged the God Hands to move. Every time a collision occurred, the Blue Dragon Dao accelerated. The form of the swordsmanship was strange.

It was a structure that used kinetic energy in reverse so it felt unreasonable. 

Grid had no choice but to face it with Link and the fusion sword dances containing Link.

He wasn’t confident about keeping up with Mir’s speed unless he borrowed the power of the system. Fortunately, at least the artificial senses were quickly restored. The particles of silver thread and magic power, which were recovered when the God Hand turned off the Magic Power Ejection Machine, once again unfolded the moment the Magic Power Ejection Machine was turned on. Even so, it was cut every time it reached the Blue Dragon Dao, but Mir wasn’t aware of this fact. 

It was because the artificial senses were intangible, colorless, and odorless. Mir focused solely on Grid without knowing what he should be wary of or what he was cutting.

This made it difficult for Grid to take advantage of the artificial senses. 


The sound of hammering ceased for the first time. The crossguard that was inserted between the handle and blade to protect the hand holding the handle—Mir’s hand stuck exquisitely close to the back of the crossguard of Gujel’s Dao and an intangible wave of energy exploded. 

Grid almost let go of the weapon in his hand.

He was swept away by the strong explosive force and his upper body greatly tilted back. The Blue Dragon Dao fell toward his chest as he floundered. It was with the momentum to cut his chest in half. It was impossible to avoid unless Shunpo was used. 

The White Tiger’s Posture that he activated a little while ago was in cooldown. In the midst of this crisis, lights flowed in line with Grid’s movement and gathered at one point. The target was the Blue Dragon Dao. 

It was the moment when the dominance of the Overgeared God was exercised. Mir let go of the Blue Dragon Dao in his hand. 


The Blue Dragon Dao, which should’ve been stabbed in Grid’s heart, lost its electricity and wandered through the air in vain. Mir reacted immediately.

He extended his arm and grabbed Grid’s neck. 

Grid was in the process of using Item Combination. For the next few seconds, the Blue Dragon Dao belonged to him and he naturally held it in his hand.

He combined it with Gujel’s Dao without any precursor. 

Then the blow that struck Grid’s face slammed him into the ground. Mir’s fist, which contained the activated power of the white tiger, was as heavy as a meteorite. Grid received big damage since the patience skill was lost the moment the hammering stopped. 

However, Grid remained calm. At this moment, the strongest weapon of all, which completely transcended Hexetia’s Short Sword, was stabbed into Mir’s side. A thunderous noise followed. Pinnacle Kill, which was enhanced by the effect of Mountain Appearance and Flowing Streams, caused a landslide inside Mir and he shook. 


Astonishment appeared on Hwang Gildong and Old Sword Demon’s faces as they arrived at the scene. Mir, who had seemed to always overwhelm Grid throughout the battle—it was because Mir’s body was cut in half even though he had a chance to win just a while ago. 


[You have lost dominance over the Blue Dragon Dao.] 


A notification window popped up in Grid’s vision. Grid was already prepared for this. The moment that he cut Mir’s body, he released Item Combination and launched a stab with the Blue Dragon Dao.

It was only when the Blue Dragon Dao was embedded in Mir’s heart that he lost ownership. 

The blood flowing from Grid and Mir caused a huge explosion, as if declaring the end of the battle. It was the link between Blood Sword Shatter and Blood Flow Explosion. 



Hwang Gildong and Old Sword Demon had wide mouths like a crucian carp.

They stared blankly at Mir, who was swept up in the red explosion. 

“Cough, cough...” 

Grid struggled to raise his body.

One step, another step. 

He barely managed to move his bloody body and resumed hammering in front of the anvil. 

7 minutes and 34 seconds. 

The time had stopped from the moment Grid stopped hammering.

7 minutes and 33 seconds. 

7 minutes and 32 seconds. 

Now it started flowing again. 

“Stay still,” Grid warned Mir, who was raising his body in the aftermath of the explosion. 

Mir didn’t rush over this time. Unlike when he was cut by Grid in the past, Mir activated the power of the red phoenix and focused on regeneration without destroying everything around him. 

The fear of death—Mir had overcome it after experiencing it just once. Even when his body was split in two or when he was swept away by the explosion, he just regenerated his body and raised himself up again. Mir’s eyes never wavered. Yet at this moment, he was shaken. 

“You still don't understand I don’t want to kill you.” 

It was while looking at Grid’s back. 

“I don’t want to fight you.” 

Mir couldn’t see Grid’s face as Grid talked. It was because Grid had his back to Mir and didn’t take his eyes off the anvil. However, Mir knew what Grid would look like right now. Maybe it would be like Mir’s... 

Mir still had more than three fifths of his health remaining. 


On the other hand, Grid only had around one fifth of his health left.

He secretly drank potions while he had his back to Mir. It was Grid who allowed more attacks throughout the battle. It was a figure that proved the difference in basic specs. However, the health gauge was a number indicated by the system.

Mir and Hwang Gildong couldn’t see it. They just had a strange impression from Grid’s lonely back view. 

Only Old Sword Demon’s expression was subtle. ‘It is an incredible bluff.’

As he watched Grid’s fast-growing health gauge while Mir faltered, Old Sword Demon realized there were more than one or two conditions for becoming the best. 

Taang, taang, taang. 

The sound of hammering spread through the silent scene.

It was quiet.

Mir remembered the wind chimes hanging from the end of the eaves.

His heart calmed down. 

“I lost.” 


Mir returned the Blue Dragon Dao to its sheath and stepped back. He got even further away from Grid.

It was a sense of distance that made him realize the connection between the two people. 

“I’m going back now.


I wish you luck.” 

Mir’s health gauge unknowingly became full as he bowed his head deeply to say goodbye. The power of the red phoenix that was activated in order to restore his cut body was extremely effective. It was very meaningful that he embodied all the power of the Four Auspicious Beasts.

It was a level where he could be considered invincible and it was natural for civilians to regard him as a god. Unlike the other yangbans, Mir was highly qualified to be an object of faith.


Mir’s footsteps disappeared.

He really left the scene without regret. The reason he fought Gri in the first place was because he feared Grid would be killed by the three masters and be deprived of his divinity. Now Grid had proved his skills.

He refused any favors and won () the fight against Mir. It was hard for Mir to force it any longer. He had the justification of losing, so he would have to leave the rest to Grid and step back. 

“The two of you should leave quickly,” Grid felt the turbulent barrier and spoke to Hwang Gildong and Old Sword Demon. Hwang Gildong hesitated for a moment, but he was forced to nod because he just witnessed Grid’s skills. 

Old Sword Demon also understood the situation. What would happen in the future wasn’t in an area that human beings could handle.

They would just be a distraction... 

Eventually, they left.

Shortly after Grid was left alone, the barrier collapsed. Ifrit was in tatters as she plummeted to the ground.

It felt like her life was disappearing.

The huge body looked very pitiful. On the other hand, the three masters were fine.

They only showed some fatigue. 

“It is an unexpected sight.” 

After appearing, the three masters, who had solely focused on Ifrit, finally turned their attention to Grid. 

“It is you in that position, not Mir” 

“That guy, Mir...

surely he wasn’t defeated” 

“In any case, it is good.

Now we just have to dismantle her.” 

The three masters’ dopos fluttered as they descended. 

15 seconds.

14 seconds, 13 seconds... 

Grid’s mind was anxious as he checked the time. If Ifrit died before the dragon weapon was completed, the quest would fail. It was regrettable that his time was delayed when fighting Mir. 

“I will enjoy tonight’s banquet with a glass of your blood.” 

Smiles appeared on the faces of the three masters. The shape of their hands over Ifrit’s half-folded long neck was rough. 

8 seconds.

7 seconds... 

Time flowed too slowly. 

Pungsa and Unsa broke the scales behind Ifrit’s neck. 

5 seconds.

4 seconds... 

Just before Usa’s hand dug into the gaps in the scales— 


A spear fell from the sky. Then it was a knife, an axe, an arrow... 

All types of battle gear poured down like rain and attracted the attention of the three masters. 


The expressions of the three masters as they stared at Grid were nasty.

They had been ambiguous so far, but they finally revealed their explicit killing intent.

It was so deep that he wondered how they had hid it so far. 

“You can’t kill her without my permission.” 

Grid might’ve got on the boat by chance, but he was on a boat called Ifrit.

He couldn’t stand idly by to watch the boat sink. In the first place, Ifrit’s death was directly linked to the strengthening of the Hwan Kingdom.

It had to be stopped. 

“This conceited look is so ridiculous.” 

“We were going to kill you anyway.

Don’t interfere with the sacred ritual.” 

The world was turned upside down. The sky and earth were responding to the willpower of the three masters. Just then— 


Grid’s hammering sound rang out loudly. It was a sound that marked the end of the work and a new beginning. 


[Ifrit’s Horn has been completed!] 


A work where Grid wasn’t involved in the design and intent. The spear, which was completed with the quest effect, burned like a powerful flame and flew to stick in the middle of Ifrit’s forehead. 




Grid and the three masters were amazed. If there was a player at the scene, there would be a hateful criticism of ‘stealing the last hit.’ 

It happened at the moment when Grid was terribly flustered… 

[You have done it.] 

Ifrit’s huge eyes slowly opened.


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