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The world was tumultuous even after the war ended. 

The controlled zones of the Overgeared Guild relaxed their control, the Hell Gao raid where tens of thousands of people participated, the changes in the religious forces, the 7th National Competition, etcetera. 

The issues that attracted the attention of people around the world hadnt ceased. In particular, peoples attention was focused on the National Competition. 

『 The National Competition is a stage where world-class powerhouses gather to compete with their skills.

The purpose is to select the best talent of that year.

However, this year, there is an announcement from the S.A Group that it will add events where players will compete under the same conditions in order to give more players the opportunity to participate.


『 The AoS and battle royale genres will be added as new events, right 』 

『 Yes, each country will hold an online preliminary round to select players...

The National Competition was a contest of national prestige. People looked forward to and cheered to see how far their rankers could prevail in the world. However, significant rewards caused unexpected problems. As the gap between those who won medals in the National Competition and those who failed to win medals widened, more and more people started to feel a sense of deprivation. 

A festival that took place once a year—it was a competition that carried the national flag and it was right for it to be a stage for qualified people. It was no wonder why the rewards were so great. Even so, it would be nice to give more people a chance... 

The S.A Group responded to the wishes of people like this. It was to appease the public sentiment that had worsened since the Great Human and Demon War. A total of seven new events were added to this years National Competition. Five of these events were based oncompeting under equal conditions. 

The AoS games, FPS games, etcetera, which were popular until the release of Satisfy a few years ago. This included the battle royale games that would be held as an event. In every event, participants chose a specific profession.

They started the game at level 1 and sought victory by cooperating or competing with other participants. The background of the game was naturally Satisfy.

It was easy to understand it as various genres of games being played as a virtual reality version. 

People had no choice but to be excited. They would have an opportunity to participate in the National Competition that was only a festival for a few people. 

-Honestly, we would be rankers if we had money and time. 

-That\'s right. If only luck had followed. 

-We will be competitive if the conditions are the same. 

Most people were tolerant toward themselves. They acknowledged the strength and performance of rankers, but they also believed they were qualified to stand beside the rankers. The reason they didnt become rankers was due to the differences in environment and bad luck... 

Many believed so and desire ignited in them. It was similar to a person who hadnt studied properly thinking,If I had made up my mind to study, I wouldve gone to a prestigious university. The experts pointed out their attitudes. 

『 It is sad to see what public opinion is like recently.

More and more people are distorting rankers into those who are privileged.

They should keep one thing in mind.

Rankers were also ordinary in the past.

A ranker isnt a position that can be maintained with money and time alone.

Please note that if you have the opportunity to compete with them under the same conditions, you will surely experience great frustration...


『 Professor, are you afraid that the gap between new participants and rankers will be large 』 

『 Of course.

I expect the actual rankings and result of the participants to be directly proportional to ther real rankings.


『 An example of this...

Grid will unconditionally win gold in any events he participates in, right 』

『 Right.


The opinions of experts from all walks of life were similar. They predicted the overwhelming performance of the rankers. They appreciated theexperience of rankers rather than theirinnate talent. They argue that the polished insights, control, and senses from experiencing countless unimaginable incidents would exceed predictions and that it would take several years to narrow the gap. 

Public opinion became angry. 

-It is in direct proportion ᄏᄏ Do the people who arent rankers have no dreams or hopes 

-It is bull**. Has it only been one or two times when the experts speak X-ing bull** sentences 

-Sports players and professional gamers will eventually be pushed by rookies and disappear into history, yet the experts are prioritizing experience... a game is more about talent than experience. 

-Rankers rely on their level and items. I admit that they did better than others in obtaining levels and items, but isnt it too much of a leap that the experience gained after being a ranker is so important 

-They are being overly meticulous. 

Those who respected and cheered for rankers not long ago started to discredit them. It wasnt a strange thing. A persons attitude was bound to change depending on the situation and position. The proof was the readers swearing that the manhwa or novels they enjoyed reading until last week were trash today. It changed because it was worth changing. From the time when events that anyone could challenge were added to the National Competition, peoples attitudes were bound to change.

Rankers became competitors, not world-class existences. 

『 Peoples interest in this years National Competition is unprecedented.

The number of participants for the online preliminaries to select players for the new events is...


『 Many people are curious about whether Grid, who missed several competitions, and Kraugel, who didnt participate in last years competition, will participate this year.

In response, the S.A Group has revealed that it hasnt received applications from the two people to participate.

This has disappointed people...


『 Many rankers arent expressing their intention to participate in the new event.

In the midst of speculation over the reasons, the interview of the named ranker Peak Sword has become controversial.

Did he say,What ranker will go to participate in a feast for the general public and light candles 』

『 Thats right.

He definitely seemed to distinguish between rankers and non-rankers.


『 What is the reaction of public opinion 』

『 It is very negative.

The majority of opinions say they feel the rankers sense of authority from Peak Swords attitude.

『 It is true that rankers are great.

Still, it isnt an official position.


『 Yes, the reason why rankers are recognized is due to their skills.

Most of the skills recognized here are exercised only when the specs support it.

Thus, public response is colder.

『 Ive seen many comments like that.

I am sympathetic with some of them.

The advantage of rankers lies in their specs.

The great thing about rankers is that they built up those specs...

this is what they are saying.

They feel that rankers who have lost their specs arent much different from the general public.


『 Thats right.

Additionally, there are many talented people even among the general public.

The reason they cant become rankers is because the environment isnt good or they started Satisfy too late.

There is no way they wont win when fighting under the same conditions as rankers.


『 Is it reasonable to say that the reason why rankers are absent from new events is because they are afraid of losing 』

『 Yes, it is too risky for the rankers to give up their hard-earned qualifications to participate in events under the same conditions as the general public.

They cant guarantee victory and their reputation will plummet if they lose.


『 Still, isnt the expression ofgeneral public a bit inappropriate If they are talented enough to break through hundreds of millions of people and advance to the finals, arent they good enough to be called professionals Even if a ranker loses, they arent losing to the general public.

Arent they losing to professionals If you think so, it isnt a big disgrace, right 』 

『 However, Peak Sword separated the participants into the general public 』

『 The keywordrankers sense of authority is becoming a hot topic...



“Good morning.” 


Peak Sword was flustered when he connected to Satisfy. It was because the attitude of the colleagues greeting him was the same as usual. He thought they would ask why he caused another commotion.

Therefore, it was a surprise. Toban read Peak Swords stunned expression and laughed. “There must be many people feeling relieved after hearing your interview.” 

There were two main reasons why the rankers were shunning the new events. First of all, there was the need to understand the meaning of the National Competition. The National Competition was a place to raise the reputation and value of the participants before it was a stage to raise the prestige of the nation. From the perspective of the rankers, they should make use of their own advantages to participate in events where they could prove their value rather than participating in new events. Image making on a big stage like the National Competition had more value in the long-term. 

On the other hand, some people read the atmosphere. What was the point of engaging in slaughter and hanging a medal around their necks in events made for the public There was nothing other than the medal rewards.

Rather, it was a loss. Public opinion and the media would criticize them for being tactless and there was a high possibility that their value would seriously fall. Of course, they would forget or turn a blind eye to the fact that they provoked the rankers first. 

It was judged that it was better to leave this as their own event. Thats right. The gap between rankers and the general public was large. It was uncertain until a few years ago, but now it could be confirmed. 

People failed to become rankers not because they were unlucky or their environment wasnt good.

It was because they werent talented. The evidence was that those who became rankers due to luck failed to maintain their rankings and eventually went down to their original positions. There was such accumulated data that rankers became aware that they were pros. 

“Personally, I want Grid to participate in the National Competition,” Toban said as he entered the palace. 

The atmosphere of the palace was very busy. They were in the midst of preparing to welcome guests from the empire. They found Grid dressed in a cool robe, and Peak Sword nodded and raised his thumb like he agreed with Toban. 

“There are too many words that cross the line these days.” 

Was it the experts assessment that provoked a backlash Peoples aversion to rankers was spreading to Grid. Based on the days when Grids control ability wasnt proficient, it was argued that Grid would be disgraced if he participated in the new event. Of course, this was still only the opinion of the minority. Even so, the fact that there was a small number of people talking nonsense again, despite everything that Grid showed, angered Peak Sword. 

“What Did something bad happen” Grid approached. He saw their bad expressions and seemed worried. 

“That...” Toban explained the situation and Grid laughed. 

“Why do you care about that The earth has a population of over 10 billion.

How can we get everyones favor A few of them might dislike us.” 

“I can understand why they feel competitive with rankers.

Even so, it is annoying that there are people who are biting at you when you have done nothing wrong and it isnt related to you.” 

“There are many people who speak ill of others for no reason.

Ignore what we should ignore.” 

Grids expression became bitter for a moment as he soothed the two men. He recalled the days when he was overwhelmed by a sense of inferiority and easily criticized others. How many people in the world were like this Anybody who was a public figure and exposed to the public would have to bear criticism.

Sometimes they could only rely on the law when it came to excessive criticism.

“The empress will soon arrive.

The story of the National Competition will wither the moment she announces the empire becoming our subordinates.

So, stop worrying and calm your minds.” 

Grids prediction was correct. 

“The Saharan Empire has declared itself subordinate to the Overgeared Kingdom and will serve His Majesty Grid as their emperor.” 

As millions of people gathered around the continent, the world was turned upside down when Empress Basara made this declaration. It was the continents first and only empire.

Now the largest nation had appointed a player as the new emperor. Public opinion and the media no longer mentioned the National Competition. 

They were busy analyzing the past moves and achievements of Grid and the Overgeared Guild, using the theme of a player becoming the emperor, an empire established by a player, and unification without war.

It was almost a tribute.

Public opinion criticizing Peak Sword disappeared like a lie. 

It was a change of attitude like flipping the palm of a hand. It has been shown several times, so it was nothing new. 

‘Then the attitude will change again as the National Competition approaches.

It is a bit disgusting. 

Grid thought it would be a good idea to go to the National Competition for the first time in ages. There were many justifications such as commemorating victory in the Great Human and Demon War and the birth of the Overgeared Empire. It was also fun to participate in the new events on behalf of the angry rankers and overturn the banquet table. 

\'...No, it is too much for me to step up. 

Wouldnt Lauel monopolize the gold medals if he was sent out to participate in the new events The participation rate of other rankers would be low anyway and Lauels adaptability in new environments was unmatched.

He wasnt a genius for nothing. Grid seriously considered it as he looked at Lauel, who had stepped down from active duty a long time ago.

“......” Lauel broke out in a cold sweat as he felt a chill for an unknown reason. 

‘What Is it due to yesterdays nightmare

The kingdoms rebirth as an empire required a new name. 

The Overgeared Saha Empire—it was a name he heard in last nights nightmare. However, reality would be different... 

Lauel earnestly prayed that it would be so.

He wanted Grid to answer his prayer.


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