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“Thedella used in warp gates originally means a unit.

After adding the standard gravitation value to manas kinetic energy generated when teleportation magic is activated, the rate of the body transfer is calculated in reverse...” 

Grid talked nonstop for 10 minutes. He stood with shaking black eyes. He was spitting out what Filewolf was saying with his mouth, but at the same time, he was greatly flustered once unknown words and concepts started to appear one after another. He didnt know what he was saying right now... 

It was natural to feel confused in such a situation. 

-Very cool. You are like a professor. Would you like to borrow a pair of glasses 

Lauel sent whispers to him that cheered for him. This was even though Lauel clearly knew he was receiving Filewolfs help, so it felt like Lauel was making fun of him.

However, Lauels brightly shining eyes made him seem truly sincere. No matter what it was, Grid wanted him to be quiet. It was hard to relay Filewolfs words intact, but it became crazy when overlapping with Lauels voice. 

“...Therefore, as long as 15 della energy is secured, the theory of the warp gate transcending time and space can be completed.” 

Grid remained focused in the midst of the difficulties and barely finished explaining. He sighed with relief and felt a sense of reward comparable to when he made a myth rated item. It was as hard as that even though he was onlyspeaking. It felt like he started with a half-hearted joke, but then he dug his grave. He didnt know how many times he regretted it during the process. 

Clap clap clap! 

Sticks, who had been listening the entire time, clapped enthusiastically.

He couldnt hide his admiration. 

“Many questions have been resolved since della was assigned as the resource.

It is great.

It is a perfect theory without any flaws.

Perhaps it is due to the experience of discovering the truth of the world, the knowledge itself that I use to understand the world feels different.

Your Majesty should be called a great sage.” 

He even had the illusion that the ancient giants, who were extinct, had come back to life... 

This was Sticks general review. 

‘They didnt come back to life, but...

In any case, it was right that they were back.

The wise giants—they had mastered ancient knowledge and were cooperating with Grid. There were two in the tower and one by Grids side. It was a connection that couldnt be bought by money, experience, and power. It was a connection that could only be won by pure skill. 

“There will be difficulties in the future.

In order to generate 15 della of energy, at least 97 million tons of material with a mana loss rate of 0.17% or less should be secured and the corresponding mana injected...

I dont know if we can get the materials even if we convene all the magicians on the continent...” 

[FIlewolf thinks that the genes of a high elf are really excellent and is happy.] 

Filewolf started to give a lengthy explanation again. It was intended to increase the feasibility by supplementing the calculation formula made in an instant by Sticks. Grid wanted to convey it, but he eventually gave up. The joke would end here. 

“Sticks, actually...” Grid honestly explained about the existence of FIlewolf. 

“Im glad.” Sticks was relieved rather than disappointed. “I was worried about how Your Majesty could afford to study when you always fight for everyone.

Now I am a bit relieved. 

It was Sticks who was bound by the mission to protect the Behen Archipelago while dying from the curse of the gourmet dragon. The benefactor who freed him was Grid. As the years passed, Sticks realized the value of life even more and felt even greater thanks toward Grid. 

“I dont want you to overdo it.” 


Sticks attitude touched Grids heart. 

[You have formed a bond with the great sageSticks.] 

The system reacted. There was no need to go around the battlefield together. No dramatic event was needed. Relationships could naturally develop bonds over time. This was friendship. Every time he recalled this fact, a persons face flashed in Grids mind. 


The first friend he made. Grid missed and worried about him a lot these days. Grid naturally believed he wouldve been reunited with his family in heaven. Unfortunately, he learned the reality of hell and heaven. By now, Khan was probably wandering the river of reincarnation. It was without forgetting the previous life or changing to a new life. 

Grid thought of Khan in pain and wanted to go to hell right away. However, he didnt do so. Hell was Baals territory. Baal might only be a small fragment on the surface, but Grid didnt yet have the confidence to deal with the strongest existence in hell. 

‘Time is needed. 

He needed to carry out theprocedure according to Lauels words. It would be around the time when players were active in hell. In other words, he should only move after dispersing the eyes of the demons to a certain extent. In the meantime, Grid was going to become stronger than he was now There was a means to strengthen himself thanks to the new powers, so time was on Grids side. Grids priority was to make as much effort as possible. 

“Sticks, a robot that can help you...

no, Ill attach a person to you.” 

The black sphere that always hovered like a satellite above Grids head. It was a mass of Greed that had been built up over time. Grid decided to use part of it for the production of a magic machine. It was a production, not a transformation. It would be Filewolfs body. 


Every soul that hovered by Grids side had different desires. First of all, Tzudan wanted freedom. He hated any further suffering and wanted a complete rest. Unfortunately, rest was oblivion to the dead. The river of reincarnation was a necessity. Tzudans wish was a dream that couldnt be fulfilled as long as the river of reincarnation was in the hands of the demons. 

Thus, Grid made a suggestion to him. 

Stay by Chris side for a while. 

Surprisingly, Tzudan accepted. He seemed very interested in his successor. He was well aware that Chris strength was needed to liberate the river of reincarnation. 

Tzudan left Grids side. He became the ego of the new greatsword and entered Chris arms. The impact was huge. Chris growth rate became similar to that of during the Great Human and Demon War. However, there seemed to be a problem with communication and there were intermittent twisting side effects.

It was close to a mysterious phenomenon because it was the level at which he tripped on his own. Still, Grid believed this was a problem that time could solve. 

Meanwhile, Haksen was burning with academic enthusiasm. He was interested in the magic of the new era, among which was Brahams enhancement magic. He suffered from being Gamigins slave like Tzudan, but he didnt want to rest.

He wanted to interact with Braham. 

“What nonsense.” 

Brahams reaction was cold. He was offended by the fact that a remnant of the past coveted his magic. 

“It is ridiculous for a ghost to be obsessed with magic.

You cant even use it.

Even if you are a person, do you think you deserve to be my disciple in the first place” 

Braham didnt hesitate to speak bad words. Grid worried that this was too severe, but on the other hand, he understood Brahams feelings. How could he feel good when he saw a person () coveting the knowledge he had struggled to accumulate for hundreds of years. 

Haksen also understood and wasnt hurt. He endured Brahams bad words. 

“...Haksen himself knows that this is a shameless request.

Braham, he fully understands your anger and contempt.

Still, your magic is so great that he had no choice but to ask shamelessly.


“Bah,” Braham snorted like there was nothing to hear, but he no longer spoke ill of the other person. He was a magician and understood Haksens enthusiasm for learning. Maybe...

one day, the two of them would interact.

[Haksen hopes that one day, this person will understand his heart.

He is curious about Brahams birthday and zodiac sign, height and weight, tastes and hobbies.] 

...Grid thought as he watched Haksen, who had no intention of giving up easily. In any case— 

“It is cool.

There is a sense of unity with metal.

It is more fantastic than I ever imagined. Gasp, gasp, gasp...” 

The only legendary soul who fulfilled his desire was Filewolf. It was the desire to become a magic machine. 

“It has improved a lot, but it is still Raiders.

It is a new model that was in full swing around the time I died.

I felt sorry because I died without riding it, but I transcended time and became one with it, relieving my resentment. Gasp, gasp...” 

The dark metal—Filewolf looked creepy as he stroked his body made of Greed and talked to himself. By the way, why was he always gasping for breath He didnt have a respiratory tract. 

“I mightve made improvements, but it is still classified as an old model these days.” 

“It is an old model.

The classic charm remains the same.

My Raiders is mature. Gasp, gasp... No, you improved it You are a better person than I thought.

You are literally a god like your name. Gasp, gasp...”


Grid silently turned away. He gave a thumbs up to Sticks, who looked uneasy. 

Sticks was left alone with FIlewolf and had to suffer for a while. The appearance of constantly touching his body and taking rough breaths...

it was enough to shatter Sticks fantasy about the giants. 


There was news that the mirror demon was successfully raided in hell. Both Kraugel and Faker testified that the mirror demon was the most persistent enemy they had ever faced. It was said that it led them on a 10 day chase inside the crystal castle, hiding in the crystals reflecting light and repeatedly escaping. It assassinated many of the key figures in the alliance. It was really fortunate that they succeeded in raiding it when the opportunity came. 

The good news didnt end there. Leraje overcame the crisis. Her strength hadnt been restored, but at the very least, the possibility of her suddenly dying had disappeared. However, she was deprived of all the hells she had occupied during the Great Human and Demon War.

Still, this was a scheduled process. In the first place, they were territories that couldnt be kept.

They were not needed right now. Thus, there was no need to be disappointed. 

‘We can occupy the areas close to the crystal castle step by step. 

It was from the time when the players invasion of hell became commonplace. In other words, it was a topic from the time when the penalties of hell were eased and the warp gate was completed. Thats right. Lauels plans were progressing steadily. Numerous players participated in the Hell Gao raid, while Sticks and Filewolf started the construction of a super-large warp gate that never existed before. 

Then new information came to the smiling Lauel. An envoy had arrived from the empire. 

The time had come. 

Lauel was happily greeting the envoy when question marks appeared on his face. 

“Are you the king of this small nation It is worse than the rumors.” The envoys face and attitude were strange. The dukes of the empire were constantly lowering their heads.

They werent looking at Lauel, but at the envoy who came with them. 

“Saharan...” The name of the envoy was confusing to Lauel.


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