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It was after wiping out the remnants of the demonic creatures. 

Grid had to calm Chris, who was trying to jump into the Abyss, down. “What do you mean by trying to hunt in the Abyss Have you forgotten that you arent even level 100 yet Good hunting grounds for your level are all over the place.” 

“......” Chris barely calmed his excitement down. He got rid of his way of thinking from before his level was reset and reminded himself that there were so many options. There was just one concern. “I dont know when the offensive of the demonic creatures will start again...

Im worried about being away from my position.”

The Abyss was the most important base.

It was best to have the maximum power. 

‘You won\'t be much help due to your low level anyway. This was what Grid wanted to say. Grid thought it wasnt a big deal, but he came to his senses. He remembered that he was the one who reset Chris level.

He had to consider Chris mood. 

He spoke as kindly as possible, unlike his inner thoughts. “Your vacancy will be very big, but it will be okay.

Trust your other colleagues.” 

“...Yes, Ill have to leave for a while.” 

“Work hard to raise your level.

I will soon come to you with a gift.” 

Grid had observed Chris battle carefully. He carefully understood the characteristics of Tzudans Successor and thought about what items to make for Chris. A surprise was also prepared. He planned to place Tzudans soul in the greatsword he would give to Chris. 

In any case, Grid had already obtained everything from Tzudan after getting the information of Grenier. In the future, he hoped Tzudan would stay by Chris side and help Chris steadily develop. He made this judgment after having the thought,It wouldve been very helpful if Pagmas soul had been by my side and gave me a lot of advice. 


No, It would be better if Pagma didnt help me.

If Pagma had been with him... 

It was highly likely that all sorts of troubles wouldve occurred with his personal relationships. First of all, it was certain that he would be lifelong enemies with Braham. 

“A gift... You have already given me a legendary class change book.

What else do you want to give me” 

“Dont feel burdened.

The class change book isnt a gift.

I will receive money for it anyway.” 


“How about 120 million dollars At this price, I dont think we will be burdened toward each other.” 

The price offered by Grid was about 150 billion won. He constantly entrusted Grid with item production requests and he purchased elixirs. The expenditures he made to invest in his growth were so large that this was a disastrous amount for Chris, who had less money saved. 

“I will send you my account number by email.” 

“...Can I return it” 

“Haha.” Chris must be in a good mood based on the way he was joking around. Grid was laughing while thinking this, only for his expression to suddenly stiffen. He noticed that Chris was speaking sincerely. 

‘It seems Chris is a person who lavishly spends. 

It was known that the average annual income of high rankers was in the tens of billions. It was natural since they gained popularity beyond sports stars and Hollywood stars. Tens of billions was based on the value of sports stars. HIgh rankers made a lot of money just with commercials and broadcasting fees.

Even that was only extra income. Naturally, the real source of income for high rankers was Satisfy. 

Moreover, Chris was the former lord of Reidan. He ruled the second largest city in the Overgeared Kingdom for several years.

Even before joining the Overgeared Guild, he owned a private territory. He wouldve earned an astronomical amount of money from the tax revenue. Yet he had no money. 

It wasnt a lie. Grids developed insight was informing him that Chris was in a true state. 

‘Is he just spending money indiscriminately 

He imagined Chris bringing dozens of beauties to his mansion every day and having drug parties... 

It was drawn clearly in his mind as if he had seen it himself. Grid had never been abroad except for the National Competitions. He had strange fantasies about wealthy foreigners. He easily had the prejudice that they had glamorous and promiscuous private lives. 

“Um... Pretend you didnt hear the amount I just mentioned.

Chris, you can set the price yourself.” 

In Grids heart, he didnt want to receive any money for it.

However, the problem was that it could hurt Chris pride. Thats right. Grid was acting out of consideration for Chris. He let Chris pay what he could afford in order to protect Chris pride and family. 

It was the wrong judgment. He had already asked for 150 billion won.

To belatedly ask for Chris to set the amount...

Chris couldnt make it less than 150 billion.

It was a matter of pride. 

“As soon as possible...

I will do...


Chris tried to think positively. 

A legendary class—based on recent trends, 150 billion won was very cheap. Yes, he was lucky... 

He appreciated Grids kindness... 

Chris repeated this thought, but only the number150 billion won was floating in his mind. 


Grid sent Chris away and visited Brahams barrack. 

“You came just in time.” 

Braham leaned against a spacious table and greeted Grid. He was holding a drink in one hand.

He was pretending to be relaxed. However, the maps and documents spread out on the table were proving Brahams usual workload. In particular, the magic records were very conspicuous. 

It was true that a magician was close to a scholar. Braham was recording all the magic he used during the war. What would happen when he used magic for different reasons in different environments He recorded it, contrasted it, and studied it one by one. It meant that the status of strongest magician in history wasnt achieved just by talent. 

There was also the smell of blood. A shirt crumpled up like a rag in the corner was dyed red. 

“Tsk.”Braham frowned and flicked his finger.

Then the shirt burned up and disappeared. 

“I used blood magic.” This concluded the explanation. He didnt say that his mana core had been damaged and he suffered a major crisis. In any case, he had completely recovered with the regeneration power of a direct descendant.

There was no need to worry Grid. 

Grid had a shaky expression as he sat down in front of Braham. He used a God Hand that just flew over as a chair, but it was both comfortable and unpleasant.

It was because the God Hands were based on Grids hand. 

Why was there only one chair here 

“Did you kill the demon god” 

Demon God Sitri—according to some, he was weaker than a single digit great demon, but his huge size couldnt be ignored. Just one of his fingers reached 10 meters long.

It couldnt even be guessed how huge his overall size would be. To an extent, the size itself was a weapon. He was the type that could cover the sky with a single hand gesture and cause a typhoon with a single snort. 

‘A presence specialized in mass murder.

At this point, it is likely that it will be highly difficult to deal a hit with ordinary weapons.

There was a health and defense that fit his size as well as divinity. Putting aside his actual combat power, he was a frightening opponent. 

“No, that is an existence that cant be killed.” 

“He must be as sturdy as he is big.” 

“It is pointless to discuss him physically.

He is a mass of vengeful spirits...

he is close to a concept.

That is why he is a god.” 

Braham started a long story. The name Beriache came out first. Braham explained in detail his guess about what hell was originally like. 

Grid wasnt surprised at all. 

A peaceful neutral zone that was no different from the surface. 

The statue of God Yatan that prevented disputes. 

The river of reincarnation managed by the great demons. 

Gods who didnt hesitate to cooperate with hell. 

The grudge and anger that Leraje had toward Baal. 

System messages that indicated that Baal had distorted hell and so on. 

There were many reasons to feel doubt. 

“I doubted it from the time I discovered that the statue of Yatan acted as a symbol of peace in hell.

I couldnt understand why the evil god symbolized peace.” 

Was Yatan really evil Upon thinking about it, Grid couldnt recall any of Yatans evil deeds. Of course, he didnt deny that Yatan was an evil god. It was Yatan who made hell and the demons. Yatan was the source of all evil in the world, so he was naturally an evil god. 

However, that concept was overturned at this moment. As Braham speculated, hell was likely to be arest area created for the dead. Otherwise, it was hard to explain why the river of reincarnation flowed through hell. The river of reincarnation was a system that gave new life to the dead.

It was caring for the dead. Would it be necessary to consider the deceased if hell was really a den of evil 

It was right to interpret hell as a world created by benevolence, not Yatans malice. From this point on, the evidence that Yatan was the source of evil became weak. From a human point of view, the heavenly gods were evil in the first place. 

“In my opinion, there is only one sin committed by Yatan.” 

Dozens of cracks appeared in the glass in Brahams hand. 

“He made Baal.” 

Braham remembered why his mother gave birth to Marie Rose. She wanted Marie Rose to do what she couldnt accomplish. Thus, she made an existence that transcended herself. Perhaps Yatan was similar. Perhaps the reason why he gave Baal so much authority and strength was because he wanted Baal to cooperate with his kin to save him from his destiny. For example, Yatan wanted to escape the fate of periodically destroying the world. 

“Just as my mother proved...

a child doesnt naturally have to act according to their childs preferences.

The evidence is that Fenrir, Marie Rose, and I failed to meet our mothers expectations and hurt her heart.

Yatan and Baal would be no different.” 

Brahams past as a direct descendant was a shameful disgrace. However, he revealed it himself. He used himself as proof to prove the relationship between Yatan and Baal. Therefore, it was definitely communicated to Grid. 

“I want to restore the real hell.

That was my mothers ultimate wish.” 

Braham felt his mothers heart. Why did she hide the truth while blurring the memories of her children It must be because she didnt want her children to take any risks. Thus, Braham wanted to fulfill his mothers true desire that she was forced to hide. He also felt the need to correct the wrong world for himself. 

“Grid, what about you” 

[A world quest has occurred!] 

[World quests have enough influence to overturn the worldview.

Please keep this in mind.] 

[World Quest] 

[★Hell side. 

The information youve collected so far and Brahams interpretation have combined to reveal the truth of hell.

Try to reverse the distorted form of hell. 

Quest Clear Conditions: 


Spread the truth. 

Reveal the truth of hell to the world.

At least 30% of all humanity should believe your claims. 

You must also persuade the Demon Slayer. 

The world quest progression will increase to 20% when the conditions are met. 


Liberate the river of reincarnation. 

The river of reincarnation was originally a right for the dead to enjoy. 

Persuade or defeat Eligos, the great demon currently managing the river of reincarnation, to liberate the river of reincarnation. 

The world quest progression will increase to 30% when the conditions are met. 


Eliminate Baal. 

Baal is the one who distorted the shape of hell.

Restore hell by punishing the source of all evil. 

The world quest progression will increase to 50% when the conditions are met. 




Quest Clear Rewards: Depends on the quest progress. 

Quest Failure Condition: Failed to spread the truth. 

Quest Failure Penalty: Lost 200 levels.

Two of your highest stats will permanently decrease by 20%.

There will be a punishment for false incitement.] 

[Would you like to accept the quest] 

Grid faced Braham. 

“Beriaches wish is your wish.” 

There was no hesitation or fear in his unshakable eyes. 

“Your wish is my wish.” 

Grid also had an obligation to fight. It was for the future of Irene, Lord, and his other precious people, as well as to liberate the soul of Pagma, who was captured by Baal. Also...

perhaps it was for Khan who was already suffering from being part of the demon god. 


“Yes, My Liege.” 

Grid left the barrack and took action straight away. Through Hurois mouth, he spread the truth of hell to the world. He explained to humanity why they must fight. 

If Grid was an ordinary ranker— 

If he was one guild or the head of the nation, he might never have been able to persuade 30% of humanity in his lifetime. No matter how much he preached about the truth of the world, who would easily believe it Even if they believed it, how many people would risk their lives and fight together for a vague death 

[The truth of hell is spreading to the world.] 

[5% of humanity accepts your claims as the truth.] 

[10% of humanity accepts your claims as the truth.] 

[20% of humanity accepts your claims as the truth.] 

[Demon SlayerYura has added strength to your argument.] 

[35% of humanity accepts your claims as the truth.] 

[You have already achieved your goal!] 

[50% of humanity accepts your claims as the truth.] 

[It is a remarkable achievement! More than half of humanity trusts you!] 

[68% of humanity accepts your claims as the truth.] 

[The people of the east and the natives of Grenier also trust your claims.] 




[Most of humanity trusts you.] 

[The myth of the Overgeared God is strengthened.] 

[Deity has increased by 20.] 

[Analyzing your achievements to give you two new powers.] 



Grid had a sense of reality. If he was the lantern of humanity, then humanity was the ship carrying the lantern. He could go further because he had the people.


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