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Mountains have been treated as spiritual places since ancient times, and it was the same for Grenier. 

A mountain towering alone in the wilderness—it was a mystical sight and it was bound to attract peoples attention. It was immediately accepted as a fact that elixirs were formed on the pine trees that lined the rock walls. People visited Grenier like they were possessed. They searched the mountain for elixirs and treasures that didnt exist. 

For a while, the Mountain King only watched them. On the stony mountain, he could only be angry by their behavior of destroying precious nature and hunting wild beasts for fun. It was because there was nothing he could do. At that time, the Mountain King was an existence closer to a concept.

He had no physical form. He was akin to a faint spirit created by the peoples vague belief that there was a divine spirit in the mountain. 

Therefore, the Mountain King felt great joy when he first got his body. He was thrilled to be able to express his anger and colored the fur of a possessed bear with human blood.

He slaughtered the intruders in an unstoppable manner because he believed it was his role. 

He fulfilled the wish of a mother bear who lost her cub to an intruder and was kept alive for her gallbladder juice. He released the grudge of a tree that had frozen in death in winter due to intruders peeling its bark. He channeled the wrath of the slash-and-burn farmers who were forced to be the playthings of the intruders. The Mountain King was born for the mountain.

It was natural to fight to protect the beings living on the mountain. He borrowed the body of a lost beast and the body of a dying slash-and-burn farmer in order to drive out the intruders. 

Then more people came to Grenier. The mercenaries blinded by money, the armored troops, and the warriors and priests united with a sense of justice—they all challenged the Mountain King. From then on, the Mountain King was called a monster. The purpose of those visiting Grenier changed from the nonexistent elixirs to defeating the Mountain King.

They discussed revenge and order, and took the subjugation of the Mountain King as a cause. 

The more they did so, the more Grenier united. The trees, beasts, and slash-and-burn farmers didnt forget the violence of the invaders.

In unison, they earnestly prayed for the Mountain Kings victory. 

Over many years, the Mountain King became a legend. The mercenaries and troops no longer challenged him. Only warriors or those who were called legends climbed Grenier. Every time he fought them and won, the Mountain Kings strength increased. 

He evolved by taking the challengers status and bodies. It was the birth of a new myth. 

Grenier and the Mountain King gradually moved away from the civilian population. Only the challenge of those with the minimal qualifications was accepted. That was a thousand years ago. 


‘This person...

dared to deceive us! 

The expressions of the surviving guardians were distorted. The enemy they fought with all their might was just a subordinate.

They had never been humiliated like this. 


The guardians were filled with a strong desire to kill the delicate woman. Of course, they didn\'t express it. The monster looked like this, but she killed their brother in one strike. Her status was very high compared to anyone who had ever challenged the Mountain King.

They didnt dare rush at her. 

Of course, she was insignificant compared to the Mountain King. The guardians believed that there would be an opportunity to get revenge. The opportunity came quickly. 


If you can climb to this seat, I will let you be my friend for a day.” 

The Mountain King waved his hand. The stone seat that the Mountain King referred to was Grenier itself. It was a seat for the Mountain King created by several mountain peaks intertwining and piling up atop each other. Going there meant resisting Greniers will and this was no different from being sentenced to death. Out of all those who visited Grenier, only one person had ever sat on the stone seat. 

Tzudan—it was a name clearly imprinted in the minds of the guardians. He sat on the seat of the Mountain King with a human body, not as a god. However, he was dead when he sat on it. He pierced through Greniers willpower.

Even if death was instantaneous, he took five steps and reached the side of the Mountain King. 

In honor of him and also to defend his own honor, the Mountain King kept his promise. He consumed his divinity in order to make an elixir that didnt exist and saved Tzudans mother.

In the aftermath, he was weakened for hundreds of years. 

[Tzudan is warning that climbing the stone seat is no different from suicide.] 

Tzudan urgently shouted.

He was full of concern. Grid fully understood Tzudans response. He knew what it meant to climb to the seat. It was described in the story of theLegend of the Five Steps quest. 

‘It is about confronting the will of the mountain head on. 

It was the will of Grenier, a mountain that had existed for over a thousand years and had become the grave of countless legends and myths. It was difficult to guess how great the power would be if the willpower mentioned here was applied to a system such as formless will or the mental world. Nevertheless, Grid didnt hesitate.

He took a step right away. 

‘I cant return empty handed after coming here. 

Putting aside the strength of the Mountain King, he wanted to achieve the minimum purpose for coming here. 

Tzudans class change book—it was something he had to win. There was a good chance that he couldnt get it for the rest of his life if he became afraid here. 

The mountain peaks that were as pointed as awls flew. Cracks occurred in the rock walls and debris scattered, flooding toward Grid like a blizzard. It was a natural disaster. There was no other way to express it. 

[Tzudan is surprised since this is a much larger disaster than what he experienced.] 

‘It is natural. 

It was foolish to compare the current Grenier to when Tzudan visited. Hundreds of years had passed since that time. During the gap of these years, Greniers status wouldve been increased under the influence of the Mountain King, who consistently ate and embodied legends and myths. Grid had sufficiently taken this into account. 


Grid took a big step. He didnt care in the slightest about the rocks filling his vision and flooding toward him. The God Hands held shields as they moved around him and blocked them all. 

“That is a truly great power...” 

The guardians sighed. Hands that moved on their own without being destroyed—they seemed to operate infinitely without requiring any power. Of course, it didnt mean anything here.

Greniers willpower started now. 

[A strong wind is crushing you.] 

The moment Grid tried to take another step, the wind became heavier.

It crushed Grid like it was trying to nail him to the ground.

The ground that Grid was standing on screamed and sank deeply. 


Grids ability to utilize his stats was at the highest level. In particular, it was possible to utilize his strength stat without wasting a single point. It was a stat that played a major role not just in combat, but also in blacksmithing.

Thus, he naturally trained in its usage. 

At this moment, Grid was squeezing out his strength. Nevertheless, it was impossible to take a step.

Even his fingers couldnt move freely due to the wind that pushed down on him with the same weight as a great mountain. 

Grid made a judgment. 

‘It is an absolute judgment. 

The power to crush a target regardless of their stats. This might also be a part that had grown compared to when Tzudan had experienced it. Still, it was fine. Grid had a power with the same principle. 

‘Saleos Power. 

What would happen if forces with the power to win unconditionally competed Of course, it would be a tie. 

Grid borrowed Saleos Power to confront the storm and a deafening sound rang out. A shockwave occurred as the storms absolute judgment offset Saleos Power. Grid moved again.

The storm that had its judgment consumed could no longer stop him. 

This time, the mountain peaks moved directly. It was beyond the level of the rock debris and the storm and they shot at Grid like spears. In the midst of this unrealistic sight, Grid was just a small dot.

The mountain peaks were so huge. Nevertheless— 



Grid pulled out a sword and showed a clear presence. It was burned into the eyes of the guardians. Simultaneously, the mountain peaks aiming at Grid were shattered and scattered. The guardians were dumbfounded. It was because they werent aware that the mountain peaks had already been cut the moment Grid drew his sword. 

Nevertheless, the will of the mountain had yet to be broken. All the peaks above Grid were cut and disappeared, but countless peaks remained under Grids feet. The land Grid was standing on right now was one of them. 

Grids body shook greatly. The peaks moving like waves took away the land he would stand on. It was a trivial problem. Flying magic, the utilization of Greed, the wings of the half-draconians, etcetera—Grid had many means of flight. 

However, Grid didnt avoid it.

He stepped on the ground. It was the condition to trigger Earth God. 

‘If I wanted to get there easily, I wouldve used Shunpo in the beginning. 

Yet he faced it. It wasnt meaningful to avoid the trials.

He should overcome them. First and foremost, Grid wanted to experience the content of the trial firsthand. 

The ground stopped shaking. It became hard and transformed into a bridge leading to the stone seat. 


The moment that Grid got on the bridge— 

[Greniers willpower is rejecting you.] 

A huge weight crushed Grid again and again. This time, it wasnt something physical like wind pressure. It was a power with no form. It was Formless Will. 

The real trial had finally begun. 

‘Can I win 

Grid gulped and used Storm of the Fire God. Just then, the will of the mountain was helplessly destroyed. It was an unexpected result even for Grid. 

Grid had already reached the stone seat. He sat next to the Mountain King, who was silently watching him. He was inwardly puzzled, but he didnt show it on the outside.

He acted as casually as possible. The expression of the Mountain King, who was looking at him, was full of surprise. 

“The will of the mountain was overwhelmed by the spirit of the absolute...” 

The infinite sword energy contained in Storm of the Fire God was a trace left behind by Dragon Slayer Hayate. He was unknown to the Mountain King. Grenier couldnt handle something that the Mountain King hadnt experienced. Grenier might be great, but it was still a mountain.

It was only part of nature and its limitations were clear. 

“There are the vestiges of the white tiger in your steps, your mental world contains a mixture of the vestiges of the red phoenix and the traces of the absolute, and you even use the power of the great demons...” The smile on the Mountain Kings face gradually deepened as he reflected on Grids five steps. “Alone, but many.

You resemble me.” 

The homogeneity that he felt for the first time since his birth. The Mountain King had an obvious liking toward Grid.

For the first time in his life since he was born, he was happy that he wasnt alone.

It was close to relief. 

[Affinity with the Mountain King of Grenier has increased by 10.] 

‘What The atmosphere that flowed differently from expected caused Grid to feel flustered. 

He was maintaining a straight face, so as to not show it, when the Mountain King asked him a question, “Why didnt you use Shunpo” 

Climbing to the stone seat—it was a condition put forward by the Mountain King to Grid. He didnt ask for anything else. It was an easy trial for Grid who could use Shunpo. This was the Mountain Kings favor.

It was a favor he gave to Grid because he felt they had a similar nature when hearing the rumors. 

However, Grid insisted on walking with his own two feet and climbed to the seat. Did he mean to refuse the favor, or did he simply want to show off his strength 

“I wanted to experience the pain that Tzudan suffered,” Grid gave an answer that surprised the Mountain King.

“...How do you feel” 

“I have come to admire Tzudan for overcoming this difficult trial.” 

It was an emotion that didnt have a single lie or exaggeration. In an unusual way, it was a truth that touched the heart even more. Grid truly admired Tzudan. 

[Tzudan has read your heart and is very moved.] 

[Affinity with the Mountain King of Grenier has increased by 10.] 


It was natural for Tzudan to be impressed, but why was the Mountain King like this 

“It is understandable.

He is a figure who left an intense impression in my memory.” The Mountain King nodded and handed Grid an old book. “This is a summary of Tzudans skills that I saw and embodied.

That is what you want.” 

[TheLegendary Fighter Tzudans Diary has been acquired!] 


It was easy to get a legendary class change book. This was what Grid felt. Yet what was the reality First of all, it was a class change book that could only be acquired by defeating the 4th Great Demon, Gamigin, and obtaining the recognition of the Mountain King after finding Grenier. 

Grenier was a forbidden area like the North End Cave. The difficulty of acquiring Tzudans class change book far exceeded the difficulty of finding Pagmas one.

Perhaps it was something that a player would never be able to get. 

“The moment I sensed the invasion of the demons, I was filled with a vague anxiety,” the Mountain King confessed, “It is because I exist to defend Grenier.

If the surface is destroyed, Grenier will also be in crisis.

Therefore, I dont want its destruction.

Your performances in the midst of this often comforts me.” 


Grid recalled his conversation with Radwolf. 

“You should know it well after meeting the tower members and the Great Robber of the Red Night.

There are really many unknown strong people in the world.

Additionally, many of them are seriously twisted.

They arent all cute like Biban.

It is common for them to be trash, assholes, and sons of bitches.

In particular, be wary of the Childless Specter, the Gale of the Great Forest, and the Recluse of Grenier.” 

Radwolf had clearly said this. The Mountain King, the Recluse of Grenier whom Grid actually met, was an extremely ordinary and gentle master. 

‘Prejudice is too scary. 

Prejudice blurred even the wisdom of the giants... Grid was immersed in his thoughts when the Mountain King gripped his wrist. The texture of the dry skin was like bark and it was creepy. 

“Thats why you will remain here from today.

Protect Grenier forever with me.” 

‘What bull** is this 

The wisdom of the giants was the truth.


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