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[Teachings of the Hunting God] 

[Rating: Legendary 

Teachings given to the monk who has passed the trial of the hunting god. 

The divine protection of Debirion is contained in it. 

* When hunting regular monsters, the probability of obtaining higher rated items will increase by 2% and the amount of experience gained will increase by 1.5%. 

* When hunting elite monsters, the probability of obtaining higher rated items will increase by 3% and the amount of experience gained will increase by 2%. 

* When hunting boss monsters and named monsters, the probability of obtaining higher rated items will increase by 5% and the amount of experience gained will increase by 3%. 

★ Overlaps with similar items, skills, and effects. 

Weight: 1] 

An old board made by cutting down a tree—unlike its ordinary appearance, Teachings of the Hunting God was a tremendous item. 

First of all, it worked even if he just had it in the inventory. The effects even overlapped.

It played an even greater role for Grid, who had separate experience buffs. Over time, it would give steady results. It was a very excessive reward for his life. Yet Med said that this was lacking. 

Grid noticed the reason. ‘He isnt just counting his own life, but also the life of his companions. 

The NPC monks—they were valuable companions to Med.

He could see Meds character. 

“Thank you.” 

A smile spread on Grids face as he received the teachings. It felt very rewarding. It wasnt because he got a good item.

It felt rewarding because he helped a valuable person. He was convinced that his relationship with Med would surely lead to wonderful results. 


Grids gaze shifted to the back this time. The natives who came to their senses were trembling.

They were kneeling down in front of Randy, not Grid. Randys expression was arrogant as he slightly raised his chin. He was properly expressing Grids usual appearance. Of course, Grids thoughts were different.

Randy interpreted it as meeting Grids needs. 

‘I dont want to be arrogant like that. 

He had long awakened the virtue of humility. Just look at what happened now. He tried his best to save those in crisis. There was some calculation about Meds debt, but he wouldve helped even if Med was weak.

It had always been like this. It meant he was different from Randy. 

‘In any case, I can leave it to Randy for the time being. 

Other people didnt realize it because Grid was so busy, but Grid was a king. He was accustomed to leaving work to others.

He skillfully managed people.

He didnt have to come forward in person. For example, right now. 

Grid glanced at Randy, who nodded and opened his mouth, “In order to wake up the Mountain King, we have to defeat the guardians.

Tell me where the guardians are.” 

The chief snorted. “The yōkai king in the mask of a human.

You are acting like this without knowing how scary the world is.

They are the first chiefs of the four tribes and half-gods born from the Mountain King.

It means that you arent their opponent.

How do you have the courage to meet them when your head will fly away due to them.” 

Yuwel—the chief of the Removal Tribe was definitely a named NPC. However, the natives of Grenier had lost their discerning eye because they didnt know the worlds affairs. Like the others, she mistook Randy, not Grid, as the main body. It was a normal reaction. Randy had half the power of Grid.

He also just revealed a fragment of that power. From a general point of view, he was peerless.

It was impossible to guess he would be a doppelganger. 

‘Rather, this is good.

Grid became more comfortable thanks to it. Grid experienced the point of view of the subordinate of an omniscient and omnipotent god. He passed the time knitting while Randy took care of the work. 

Randy threatened and tortured the natives to gather the information he wanted. It was an active use of violence. Everything had been learned from Grid. It actually made Grid doubt Randys personality. ‘Is it because he is close to Noe He is becoming more violent.

I dont want him to become too fascinated with his strength.


Meanwhile, Med was staring at Grid with an absurd expression. He was the only one relaxed in this dreadful forbidden area and that made him seem even greater. Looking at the bold nature of entrusting all the work to his pet, Med thought that such a personality was needed in order to become the supreme one. 

[Haksen is watching with interest.] 

[Filewolf is giving a thumbs up.] 

[Tzudan has fallen into a state of collapse.] 

Grenier was Tzudans grave. It was such a dangerous place that it killed a legendary hero. However, Grid seemed to feel no tension.

Thus, the reactions were intense. 

Of course, Grids thoughts were different. ‘I am also nervous. 

He even had defeat in his mind. It was just that it was meaningless to be afraid.

He could only work productively and control his mind. 

“Did you say that is the Overgeared Gods doppelganger It is bold to sit and knit while the Overgeared God is working.

As expected, the personality resembles the Overgeared God.” 

“Haha... After seeing this today, I think I need to imitate the Overgeared God.

Every time I experience a trial, I should think about the mindset of the Overgeared God and break through the crisis from the front...” 

“What nonsense about breaking through from the front Then wont you become a suicide unit Do it moderately and focus on prayers.

You will die if Debirion doesnt respond in time.” 

In the midst of the turmoil— 

“U-Understood! Stop it!” Yuwel finally surrendered. How much was she beaten in the meantime Her hair was messy and her face was covered in bruises. 

“You understand” Randy cocked his head slightly.

He repeatedly folded his long fingers and stretched them out like he was able to form a fist at any moment. 

Yuwel prostrated herself. “I understand! Ill guide you to the place you want right now!” 


Grenier—four tribes lived on the mountain ruled by the Mountain King. 

The Removal Tribe that explored the beginning and middle of the mountain to hunt monsters. The Seed Tribe that managed the slash-and-burn of fields on the mountainside. The Goat Tribe that raised goats in the highlands. The Great Speaker Tribe that settled at the five waterfalls and prayed to the mountain god every day. They had been faithful to their roles for over a thousand years. 

This continued. 

In the process, there was a hierarchical relationship and the power of the Removal Tribe became the weakest. It was inevitable they would fall behind compared to the other tribes that produced food or interacted with the Mountain King. They had fought for the mountain for generations, but from the perspective of the other tribes, this wasnt a job. The sacrifice of the tribe was taken for granted from a certain point.

People forgot their gratitude. 

“They are late.” The chief of the Great Speaker Tribe frowned. The sacrifice ritual would begin in two days. The Removal Tribe has promised to hunt as many monsters as possible until then, but there was no news from them. 

“Are those small fries going to make the Mountain King hungry” 

“They dont have to worry about starving to death due to us, so it feels like theyve lost their tension.” 

Don\'t worry.

Ive stopped supplies for a while to instill awareness.

They mustve eaten bark for the past 10 days.

They must be in a hurry to fill their hungry stomach.” 

“Hungry... Their work must be delayed.

Will they have forgotten the offerings for the Mountain King” 

“It shouldnt be unless they are crazy...” 

It happened as the discussion between the chiefs continued... 

“Are the preparations going well” 

A god descended. He was also the ancestor of the chiefs. Beings born between the first chiefs and the Mountain King over a thousand years ago—the natives of Grenier regarded them as guardian gods. 

“Yes, it is going well.

Please dont worry.” 

The chiefs bowed. The chiefs of the Seed Tribe and Goat Tribe were sweating, while the chief of the Great Speaker Tribe explained in a gentle voice. The Great Speaker Tribe was responsible for actually communicating with the Mountain King. It might be a hierarchical system, but he shouldnt be intimidated by the guardian god under the Mountain King. 

“Um... By the way, there seems to be an uninvited guest.” 

The nodding guardian shifted his gaze outside the barracks. Uninvited guest It wasnt possible. The half-god chief walked out of the barracks. The noisy tribe people could be seen. Yuwel and the black-haired man that were approaching them drew attention. 

“Humans... They are humans like us” 


The world outside is chaotic.

There can be no humans other than us.” 

The people of the Seed Tribe and Goat Tribe made a fuss. 

“Thats right.

It is a yōkai wearing a human mask.” 

The chief of the Great Speaker Tribe soon grasped the situation.

He grasped the seriousness of the situation through Yuwels wounded appearance. He wouldve been greatly flustered if the guardian god wasnt by his side. The guardian god was approaching the yōkai. 

“That orange wave of energy is unusual.

It is like you are surrounded by the sun, but you are a human,” he spoke to the black-haired man. 

The atmosphere fluctuated every time the guardian god took a step. 

“It is too much power for a human god to bear.

I am going to take it and give it to the Mountain King.” 

Gods werent special objects for the rulers of Grenier.

They were just delicious prey. It was natural since they reigned as myth usurpers. Just then, the sound of a loud explosion rang in everyones ears. It was the aftermath of the guardian god destroying the land.

He shot forward like a beam of light and attacked the black-haired man. 

The two handaxes drew a half moon and a storm swirled.

The moment the half moons crossed, the mans body split into four. Red blood gushed out. It was the blood of the tribe people. The axes energy stretched out several meters and split apart the bodies of onlookers. 

The black-haired man didnt shed a drop of blood. The body, which he thought had been cut, was actually intact. The difference was as thin as a sheet of paper. The attack was avoided by a narrow margin so there was the illusion of being cut. 

‘This guy...

is strong. 

The guardian god immediately grasped the level of the human god.

His vigilance was raised. Then the sword of the human god flew toward him. The guardian god dropped the axe from his hand.

Then he crossed both hands and grabbed the axe still in the air. 

The axe held in reverse naturally blocked the sword. Then the axe in the other hand slashed the human gods chest. It was with an unstoppable force. It contained the experience accumulated after living for a thousand years. Yet it was useless. 

The sword of the human god that bounced off the axe moved in a circle, blocking the path of the axe aiming for his chest. It was the use of Revolve. Randy, who borrowed the appearance of a human god, i.e.

Grid, produced two effects with one counterattack. 

Grid watched from a distance and was very satisfied. 

‘This guy is admirable. 

The intelligence stat played a more special role for NPCs and monsters. It didnt only increase magic damage, magic resistance, and the mana value.

Their actual intelligence increased as well. It was completely different from players. So far, Grid had been forced to invest points in intelligence, but it couldnt be considered a loss. The higher Grids intelligence was, the more wisdom that was incorporated into Randys skills. 


hurry and call my brothers!” the guardian god, who had his axe piercing his shoulder, cried out hurriedly on one knee. His expression was unfamiliar. There were cracks in the small world of the natives.


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