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Hell was a particularly difficult region for the players due to three reasons. 

First, the debuff. In hell, their stats and stamina would be reduced as long as they breathed. In areas where the hellfire river flowed and poison spread, there were many restrictions on activities such as constant damage or blindness. It was truly a land of death. 

Second, the diversity of demons and demonic creatures. Each of the 33 regions of hell had different environments.

There were various types of demons and demonic creatures that inhabited them. The demons differed by individual and the demonkin by species.

There were also major differences in combat styles.

It was difficult to identify and prepare for each one. It was an unpredictable realm. 

Third, it was the absence of a map. The scale of hell was comparable to the human world.

However, the actual size felt more than that. It was because there were so many rough places and maps didnt exist. It was difficult to become familiar with the geography, so it felt like they were wandering in a maze or walking in an endless desert. 

[Your level has risen.]

Yet even in such an infamous hell, Yura and Kraugel werent held back. It was thanks to Leraje. She was a living strategy book and GPS. She was the 10th ranked great demon in the hierarchy and knew too much about hell.

She had all types of information that was hard for even a Demon Slayer to know and clearly guided Yura and Kraugel. The two of them had accumulated more than one or two achievements over the past fortnight with Leraje. 

It was natural since they helped occupy as many as 16 hells. It was literally an occupation.

It was different from simple destruction. Leraje now had a total of 17 hells, including the 10th hell.

In other words, more than half the hells were under her control. The only reason this was possible was the great human and demon war. 

The rulers of hell were absent or called upon to participate in the army.

They lost their right to defend. The 50,000 strong army led by Leraje captured the hells so easily that it was hard to believe. Of course, this speed was only possible with the help of Yura and Kraugel. 

[A new monarch has been born.] 

[A new monarch has been born.] 

[A new monarch has been...] 

Lerajes subordinates took the vacant thrones. They became the new rulers of the 16 hells, exercising their authority immediately to close all open portals in their territory. It meant that more than half of the portals connecting hell and the human world were closed. 

“Its been a long time since Ive felt so rewarded.” 

“Huhu, me too.” 

Kraugel and Yuras expressions were noticeably brighter. The fact that their work was directly beneficial to the world made them happy.

The unprecedented rewards gave them fiery enthusiasm and they were filled with infinite power. 

“You have to be wary from here on out.” Leraje warned the two smiling people as they were watching the portals in the sky gradually disappear. There was no one standing beside her in the lead. It was the aftermath of splitting up the troops and leaving them as defense forces with every new hell that was occupied. 

“I am relying heavily on the two of you.

I will leave my back to you.” Leraje personally persuaded Yura and Kraugel. It was because their power was essential to this operation. She was honest in front of the two people.

She did it without any exaggeration. 

Yura and Kraugel nodded silently. They werent prejudiced because Leraje was a great demon.

They had recognized her as a colleague from the time they joined the same side. There was no wickedness or vulgarity, just a pure and noble character. Similarly, Leraje recognized the essence of the two people from the beginning. 

Then Lerajes footsteps stopped. A huge door that seemed like it could reach the sky was in front of her. In the darkness, the group finally arrived at their destination after walking for a long time along the path that stretched out like a centipede. 

Yura and Kraugel didnt know where this place was. It was just an unknown place... 

“This is the warehouse where the 4th ranked great demon, Gamigin, keeps her souls.

A total of 999 souls are stored.

Out of them, 99 are the souls of heroes and nine are the souls of legends.

They were captured by Gamigin and failed to cross the river of reincarnation.” 


Yura and Kraugels eyes widened. Every time they logged out, they would review the war at the Abyss. 30 soul warriors protected Gamigin, who were running wild there, and they were very strong. Yet there were over 100 such souls here. Moreover, there were the souls of nine legends that hadnt appeared at the Abyss yet... 

“There is no need to be afraid.

Our purpose isnt to destroy all these souls, but to destroy Gamigins external heart linked to the souls.

I plan to break through one point and finish it in a short time.” 

Leraje planned to retreat as soon as she achieved her purpose. It meant she was going to end her undefeated myth here today. 

From her position, it was truly a great sacrifice. It was a deadly wound and a decision that might be regretted for eternity. Nevertheless, she was going to do it. She knew her limits. She knew that even if she struggled for the rest of her life, built up deity, and became a demon god, she wouldnt be able to cross the walls called Baal and Amoract. 

She decided it was best to bring the defeat she would definitely face one day to the time that she wanted it to happen. That was right now. There would be no other chance to hurt Gamigin. 

“Gamigin is one of Baals few helpers.

Baals forces will be greatly weakened if we can deal permanent damage to her.” 

“Can I ask a question” 

“Feel free, Sword Saint.” 

“Do you want the destruction of hell” 

“Huhu, how can that be This is the home of me and my subordinates.

How can I want its destruction I want revenge on Baal.

My subordinates are hoping for the purification of hell...

it is because the present hell is distorted.” 

“What type of world was hell before it was distorted” 

“Huhu, lets see...

to be honest, I dont know.

Ive only heard about it from some beings.

Hell was already like this when I was born.” 

“Is that so” Kraugel didnt try to induce a further conversation. it was meaningless. Based on Lerajes reactions, it seemed that the conditions were still insufficient to hear the truth of hell. 

‘Affinity alone isnt enough.

We must solve the hidden quests. 

Kraugel looked at Yura and she nodded. She seemed to be answering that she would surely reveal the truth of hell one day. 

Kraugel smiled and told her, “It will be possible with Grid, not me.” 

During the great human and demon war, Kraugel had grown at a tremendous rate. It was a natural result since he was active in the hell expedition before the beginning of the war and had been with Leraje since then. He was now level 469. There were four new titles. 

Kraugel realized an unprecedented development and naturally recalled the memories of the past. 

He had vowed to regain the title of Pioneer from Grid when he reached level 500. Now he felt ashamed again. He watched the video of Grid fighting Baals ego alone and realized the gap with Grid hadnt narrowed at all. 

‘At this point, it is rude to claim to be a competitor.

It had been a long time since Kraugel called Grid a competitor. After the 4th National Competition, he noticed that he would never be able to catch up with Grid for the rest of his life. However, he didnt show it. It was because Grid considered him a competitor. 

The moment he glimpsed the anticipation in Grids eyes, he could no longer confess that he wasnt a competitor. It felt like he would push Grid into solitude. Kraugel had once experienced the solitude felt only by the supreme one. However, now there was no need to worry. It was because there was Yura. One day, she would meet Grids expectations. 

“Yes, Ill be with Youngwoo-ssi.” 

Kraugel wasnt the only one who grew up during the great human and demon war. At least on the stage called hell, Kraugel could never beat Yura. It was due to how she became stronger. She used hard work and experience to strengthen her swordsmanship skills, which were lacking compared to her shooting.

Additionally, she could replace all phenomena caused by demonic energy with buffs or skills. 

“Lets go.” 

The huge door opened at once at Lerajes gesture. Beyond the darkness, a bizarre shape moved. 

“”Huh Leraje.

Were the crazy rumors true””

“That is a very nasty guy.

Dont be misled by what he tells you and what he shows you.” 

“”I came after hearing that the preparation of souls was too late...

It is just right.

You are perfect to take out my anger on.”” 

“Leraje, you still havent achieved my revenge.

You are a child who hasnt met my expectations.” 

“Yura, your grandfather has no one to believe in except for you.

It isnt the time for this.” 

“You are my son... What are you saying Where did you hide my son Bring him here! Kyaaak! Come on!” 

Yura and Kraugels expressions stiffened. It was because people who shouldnt exist in Satisfy appeared. 

‘Is it an illusion that reads and shows memories At this point, it is a violation of personal information protection laws and human rights.

No, I cant see the trauma that Yura is watching.

It is visible only to the party involved. 

‘It is likely to be sent to the operators in a mosaic state. 

Even so, they should talk to a lawyer. It happened the moment Yura and Kraugel thought seriously... 

[The souls have opened their eyes.] 

[The soul of the ancient legend,Kal, has appeared.] 

[The soul of the ancient legend,Haksen, has appeared.] 

[The soul of the ancient legend,Tzudan, has appeared.] 

[The soul of the ancient legend,Arisha, has appeared.] 

[The soul of the ancient legend,File Wolf, has appeared.] 

[The soul of the past generation legend,Gis, has appeared.] 

[The soul of the past generation legend,Kruger, has appeared.] 

[The soul of the past generation legend,Alex, has appeared.] 

[The soul of the past generation legend,Povia, has appeared.] 

Powerful beings emerged from underground and surrounded the group. 

Leraje, who was stiff due to facing Beriaches illusion, gritted her teeth and said, “There is nothing to be nervous about.

Just look forward and run.” 


The three people who built up a strong comradeship—they trusted in each other, relied on each other, and moved forward. 


Damian had a lot of information and knowledge that he gained during his time as the pope.

He knew almost everything about the Yatan Church. It was purely thanks to Damians wisdom that Eat Spicy Jokbal was able to read the path of the Yatan Church in advance and lock them in the dungeon. 

“I finally caught you.” 

‘This damn thing. 

Eat Spicy Jokbal was traveling through the maze-like dungeon he had designed. He, who lured the Yatan Church members and ambushed them, eventually fell into a crisis. The Yatan Servants finally grasped the structure of the dungeon and blocked all of Eat Spicy Jokbals paths of retreat. 

‘How did this happen 

Eat Spicy Jokbal originally operated a total of 11 dungeons. Seven of them were used to train the people and soldiers of the Overgeared Kingdom and the remaining four dungeons were used as his means of livelihood. They were dungeons that lured monsters inside. 

The four precious dungeons that automatically brought in experience and items were demolished. Then he built a huge dungeon right here. A degree of sacrifice had to be made in order to lure the Yatan Church. His task was to tie up the feet of the Yatan Church until the end of the war. 

However, he failed. At a certain point, the believers stopped being affected by the traps. They didnt die despite being pierced by arrows and spears, inhaled poison, burned by flames, or submerged in a swamp.

They just moved forward and isolated Eat Spicy Jokbal. It was as if they had become immortal. 

‘Its ruined. Eat Spicy Jokbal sensed his death. It hurt him to think that the dungeon built by sacrificing four unique-grade dungeons would collapse along with him. It would take at least three months to repair todays damage... 

“......” The despairing Eat Spicy Jokbal suddenly came to his senses. It was because he heard the screams of the followers behind him. 


The gazes of the Yatan Church members turned in that direction. Then they saw it. The man who rushed to slaughter the followers. It was the emergence of the former pope, Damian, who was second to Grid from the perspective of the Yatan Church. 

“Hahaha! Stupid bastard! Did you come here on your own to die” The Yatan Servants cried out joyfully. 

A man who lost the qualification of the pope—there were rampant rumors that he had weakened since he became the leader of an absurd emerging religion called the Overgeared God Church out of a desperate measure. It was an opportunity to resolve their grudges by tearing him apart and killing him. 

Dozens of magic circles quickly emerged around the Yatan Servants. They were magic circles with curse magic to restrain the target or bombardment magic. 

“Damian! Be careful! They dont die...!” the wide-eyed Eat Spicy Jokbal shouted hurriedly only to become stunned.

The dozens of magic circles that occupied a large area lost the target and were twisted. Damian had broken into the gap between the servants and started a sword dance. “Linked Kill Wave.” 


 “W-What is this...” 

The Yatan Servants screamed and couldnt hide their confusion. They were flustered that Damian had become much stronger than when he was the pope.

It was completely different from the rumors. 

Damian stood beside Eat Spicy Jokbal during the gap when things were chaotic and explained, “They have received Judars buff and will only take 1 damage.

The weaknesses are hidden in the back of the neck, pelvis, and Achilles tendon, so you need to look carefully.” 

“Uh, yes...

by the way, can I join the Overgeared God Church” 

“You still havent joined...” 

“I originally never joined a religion.

There are rules that must be followed if you belong to a religion.

It is an inconvenience.” 

“The Overgeared God Church is freedom! Although it isnt completely free! In any case, it is invincible!” 


“I cant believe you havent joined yet! You are really a pushover!” 


“Lets run away first!” 


There werent just one or two members of the Overgeared God Church active throughout the continent. In particular, it was said that Isabel had regained the strength of her prime and was showing off her past power. It was the aftermath of Grid creating a new divine object twice in a row. 


At the same time, Reinhardt... 

Grid was being seen off by Irene. 

“Take care.” 


you dont have to worry too much about my parents.

They are people who will take care of themselves anyway.” 

“The kings parents are the parents of all the people.

How can I neglect them Additionally, I really like the two of them.

They are so kind to me and Lord.” 

“Then Im glad...” 

Grid shifted his gaze to the side. He saw his parents laughing with Lord. They looked far different from beginners.

It was thanks to Grids gifts. In fact, the growth rate of the two people exceeded the ordinary category.

It didnt seem to be a bluff that they went to PC rooms when they were young. 

“Huhu, dont worry and go.” 

“Ill be back soon.” 

Irenes appearance of tidying up her clothes was cute.

Grid couldnt help smiling as he kissed her cheek and floated into the sky. His destination was the Tower of Wisdom. He wanted to prepare for the intervention of the dragons and he planned to give Biban a gift. It was the promised gift of a dragon weapon.


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