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Chapter 152

The smithy in Bairan Village was very good.

Until Khan appeared, the blacksmith there was the best blacksmith in the north.

But his disciple Smith wasnt as talented.

Smith was 66 this year.

He had been working as a blacksmith for 50 years, but he was still a beginner blacksmith.

“Oh my, Mister Smiths farm equipment breaks down so quickly”

“I have to go to another village to buy farm equipment.”

“Uncle Smith shouldve become a miner instead.”

“Haha, right.

He is just as good with a pickaxe as a miner.”

He lived in the area for a few decades, but people still gossiped about him behind his back.

Then what about the travellers

“Dammit, Bairan Village is good, but the blacksmith is rubbish.

I cant get anything decent from the smithy.”

“The hunting grounds here are for high levels, but why is the blacksmith so inferior Damn!”

“But isnt he good at making Jaffa Arrows The price is also cheap.

They arent bad for a fight.”

“Not bad is the problem.”

It was like this almost every day for decades.

Smith was blamed for being incompetent.

No matter how hard he tried, it was useless.

He reminded himself of his mentors teachings and repeatedly trained in controlling the fire and iron every day, but his abilities didnt increase.

It felt like a witch had cursed him.

“I dont want to give up now…”

Every young man in the village dreamed of being a miner, but avoided becoming a blacksmith.

So he had no disciples.

Furthermore, he was old.

Sooner or later, the lord would make him retire.

Smith wanted to become an intermediate blacksmith before then.

He wanted to prove his worth.

He lived all his life with iron, but he was going to die as a beginner blacksmith It was obvious that people would scoff and laugh every time they saw his grave.

He didnt want to be insulted even after death.

‘Try to remember.

Smith closed his eyes in front of the anvil.

He recalled the young man a few months who he had briefly taught.

The young mans name was Grid.

His appearance was bad, but he managed to make the Special Jaffa Arrows.

‘How did he do it

Smith tried.

He tried not to miss a single one of Grids movements when handling the fire and iron.

Time flowed continuously.

Before he knew it, the moon sank and it became dawn.

The sky brightened.


Finally, Smith opened his eyes.

Kaaang! Kaaang!

There were no wasted movements.

He handled the fire and minerals in a more orderly manner than before.


Before he knew it, the sun had risen to the middle of the sky.

But Smith was in a trance.

He didnt feel the passing time or even hunger.

He didnt even realize that people were screaming outside the smithy.

With the fire and hammer, he just worked at smelting and tempering the mineral.


“Oh…! Ohhhh!”

Someone spoke to him.

Enlightenment suddenly came.

It was true.

Smith crossed the wall that had been blocking him for 50 years.

He was so thrilled that tears poured out.

He held the newly createdSpecial Jaffa Arrow and literally fell to the ground.

“Haha…! Hahaha! Im glad… Im glad…”

The aftereffect didnt go away.

Smith stroked the arrow like a cherished child as he kept crying.

His last desperate effort had been rewarded.

Then the door of the smithy opened.

“Infidel, you will be judged.”


Someone suddenly stormed into the smithy.

It was a believer of the Yatan Church.

What was this Smith questioned the sudden situation and looked outside through the open door of the smithy.

The village was filled with fire.

The screams of people were constantly heard.

Now Smith grasped the situation.

“The Yatan Church has invaded…”



The follower slowly approached.

Then he pointed his dagger at Smith.

“Die, Infidel.”

Smith laughed heartily, “Haha… Yes.

I can die.

I already have no one.”

He had finally overcome the limitations.

If anyone found the arrow he left behind, they would know he was no longer a beginner blacksmith.

Then Smith closed his eyes.

‘I can face Master.

He felt the eerie anticipating of the dagger approaching his heart.


There was a strange sound.

A bloody mess spread quickly.

But he didnt feel any pain.


Smith quietly opened his eyes.

Then he witnessed the follower coughing up blood after being stabbed in the heart with an arrow.

There was a young man smiling from behind the follower.

“Hasnt it been a long time Old Man.”

“Why are you here…”

It was Grid.

The young man who gave him enlightenment appeared at this moment and saved his life He thought he had no regrets about his life, but he couldnt help feeling relieved.

Tears poured down again.

“Have you been well”

Smith was thrilled and shook Grids hand.

It was a big hand filled with calluses.

It was undoubtedly the hand of a blacksmith.

Grid chuckled and pulled Smith to his feet.

“Old Man, you made wonderful arrows.”


His heart started pounding.

He was recognized.

It was his first time in 66 years.

It wasnt an ordinary person, but a great blacksmith! Smith rose all the way to an advanced blacksmith due to the enlightenment of one night.

He could feel the greatness of Grid so he started sniffling.

“I can continue working for the next few years.

Continue… I want to keep working…”

Grid patted Smiths shoulders.

“Of course, you can work more.

This is your prime.”


Grid floated in the air and gazed into Smiths eyes.

“Your workspace.

I will protect it.”

It was at that moment.

[Your heart warms when you think about the old blacksmith who overcame his limits with commitment and a desire to work.]

[The questBlacksmiths Affection has been created.]

[Blacksmiths Affection]

Difficulty: B

You are the successor of Pagmas techniques and will! You have Pagmas humanitarian ideology of usingblacksmithing to benefit other people.

The new dream of an old blacksmith who passed his limit has inspired you.

You want to reward the old blacksmith whose heart is as hot as fire and solid as steel.

Quest Clear Conditions: Protect Smiths smithy.

Quest Clear Rewards: The lifespan of Smith will be extended by 30 years.

* Smith is a late bloomer thanks to his effort.

He has the qualities of a fine blacksmith.

Extending his life will benefit you.

Quest Acceptance Reward: The skillBlacksmiths Affection will be created.

Quest Failure: Smiths life isnt extended.

[Blacksmiths Affection]

If you have the maximum affinity with an NPC blacksmith, you can raise their skill level by 1~5 levels.

The blacksmith who received your teachings will be loyal to you for life and will share with you every time they learn new item production methods.

[Quest is in progress.]


The first time he met Khan he Winston, he became angry in the same manner and learned the skill Blacksmiths Rage.

He had come to deliver armor to Vantner, only to witness Smiths plight.

Saving him gave Grid unexpected benefits.

‘Maybe the world is different from what I thought.

He thought the world was a place where only selfish and bad guys received profits, while a good person was damaged.

But his thoughts changed a bit after being rewarded for his good work.

Grid felt better as he left the smithy.

Then his high insight detected exactly 15 Yatan followers nearby.

Grid wore Malacus Cloak and let them approach, calculating the perfect timing.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship, Wave!”

It was an absolute dignity.

The energy waves from Failure instantly killed the 15 followers.

[The questBlacksmiths Affection has been cleared.]

[Smiths life will be extended by 30 years.]

‘Good, good.

Grid made a happy expression and turned his attention to the center of the village.

The Tzedakah Guild were facing the old man Neberius playing the flute and the demonkin Balak, whose body was bubbling up like lava.

But the guild members still seemed to be hanging on.

Regas, Pon, Jishuka and Vantner werent present, but they seemed to be fighting well.

‘Everyone is much stronger compared to the time of the Malacus raid.

With their current power, wont they just make fun of Malacus

Grid turned his gaze to the other side.

Jishuka and Vantner were isolated in an area where the houses were concentrated.

“This side is urgent.”


“Pant pant… Damn! You lousy bastards!”

Vantners health was at the bottom.

The damage he suffered was so much that his potions cooldown time couldnt keep up and he was on the verge of death.


“Divine punishment!”

The clever believers started to focus their attacks on Vantner.

In the end, Jishuka made a decision.


She moved to defend Vantners side from the black knights attack, causing her to cough up blood.

Vantner cried out, “What are you doing Im supposed to protect you, not you protect me!”

Jishuka ridiculed him.

“Do you have the ability to protect me”


When the Tzedakah Guild quit L.T.S.

and moved to Satisfy, Vantner made his character a tanker.

He was a damage dealer in L.T.S.

so the guild members expressed concern.

But Vantner was stubborn.

He wanted to be in charge of a different position from L.T.S, so he chose a guardian knight.

Then he immediately regretted it.

The tankers weak attack and slow hunting speed didnt suit him.

In order to level up properly, he always had to hunt with a party.

The gap with his rival Pon grew bigger and Vantner became impatient.

“Tanker No.”

In order to feel the pleasure of playing alone, Vantner started to put his stat points into strength.

He forgot his original intentions of tanking for the guild members.

“How many times have I been told that a tanker doesnt suit me If Garcia had become our guilds guardian knight as planned, we wouldve been stronger and more stable.

Im sorry.”


Vantner felt sorry towards Jishuka and apologized while bowing his head.

Jishuka smiled as Vantner was feeling depressed, “After this situation, distribute your stat points better in the future.”


After the Malacus raid, I have been distributing as much stat points as possible into stamina.

I will now go unconditionally into stamina.”


Jishuka made a satisfied expression and pulled her bowstring back to the fullest.

Then flames started appearing at the end of the arrowhead.

She was poised to use the strongest attack skill, Phoenix Arrow.


She was going to use all her mana to get rid of the black knights in front of them Wasnt it a death wish The confused Vantner tried to stop her.

But Jishuka had already made up her mind.

“I will wipe out all the enemies here.

You should recover as quickly as possible and join the guild members.”

Jishuka was 17th on the unified rankings.

The rankings of the top players could fluctuate with just 1% of experience, so someone dying and losing 20% of their experience could drop the rankings down 20 places.

Vantner couldnt let her make the sacrifice.

“No! I will die instead!”

Jishuka stared at the shouting Vantner.

“Are you an idiot If you die then I wont be able to escape by myself.

Just listen to me.”

[You have suffered 2,800 damage.]

[You have suffered 2,550 damage.]

[You have been cursed.

Your defense is reduced by 30% and your movement speed has slowed.]

Jishuka was hit by magic attacks.

But she didnt protest.


The flames at the arrowhead spread and the whole bow became covered with fire.

The enemies would be wiped out the moment she let go of the bowstring.


The black warriors and magician sensed the danger and started their onslaught.


A dart flew and protected Jishuka.

Then a voice was heard from the sky.


Why are you planning on dying”


Jishuka blinked her long eyelashes.

She didnt hesitate to turn off the flames as she turned her gaze towards the sky.

“Why are you so late You bastard.”

She was touched to tears.

She was always sexy, but her puffed up cheeks made her look cute.

Grid flushed as his heart was attacked.

“Im sorry.”

Vantner shouted while Grid was apologizing, “Hey! You bastard! Why did you log out while making my armor and where did you go Isnt this too much I couldve played a more active role if you made my armor!”

Grid threw him an armor.

“Then start from now on.”

“What do you want me to do from now on… Heok”

Vantner freaked out as he checked the information of the armor.

[Relieved Wave Armor]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 574/574 Defense: 861 Movement Speed: -4%

* Reduces the damage received by 60% if your health is above 60%.

* Increases defense against cutting attacks by 30%.

* There is a high chance of invalidating cutting attacks.

* The skillPersistence will be generated.

Among the items made by the great blacksmithG, this is the second piece born with emotions.

It was left neglected during the production process and became anxious.

Now it is relieved about being completed.

It is filled with the desire not to be discarded twice, and that desire affects the wearer.

It has bad feelings towards its creator, but isnt petty enough to express it.

User Restriction: Level 240 or higher.

More than 500 strength.

Advanced Heavy Armor Mastery level 2 or higher.

Weight: 1,920


If your current health is below 5%, you will instantly regain 20% of your health and will unconditionally defend against one of the enemys attacks.

Skill Cooldown Time: 30 hours.

The guardian knight had the invincible skillGuardians Power that could stop an attack once.

If he used it well, he could neutralize the enemys movements.

Therefore, the guardian knight was a tanker.

However, the skill attached to an item was better than Guardians Power.

Vantners eyes widened.

‘There was a disadvantage that the cooldown is too long and it is difficult to use at the desired timing, but immediately recovering 20% of my health…

It was truly a legendary item.

He was thrilled as he shouted, “Grid! Thank you!!”

Vantner took off his old armor and wore the new one.

His defense rose sharply and 20% of his health was immediately restored.

Once he became invincible, he stormed towards the black knights.

“Jishuka! Now I am strong! Hahaha! Strong! I will unconditionally attack and protect you!”


A black knights sword flew towards Vantners back, but it was blocked by an invisible barrier.


The person who was dying had suddenly recovered, and what was this ability The confused dark knights receded and Vantner started to run like a madman, swinging his twin axes.

The enemies focused all their attention on Vantner.

Jishuka was able to widen the distance and her powerful arrows flew without compromise.

Puk! Puuok!



Two black knights instantly turned to light.

Kaaang! Kaang!

The surviving black knights attacked Vantner, but their swords often slipped off the wave pattern engraved on Vantners armor.


The black magicians cast magic to stop Vantner, who was rampaging like a bull.

But Jishuka was a problem.


She started sniping the black magicians, so there was no one to stop Vantner.

Grid was already looking at another place, “Youre next.”


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