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The clouds that swept through the hall were dyed a golden color. It was a representation of lingering regret. The expelled gods were still longing for their homeland. 

“Zeratul was defeated and Zik was resurrected.” 

Hanuls expression was so calm that the three masters were surprised. 

‘I thought he would be laughing. 

He was the most straightforward about his feelings among the gods of the beginning. There were often criticisms of frivolity, but that was only from those who didnt know great enjoyment. 

“Yes, it is too much humiliation.

Even Asgard wont be able to stand by.” 


no, Judar will move.” 

The three masters noticed it. Hanul was contemplating a departure. The timing was appropriate. After a series of unexpected incidents, Asgards defenses would be neglected for a while. It wasnt bad to take this opportunity to invade Asgard. 

‘The moment we reach the west, our deity will rise significantly. 

The human beings of the western lands had great distrust in Asgard. They didnt receive any help during the invasion of the demons. It was easy for them to be the new objects of worship. 

‘It isnt enough just to discuss the odds. 

This opportunity might not come twice. The overlap between Zeratuls defeat and Ziks resurrection was such a great event.

The probability was close to a miracle. However, it wasnt necessarily the best to take advantage of this opportunity. The fundamental problem was that it was difficult to see the odds even if they invaded Asgard. 

There was a big gap in basic combat effectiveness. This was even if Zeratul had entered thestatus recovery state and Judar would be absent. There were still Rikael and Dominion left over there. 

Judar, Dominion, and Rikael were the first gods and apostles created at the same time as Rebecca was born. They were the ones who expelled them from their home to this land. 

Those with a power and authority that transcended the concept of force—they were originally special existences who couldnt be ignored, just like the ancient gods, dragons, and beings with the modifier offirst orbeginning, such as the three evils of hell. 

“Dont be so nervous.” 

The three masters awakened from their thoughts.

Pungsa, Unsa and Usa—there was no impatience in Hanuls eyes as he looked at the three of them. 

“I still intend to observe.

The Overgeared God and Zik might bring defeat to Judar.

If they succeed in bringing Dominion down to the ground, then it will be our chance.” 

“...You think highly of the Overgeared God.” 

Zik had been promising since ancient times.

 Why else would Rebecca have directly cursed him 

The three masters approved when Hanul tried to win him over. If they could revive the seven malignant saints starting with Zik, they would gain a great deal of combat power. Meanwhile, the Overgeared God was ambiguous. There were whispers in the wind that humanity survived the invasion of demons and Zik was resurrected thanks to the Overgeared God. The three masters remembered Grid from the days when he was still a human being. 

Yes, the Overgeared God wasnt a god when he visited the Hwan Kingdom. He mightve accomplished the achievement of passing Chiyous Test, but it was difficult to imagine more than that. Could he really survive against Judars schemes 

The three masters thought it was difficult. 

‘Their mutual destruction would be the best. 

The three masters had a frank wish. Zik refused to become Hanuls apostle and instead served as Grids apostle. From the perspective of the three masters, both Zik and Grid were hateful.

They wanted the two of them to die alongside the gods of Asgard. Then Hanul spoke in a meaningful manner, “Rather than appreciating the Overgeared God, I am looking forward to Venices actions.” 


“Considering the sins she committed in the past, it is enough to feel expectant.” 

The expressions of the three masters became more relaxed. 


Only Sobyeol stayed silent.

His eyes, which shone brightly, became cold as he looked at the three masters, but the parties concerned didnt notice it. 


Responding to Baals invasion and considering how to use Ziks body—Grids mind was heavily exhausted. However, time was running out.

He couldnt rest and started to produce the divine sword. He didnt make any rudimentary mistakes such as losing concentration or having dull fingers, but it was true that it was difficult. It was just after a battle at the speed of sound in the same environment as reality.

His physical strength had long recovered, but his mental fatigue remained. 

Of course, Grids persistence and concentration shone even more in difficult situations. Apart from being tough, Grid was always perfectly in control of the work. He adjusted the flames of the furnace as intended and succeeded in smelting the fang using the unexpectedly strong flames. 

Moreover, he received the compensation of strengthening his willpower and mental world. The reward just for smelting a material was too much. The highest of all concepts was willpower and the mental world. 

However, Grid wasnt pleased. It was because the Furnace of God was destroyed. How much manpower and funds had been invested to create this myth rated furnace What he had pledged to be a lifelong companion ended up as a disposable item... 

‘Now that it is like this, I have no choice but to aim for the best results.

The furnace couldnt be sacrificed in vain. It hadnt been completely destroyed, but in any case... 

Grid cooled down his boiling mind and accelerated the work. 

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang! 

He tempered the fang with Hexetias anvil and hammer. Then he smelted it using the furnace that was still releasing flames toward the broken outer wall. 

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

He repeated the same tasks again and again before finally creating and structuring the frame of the blade according to the design imprinted in his head. 


Days passed as Grid engrossed himself in his work. During the process, the outer wall of the furnace completely collapsed and war resumed in all parts of the continent, but... 

Grid was completely focused on his own world. He communicated with Gujels fang, which intermittently shook, attacked Grid, and rejected the flames even after giving in. Surprisingly, the skill Overgeared Gods Domination and Talimas Shame were very helpful in the production process. 

[Overgeared Gods Domination Lv.


[Use your divine authority to create and rule all things to temporarily dominatecreated things. 

The duration is 1 second by default.

The higher the willpower stat, the longer the duration. 

During the duration of dominance, you can exercise all rights exceptdestruction on the target item. 

Skill applicable target: Recognized objects.

It is up to 2 objects.

There is one extra for every 1,000 points in willpower. 

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour.] 

It was different from the Duke of Virtues skill of borrowing items. It was also different from Talima\'s Shame who commandedego items. Overgeared Gods Domination had an influence oncreated things as a whole.

The influence mentioned here wasnt a simple concept. Exercising all rights except destruction...

in other words, it had endless utility. 

Gujels fang, which was smelted by Grids hands, also belonged to the category of created things. Every time it shook, Grid exercised control and overpowered it.

If his skill was on cooldown, then he used Talima\'s Shame. If he didnt have such means, the process of making the fang into a sword wouldve been much harder. Every time he tried to shape it into the form of a sword, it jumped frantically like it didnt want to lose its essence. 

‘The ego is too strong.

It was incomparable to Talima\'s Shame. It could be inferred through the reaction of the Fire Dragon Sword. The Fire Dragon Sword, which used to make threats every time Talima\'s Shame rebelled, remained silent, like it was dead, in front of Gujels fang.

It seemed to be very wary. 

It was natural. The Fire Dragon Sword was an ego born from a breath, and it was not a part of Trauka. It had integrated with Greed to become a divine sword, but its fundamental status was still inferior to Gujels fang. It was inevitable even if Trauka was a higher ranked dragon than Gujel. 

Tta! Ttang! Ttang! 

Grids hammering became increasingly sophisticated. He finally slowly and delicately tempered the obedient fang. He guided the grain, which was divided in several branches, into one direction. 

The curve remained gentle. He understood the intention contained in the form. He strengthened the rapport through understanding and inserting his willpower. Once it finally took the form of a shining dao, it was combined with a handle made of Greed. 

It wasnt complete yet. It should be sharper. 

As the work progressed, Grid sensed the tension of the Fire Dragon Sword and spoke in a reassuring manner, “This isnt a process to abandon you.” 

Even if Gujels dao boasted an unrivaled power, Grid had no intention of abandoning his existing swords. The realization gained from the creation of Gujels dao would be incorporated into the innovation of the divine swords. 

Grid created divine swords and the desired result was an overall evolution. It wasnt a screening process. 

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang! 

Time passed quickly. During the production of Gujels dao, Grid reached the connection timeouts a total of three times. This meant he devoted nearly nine days to the production. It was possible due to the consideration of his colleagues. The Overgeared members and apostles did their best in their respective positions.

They thwarted the invasion of the demons, so Grid didnt have to go out. In particular, Yura and Kraugel, who were active in hell with Leraje, made a great contribution.

They ransacked Gamigins soul vault. 

Thanks to this, Grid could fully concentrate. Combined with Overgeared Gods Domination and Talsha, the divine sword was completed much faster than scheduled. 

A world message appeared. 

[Overgeared God Grids divine object has appeared.] 

[The myth of the Overgeared God is strengthened.] 

[All stats of the Overgeared God Churchs believers will permanently increase by 10 and the penalties incurred when wearing items will be slightly reduced.] 

It was news that gave humanity new hope. Just— 

[A myth rated item is produced, permanently increasing all stats by 30!] 

[Reputation throughout the continent will rise by 1,000.] 

[For the first time in history, a complete dragon weapon has been completed.

The titleDragon Slayer has been acquired.] 

[The faith of the Overgeared God Church followers and all the blacksmiths in the world has deepened.] 

[The heavenly gods are wary of you.] 

[The son of Stone Dragon Gujel has woken up.] 

[Some dragons are having fun watching the situation.] 


The contents of the notification windows visible only to Grid werent sweet. The wariness of the gods was something he experienced more than once or twice, so it was sufficiently anticipated.

However, he hadnt expected the dragons to react. The situation that was assumed to be theworst case scenario became reality. Additionally, Gujels son 

‘I attracted aggro in the wrong direction 

Well, it couldnt be helped. He had to bear it even if he knew the results clearly. He couldnt miss the opportunity to make a dragon weapon. He couldnt just suck his fingers because he was scared of dragons. 

‘Think positively.

If a dragon appears, it might be better because there is justification for the Tower of Wisdom to intervene. 

Moreover, he got a ridiculous title. 

[Dragon Slayer] 

The question mark behind it was very unpleasant, but...

in any case, it was likely to be one of the highest titles. 


Grid was about to confirm the details of the divine sword and title only to look behind him in amazement. Standing there was a woman supporting her face with both hands, like a flower. The moment Grids eyes met her eyes, he felt dizzy from her smile.

It was literally a goddess. 

Venice, the goddess of money and the owner of the sun carriage—Grid knew her.

He had encountered her voice once before when he purchased Hexetias anvil and hammer from the carriage. 

“Im here to sell information.

I will give you information that will be a great~ help to you!” There was no malice in the sparkling, starlit eyes.


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