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Chapter 149

–Oppa, come out! Quickly!

“Whats going on” Youngwoo received contact from outside and hurriedly emerged from his capsule.


This was the first time Sehee prompted him to log out since he had started making money in Satisfy.

How urgent was the situation for her to do something so unusual

‘Perhaps its a robbery

Youngwoo had a timid nature.

He was four times as affected by horror movies when compared to normal people, and he couldnt walk alone at night unless he was drunk.

He panicked whenever he looked into the eyes of someone who was slightly scary.

If a burglar entered his home, he would think about fleeing rather than protecting the house.


‘Now its different.

He had lived through all the suffering, and his confident was currently soaring due to his endless successes.

In the first place, he wouldve been courageous if it was for his family.


Youngwoo opened the closed door and shouted, “What bastard dares I will kill anyone who puts their hands on my sister!”

He would protect Sehee, even if the burglar was armed with a knife! Then Youngwoo stiffened like a stone statue.



Youngwoo was stunned.

Rather than a robber, a familiar beauty was inside his house.

“Dont you really care for your sister” The beauty said with a smile.

She was sitting facing the flushed Sehee.

Sehee was happy, but she spoke as curtly as possible, “Oppa, what What did you imagine Anyway, Im not involved in this.

Can you not advertise yourself as a sis-con”

Finally, Sehee looked at the beauty with a winners expression.

‘There is no room for you between a brother and sister. She seemed to be saying.

The beauty smiled at Sehee like she was cute.


On the other hand, Youngwoo was stunned and rubbed his eyes several times.

Then he repeatedly confirmed the beautiful woman who was sitting across from Sehee.

‘Why is she in my house


Why was the jewel of South Korea in a shabby place like this It didnt seem real.

‘I dont know why shes here, but shes really pretty.

Yura was wearing a pale yellow jacket over a V neck t-shirt that revealed her collarbone.

She had good posture, confident eyes, delicate gestures and clear pronunciation.

Her overall impression was that of a noblewoman.

Approximately two seconds.

That was how long Youngwoo lost his spirit to Yura before shaking it off.

He might be deceived by external factors, but his feelings towards Yura werent so good.

He shook his head and moved towards the sofa.

He sat down next to Sehee and faced Yura.

“Why did you come to my house By the way, dont you know too much about me Are you a stalker”

Yuras eyes narrowed.

‘He has changed. The Shin Youngwoo who she met on the way to the alumni reunion wouldve shrunk back from her.

He acted like a sinner and couldnt even look her properly in the eyes.

But now he was different.

He was dignified instead of shrinking back, and he gazed straight into her eyes.

“You look like a completely different person.”

“I hope you mean it in a positive manner.”

Even his manner of speaking was different.

Yura smiled and replied, “I like the current you.”

‘She likes it

Yura was one of the best beauties on Earth, and was powerful and successful at the same time.

Such a great woman said she liked the current him, so he couldnt help feeling joy.

‘The glory of my family… No, no.

It isnt good to be in the heart of such a strange woman.

Yura had a stalker temperament, so Youngwoo replied to her as coldly as possible.

“I dont want to be in your heart.”

Yura wasnt fazed.

She looked at Youngwoos whole body.

“You have gained weight.

Its really good compared to before.

Your basic skeleton is good, so you look nice.”

It was true.

In his debt-ridden days, he couldnt feel the pleasure of eating full meals.

He played games all day, skipped meals and didnt exercise, so he was underweight.

But now that he was wealthy, he ate all types of delicious foods.

He enjoyed food like a gourmet, and got the idea that he wanted to live a long life to enjoy his riches.

He sometimes jogged with Sehee in the morning, and before he knew it, he reached a normal weight.

Compared to his previous appearance, he was now slightly above average It was a huge development.

“I feel like I can depend on you right now.

“What” Youngwoo was embarrassed by Yuras remark.

“What is it Tell me clearly.

You, why did you come to someone elses house I dont like this situation.

Quickly cut to the chase.”

‘Well done Oppa!

Sehee was delighted as she watched the two people.

Unbelievably, Yura seemed to be one-sidedly following her brother.

Meanwhile, her brother was indifferent to Yura.

Why was a woman that the world admired so obsessed with her brother, and why was her brother treating Yura like this

Sehee honestly couldnt believe it, but she still enjoyed watching her brothers attitude.

“I will prepare some tea.”

Her brother was trying to dump a woman.

Sehee found this hilarious and smiled as she headed towards the kitchen.

Then Yura finally cut to the chase, “I would like you to participate in the national competition as a representative of South Korea.”


What was she saying Youngwoo subtly reacted and Yura explained the situation.

“This is an unofficial offer from the South Korean government.

They want me to set up a national team so that South Korea can achieve a good score in the upcoming national competition that is starting May 1st and will last four days.”

Yura was one of the top 5 rankers in Satisfy.

She was a global star, so it wasnt strange that she had a link with the government.

“I understand the matter, but why me Dont you tend to overestimate me”

“I am convinced that you have the first hidden epic class.”

The second epic class was known to be obtained by Agnus while the third epic class was Katz.

Only the first epic class hadnt been revealed yet.

Youngwoo was aware that the first epic class was theDuplicator Euphemina, but Yura didnt know this.

Youngwoo had survived her strongest magic in the past, so she misunderstood and thought he had an epic class.

“As you know, South Korea was a powerhouse in games decades ago.

In most game competitions, South Koreas professional gamers and teams won the championship, while the rankers in all RPG games were Korean.

But that is just the glory of the past… Koreans arent doing well, especially in Satisfy.”

“I have read about it before… Koreans dont have a physical presence”

“As it happens, yes.

It is a problem facing all Asians in general.”

Sehee misunderstood the conversation from the kitchen and came out quietly.

She sat on one side so that she wouldnt interfere with the conversation.

Yura thanked Sehee for the tea and continued.

“The South Korean government wants to regain some of the glory of the past through this national competition.

Right now, the gaming industry is competitive.

The South Korean government wants to revive our competitive gaming power… In other words, they want to build the image of a country powerful in Satisfy.”

“They want to obtain a good record in the national competition”

“Yes, but its really hard.”

“Why Arent you 5th on the unified rankings One person can participate in three events in the national competition.

Isnt it enough for you to participate in three events and earn three gold medals”

This was the first time that the national competition was being held, so only eight countries were participating.

Earning three gold medals would be enough to enter the top rankings.

Youngwoo thought it was simple, but reality wasnt so clear.

“There are seven people stronger than me in PvP, and boss raid and labyrinth breakthrough arent my specialities.

The production related competitions are for production classes only, so they are out of the question.”


“The pet marathon will end up being between drakes, but there is no Korean user who owns a drake, so we have to give up on that.

The remaining events are the siege, target processing, sword drawing and treasure hunt.

Among them, the only one where I can win a gold medal is target processing.

The siege is also my specialty, but it is difficult to obtain a medal because the Korean team is too lacking.”

Youngwoo, who had been listening quietly, finally asked a question, “You, dont you seem useless”


Youngwoo casually stabbed her in a sore spot.

Yura eyebrows twitched before she started frowning.

Youngwoo continued without caring.

“Is this true No, why are there seven people stronger than you Arent you 5th on the unified rankings Shouldnt there only be four people stronger than you In addition, you are the Eighth Servant so you shouldve obtained special powers.

I thought you were strong enough to be one of Satisfys three pillars”

Yura recovered her cool and explained.

“Its true that Ive obtained the status of Eighth Servant.

By sacrificing my divine power stat to God Yatan, I can acquire new dark spells and my combat abilities have risen dramatically.

But the world is huge.

The rankings arent the only measure of strength.

In fact, you arent a ranker.

Given the number of unlisted rankers like you, there are probably at least 10 people stronger than me.”

“Hrmm… Who are the people stronger than you right now”

Yura listed them without hesitation.

“1st ranked Kraugel.

2nd ranked Zibal.

3rd ranked Chris.

7th ranked Agnus.

8th ranked Hurent.

11th ranked Bondre.

15th ranked Hao.

Thats it.”

“I know that Agnus has an epic class, but the the 8th, 11th and 15th ranked”


Their levels are lower than mine.

But they are monsters in combat.

Although they are unimpressive compared to Kraugel.”

“Is Kraugel that great”

“I have seen him hunting many times and he is beyond common sense.

He is a person who draws out the maximum result with minimal movements at all times because his field of view is large and he can accurately calculate things like damage, skill cooldowns, as well as reading the pattern of movements and countering.

People call me a genius, but Kraugel has several times more talent for the game.”

“Wow… He sounds amazing.”

He said so, but Youngwoo was thinking differently.

So what if he is excellent at these things

‘It is nothing in front of the power of items.

The truth of RPG games was items.

As Youngwoo was ridiculing Kraugel, Yura asked him politely.

“I need your strength as the first epic class.

Please participate in the national competition and demonstrate your skills.

The government has promised high incentives if you win a medal, so it wont be bad for you.”

Youngwoos ears pricked as he heard the wordincentives and he was troubled for a moment.

‘I want to participate… But it will be annoying if it is revealed that I have a legendary class… Ah, perhaps

Youngwoo asked Yura, who was waiting for an answer with a serious posture.

“Is it possible to participate while hiding my ID”

“You cant.

Your identity must be thoroughly proven to enter the competition.”

It was expected.

Youngwoo changed the question.

“Then what about the pet marathon Is it possible for inanimate objects to participate”

“… Inanimate objects”

“An inanimate pet.”

Pets were pets.



In other words, a living creature.

But inanimate

“An inanimate object isnt a pet.”

“The inanimate objects have an ego.

They absolutely obey commands.”

Inanimate objects with an ego

“Is it like the golems made by great magicians”

“The concept is roughly like that…”


“Anyway, the pet marathon is basically a competition between drakes.

They will bite at all the competition until the destination is reached.

My pet doesnt have the concept of stamina, so it can tease other pets and win the marathon.

I will win the gold medal.

The condition is that I dont appear before the public.”


“Pretend that my pet is your pet.

Dont worry, I will pilot it.

Of course, all benefits that you receive for the gold medal will be mine.


“…I honestly dont care about credit.

Do you have a pet that is equivalent to a high grade golem with an ego”

“If you dont believe me then go home and connect to Satisfy.

I will show you.”


I will connect and send you a whisper.”

Yura got up.

She told Sehee that the tea was delicious and headed for the front door.

Youngwoo opened the front door out of courtesy.

Then Yura gazed at him and gave him belated news.

“There is something you should know.

By now, Bairan Village should be ruined.”


“Neberius, the Fourth Servant of the Yatan Church, has determined the coordinates of Bairan Village due to the spies he sent.

Using Mass Teleport, he has led a large army, including the Fifth Servant Balak, to invade Bairan Village.

The Tzedakah Guild is either already wiped out or on the brink of annihilation.”


Yura raised a finger and pointed it at Youngwoos heart.

“Didnt I say that I wouldnt kill you when war broke out between the Yatan Church and the Tzedakah Guild This time I have paid off my debt.”

‘It cant be.

Youngwoo checked the time.

It had been 40 minutes or so since he logged out from Satisfy.

That was two hours within Satisfy.

“Did you time your visit with the Yatan invasion”


You said you didnt care about getting caught up in the war.

Isnt this good”

“…Im not sure.”

It was annoying.

In the first place, his relationship with the Tzedakah Guild didnt require him to get involved in wars.

Youngwoo was a blacksmith of the Tzedakah Guild, not a soldier.

“Then Im going now.”



Youngwoo stopped Yura before she was about to leave.

“The Fourth Servant… Does he have the ability to give God Yatans blessing”

Yura shook her head.

“Only the First Servant can give God Yatans blessing.

Why Do you have a quest”

“What if I do Can you help”

“Its hard.

I am the Eighth Servant, but I havent met the First Servant.

And arent you hostile to the Yatan Church in the first place”

“Indeed… I understand.”

Yura left.

Youngwoo immediately returned to his capsule and logged into Satisfy.

{Shit! Kill, the killing doesnt end!}

{Fakers group, we are facing Neberius.

His magic will be sealed when we draw his attention.}

{This is Toban.

Balak is so strong that I cant last much longer.

Where is the support from Regas and Pon}

{The senior followers are focusing on Pon and Regas.

Im supporting with magic, but it seems hard for them to leave.}

There was an uproar in the guild chat window.

The situation was so dire that few people noticed Grid logging in.

{Ah… How rotten.

Being Jishukas protector is very arduous.

If only Grid made my armor… Damn.}

It was Vantner.

Grid smiled widely.

“You can play an active role if you have armor”

Certainly, only Vantners weapons were good.

It wasnt just Vantner.

Not surprisingly, many of Satisfys rankers were armed with items not suitable for their level due to a lack of top quality items.

Grid was one of the few people who could overcome this scarcity.

“I will deliver the armor.”

Grid opened his inventory.

Then he pulled out the Legendary Blacksmiths Hammer and the Wave Armor that was on the verge of completion.

The guild had endured the enemys ambush far longer than Yura predicted, but he still initiated a quick and deliberate hammering.


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