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Grid had many powerful attack methods. Even the 10th great demon he met in hell, Leraje, couldnt easily handle his attacks. Now Grid was many times stronger.

It was incomparable to when he met Leraje. 

Biban made a big mistake by conceding the first attack. Grid glimpsed victory. To avoid losing this opportunity, he used Storm of the Fire God and placed all his buff skills on his body. Naturally, he also opened up the Rune of Gluttony. He would do his best from the beginning to turn Bibans defense to nothing. 

He couldnt let his guard down. His opponent was the Sword Saint.

Moreover, he was the founder of the Matchless Style. The title of strongest ever mightve been given to Muller, but Mullers Heart technique and swordsmanship was created by Biban. 

Based on the way he improved the Undefeated Kings Swordsmanship, Bibans insight into swordsmanship was the best in history. It was unfortunate that this great insight was limited to swordsmanship, but Grid still recognized Biban as one of the worlds strongest men. A monster that transcended common sense. It was natural since he had fought against adragon. If he wasnt one of the strongest, then the worlds logic was wrong. 

Nevertheless, Grid was determined to win. He wanted to get the stone dragon Gujels fang. 

[Power of Not Knowing Defeat] 

[Gain a strength beyond your potential. 

You must win in a fight of strength. 

If the next action after using this power is affected by strength, it will unconditionally get positive results. 

However, it cant win against the top three great demons, dragons, absolutes, and gods. 

Cooldown Time:  12 hours. 

Skill Resources Consumed:  None.] 

The Formless Sword and Fire Dragon Sword had been combined into one item. Storm of the Fire God, which was more powerful due to Fire of Willpower, was concentrated at the end of the sword that moved in a spiral. 

On the other hand, Biban hadnt drawn his sword.

He declared that he would give up the first blow, so he seemed willing to respond when Grid was ready. His attitude was aloof as he pushed back Storm of the Fire God with a boundary of sword energy. 

It was the appearance of an absolute.

The appearance that didnt doubt his own skill appeared again. Grid clearly engraved Bibans appearance in his eyes.

It was fully engraved on his mind. He wanted to look like this.

He fell for Biban as a warrior. Of course, this was a story of when he didnt talk. 

“Sigh.” Grid took a deep breath and recalled the situation when he competed with Leraje.

He imagined the praise Biban would give the moment Biban experienced his strength. 

Just as Biban didnt doubt his skills, Grid was proud of his own skills. The Fire Dragon Formless Sword, that now had 10,000 pure attack power in the aftermath of the innovation, roared. Along with the rough and intense launch of the Breath, the sword dance unfolded. 

It was the five fusion sword dance, Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle. The power of Kill, which ignored most of the targets defense, stretched out with the guidance function of Detect Force. It was one of the strongest sword dances that disarmed and brought despair the moment it hit.

Not only was the hit rate corrected, but it also contained Power of Not Knowing Defeat. Additionally, all the sword energies had anomalies. When drawing a spiral, it stretched out in a straight line.

When drawing a straight line, it curved in a spiral. It was a characteristic of the Formless Sword. 

This wasnt the only tricky part. The starting points of the sword energies were all different. It was because Grid linked Shunpo with the sword dances. 

Now Grids actions werent forced by the sword dance.

He used the power of a god to ignore some physical laws. Every movement wasnt swallowed by the kinetic energy of the five fusion sword dance.

Rather, he perfectly controlled his own body. 

An extreme light spread from the front, rear, left, and right of Biban. The same was true for above his head. It was a wave of force created by Grid using Shunpo to occupy all of Bibans surroundings. The seven sword energies swirled from different angles.

There was no drop in the process. It was a perfect attack no matter who saw it. 

Grid captured the image of Biban pulling out his sword in a hurry and heard his heartbeat. The time when he surprised Leraje came to mind. It was as if it was going to happen again soon.

It was an area close to foresight. 

However, his prediction was reduced to a false delusion. At the same time that the sword was drawn, Bibans sword defended against all seven sword energies occupying the surrounding area.The paths of the sword energies coming from different trajectories were blocked by aiming at the overlapping points. It was right to describe it as a miracle, not a skill. 

Grids astonished eyes trembled, but the trembling soon subsided. He believed the Power of Not Knowing Defeat would crush Bibans defense. However— 


Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle didnt break through Bibans defense. Every time Bibans sword tilted at an angle and collided with the seven sword energies, the seven sword energies lost their trajectories. The sword dance ended.

The same was true for the Power of Not Knowing Defeat.

It entered the cooldown time without achieving any results. 

The seven sword energies that lost their direction passed by Bibans side. There was a wave of great destructive power around Biban and the entire landscape collapsed. 

Biban gently moved his hand holding the sword. The sword in his hand rose and spun, creating wind.

Even the remnants of the remaining Wind Cutters were scattered. Not a single strand of hair was touched and he smiled with satisfaction. 

“Can a pair of swords make the Matchless Sword retreat There arent many things in the world that can force me to show my technical skills.” 

Biban had superhuman strength.

In addition to his violent temperament, he honed his swordsmanship to create the Matchless Heart Technique and sword techniques.

He had never been pushed in a strength confrontation.

In Mullers prime, he surpassed Biban in technique, not strength. 

Yet the current Biban had even surpassed the techniques of Mullers prime. Bibans sword contained an immeasurable number of years. He was unlike Muller, who wanted to die so he abandoned his sword and lived in seclusion to be forgotten by people.

Biban had been practicing swordsmanship all his life. His mindset was different. Before talking about the strongest, Biban was the greatest swordsman in the world. Such a person was praising Grid. 

“That is great swordsmanship.

If I was a bit weaker, I would\'ve died seven times without realizing it.” 

He called it swordsmanship, not a sword dance. It was different from the way he once described the sword dances as a dance. It was proof that Grids sword dances had clearly transcended their limits. In particular, the method that Grid showed a little while ago by mixing Shunpo with Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

During the action of Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle, Shunpo was used a total of five times. A swordsmanship that killed seven times before the target even realized it. Bibans words werent exaggerated at all.

It was pure and appropriate. 

Grids fingers trembled from excitement. A smile he didnt know about spread across his face. It was because Biban didnt hide his nervousness. The greatest swordsman, who only saw Grid as far inferior to him when they first met a few years ago, was finally recognizing Grid as a worthy opponent. It felt like he was being recognized for his past efforts, so Grid couldnt help being happy. Additionally— 

‘I can win. He definitely got a glimpse of victory. 

In fact, it wasn\'t surprising that Biban blocked Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle. Grid alone had many counterattacks based around Revolve. How could Biban not have a technique to neutralize attacks as the Sword Saint Grid noticed that he had consumed Bibans defense skill. 

‘The common feature of evasion skills, defense, and counterattacks is that they have a long cooldown time. 

Additionally, the number wasnt much.

Grid being able to perform multiple counterattacks with just Revolve was a special case. 

‘Push him.

Grid determined and breathed in deeply. He was determined to release as many attacks as possible in one breath i.e.

bombard Biban with attacks non-stop. Grids sword stretched forward. His shoulders didnt shake.

He seemed to be skating on ice. 

‘The balance of the body is perfect. Biban evaluated as his vision was filled with Grid. 

Scarlet petals fluttered. It was Linked Kill Flower Pinnacle Drop. Grid focused on Flower since it showed greater power as it connected.

Linked Kill Flower Pinnacle Drop was followed by Linked Flower, Transcended Linked Flower, and so on. The fusion sword dances focused around Flower were used to push to Biban. The area was covered with petals in an instant. They were deadly poisonous petals. They were threatening the moment they made physical contact. 

However, it was a skill that had a bad compatibility against Biban. The wind pressure created by the Matchless Swordsmanship was a force against providence. It even twisted the flow of sword energy. Even before one breath ended, a pillar of petals swirled around the two people exchanging dozens of blows in the center. Not a single petal touched Bibans body. 

“A body in charge of the towers vanguard.

It doesnt easily collapse even when fighting a dragon.

I might be hopeless against Dragon Words, so I often turn to Radwolfs magic machines, but...

in any case, I dont think you will win easily.” 

“Is that so” 

Grid wasnt agitated even though Biban stood as steadfast as an iron wall. As Biban neutralized the sword energies of Flower and approached to induce close range combat, Grid calmly grabbed Bibans collar with his left hand. In the process, a gap was naturally revealed. Bibans elbow lifted and pressed against Grids wrist while his sword was pushed into Grids abdomen.

It was a sword held in reverse.

It was the basic skill of the Matchless Swordsmanship that penetrated the target even at a super close distance. 

Blood spilled from Grids mouth. 


Then Bibans vision reversed. 

Turning the World Upside Down—the unique grappling skill he gained from raiding the Triad Lee Jeong forced Bibans body into the ground. 

The petals fell as the winds died down and piled up heavily on the body of the wide-eyed Biban.

Numerous marks were engraved on his body. Grid immediately used Shunpo to open the distance and swung the sword once, causing a sword energy bombardment in proportion to the number of marks. 

“Um!” Bibans actions were forced.

He raised his body and was cut by the sword energies. They fell on him. It was Drop Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave. 

Bibans expression quickly changed.

His warm smile changed and he showed anger. “How shameful!” 

It was due to False Dragon Words used with the Fire Dragon Sword. Grid openly stabbed at Bibans weakness after Biban confessed he was weak to Dragon Words. This allowed Drop Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave to pierce Biban, who had been restrained for a while.

Biban coughed up blood and barely managed to stabilize his collapsing body. 

“Why didnt you tell me” Biban shouted as he blocked Grids linked attacks with the Matchless Swordsmanship that easily separated mountains. 


“Why didnt you say that you know how to use Dragon Words!” 


Grid wanted to ask why he would say that one by one, but in the end, he didnt express it. He succeeded in inflicting a critical injury. It wasnt good to waste time here. 

“Come out.” Grids eyes turned red as he whispered into the air.

The surrounding landscape was crushed and five shadows appeared.

The shadows soon became people. They were handsome men and women with white skin and red eyes. It was the emergence of the direct descendant vampires, including Earl Elfin Stone. They stood with a haughty look on their faces and 30 God Hands appeared in the sky. Noe and Randy were present as well.

Randy was on Noes back.

It was a cavalry reminiscent of the wyvern troops. 

“What about the sacred one-on-one showdown” Biban responded in a dumbfounded manner. 

“Arent you also using weapons and skills” 


“This is the same thing.

It is one-on-one.” 


Biban couldnt find a way to refute it and removed the boundary of sword energy.

He collected 40% of the sword energy that was continuously consumed to form a boundary, even if there was no damage to the surrounding area. By realizing his mental world, he completely devoured Storm of the Fire God. 

By this time, Biban was serious. Even so, he still gave Grid advice, “You have the Undefeated Kings Swordsmanship.

Dont distinguish between the Undefeated Kings Swordsmanship and your sword dances.

Apply it just as you use the sword dances and Shunpo together.”


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