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Grids prediction was wrong. The name of the new religion was the Sanctity Church, not Goddess Ruby Church. The system focused on the image of the Saintess. 

‘It is worse than I expected.

Grid was upset when he saw the world message.

His complaint was that the object of worship wasnt clearly indicated. The churches of the three gods and the Yatan Church were named after the gods they served.

The Overgeared God Church originated from Grid. Why was it that only the Sanctity Church was symbolic He was sorry for his little sister because it felt like Rubys name value was left out. 

‘I would rather it have been Goddess Ruby Church... 

Grid clicked his tongue with regret, but peoples reactions were completely different. 

『 A new religion has just been born! It is worshipping Saintess Ruby, the famous younger sister of Grid, as a goddess...


『 The Overgeared God Church and Sanctity Church have absorbed a large number of Rebecca followers and the structure of power is rapidly changing...


-Wow, the name Sanctity Church looks a bit fancy. 

-It is like a fairy in comparison to the Overgeared God Church. 

-So the siblings are gods Huh The siblings are gods 

-Yes! The siblings are gods! 

-God siblings ᄃᄃ Even their last name is Shin ᄃᄃᄃ [1] 

-Wow Great Wisdom Shin-ssi;; The foresight of Grids mother to marry a Shin is great;; 

-No, Koreans should go to the Korean community. 

-I should stop watching the broadcast and rejoin as soon as possible. Im going to build up achievements and form a religion. 

-Me too ᄏᄏᄏ Once I become a god, my colors will be a bright aurora. 

-My personal color is white, so it should be white... 

-Did we eat something wrong as a group ᄏᄏᄏLets aim for being a legend first. 

Until a few years ago, there were many people who shouted about the game balance every time Grid played a unique role.

That time had already passed. There was nothing a player couldnt do. From a certain point, people saw hope from Grid. It was while experiencing the fact that Satisfy was an ideal different from reality. People had certainly experienced their own growth.

They learned that they were rewarded for their efforts.

They felt like they should focus on their own growth instead of questioning others. 

-Everyone, hardcore level up! 

-Gain items. 

Those who saw their future from Grids appearance had some of their anxiety about the upcoming great human and demon war changed to motivation. 

The players belonging to the Yatan Church and three gods camp felt very urgent. 


Grid hated complicated work.

So as always, he left the aftermath to Lauel. 

Lauel appeared with knights as protection and organized the remnants of the Vatican.

He recommended conversion to the followers who still had lingering attachments and expelled those who refused.

However, all the high ranking priests with the reputation or strength to be the center of the church were detained. 

The holy grounds and properties of the Vatican were naturally confiscated.

After the great human and demon war, he planned to gather architects and convert the Vatican to the headquarters of the Sanctity Church. The Rebecca Temples outside the Overgeared Kingdom were also targeted. 

Lauel dispatched troops to every area where a temple was located and took the temple by force.

If it was far away, he received cooperation from his allies or isolated them politically. Lauel had long been famous for his lack of blood and tears.

The man who was always smiling in front of Grid was cold-blooded enough to kill tens of thousands of prisoners. The moment he decided to completely disband the Rebecca Church, he was unstoppable in his work.

Everything went quickly. 

Fortunately, the players of the Rebecca Church were cooperative.

Heals were no longer exclusive to the Rebecca Church, so players had no reason to defend it.

He was very happy to take this opportunity to increase the influence of the Overgeared Guild. 

[The other person is in a place where they cant receive whispers.] 

‘Has she already gone back to hell 

Grid returned to Reinhardt. 

The moment he saw the world message that the Sanctity Church was born, he sent a whisper to Ruby, but couldnt reach her. He had been planning to send her some comfort about the fact that the name of her religion would be the Sanctity Church... 

‘Still, the expedition will be difficult if Sehee is away for a long time. 

The expedition members mustve been waiting for the Saintess to return. The difference between having a healer in the party and having no healer was very obvious. 

‘Will they party in hell all the time 

He heard about it from Yura. The expedition, focused around Yura and Sehee, promised to stay in hell once the great human and demon war was over. Among them were Jishuka and Kraugel. 

Grid was slightly uneasy. ‘Jishuka has a lot of firepower in hell thanks to the Breaking Evil Arrow, but why Kraugel 

Wasnt it better to solo play in the East Continent If Kraugel was in hell for a long time, hell might one day perish... 

Grid was worrying about the power of Space Sword when he arrived at his destination. It was the main temple of the Overgeared God Church. 

“Why did you come here directly If you called me, then I wouldve rushed over.” 

Sariel had to be wary of Asgards gaze.

They were forced to spend their time in Reinhardt.

To be exact, they stayed at the temple of the Overgeared God Church. Rather than buffing visitors, they prayed and built up their divine power.

Their faith would soon become Grids faith, so the more they stayed in the temple and received peoples prayers, the better it was for Grid. 

‘Sariel is even wearing a coronet. 

Necklace, earrings, and rings—Sariel had colorful trinkets hanging around their neck.

At first glance, they were items that seemed expensive.

It seemed that the visitors who were interested in Sariel had presented Sariel with gifts. The gender of an angel was classified asneutral, but Sariels appearance, words, and deeds were that of a young woman.

She was even a beautiful woman comparable to Mercedes or Marie Rose, so he understood the feelings of the visitors to some extent. Additionally, Sariel was friendly to everyone and had good accessibility. 

“It is good extra income.” The moment Grid entered the temple, the church members sealed off the entrance and withdrew. Since he was recognized by the public as thegod of battle gear, there were symbols of all types of battle gear in the massive temple where only Grid and Sariel were present. 

Grid saw the jewelry boxes and clothes piled up behind Sariel and pulled out the gift without any burden. “Then take this.” 

“This is Michaels...

he has been destroyed.” Was she thinking about her past memories There was a flash of regret on Sariels face as she received Michaels halo and feather.

Nevertheless, her big eyes werent shaken. “God, you have done something really big.” 

Sariel had said Michael was the best angel when it came to destroying and killing. She said that when they went to war with Asgard, he would be as much as a rival as the 2nd archangel.

She added that it was lucky they were able to destroy him in advance. 

Grid had doubts. “Why did Rebecca leave such an important fighting power alone instead of helping” 

Grid hadnt shown it, but he had been wary of Asgards intervention during his fight against Michael. Yet Asgard showed no reaction, let alone intervened.

They watched silently as Michael died and the Rebecca Church collapsed. There was also no news about the Templar, an organization that had been led by a copied angel from generation to generation. 

“It wasnt that they couldnt help, but that they didnt help” 

“Im sorry, I cant answer.

I lost my memories of the gods when I was expelled, so I dont know their intentions.” 

In the beginning, when Sariel joined as Grids apostle, Braham and Lauel had tried to get information about Asgard from her. However, Sariel lost a significant amount of her memories related to Asgard.

In particular, the memories of the gods had become so blurred that she didnt even remember their appearance. 

Braham speculated that Sariel had a restriction on her. It was natural for there to be a restriction. The gods wouldnt have expelled an archangel without taking any measures, especially since Sariel was an angel who exposed the gods sins. They wouldve wanted to kill her, not just banish her. 

‘The reason she wasnt killed...

it could be due to a punishment, but it should be because they wanted to use her spare flesh.

According to Sariels vague memories, the archangels spare bodies remained permanently unless the soul was extinguished.

There would be many uses.

An example was the Templar. It was a disgusting story. 

[Your messengerSariel has become the new owner ofHalo of Massacre.] 

[Your messengerSariel has become the new owner ofFeather from the Wings of Massacre.] 

[Your messengerSariel has increased all stats by 10%.] 

[Your messengerSariel has acquired new skills and magic.] 

[Your messengerSariel is slightly less affected by demonic energy and would have a smaller chance of running wild.] 

Sariel absorbed Michaels power. It was mysterious and beautiful to see the halo with two light sources floating above the flowing, blond hair. The wings became eight.

It was an awe-inspiring sight when the four pairs of wings spread wide. 

“...Um” He got a clue to free Sariel from the demonic energy. Grid was delighted by the better than expected results when he suddenly felt doubts and cocked his head. It was because there was a gradient of a pale orange color at the tip of Sariels wings. Werent the wings of an angel pure white 

“Huhu, the messengers are influenced by their god.

I am your angel, so I am tinged with your color. Sariel was pleased after noticing the change.

Her bright smile was beautiful. 

Grid smiled and handed her the Angels Halo and Angels Feather. It was like a type of enhancement stone.

It was a material used to enhance the halo and feather. “Now use this to enhance them.” 

“Yes.”Sariel also applied her standards to her master.

The evidence was that she uncovered and pointed out the sins of the gods. However, she obeyed absolutely unless her master committed a crime contrary to her reason.

Like Mercedes, she followed Grids command without hesitation. It meant she tried to strengthen the halo right away, only to fail. 


“Oh my, it isnt easy.” 


The Angels Halo crumbled into powder. 

Grid stared blankly for a moment at Sariels innocent smile. 

No, you are an angel. Angels are a symbol of good luck, but you failed from the beginning. 

“I will try the wings enhancement...” Sariel had failed only once.

It wasnt polite to treat her as having a stinky hand already. 

However, Grid didnt like Sariels innocence.

Seeing the way she was smiling so happily despite failing at strengthening the halo, it seemed she would laugh even if she wasted the feather. That...

he was depressed just thinking about it.

Grid didnt want to be sad.

If he couldnt hope for empathy, then he would rather take on the responsibility alone.

He was convinced he would be less depressed. 

[The Wings of Justice have been successfully enhanced!] 

[The wings of your messenger, Sariel, have evolved into the Wings of Righteous Massacre!] 

The name of Sariels halo and wings wasjustice. Grid learned a new fact after seeing the system information and his heart seemed warm.

He seemed to glimpse Sariels essence. On the other hand, he also felt guilty. The modifier of justice was completely inconsistent withmassacre. In any case— 

[Your messengerSariel has increased agility by 5%.

Additionally, the power attached to the wings is enhanced.] 

Grids enhancement succeeded.

The Overgeared Gods Techniques grew to the myth class and the buff ofenhancement probability increasing had also been upgraded. 

‘I need to experiment with this. 

He would be stuck at the smithy for a while anyway. This trip was because he couldnt sit back and watch the provocation and incitement of the Rebecca Church.

Grids original plan had been to focus on his blacksmithing work until the great human and demon war. 

Grid handed over Michaels Holy Sword to Sariel, who was more delighted that she had done something for Grid rather than about herself becoming stronger.

Then he left the temple. 


Choices came with sacrifices. The moment Grid chose to conquer the Rebecca Church, the other forces watching him took drastic action. 

“Start the magic blocking array.” 

The dark elf army that had been waiting at the entrance of the World Trees Forest. They were waiting for the reinforcements that wouldve been dispatched from the empire after the empire heard the guard troops had been attacked. The personalities of the dark elves were very cautious and they planned to enter the forest and occupied it cleanly only after removing any possible variables. 


The geometric patterns carved throughout the forest emitted light and disappeared. It was the moment when magic was prohibited. 


The dark elves keen senses detected faint vibrations. The king of the dark elves launched Clairvoyance in order to see the imperial army in the distance. The imperial army seemed to notice something unusual and slowed down, but it was too late.

They were within range. The dark elves borrowed the power of the darkened elementals and pulled their bows in unison. 

“It is time to correct the order of the forest.” 

After getting rid of these troublemakers, they would condemn the women who dared to banish them. The red eyes of the dark elves were filled with killing intent.

The elementals, that were as dark as their skin, danced.


God in Hangul is Shin


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