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Chapter 1476


The viewers questioned it.

They thought the broadcast was lagging.

It was quiet.

The broadcasting team on the other side of the screen was silent.

They stood still, as stiff as a wooden statue.

It was a sight witnessed by the viewers of all broadcasting channels around the world.

The viewers who were puzzled soon laughed.

Wasnt it their own hands on the keyboard that were stopped They were calledkeyboard warriors in modern times due to their excellent keyboard skills, but for now, the screaming of the keyboard had stopped.

The chat window was silent as if it was responding to the silence of reality.

Just like the on-screen broadcasting staff, the viewers bodies and heads were briefly stiffened.

A belated thrill shot down their spines.

It was a bigger thrill than when taking drugs.

Michael—the moment he wielded the Holy Sword with a cut off head and revealed that he was an angel, the reaction of the broadcasting staff and viewers was the same.

The power of the Holy Sword that condensed mighty divine power and increased its size literally foreshadowed the end.

Through the sight of the light particles spreading out like spears and magically exploding, people peeked at the transcendence they had never known.

Angels were beings that players couldnt kill.

They came to that conclusion at the very beginning.

It was a conclusion naturally induced from Michaels transcendent force that released hundreds of attacks in a single blow.

People speculated that Grid would suffer a crisis.

Yet when they came to their senses, a completely different result was in front of them.

-...Grid is a god.

-...Grid is a god.Grid is a god.Grid is a god.Grid is a god.

The chat window, which had been paused for a long time, started to update quickly.

The silence of reality was broken.

The broadcasting staff came to their senses and shouted belatedly in excitement while media all around the world poured out breaking news.


Saintess Ruby—after receiving Grids call, she arrived at the Vatican just before Storm of the Fire God was used.

To be exact, Grid was waiting for Ruby.

For the perfect finish, he saved Storm of the Fire God until she arrived.

‘She is a stubborn person.

Grid had earned 18 levels as a reward for destroying Michael.

He was level 463 and he instantly reached 481.

It was an astronomical amount of experience that couldnt be gained naturally.

It was right for Michael to give limited rewards since he was weakened.

Yet Ruby, the Saintess, completely destroyed Michael.

Michaels exit from the worldview caused the disappearance of all sorts of quests and episodes that were intended to occur.

The potential rewards were changed to experience and granted to Grid.

Moreover, Grid had the enlightenment effect.

Additionally, Ruby rejected the party request.

Thanks to this, Grid gained 18 levels, but he didnt feel good.

Rubys growth was important.

He couldnt believe she had given away the opportunity to gain so much experience.

Ruby read Grids disapproving gaze and sent him a whisper.

-Cant I grow on my own now

It was true.

Ruby took advantage of Turn Undead and wide area percentage heals with a high probability of killing evil beings in a single blow and her hunting speed was at the top in the Overgeared Guild.

Of course, there were spatial restrictions, but Ruby was able to grow quickly on her own without her brothers sacrifice.

It wasnt false confidence, but a proven fact.

Recently, it was confirmed directly in hell.

-I know what you mean, but...keep in mind that I am your older brother.Dont even think of yourself as a burden.

Grid read Rubys growth using his insight and found that it wasnt empty words.

Nevertheless, he added a few words as he descended to the ground.

His inventory was full of Michaels Holy Sword, the halo, feather, and various jewels.

The halo and feather resembled the items obtained after killing Raguel, but they were completely different.

There was a difference just from the name.

[Angels Halo]

[Rating: Myth

A halo that glows above the angels head.

Now it has lost its life and its purpose is unknown, but it seems to be of great value.

Weight: 0]

[Angels Feather]

[Rating: Myth

A feather that has fallen from the wings of an angel.

It is white and clean as if it cant be stained in any way.

The usage isnt known, but it seems to be of great value.

Weight: 0]

These were the information of the halo and feather that Raguel had dropped.

[Halo of Massacre]

[Rating: Myth

A halo of light that has evolved by resonating with the divine power of the 3rd archangel, Michael.

The light is strong, but its purpose is unknown.

Still, it seems to be of great value.

Weight: 0]

[Feather from the Wings of Massacre]

[Rating: Myth

A feather dropped from wings that have evolved by resonating with the divine power of the 3rd archangel, Michael.

The usage isnt known, but it seems to be of great value.

Weight: 0]

These were the information of the halo and feather that Michael had dropped.

Unlike Raguel, Michaels soul had disappeared and everything was lost.

Based on that logic, he had dropped hisreal halo and feather.

[This item has a hidden function!]

Along with this notification window, the information on Michaels halo and feather was updated.

[Halo of Massacre]

[Rating: Myth

A halo of light that has evolved by resonating with the divine power of the 3rd archangel, Michael.

Creates a specialized divine force that allows for a faster and more effective performance.

Since Michael has disappeared, ownership can be transferred to another angel.

Weight: 0]

[Feather from the Wings of Massacre]

[Rating: Myth

A feather dropped from wings that have evolved by resonating with the divine power of the 3rd archangel, Michael.

Accelerate as you get closer to the target.

Since Michael has disappeared, ownership can be transferred to another angel.

Weight: 0]

‘This... Grids eyes widened.

He could see the essence of the halo and feather from the fact that ownership could be transferred.

Grid pulled out the Angels Halo and Angels Feather and overlapped them with the Halo of Massacre and the Feather from the Wings of Massacre.

[Do you want to strengthen the Halo of Massacre]

[Do you want to strengthen Feather from the Wings of Massacre]

The information of the Angels Halo and Angels Feather was updated along with the system message asking these questions.

Theunknown usage was changed toused to strengthen halos and feathers.

‘Sariel has a powerful means of growth.

A deep smile spread on Grids face once he learned how to use the halo and feather.

He was thrilled at the thought that Sariels wings and halo could be upgraded every time he destroyed an archangel.

‘It would be better to give this sword to Sariel.

Michaels sword was an excellent weapon compared to Raguels Spear, which was myth rated, but could only be used as a material for extracting divine stone.

It was comparable to Grids divine sword, assuming it was used by an angel.

“Excuse me...


“...Yes, speak.” Grid was about to check the condition of his rune after the holy sword, only to smile kindly.

He had goosebumps on his arms.

He was worried that he had a silly expression on his face because he was too happy.

He was belatedly conscious of peoples eyes and hundreds of cameras and quickly controlled his facial expression.

“......” Ruby was embarrassed by her brothers way of speaking, but she didnt show it.

She knew that her brother was in a position to be conscious of peoples eyes.

“You know, Ive become an object of faith.

Is this perhaps...”


Ruby whispered with her mouth close to his ear.

Grid quickly realized why his sister was whispering physically.

It was because the Rebecca Church members were flooding toward the two of them.

The number was in the tens of thousands so there was pressure, as if a barrier was approaching them.

Ruby was pushed by them and ended up standing close to Grid.

The church members surrounded the brother and sister and bowed in unison.

“Thank you for saving our lives!”

The moon always floated in the sky, but it gave off a different impression every time.

Some days it was glorious and holy, some days it was round, and some days it was red and sinister...

Human beings would feel differently even when seeing the same things.

Michaels appearance that the church members saw was enough to shake their faith in the goddess.

The image of the angel that they read about in the Bible and hoped for was an infinitely noble and sacred being.

It didnt match the one who had a calm face and repeatedly regenerated every time he was cut with a sword and blood and organs poured out.

It became even more distant from the demonic attitude of trying to slaughter the church members, who served the goddess without hesitation.

Michaels choice to blow himself up at the end drew a line in the faith of the church members.

Rebeccas unexpected neglect as she silently watched Michaels death was enough to break their faith.

The believers looked back on their lives.

Who helped them when the church was in a crisis Who saved them and humanity whenever the great demons invaded It wasnt the goddess.

A new faith was born out of a broken faith.

It was the Overgeared God and his sister Ruby, both who were as good as traitors, which protected the lives of the church members.

They were the gods that the church members dreamed of and hoped for.

[The legend of the Saintess who leads humanity in good faith has begun.]

[Her accomplishment of punishing pure evil and good by necessity should be worshipped.]

[Many of those who have served Goddess Rebecca will make the Overgeared God and the Saintess their new objects of faith.]

“Ah...” Ruby didnt know what to do.

Her vessel had yet to be completed.

She couldnt accept the sudden changes and heavy responsibilities as calmly as her brother.

Grid held his confused sisters hand tightly.

“It\'s okay.

You can do well.”

Grid knew Ruby better than anyone.

She was a smart child from an early age.

She was an excellent talent in every way and had a good heart.

Wasnt she chosen as the Saintess not long after starting Satisfy Since then, she had followed him well.

At times, she was the one who led her older brother.

Ruby might be oblivious to it, but Grid often relied on her.

She was well-entitled to lead and take responsibility for people.

‘Sometimes when I am overwhelmed, she can help me.

Grid knew it was necessary to get rid of the churches of the three gods, but he hesitated because he was afraidhealers would die out in this world.

Now there was no need to worry if there was a religion that worshipped the Saintess as a goddess.

Hadnt he already experienced it The believers were influenced by the god they served.

Just as the Overgeared God Church members acquired and practiced the sword dances, the Goddess Ruby Church () believers would acquire and use heals and buffs.

‘Goddess Ruby Church... Grid was both happy and sad.

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