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Chapter 1467

[Name: Grid]

His name was still intact.

There was the meaning ofgreed. It represented how Grid started Satisfy and what Grids personality was like at the time.

It didnt go well with the present day Grid.

Of course, that didnt change the name by itself.

He wouldnt change it even if an ID change option was released.

Names had power.

His life was buried in it.It proved all the connections he had made, his accumulated achievements, his reputation, etc.

The name has its own power.

The greatest name in the world at the moment was Grid.

[Level: 463

Class: Overgeared God]

Overgeared God encompassed all the classes of Pagmas Successor, Magic Swordsman of the Epics, and Duke of Wisdom and it was also just Grids epithet.

It wasnt Overgeared God that defined Grid; it was Grid that defined Overgeared God.

‘Overgeared God.

Overgeared God... It sounded great no matter how he thought about it.

Was it because he had been called Overgeared God for quite a long time Grid had perfectly adapted to the now and was fascinated by it, so he smiled in a pleased manner.

His gaze fell on the fourth line of his status window.

The species.

‘Divinity has become unnecessary.

I can also no longer be a god killer.

A god.

In the end, he became one.

As if it was fate, it came to him like the anode of a magnet.

It was a rather humble appearance, so the weight of the wordgod felt light.

It was a natural impression.

In this world, the gods were a flimsy existence from the very beginning.

Grid had been through so much and seen so much.

He had no respect forgods.

There were thefour beings who were powerless to protect their land and their people.

Theindividual Hexetia, who was blinded by jealousy, committed a mistake and regretted it.

Theindividual Hanul, who was blinded by vengeance and created harm toward humanity.

Theindividual Rebecca, who was just silent, and theindividual Chiyou, who wanted to be destroyed.

Grid merely felt sympathetic, encouragement, detestment, wariness, or suspicion toward them.

He once thought that those who were stronger than humans were worse than humans.

Then he saw them regretting and reflecting on themselves, even when they had the power to cover up their sins, and thought they resembled humans...

Thats right.

The reason why Grid respected the Four Auspicious Beasts and Hexetia wasnt because they were gods.

Grid didnt think the gods were special.

He didnt recognize himself as different from before just because he became a god.

Just like Hexetia was Hexetia, he was himself.

‘It isnt a huge reason why I refused to be a half-god in the past.

He was just afraid of the retaliation of the gods, afraid of their armed forces.

He had drawn the line, fearing they might harm his family and his colleagues.

On the other hand, he was now calm.

In any case, it was his fate to fight them regardless of whether he was a god or not.

If they didnt like him becoming a god and threatened him first, he would naturally resist.

He would kill and destroy them.

A god couldnt kill another god It was fine.

He had many companions who would insert their swords in the heart of the gods on his behalf.

‘Ill do the seasoning and theyll finish it off.

His companions included Yura, Jishuka, Faker, Euphemina, and Kraugel.

There were also Braham, Piaro, Mercedes, and the other messengers.

No matter how good the innovated divine swords were, would the swords be greater than his companions They were his apostles and angel.

Grid calmed down and confirmed his stats.

The information from his main stats was the first thing that stood out.

[★Strength: 6,800 ★Stamina: 5,300

★Agility: 5,300 ★Intelligence: 7,200

★ All the major stats have reached the golden ratio.

★ The golden ratio of stats has increased attack power and defense by 1.5 times, magic attack and health by 20%, and absolute hit rate and absolute evasion rate by 5%.]

These sums included his additional stats derived from items, title effects, and fighting energy.

The total stats amount had increased tremendously.

Fighting energy that had previously been fixed at 50 had now risen to 75.

As Hayate had mentioned, fighting energy was a mythical force.

The moment he became a real god, some of the restrictions were lifted.

‘The higher my deity, the more complete fighting energy will become.

The limitations on learning magic will also gradually fade away.

In any case, the units that fell together neatly were beautiful.

There was a large fluctuation in the proportion of strength and agility.

Depending on the total amount of stat points, the conditions for achieving the golden ratio would also change.

Even if he told this golden ratio to his colleagues, they werent likely to be able to enjoy the same golden ratio.

There was one popularly known golden ratio of stats.

The 1:1 ratio of strength and agility also had the following conditions: strength and agility must be more than 2,000, and intelligence and stamina must be more than 800.

Grids current golden ratio was likely to require too many stat points.

Additionally, there was the need to increase both intelligence and strength, so it wasnt easy to think of a person who would actually challenge this ratio.

Most people who put intelligence first were magicians.

What magician in the world would place strength just after intelligence

‘Braham wont be able to gain this ratio.

Braham and his colleagues had to find their own golden ratio.

However, there were two.

Grid knew only two people around him who could challenge the same golden ratio as himself.

First of all, Sariel.

As an archangel, she () had a very high stats total.

Furthermore, the balance was perfect because it reflected the tendency to place meaning in the Trinity.

The ratio of strength, intelligence, stamina, and agility was almost the same.

Next was Mercedes.

She was the idol of all knight players in the world and her total stats that grew with herchivalric code was second to Sariel.

It wasnt as much as Sariel, but her balance was also great.

Her somewhat lower intelligence could be overcome with items.

‘It is okay to equip her with items that will improve intelligence.

Grid smiled as his vision was full of his status window.

[Name: Grid

Level: 463

Class: Overgeared God

Species: God

Title: One Who Became a Myth and 42 more.

Health: 1,319,500/1,319,500 Mana: 525,730/530,900

Sword Energy: 2,400/2,400 Fighting Energy: 75

★Strength: 6,800 ★Stamina: 5,300

★Agility: 5,300 ★Intelligence: 7,200

★ All the major stats have reached the golden ratio.

★ The golden ratio of stats has increased attack power and defense by 1.5 times, magic attack and health by 20%, and absolute hit rate and absolute evasion rate by 5%.

Dexterity: 10,650 Persistence: 3,757

Composure: 3,043 Indomitable: 3,298

Dignity: 3,271 Insight: 3,561

Courage: 2,550 Political Power: 1,150

Willpower: 1,630 Charm: 2,001

Good luck: 1,210

Deity: 17

Remaining Stat Points: 0]

“More than just a bit...

it seems to have improved a lot.”


He thought it was reasonable.

How terribly hard had he worked over the years His high dexterity and persistence stats proved it.

If he spread out all the items he had made so far, they would fill up a few cities.

If he piled up all the underwear he had created, he would form a small mountain.

The health was a bit much.

He was more like a monster, not a player.


The high ranking great demons and the gods of Asgard would have health in the hundreds of millions or billions.

Compared to them, this was on the level of cuteness.

“Lets take a break today.”

Was it due to the great sense of accomplishment All of a sudden, the fatigue accumulated during this period of time appeared.

It had been a really long time.

No, it might be the first time.

Apart from the National Competition, the experience of ending the day before theconnection time limit...

at the very least, Grid couldnt remember it.

Even when he was half asleep and half awake, his body was always lying in the capsule.


The world changed dramatically as Grid was asleep.

Overgeared God\'s Affection.

People tasted the sweetness of the great blessing that exerted influence on the entire kingdom and made videos, spreading them across various websites.


It is two times the production speedᄏᄏᄏ

-That NewTuber just raised his skill levelWow, he benefited from doing nothing.Im crazy envious.

-The attack power of the sword dances were terrible.I converted to the Yatan Church three hours ago.

I need to convert back to the Overgeared God Church.

ᄂOnce converted, you cant change again for at least three months.

ᄂIsnt this crazyDont lie.

ᄂReally.No, what if you buy experience potions from the Yatan Church and then go to another religionThe Yatan Church isnt a charity ᄏᄏ

-I converted three months ago.

Why cant I convert

ᄂYou need to clear a few religious quests.It is telling you to pay for your meal.

-Ah, this is really annoying.I was caught by the Yatan bugs.

-The specialty of the Yatan Church is using dirty language.You are a Yatan Church member tooᄏᄏᄏᄏ

-By the way, why is the Overgeared Gods blessing only applied to the Overgeared KingdomOr is it the territory of the Overgeared God Church

ᄂIt is only applicable to the Overgeared Kingdom.

-What is our king doingGive the nation to the Overgeared God right now.

-Basara noona, please propose to God Grid.

ᄂWhy are you asking the empress to propose to a married manAre you looking for sudden death ᄏᄏ

ᄂWhat is the big deal with a married man

-The God Grid acting like his nickname is awesome.

ᄂGod Grid is his nickname and his ID is Grid.

What do you mean by acting like his nickname

ᄂDo you have no friends

ᄂYou cant level up if you have no friends.


ᄂ God Grid has many friends and two girlfriends.

He is number one.

ᄂShut up.

-Grid doesnt seem to be meeting Jishuka these days.

ᄂThey are both busy.Grid isnt garbage.

Will he break up with a woman who immigrated from Brazil for him


He slept for 10 hours.

He didnt know how many years it had been since he slept for so long.

His body and mind were refreshed.

Every time he was reminded that he finally got a myth class yesterday, he felt an unbearable sense of happiness that made him shiver.

Youngwoo changed into sportswear and came to the window, only to be amazed.

“This is more than I imagined...”

The current time was 5 a.m.

It was early in the morning, but it wasnt just the sidewalk in front of the house...

the road was also full of people.

Their races were also diverse.

It felt like all the reporters on Earth had come.

‘What type of public nuisance is this

Youngwoo grumbled and went out of the house.

Toon, who had been watching the surveillance cameras all night, followed straight away.

“Have you slept I dont think youve slept”

“Dont worry about me.

By the way, isnt it better for you to ignore the reporters”

“It is just annoying but it shouldnt be allowed to hurt the residents.”

The buildings built by Youngwoo and the Overgeared members were like a small village.

The roads opened up around Youngwoos building, and many buildings and residential complexes had been built.

He had to sort this out before the residents went to work.

‘The reporters questions will be obvious anyway.

They would ask if one had to go from a legendary class to a myth class, how to change to a myth class, what were the unique characteristics of a myth class, etc.

It wasnt difficult to anticipate the reporters questions.

Additionally, Youngwoo had a lot of experience with the media.

He easily organized the information that could be told to reporters and information that was difficult to tell in his head.

“Um.”He came out of the house and saw many policemen.

They mustve been dispatched ahead of time after predicting the situation.

They were heavily armed and set up barricades.

Perhaps without them, Toon wouldve suffered all night.

Youngwoo first greeted the police with gratitude and an apology before telling the reporters, “Next time, please request an interview the normal way.

If reporters come to me again like this next time...

I\'ll break off relations with the media for the rest of my life.

5 minutes.

Ill answer your questions for 5 minutes, so go ahead and ask.”

The reporters noticed that this was their last chance and immediately asked their questions.

“The S.A Group officially said that they will create theme songs for Grid.

There isnt a single person in the world who expected a theme song for players to be created.

How does it feel to become the protagonist of the first theme song”


It was a question that went beyond expectations from the very beginning.

Youngwoo was flustered and unable to answer when the next question arrived.

“God of War Ares said he is seriously thinking about whether to take Valhalla into the Overgeared Kingdom.

Are you planning to accept Valhalla”


The second question also wasnt expected.

Then the additional arrival of more police officers started to disperse the reporters.

It was a very quick response.

‘If I knew it would be like this, I wouldnt have come out.

By the way, was it because he paid so much taxes The police were really kind.

Youngwoo responded in an embarrassed manner to the police officers who smiled and greeted him every time their eyes met and returned home quietly.

Then he belatedly checked the articles that had been released all night.

The world had changed overnight.

It was a change that centered around Grid.

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