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Chapter 1456

Sooner or later, there would be a great human and demon war.

The news from a senior official of the S.A Group caused a stir in the media.

The whole world was in a festive mood.

Finally, Satisfy was holding a big event for players.

Now they understood the truth of the world.

There was a series of speculations that it would start in time for the upcoming school holidays for students.

There was an emergency in the Overgeared Kingdom.

The Overgeared members were afraid and prepared for it because they knew the power of the demons better than anyone else.

It seemed as if it was about to be a long winter.

“This event is bull**.

Why doesnt anyone know when there are death portraits all over How many times will it take for people to realize that the S.A Group is an evil company in the world and we should be alert”

“It is hard for ordinary users to think badly of the S.A Group.

It is always the top guilds and rankers who fall victim to balance.

You still havent figured out when the great human and demon war will take place”

“Im investigating inside and outside, but there are no clues.

At this point, it seems like the S.A Group released the information on purpose to let us be careful It is torture, torture.

By the way...

whats wrong with these soldiers Arent the level of the soldiers in the 3rd Corps too low”

“It isnt about training, it is about talent.

The stats limit is too low.

All the talented soldiers were sent to the 1st and 2nd Corps.

It is too greedy to ask for a high level of the other corps.”

“Have they all grown to the stats limit”

“Thats not it...”

“Then isnt the problem training rather than talent If youre going to complain, grow them to the limit first before doing it!”

Toban was shouting this but he knew it wasnt easy.

The lower the talent of the NPC (stats limit), the slower the growth rate.

Still, they should do it even if it was hard.

This was the way things were now.

“Ill talk to Royman and get some senior officers to take over as instructors.

Hugo, you can run the training schedule with the knights in charge.”


Hugo was an Overgeared member who had been with the members of the Tzedakah Guild since L.T.S.

He was a monster who was ranked 3rd in his class rankings and had a unified ranking of 120.

He also had the power of the Overgeared Kingdom and Grids items.

He was a big shot who could dominate everywhere he went.

Yet he was still polite to Toban.

It was Toban who stopped him and guided him when he was about to retire because he couldnt handle the inferiority complex he felt when he saw geniuses like Jishuka, Regas, and Faker.

“You are a genius too.

They are just monsters.

Im worse than you, so why would you give up You cant stand it because it is too hard Nonsense.

Then why hold on Just enjoy it.

Why are you playing the game Wasnt it because it is fun This is still a rumor, but...

I heard from an acquaintance in the industry that there is a high chance a virtual reality game will come out soon.

Until then, lets regain our initial commitment and improve our skills.

We have to be rich.

Dont you think we should be world stars too”

It was a memory he would probably never forget.

Would he be as successful in Satisfy as he was now if Toban hadnt held out his hand at that time No, Hugo never wouldve made it up here on his own.

Half of his success was thanks to belonging to the Tzedakah Guild and the other half was due to meeting Grid.

Of course, this didnt mean Toban felt Hugo was indebted to him.

Toban didnt use Hugo casually.

Toban respected and cared for Hugo as a colleague and as a brother.

Nevertheless, he didnt mind saying bitter things today.

He wielded the authority of the second-in-command of the Overgeared military.

At present, the Overgeared Guild had decided they should provide military training to all the people of the Overgeared Kingdom.

Hugo was one of the few commanders in the Overgeared Guild and he was forced to work hard during the preparations for the great human and demon war.

‘Sigh, those S.A sons of a bitches.

Soldiers with low growth potential—they were the ordinary NPCs who were the absolute majority in Satisfy.

Originally, they would be deployed as guards.

Now he was told to turn them into an elite army who would fight against demonic creatures.

Of course, Grid would support him with items, but...

nevertheless, it was dark in front of Hugos eyes.


‘This guy is more rubbish than I thought.

In the meantime, he had listened to the Overgeared members.

Galgunos Temple was a demonic lair that lured travelers by pretending to be a sacred place, killing them and raising their bodies as the undead.

Still, it was unexpected that he would even touch children.


Deep disgust filled Grids face as he was surrounded by young skeletal soldiers.

Did it see the hesitation in Grids sigh

Overgeared Skeleton Two stepped up instead.

Like a lich, Overgeared Skeleton Two was able to use magic of all attributes.

In particular, it could use the legendary great magic like space magic and dark magic.

It raised black magic power and gave rest to the young skeleton soldiers.

[You...! What are you doing!] Galgunos soul shouted.

The anger in the trembling voice was unusual.

He wanted to pop out and grab the collars of Grid and Overgeared Skeleton Two.

If he had actually done so, he would be prey.

[Destroying the children with the engravings of growth!]

“Engravings of growth”

[A secret technique that enables the dead to grow.

It is still a half-completed secret technique that can only be applied to young people...! Ive spent hundreds of years trying to make just three...!]

The Galgunos Temple.

This was the inside of the temple.

A secret location only accessible from behind the throne.

It was a place that Overgeared Skeleton Two found after searching through Galgunos memories.

Jishuka and Euphemina hadnt known about it.

“Why did you make that”

[Asking a stupid question.

There are as many short-lived people in the world as there are stars in the universe.

Some were involved in wars caused by kings like you, some were born weak, or some met a villain like me...

are there no geniuses among those who died early in this way]

“...Disgusting guy.” He planned to find short-lived geniuses, excavate the remains (or kill them directly and recover the body), making them undead, raising them, and creating the strongest slaves.

Grid once again felt that the existences belonging to thedemonic side were mostly terrible beings.

Those who walked their own paths like Marie Rose or Leraje were rare.

‘I need to be vigilant about this guy to the end.

The essence didnt change easily.

Additionally, Galgunos was an old monster among old monsters.

He had existed since the ancient days, only craving power and accumulated divinity at the expense of others.

It was impossible to expect him to suddenly become good one day.

[Should I kill him] Overgeared Skeleton Two asked seriously as it took into account Grids feelings and Galgunos felt sullen.

Grid shook his head.

There was no need to kill him.

Grid would thoroughly take advantage of Galgunos while keeping a close eye on him.

This was better than death.

“Its fine.



Overgeared Skeleton Two left the laboratory and stood in front of the half-collapsed throne.

It chanted a spell and raised the dead who were sleeping in the temple where the master was lost.


I am your new master.]

Those who served Galgunos like a god in their lifetime—one death knight, 30 skeleton warriors, and 20 skeleton mages, who deceived adventurers visiting the temple and killed them to train an army for Galgunos, knelt before Overgeared Skeleton Two.

They all exuded an extraordinary energy.

In particular, the death knight namedReiji was worthy of being an intermediate boss of the temple.

He had a very high level.

He was a huge level 500.

It was up to the fifth stats awakening.

[Overgeared Skeleton Two has become the protagonist of the mythIn the Temple of the Dead...]

[The domination stat has increased by 20% and the performance of necromancer related magic has increased by 10%.

Summoning and commanding the undead in Galgunos Temple wont consume domination.]

[Overgeared Skeleton Two has opened the deity stat.]

‘I never thought it would build up divinity.

Of course, it was a myth only recognized in Galgunos Temple.

It was still weak.

Still, it was a law that it would always be weak at the start.

A big smile spread on Grids face.

On the other hand, there was no change in Overgeared Skeleton Twos facial expression like it hadnt realized it properly.


Overgeared Skeleton Two watched the army it would lead for a moment before kneeling in front of Grid.

[Can I request for you to call my sibling]

‘This guy.

It seemed to want to share this joy with Overgeared Skeleton One.

Grid nodded willingly.

At the same time...

Clack!Clack clack clack!

Overgeared Skeleton One emerged from the ground at Grids foot.


Overgeared Skeleton Two was now tall enough to look down at Overgeared Skeleton One and it stared at its sibling.

Overgeared Skeleton Ones expression was very uncomfortable but Grid knew the two would share a hug.

He was so moved that he forgot for a while.

There were past scenes where Overgeared Skeleton One, who had the power of destruction, often pranked and smashed Overgeared Skeleton Two, who had the power of recovery.

Overgeared Skeleton Two hit its sibling on the back of the head without hesitation and Overgeared Skeleton Ones skull fell off its body.


Overgeared Skeleton Ones eyes shook so violently that it was obvious it was bewildered.

However, Overgeared Skeleton Two didnt stop and hit Overgeared Skeleton One a few more times.

Then before Overgeared Skeleton One was completely shattered, it was restored and destroyed again.

Clack...Clack clack clack...

Overgeared Skeleton One resisted at first, but it soon raised the white flag completely.

It raised its eyes and turned its eyeballs down to make an X-shape.

Only then did the grinning Overgeared Skeleton Two patted the large skull of Overgeared Skeleton One.

Grid could see its feet moving like it wanted to dance right away.

[Thank you for agreeing to my request...]


It wasnt cool saying these words in this voice now...

Grid sighed and soothed Overgeared Skeleton One.

Grid comforted by saying it would have a great body one day and Overgeared Skeleton One cried as if sadness belatedly overwhelmed it.

If Mercedes saw this, she wouldve held it in her arms and comforted it.

“There is a lot of work to do so lets go back.

The moment I leave, go read the diary I gave you earlier, Skeleton Two.”

At this moment...

-Grid, what are you doingHahaha!

Grid received a whisper.

It was unexpected, but his flustered feeling was brief.

It was because he realized why the other person wanted to contact him.

A person who clearly saw the essence of the great human and demon war and had the power to prepare for it—he was one of the few people in the world.

-It has been a while, Ares.

Grids heart had been heavy since hearing the news of the great human and demon war.

Now his mood became more relaxed.

The cooperation between Overgeared God Grid and God of War Ares would show a ripple effect that was comparable to Pagma during his Baals Contractor days.

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