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Chapter 1452

The Overgeared Skeletons were very different from general undead.

The increase in level and stats meant they could change classes and learn skills.

They were able to grow just like players.

Additionally, their bones could be replaced.

It was a complete transformation.

It meant they could strengthen the fundamental power of the body independently of their stats.

Grids dream of growing the Overgeared Skeletons into a death knight and lich wasnt a pipe dream.

Grid was willing to invest hundreds of millions of gold in the Overgeared Skeletons.

The utility shown by Agnus deceased had left a strong impression in his mind.

The stronger the undead who didnt die and didnt know fear, the more harshly they pressured their opponent...

he had felt it again in the battle at the principality.

‘Money can be saved anyway.

The speed of the automatic production of items was affected by the size, shape, structure, material, and level limit of the items.

The larger the item, the more complex the shape and structure, the higher the material and the higher the level limit, the slower the production speed.

Among them, the biggest influences were the materials and level restrictions, but the level of items required by the market wasnt as high as one might think.

The level limit of the most sought out items was only around 300.

Due to peoples limited financial resources, they preferred moderately excellent materials rather than special.

Most items required by the market could be made in 10 minutes by Grids auto production.

If he took a day to make more than 100 items, he would be able to sit on a cushion of money in just one day.

‘If I am lucky enough to obtain a legendary or myth rated item, I can spread it to the Overgeared members.


it was thrilling no matter how he thought about it.

Grids mood had been the best it had been in recent years.

He was very excited about the completion of his blacksmithing technique.

He had been liberated from the oppressive burden of the past few years of needing to make underwear whenever he had time to raise his skill level.

His heart was as light as a feather and he couldnt help being happy.

Of course, he wasnt so excited that he made the mistake of making a wrong judgment.

It was because he didnt want all the efforts he had done to reach this moment be destroyed like a sand castle.

‘No matter how anxious I am to make money, I shouldnt release too many items on the market at once.

If the price of the item goes down, Ill be the only one who loses.

I should take Lauels advice and carefully adjust the distribution quantity.

Moments later, Grid arrived at the appointment place, found Euphemina, and waved.

It was the training room underneath the magic tower.

Euphemina, who had been aiming rainbow-colored magic power at the level 450 training golem inside, ended the training mode and approached Grid.

Euphemina asked, “Did you learn the magic well”

“Yes, why dont you come and take a look Arent you interested in Brahams magic”

Euphemina still retained some of the characteristics of a Duplicator.

As long as the targets technique was in the category ofmagic, it could sometimes be duplicated with several times the power of the original.

After gaining the knowledge and skills of Mumud, the most talented magician in history, she delved into other peoples magic and dyed it with her own color.

The lich, Galgunos—this was the biggest reason why the super named boss Grid couldnt easily challenge had fallen in her hands.

The synergy between Mumuds Successor and the Duplicator as a magician counter went beyond Grid and Brahams Duke of Wisdom.

The moment Jishukas Breaking Evil Arrow was added to Mumuds magic that interfered with thecombination of magic and destroyed it from the inside, Galgunos encountered a disaster.

“It would be rude to Sir Braham,” Euphemina answered Grids question.

Brahams favor toward Euphemina stemmed from his past regrets.

Braham wasnt thinking about Euphemina.

He cared about Mumuds power and will.

Euphemina knew this fact and kept a clear line with Braham.

She maintained a sense of distance without relying on his care and kindness.

“Braham will see you one day, not Mumud.”

Grid smiled bitterly when he accurately learned about the relationship between Braham and Euphemina.

Then he stroked Eupheminas hair like he did once before.

She was an adult unlike her young looks as a middle or high school student.

Still, Grid felt like she was a younger sibling.

Euphemina also accepted his hand.

A Duplicator who peeked at and stole the power of others—Euphemina deceived others using the class characteristics of a Duplicator and often felt the condemnation of her conscience.

She instinctively kept a distance from others.

However, this wasnt the case with Grid.

Perhaps it was because she hadnt stolen Grids skills or because of her pride that she always did her best in her relationship with him, but she didnt feel any guilt toward Grid.

She was able to be confident and relaxed.

Grid was like a real brother.

“Here, this is what you wanted.” Euphemina handed Galgunos remains and core to Grid.

“Sister Jishuka said that you needed it, so I didnt touch them.”


“I saw it before.

The relationship between the two of you seems very awkward.

Is it true that the relationship broke up before it even started”


Was there such a rumor Grid was flustered, but he soon honestly expressed his position, “I...

am trash.

Thats why I like both Yura and Jishuka.

Still, I know that the world wont tolerate my heart and it is also very impolite to both people.

In the end, only one person can be chosen.

Between them, Jishuka is very bright.

I think she will be happy without me.”


Trash...” Eupheminas eyes were filled with condemnation.

She even expressed disgust on her face.

“Yura and Jishuka both knew your heart and liked you, yet you used that heart as an excuse to break the relationship Isnt that a ridiculous reason You have no consideration at all.”

“Rather, this is consideration.

What do you mean We cant keep an ambiguous relationship forever.

The wounds will just become bigger.”

“What is ambiguous about it You like both of them and they both like you, even though they know how you feel.

Will the world blame you Whats wrong with that The three of you like each other.

If they want to curse, then let them.

Its enough if all the parties involved are happy.

Besides—what Is it rude to my sisters That is just your delusion.

If a person likes someone, it doesnt matter what form or situation it is.

Even if you like both of them, they will be happy that their love has paid off.

Anyway, people who have never been in love can be delusional and do useless things alone.”

“...I see what you mean.

Lets stop talking about this.”

In the end, it was just Eupheminas thoughts.

It was just a handful of comments and was lacking to break the ethics and common sense Grid had been learning all his life.

Grid thought it was meaningless to have a further conversation about it.

He analyzed the remains of Galgunos with Pagmas Eyes from his Baals Contractor days.

The knowledge of Duke of Wisdom helped to understand it.

Grid found that the unknown formulas and patterns engraved on the white bones were artificial magic power circuits.

‘Magic power cohesion, conversation, assistance with runaway magic power.

Assistance with catalyst generation.

Assistance with mind enhancement...

The flood of information resulted in one outcome.

Galgunos bones showed that in order to become a lich, he had studied and modified himself to amplify a lichs power.

Grid could almost feel how strong Galgunos longing for power had been.

‘Did he dream of conquering the world

The amount of energy accumulated in the core was huge.

It was hard to calculate since there would be a significant amount of loss after death.

Grid even grasped Galgunos personality.

‘He had this power, but he didnt rush into the world.

He kept hiding in the dungeon and gathering troops...

he should have a very careful personality.

Grid wondered if Galgunos was anxious about the former generation legends.

There were Pagma, Braham, and the other former generation legends.

Galgunos knew the power of humanity and he couldnt easily believe in his strength.

“There was a reason why Braham was surprised.”

Grid couldnt hide his admiration.

He thought about the possibility that he mightve suffered a major disaster one day if the Galgunos raid kept being postponed and realized how great the value of Jishuka and Eupheminas activity was.

How much should he pay for this Did she read Grids expression after he couldnt easily price Galgunos remains

“I wont charge money~ I will just be very grateful if you make an item for me when you have time.”

“...Ill make 10 things.”

From a very long time ago, the Overgeared members had collected many production materials and designs for Grid.

Yet when asked if the value was equivalent to the value of Grids produced item, no member answered yes.

The Overgeared members were always in debt to Grid.

Now that relationship was slowly changing.

The relationship between Grid and the Overgeared members was no longer one-sided.

The value of the help that the members provided to Grid had increased.

From Grids standpoint, it was precious regardless of whether his colleagues help was small or large.

“Can you Become the King of the Dead”

Grid summoned Overgeared Skeleton Two.

Clack, clack clack clack!

Overgeared Skeleton Two appeared while dancing the tango.

He bowed politely to Grid only to open his eyes in amazement.

Galgunos white bones and core attracted his attention.

Clack clack!Clack clack clack!

Was he excited The appearance of Overgeared Skeleton 2 stomping his feet made Grid laugh.

He had a bit of understanding about Mercedes taste in finding the Overgeared Skeletons cute.

“Lets get started.”

The evolution of Overgeared Skeleton Two began.

Overgeared Skeleton Two still tended to have a larger skull compared to his body.

Now he combined with Galgunos elongated limbs and achieved a well-proportioned figure.

(The saying used here is actually eight heads which refers to a body that is eight times the length of the face.

This is considered an ideal body figure.) The ribs and pelvis became thicker, adding a sense of stability.

Every time the patterns and rituals engraved on Galgunos white bones were connected and combined, light was regained.

The violent black magic power surrounded Overgeared Skeleton Twos entire body.


Overgeared Skeleton Two was performing a pious waltz like a sacred ritual when he suddenly stopped.

The black magic power surrounding him grew more and more violent, burning like flames.

It was a reaction that seemed like it wouldnt acknowledge its new master.

It seemed like it would burn up Overgeared Skeleton Two.

‘A failure

Grids brow furrowed.

Euphemina was also nervous.

Even if the Overgeared Skeletons were the work of Beriache, was it too greedy to absorb the power of a super named lich like Galgunos It happened the moment when their thoughts reached this far...

Overgeared Skeleton Two suddenly raised his head and roared.

The eyes that were almost smiling at Grid became sharp and emitted light.

Every time Overgeared Skeleton Two forced the limbs that defied his will to move, there was the sound of bones breaking in the room.

If this continued, it seemed like Overgeared Skeleton Two was going to shatter and collapse.

Nevertheless, Grid didnt take any hasty actions.

It was impossible to hit the Overgeared Skeleton to stop the magic power that was running while and it was impossible to estimate what side effects would occur when Grid released the summoning.

Unfortunately, Grid was an outsider in the field of necromancy.

There was little knowledge and no related skills.

In other words, the Overgeared Skeletons met the wrong master.

“I shouldve brought Bullet!”

Euphemina grabbed the collar of the restless Grid.

“Do you think that Bullet will know how to deal with this The Overgeared Skeletons are completely different from normal undead.

You can only wait and believe in the Overgeared Skeleton right now.”

At this moment—

[Combining with a new body! It is the complete body I dreamed of! Im truly satisfied!]

Galgunos core that was in Grids hands shouted and flew freely.

“What” Euphemina was startled.

She thought Galgunos ego had been extinguished.

She never thought he would be hiding in the core, pretending to be dead while waiting for a chance.

Even Braham didnt notice, so how could she

“No!” Euphemina exclaimed as she reached out toward Galgunos core that was rushing at Overgeared Skeleton Two.

She was a person who directly experienced Galgunos terrible power.

She realized that combining Beriache legacy—one of the Overgeared Skeletons—with Galgunos would create an enemy they couldnt afford to go against.

However, it was too late.

Galgunos core was sucked into Overgeared Skeleton Two and Overgeared Skeleton Twos roaring became even greater.

It was like a scream.

However, Grids expression was calm.

It was because he now knew how to help the Overgeared Skeleton.

“Granting an Ego.”

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