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Chapter 1443

Every position came with a responsibility.

For quite some time, Huroi had been unable to get things off his chest.

It was because the Mongolian people became sensitive every time Huroi was honest, just like the Koreans, Americans, and Russians recently quarreled over Kraugels nationality.

[Korean game genes have caused another incident!]

[Kraugel, the pride of South Korea, became a complete Sword Saint based on Grids epic.]

[The beautiful communication of Korean people...

Kraugels noble belief has brought enlightenment to Grid.]

The world shook on the day that Grid wrote a new epic.

It was an epic full of admiration for Kraugel.

The content of the epic itself was nothing shocking.

Those who believed in Kraugel said, “The time has finally come.” No one doubted that Kraugel deserved to be recognized.

It was somewhat surprising that the one who delivered Kraugels news was Grid, not the system, but it wasnt special considering the relationship between the two of them.

Nevertheless, there was an uproar in the world.

The beginning were the provocative articles that third-rate Korean media started to spread on the Internet.

The behavior of some unrecognized media outlets in describing Kraugel as the pride of South Korea and claiming Kraugels achievements as the result of the Korean genes was enough to provoke some radical Americans.

-Are you saying that Kraugel, a Koryoin, is the pride of South Korea

-The yellow monkeys give me goosebumps.Look at them crediting Kraugels genes for his achievements so far.

-Fucking game DNA.What the hell is game DNAWhat, are they saying that Korean blood flows through all high rankers around the world

-This is why Kraugel acquired American nationality, not Korean nationality.No matter how well you do in South Korea, you wouldve been told that it is thanks to DNA.

It mustve been dark.Hahaha, I suddenly feel sorry for Grid.

-It is hard to even say that Kraugel is Korean.They say that his family has been Russian citizens since the generation of his great-grandparents.

His Russian blood might be thicker than his Korean blood.Since he has lived in Russia for several generations, there might be Russians mixed up among his ancestors.

-Even so, dont involve Russia.Oh my god!Look at this.The Russians have already heard the news.

-Kraugel is a Russian born in Russia and raised there!Americans are just robbers that materialism gave birth to!

-Lets talk bluntly.It isnt the United States that took away Kraugel.

It was Kraugels choice to go to the United States.Additionally, if you want to mess around, dont do it here.

Go to the Korean communities.It was the Korean monkeys who started it first.

-Disgusting racists!

-Who is speaking to whom...

-The troublemakers have got together.What are you talking about Kraugel isnt Korean ᄏᄏᄏ He is Korean from the beginning ᄏᄏᄏ Do you know Kraugel

-Now there is an influx of Koreans...Everyone, please get out of here.

...Now the Internet was a mess.

Due to several third-rate Korean media outlets, radical groups from the three countries were killing each other in certain communities.

The reason why Huroi started to watch his mouth was because he had experienced a similar situation.

Grids first knight might be Jude, but I am his first subordinate.

He said this in an interview and was harshly rejected by the people of Mongolia.

He wouldnt have cared if he was just scolded.

The problem was that there were people who praised Huroi as the hero of Mongolia.

They were disappointed and saddened by Huroi.

They all knew that Grid was definitely a great person and that Huroi adored him.

It was just painful for the people of Mongolia that the attitude of the ranker representing their country was that of a servant to another person.

At that time, Lauel had given him advice.

‘Refrain from praising Grid.

It is good for both yourself and the Overgeared Guild.

Even if you dont say it, the whole world knows that you are Grids loyal servant.

Why do you have to talk about it Lauel persuaded Huroi.

This persuasion worked.

From that day on, Huroi watched his mouth.

He sealed his personal opinions and was faithful to his role as the trumpeter of the groups he belonged to, namely the Overgeared Guild and Overgeared Kingdom, not the individual Grid.

It was frustrating.

He felt that he was in a miserable position because he couldnt talk recklessly with his mouth.

Then he met the Skin Maker.

He gained a new appearance from Guseha and made the alias ofApostle of Justice by commissioning a forger.

Now he hid his identity and traveled around the world whenever he had free time.

He went around freely saying what was in his heart.

He easily hunted with the power of his second class and the wyvern, allowing him to build up Swearing and Spiteful Tongue which ignored logic.

This meant the world couldnt handle the power of his words.

It was because of this that the Landy Merchant Group recently sent a request to Apostle of Justice.

The reputation of Apostle of Justice was gradually accumulating to the point where requests were made.

Of course, Apostle of Justice had no intention of accepting the request.

Apostle of Justice was a person who wanted to act freely.

He didnt want to work to carry out requests.

However, the name of the opponents, the Lion Merchant Group, was annoying.

It was the organization that was recently mentioned inside the Overgeared Guild.

They were after the Heart of the Frost Queen...

he thought it would be good to scold them at least once.

“D-Dont tell me you are...!” Binch stuttered.

Huroi cautioned the controversialist of the Lion Merchant Group who was knocked down helplessly, “Please dont say anything more.”


Binch was convinced of Hurois identity and closed his mouth.

The scary thing about the Overgeared Guild was firstly its force.

The second was its ability to insult your parents.

Power was only the third.

Binch had no intention of competing with Huroi, who was notorious for his words.

There was no loyalty because he had a simple employment relationship with the Lion Merchant Group.

“Binch, what is this Did you lose just now”

“Why did Binch lose”

The audience belatedly became aware that the duel of words was over and there was a stir among them.

They didnt understand why Binch was defeated by this guy.

Only one person was an exception.

It was the vice-leader of the Lion Merchant Group who was mixed in with the audience, Seomye.

-Binch, is Huroi the person you are dealing with right now

-I wont comment.

It was a good enough answer.


Seomye was aware that, after finding out the Skin Makers identity, the Overgeared Guild had been watching the Lion Merchant Group for a while.

It was predictable.

It wasnt because the Overgeared Guilds surveillance was sloppy, but it was a natural step.

It was noticeable because they were conscious of it.

On the surface, the Lion Merchant Group was the organization that moved to take the Heart of the Frost Queen away from the Skin Maker.

Then taking a closer look, they could quickly see that the Lion Merchant Group was just someones servant.

In fact, the Overgeared Guilds surveillance was quickly lifted.

‘Now that theyve sent such a bigshot...

they havent figured out exactly who is behind us yet.

The Lion Merchant Group was just one of the dozens of organizations under Inferno.

They were just one of the many branches of Inferno.

Seomye could realize how great this huge group was.

-Lion, Huroi has come to our branch right now.Yes, he has hidden his identity, but I am sure it is Huroi of the Overgeared Guild.The Overgeared Guild still seems vigilant toward us.

What should we do

-He approached us by hiding his identity, so just pretend you dont know.No matter the induced interrogation, just go with it.

It means to hand over all the information that Huroi wants.

it isnt a big deal for the Overgeared Guild to know the information of the group.

-...Even if they are trying to find out who is behind us

-Yes, just because we want to hide it doesnt mean it is possible.The Overgeared Guild has already contacted over half of the 26 organizations under Inferno.It doesnt matter if we tell them what will be revealed soon.

-Are you thinking of interacting directly with the Overgeared Guild

-No.The superiors believe it is still too early to interact with the Overgeared Guild.

-What will we do if there is a misunderstanding due to the Heart of the Frost QueenIf the Overgeared Guild sees us as a hostile force, then our superiors will suffer devastating damage.

-It is okay if we are destroyed.

-...The Lion Merchant Groups true intentions.Lion, what is it

-Seomye, when the time comes, you will naturally know what our purpose is.You will look back on todays conversation and think it is interesting.

Seomye found it hard to understand, but he didnt argue any longer.

He had long admired Lions ability and personality, so he just trusted and followed Lion.


At the Colosseum, after the crowd had left...

Huroi approached Sumye, who was sitting alone in the empty stands.

In fact, the expressionapproached was wrong.

Seomye had been sitting by one of the four entrances and Hurou was just trying to leave through it.

Huroi didnt even know who Seomye was.

He didnt know much about the Lion Merchant Group.

The Lion Merchant Group had already been determined as low risk within the Overgeared Guild.

Why would Huroi be interested in the Lion Merchant Group when the Overgeared Shadows had withdrawn from monitoring them and turned to tracking Agnus His involvement in the duel of words was just to teach them a lesson.

However, Seomye didnt know this.

“Excuse me, do you have anything to do with me”

Seomye rose from his seat and politely greeted Huroi, “You might already know me, but let me say hello.

I am Seomye, the vice-leader and president of the eastern branch of the Lion Merchant Group.”

“...I am Apostle of Justice.”

“You are a great controversialist.

I was impressed by your duel of words with Binch.

Id like to hire you even if it costs millions of gold.”

“Millions of gold...

I am looking for a stable job.

How much can you give me”


He had just been speaking out of courtesy, but it was caught immediately.

Seomye was deeply flustered, but he didnt show it.

He recalled Lions warning and spoke cautiously, “There are bound to be disputes among merchant groups.

There arent enough competent controversialists.

Considering the skills of Apostle of Justice, I would like to offer you 10 times the highest pay in the industry.”


On this day, a whisper was sent to Lauel, -I have infiltrated the Lion Merchant Group.

No one knows my identity.


Why was he doing something that wasnt requested Lauel found it absurd, but he thought that things werent bad.

It was a situation where he almost found out who was behind the Lion Merchant Group.

The Lion Merchant Group itself was just a puppet and was low risk, but it was unconditionally beneficial to keep them close and dig up information.

Additionally, Huroi was the most idle one among the 10 meritorious retainers.

Faker was eagerly collecting information with the Shadows, Regas was training with the group of asuras, while Pon and Peak Sword led the armored spearsmen group and rapid draw swordsmen respectively.

Unlike the others of the 10 meritorious retainers who had exclusive units, Hurois role was relatively free.

It was just like Euphemina and Jishuka.

-I dont know how this happened, but...youve somehow succeeded in infiltrating them.

I admit that you are competent.

-I wouldnt be Grids first subordinate if I wasnt competent.

-The most important goal is the account book.Please secure this.If we look at the account book, then we will be able to identify the forces involved with the Lion Merchant Group.


-Dont be impatient.It is hard for even the top members of the group to locate the account book.It might take months.If you think it is impossible, then you can just give up.

20 minutes later, Huroi replied, -I have secured the account book.


-I found it on the side of the vice-leaders desk.


No, wasnt this something that shouldnt be left in the open Lauel was baffled, but he controlled his mind as he thought that everyone had moments of luck.

-Quickly take screenshots of the contents and return the book to its original position.Send the photos to my email later.

-I understand.

Huroi felt his heart beating for the first time in ages.

He was excited because he felt like the main character of a spy movie.

It felt like vitality was added to his life that had been boring since his mouth was sealed.

This was the power of hospitality.

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