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Chapter 1440

Splitting the Sky was a sword technique made by Piaro during his time as a great swordsman.

It was valuable due to the scarcity of counterattacks, but it was hard to say that the power itself was outstanding.

Strictly speaking, it wasnt a skill that should be acquired by consuming one of the valuable sword technique creation slots.

However, Kraugel created Piaros Splitting the Sky.

The Sword Saint inherited your swordsmanship.

It was a tribute and support for the senior and teacher who once dreamed of becoming the Sword Saint.

Some people might see it as meaningless.

However, Kraugel was the man who was ranked 1st.

There was no distinction between NPCs and players in his beliefs.

He respected Satisfy, this world itself.

Therefore, he could make countless relationships and rise to his current position.

It was a sword technique that created a flow of sword energy (or pure energy) and twisted the flow.

It was called Splitting the Sky because it seemed to split the sky with the sword energy and this technique struck Mir.

‘Did he notice that Beheading was seen through No, should I say he predicted it would be seen through

A sword with a similar posture to Beheading was used to induce certainty, controlling the battle by inducing variables...

Mir felt like he was a fish caught in a hook.

He felt pure admiration for Kraugels insight and wits.

Yet what was the meaning of a sword technique that wasnt part of the Matchless Swordsmanship He had experienced countless times that ordinary swordsmanship wouldnt seriously injure him...

“......!” Mirs eyes widened.

It was because the Blue Dragon Dao that was entangled with the White Tiger Sword had stabbed him in the chest.

It was with a powerful force.

The current Splitting the Sky was different from the one in the past.

‘It is deep.

Mir had blood flow from his mouth as he placed the aura of the white tiger around his left arm and crossed it over the Blue Dragon Dao.

His white dopo fluttered loudly.

Mirs body had floated upward in exchange for blocking the cooperative attack by Grid.

Grid and Kraugel took off after him, scattering pure energy.

Meanwhile, Mirs arm tore it all away with the energy of the white tiger.

Grid and Kraugel poured out their skills without sparing anything.

They didnt intend to miss the opportunity that Kraugel had tried his best to create and they also aimed at the effect of Noble Belief.

In particular, Kraugel actively used the Matchless Swordsmanship.

It was unbelievable that he used the 13 skills that he had just learned for the first time in the right place.

His sword was more delicate and sharp than ever.

However, he failed to deal a significant hit since Splitting the Sky.

‘This person said he had fought Muller.

It was as expected.

It was highly likely that Muller had revealed all the roots of the Matchless Swordsmanship.

Kraugels thoughts continued in the midst of the fierce attacks and defenses.

He soon judged that the Matchless Swordsmanship couldnt be used and changed the trajectory of the sword.

The Matchless Swordsmanship turned into something unknown and Mir responded.

Mirs palm hit Kraugels chin.

It was a technique that contained the same characteristics as the counter that Grid suffered.

[You cant regain your mental state.]

[Resistance has failed.]


No matter how much his brain shook, he never thought he would be judged as physically confused.

Kraugel realized Mirs status, staggered, and let his sword slip.

He seemed to have let it slip while ignoring the confusion and trying to control his body.

“Kraugel!” Grid urgently used Shunpo, but he was a step late.

By the time Grids position changed, the Blue Dragon Dao that Mir swung laterally had deeply cut Kraugels chest.

Kraugels wound was frozen and electrocuted, but he was surprisingly quick and left his spot.

It was thanks to Poetry that Praises the Sword.

The reason he could survive in this state and move in defiance of the freezing and electric shock was because he had shifted the damage he just suffered to his secondary weapon.

In return, a unique rated sword shattered, but it was cheap compared to saving his life.

Grid performed the sword dances of Transcended Link Flower and Linked Kill Flower Pinnacle.

“Hmm.” Mir failed to kill Kraugel and was forced to back off.

He thought about using Shunpo, but decided it was unreasonable due to the blue-black petals of sword energy blocking his view.

Grid confronted Mir, who burned the petals with lightning, and rebuked Kraugel while getting the God Hands to protect him, -How are you going to save my life if you die

In fact, he knew this was an attitude without any conscience.

The moment Kraugels Splitting the Sky hit Mir, Grid had a short moment to retreat.

Yet Grid didnt flee and attacked Mir alongside Kraugel.

In other words, Grid kicked away the opportunity to live on his own.

Kraugel didnt respond.

He was extremely focused and didnt notice the whisper sent by Grid.

“Overgeared God, Im very happy at this moment, but my gods will soon...” Mir was speaking politely to Grid when he shut his mouth.

It was because the White Tiger Sword was stuck in his heart.

The sword didnt slip from Kraugels hand.

He deliberately let go of it.

The White Tiger Sword had grown with Kraugel and had the characteristics ofHeart Sword. In response to Kraugels will, it performed a sword technique on its own.

It was only once, but the power and effect of the sword technique performed by the White Tiger Sword was consistent with Kraugels own.

The White Tiger Sword fell like a meteor and stabbed Mirs heart, descending as hard as it could, and separating Mirs heart and ribs.

It was the moment when Kraugel, who had been focused and looking for an opportunity, succeeded in critically injuring Mir.

He belatedly replied to Grid, -Lets just die here together.


Kraugels purpose had also changed from the moment he witnessed Grid turning away from retreating.

It was from keeping Grid alive to fighting Mir with no regrets.

In any case, this was Grids purpose and he had no choice but to match it.

It was only when their purpose was consistent that their cooperation could be more detailed.

“...Kraugel.” Mirs eyes were engulfed in the flames of the red phoenix.

Kraugel was reflected in the black eyes that shone like stars.

“Your name is also engraved on my soul.”

A soul that would last forever because it wouldnt break—Kraugels name, engraved on it, would be immortal.

It was like Mullers name and Grids name.

The majestic flames of the red phoenix healed MIrs wounds, but the scars werent erased.

The long sword wound that extended from his heart to his waist—Mir engraved it without erasing it.

Then he said what he previously couldnt finish saying to Grid, “My gods will soon look at this place.

So lets finish this fun.”

Mir had exchanged exactly 89 attacks and defenses with the two people.

In terms of time, it was a short offensive and defensive battle.

However, it was enough time for his runaway colleagues to reach the Hwan Kingdom.

The gods would gather at the pond.

Their gaze would turn to the ground and they would scrutinize Grid.

A newly born god—they would be aware that he, who was regarded as a lowly indigenous god, actually had great potential and would condemn him to extinction.

The present Grid couldnt handle the jealousy of the gods.

The gods, who were pushed out in a power struggle, started a war and they dreamed of revenge far away from home even after losing the war.

The envy and jealousy of those who lost everything were terrible.

There was no way they would welcome the birth of a god who might threaten them.

Additionally, if this god was the one unsealing the Four Auspicious Beasts...

they would harm Grid even at great cost.

It was until all the myths that just blossomed were extinguished.

Mirs rush to end this fight was to protect Grid.

From Grids perspective, it was bull**.

“I understand you saying that you are having fun.”

He was also having fun.

The last time they met, he had crossed the threshold of death due to the lightning shot every time Mir swung the Blue Dragon Dao.

Now that lightning could be blocked, dodged, deflected, and counterattacked.

The lightning shot by the Blue Dragon Dao no longer had much influence on the battle.

Grid was able to confirm his own growth with this fact alone and was insanely pleased and joyful.

“However, it is hard to tolerate you saying that you can end this fight at any time.”

The Formless Sword stretched out vigorously.

As Mir moved the Blue Dragon Dao, it curved and wrapped around his body.

In a previous situation, Mir had used Shunpo here.

Then he was tied up by Kraugel, who predicted where Mir would appear, and was hit by Grids linked attack.

However, it was different this time.

Mir was impaled by the Formless Sword.

He pulled the blade of the Formless Sword bare-handed and dragged Grid right in front of him.

[You have suffered 25,050 damage.]

“Kuock!” Grid made a sound as his abdomen was pierced by the Blue Dragon Dao.

He blamed himself for not being able to use White Tigers Posture because it happened too quickly.

Grid was kicked while trying to retrieve the Formless Sword.

He fell to the ground after being cut by the Blue Dragon Dao and managed to hold back his scream this time.

This time, he used White Tigers Posture so it was quite bearable.

‘I need to improve the speed at which I use White Tigers Posture.

Grid raised his body while correcting his vision and used Sky.

Kraugel was on the defensive during the short time Grid had collapsed, so Grid needed to press Mir.

The sword dance, Sky, was something that Mir couldnt ignore.

Sky was a sword dance that linked all the single sword dances that Grid had acquired sequentially and without delay.

Mir had maintained a health close to the maximum value despite being critically injured several times.

His specs might be in the Baal-grade, but even he was pressured by the extremes of technique.

Of course, if it was Baal then it wouldnt matter what attack Grid unleashed.

He would wave his hand at it like he was swatting at a fly.

However, Mir was fundamentally different from Baal.

He was the type of person who was obsessed withskill. Unknowingly, his competitive spirit was raised and he tried to analyze Sky.

Thanks to this, Grid achieved more than five combos and theblind spot attack of the Formless Sword was activated.

Just then, Mir awakened from his fascination with the Sky sword dance.

He was reminded that the eyes of the gods would touch here soon.

‘I was too fascinated.

I have to finish it quickly.

The red phoenix, black tortoise, blue dragon, and white tiger.

Mir unleashed the power of all Four Auspicious Beasts.

Then the line went beyond the fullness of the health gauge and the color was changed.

His health increased by at least twice as much as before.

His speed and attack power also increased by that much.

[You have suffered 50,430 damage.]

[You have suffered 49,600 damage.]

He couldnt endure it even with the White Tigers Posture.

Grid avoided a cut by relying on transcendence, only to be caught by the neck and hit by a series of stabs.

It happened all before he could take one breath.

[A legend doesnt die easily.]

Grid was stabbed one more time and immediately entered the immortal state.

Mir still held onto Grids neck and turned his attention to Kraugel this time.

He quietly twisted his head to avoid the Space Sword that was about to split apart the world and cut off Kraugels head, killing him.

It was at this time...

“......!” Mirs eyes widened.

He had the illusion that he lost all sensation from his lower body.

He soon confirmed that he wasnt mistaken.

He saw in his tilting vision that hislower half was staggering alone.

Mirs face struck the ground and he coughed up a large amount of blood.

His body was cut in two by Grid.

It was the first time he experienced something like this since he was born, so he stopped temporarily.

Then theinstinct that had been suppressed by reason was expressed.

Survival was instinct.

The power of the Four Auspicious Beasts fused into one and took the shape of artificial angel wings.

They spun and cut everything in the area.

The targets naturally included Grid.

‘Dammit, it is over.

It was too hard to secure visibility to use Shunpo.

The loss of one arm was too big.

Throughout the battle, the balance of his attacks and defenses had collapsed.

If he used and maintained Storm of the Fire God, his arm couldnve regenerated.

However, Storm of the Fire God could easily be countered by Mir, so he didnt even attempt it.

This was the problem.

It was difficult to use the power of the four gods properly when fighting Mir.

‘I can use it from now on.

Grid activated Storm of the Fire God.

There was nothing to fear because he was in the immortal state anyway.

He linked the Blind Spot Attack with the Undefeated Kings Swordsmanship.

Then he recovered the Formless Sword that he had joined with the Falling Moon Sword and swapped to the Fire Dragon Sword.

He used Open Potential and started to pour out all the available fusion sword dances and the Undefeated Kings Swordsmanship.

He kept being cut by the artificial wings, but he ignored it.

He swung his sword one more time.

Even if he died, he shouldnt die meaninglessly.

He had to measure Mirs defense and health in this completely unleashed state.

[You have died.]

At the end of his final struggle, Grid died.

“Um.” The gods of the Hwan Kingdom arrived at the pond just in time.

“You said there was a problem...

it is settled.”

“It was a minor problem in the first place.”

After checking the landscape on the ground, they nodded and went back to their places.

They found only Mir in the desert covered in fire and ice.

The gods of the Hwan Kingdom didnt even notice the scars engraved on the body that was standing in an imposing manner.

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