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Chapter 1434

[A myth rated item is produced, permanently increasing all stats by 30!]

[Reputation throughout the continent will rise by 1,000.]

[The faith of the Overgeared God Church followers and all the blacksmiths in the world has deepened.]

“......!” Grid awakened from his submerged consciousness and screamed soundlessly.

The muscles throughout his body were strained and both wrists were swollen.

He reflexively wanted to drink a potion, but his shoulders wouldnt rise.

‘An experience like this...

it is my first time in years.

Once he fell into a trance, the sensation that kept his body safe—pain—was removed.

He was obsessed with the results in front of him until his stamina was consumed and he couldnt even move his fingers.

The level 300 Grid suffered from extreme fatigue every time he experienced the self-transcendence state.

Then it became fine after entering level 400.

His physical fitness was so good that he finished the item before becoming exhausted.

Now he was in this shape.

He even suffered fractures to both hands.

Just how hard did he swing his hammer This was the first time this had happened.

‘I think I hammered it at an angle that strained my muscles and bones.

In other words, the difficulty of the Backbone Sword was very high.

It wasnt possible to use ordinary methods to join Oboras spine together without damaging it.

“Later, flames might burst out making an item...”

Was there a blacksmith who exploded the smithy and lost his life every time he made an item No one would believe it.

Grid summoned Overgeared Corn and shook his hands to warm them up.

The fractures were recovering in real time.

Grids recovery power wasnt much different from a boss monster.

Overgeared Corn licked Grids cheek and flared his nostrils.

He was angry that he had to lick a dirty mans cheek instead of a beautiful maidens.

This was a separate instinct from liking.

Overgeared Corn had some faith in Grid, but physiologically loathed him.

Overgeared Corns blew air from his mouth even more fiercely.

His eyes were about to be turned inside out.

Based on the bubbles, he was about to vomit.

The wings started to flap due to agitation and the Backbone Sword on the anvil shook.

The 30 joints moved.

It was a small and subtle movement, but it was enough to prove the possibilities of the Backbone Sword to Grid.

The Backbone Sword started to appear in Grids head.

Countless changes—the Backbone Sword that shook due to Overgeared Corn showed its infinite potential with just one move.


Grids heart rate accelerated.

An object of admiration that he wasnt sure he would reach no matter how strong he was.

It was because he imagined himself showing some of Sword Saint Kraugels swordsmanship, even if forced (through items).

‘Kraugel will be surprised.

Motions made possible only with natural senses—Kraugels swordsmanship that was based on unimaginable movements went beyond the concept of technique.

It was strange and beautiful.

There were many martial artists who became famous while honing their martial arts who would call Kraugels swordsmanship an art.

Now Grid could imitate that art.

The Backbone Sword was telling him that it would surely be like that.

Confidence was instilled in Grid with just one move.

-Cheeky newcomer.

Was it jealous of the way Grid interacted with the Backbone Sword The Fire Dragon Sword opened its mouth after a long time and its voice was cold.

If it had a tongue, then it wouldve clicked it.

“It is your younger sibling, so be nice to it.”

-Our sources are different How can you call it my younger sibling

The Fire Dragon Sword was made from the fire stone and Greed.

The Backbone Sword also used Greed, but it was only the handle part.

The Fire Dragon Sword seemed to feel that the Backbone Sword, made from the spine of a great demon, was very low level.

‘It wasnt this cold toward the Falling Moon Sword...

Could it only acknowledge the moon night iron, not Greed Grid held the Backbone Sword and brought up its details.

[Formless Sword]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: 1,100/1,100 Attack Power: 2,790

★ Changes form for every attack.

★ Every time the form changes, the evasion of the attack target will decrease greatly and weaknesses will be exposed.

★ For a general attack, two consecutive strikes must occur unconditionally.

-Connect a stab with a cutting attack.

-Connect a cut with a stabbing attack.

★ Once five combos are achieved, it will cause the target of each combo to receive an abnormal status.

There is a very low probability of ablind spot attack.

★ Once 12 combos are achieved, ablind spot attack will occur with every attack.

A sword containing the ideals of Overgeared God Grid.

It is made from the spine of the 22nd Great Demon, Obora.

30 joints are retained, allowing for countless changes in the form and length.

It is calledformless because the original appearance isnt known.

* The nature of the bone blade means it is likely to be damaged.

Every time an attack hits, the durability is decreased.

Weight: 900

Conditions of Use: Grid]

‘It is formless because it is obviously made from Oboras spine, but it is hard to tell what it is.

Indeed, the other person wouldnt be able to know.

Grid frowned at the name and swung the Formless Sword.

The length of the Formless Sword increased as it targeted the place where Grids gaze was directed.

The maximum length was three meters.

It was longer than a spear.

“Hmm.” Grid curled up his lips like it was interesting and retrieved the Formless Sword.

The sword that was pulled back to one meter stretched back out again like a whip.


Grid was also likely to have reacted one step late to it.

At the very least, he had to activate the world of transcendence to react to it.

That was how anomalous it was.


In fact, it was necessary to have careful control due to the transformation of the form.

It was a groundless fear.

It was easy if it was used as a whip.

The lack of a guard helped to control the distance more freely.

‘The low attack power can be covered by the combos.

Durability issues could be resolved with his repair skills.

If it was combined with the blind spot attack at the right timing, then it would have a very strong effect.

‘It is more than I expected.

He was convinced about why it was judged as a myth rating.

The interested Grid swung the Formless Sword without a break.

Every swing, the Formless Sword bent like a whip, stretched out like a spear, sharpened like a knife, or repeatedly moved in diagonals or circles.

The scene of it freely wandering through the gaps in items in the smithy was like a small dragon.

-It is more like an earthworm than a dragon.

“Haha.”No matter how noisy the Fire Dragon Sword, the smile on Grids face widened.

After a few minutes of excited swinging, he noticed that the dexterity stat was moving the movements of the Formless Sword shine even more.

‘Im so happy.

The cycle of adding a new sword was gradually becoming shorter.

It felt like he was getting stronger.

‘Once I rescue Hexetia one day...

He would use Hexetias help to make the Formless Sword with Greed.

Of course, the Greed he would use at that time would be its upgraded form, Gravurnium.

‘Then I will overturn Heaven and hell.

There was no ending in MMORPGs.

Even if the story of the world was finished, the world would remain and the future story would be created by the players themselves.

Grid hoped the day would come soon.

After exterminating all the beings who threatened what he had achieved, he wanted to enjoy peace and the world in a relaxed manner.

Grids dream of running a small smithy after retirement remained.

He would do only what he wanted to do, listen to what he wanted to hear, and look at what he wanted to see.

Sometimes, he would feel rewarded by helping newbies.

‘Hmm... He imagined the faces of the newbies who would be shocked to buy items he made without knowing who he was.

Grid smiled and left the smithy.

You\'ve worked hard.” Mercedes and dozens of royal guards opened the way and held a military ceremony.

He wondered why everyone was gathered.

The crowd around him was no joke.

It seemed the players who saw the world message about the Overgeared Gods divine object rushed to watch him.

“Brother Grid is handsome!”

“Please show the personal information so I can post it on social media!”

“God Grid, Im dying!!”

There were people cheering.

They really wanted to see the divine object, but Grid just smiled and waved.

To be honest, he wanted to show off the Formless Sword.

However, the characteristics of the Formless Sword meant it was necessary to keep it a secret weapon as much as possible.

‘If it was Vantner, then he wouldve boasted without thinking about it.

Sometimes, Grid envied Vantner.


“We found out who hired Knight to find the Heart of the Frost Queen.”

Was it a nightmare

“Lion is 3rd on the merchant rankings.

He is one of the divine merchants of the business world called one of the Five Great Merchants and he is based in the south.”

Or was he seeing things wrong The back of Lauels hand that was covering half his face was surrounded by black flames...

Grid stared blankly and opened his mouth with difficulty, “...Black fire dragon”

“Huhu, Your Majesty recognizes it.

It is karma from my past life that I can never shake off.”


What were these wings...

A chill went down Grids spine when he learned that the power of the skin maker was beyond imagination.

It was obvious that Lauels chuuni disease, which had barely been healing, had become worse than before.

Grid decided to think positively.

‘This is how Lauel enjoys the game.

My eyes and ears are going to rot, but...

lets understand it.

“Getting back to the point, there is a very good chance there is another force behind Lion.

Considering the value of the Heart of the Frost Queen, the commission fee required by Knight should be quite high.

It isnt an amount that Lion can afford as an individual.

Even if he is one of the Five Great Merchants, his financial resources are still far from enough compared to Kir in his prime.

Cough, cough.”

“Lauel!” Grid was startled because Lauel suddenly coughed up blood.

Poison Shouldnt Lauel be pretty resistant to poison due to the blessing of the poison master

Lauel waved his hand as Grid pulled out an antidote.

“Genius is short-lived.

It isnt a problem that can be solved with medicine.”


this guy...” Grid frowned with disgust when he realized that Lauels blood was a concept.

Regardless, Lauel continued his explanation.

The key was that there was a huge force behind the Lion merchant group.

It was highly likely that they were the same force that sponsored various groups such as the revolutionary group.

Grid heard this and expressed his doubts, “The probability that they are the same force is high Im not convinced”

The groups listed by Lauel—the groups supposedly supported by the same force had no contact or common ground.

Even the tendencies were different.

There were terrorists, politicians, religious groups, and demon worshippers.

“Isnt it a law that investment should have a purpose” Grid wondered.

There was no purpose at all.

It felt like they were just randomly scattering money.


Is it to deepen the war by investing in various opposing groups”

War could be a business for someone.

Therefore, Grid was deeply wary of the unidentified force.

Yet unexpectedly, Lauel interpreted it differently.

“Based on the surface, your guess is reasonable, but...

my opinion is a bit different.

I think it is intended to deter war.

It is like taming hungry predators with livestock.”

The reason why the revolutionaries who had been hunting hidden classes calmed down recently was because the complaints had faded.

Lauel monitored them and saw that their equipment had upgraded several times more than before and thanks to this, they lost interest in the revolution and focused on hunting and raiding.

It could be seen from this that the revolution of the revolutionaries was just a shell.

The force that supported the revolutionaries didnt instigate the revolutionaries.

It meant that they might have supported the revolution, but they didnt force it.

Thus, the revolutionaries ended up like this.

“It is like they are investing in potential players and wanting them to grow...

this is my opinion.”

“What is this...

daddy long legs”

“It is an appropriate analogy.

Of course, Im not certain about this.

Faker is still suspicious and plans to investigate thoroughly in the future, so we will keep an eye on it.

Cough, cough.”

“......” Grid became tired quickly when he saw Lauel coughing up blood again.

Grid left Mercedes with the messengers who were preparing for the Hell Gao expedition and moved to the East Continent.

It was time to check if Blue Tiger, the clan of the old gods, and the people of the old gods were doing well.

There was something Grid didnt know.

It was that Lauel was rapidly gaining affinity with the evil eyes king after gaining the skin mask.

“Grid!” Fortunately, Blue Tiger was doing well.

She also said she was dating Tosun.

Today, Grids mind was confused in many ways.

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