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Chapter 1432

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The Heart of the Frost Queen was an elixir.

As the name suggested, it was literally a medicine.

All of the blacksmithing skills such as smelting, transformation, modification, and disassembly couldnt be applied.

‘It is natural.

A blacksmith isnt a pharmacist.\'

He tried it just in case, but he felt like a thief.

“Mercedes, bring me Nefelina.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Mercedes set off immediately from where she had been guarding Grids side.

She returned in just five minutes with Nefelina.

Considering the distance between the smithy and the castle, it was a speed that made people think Shunpo was used.

‘Using Gravity Formation

The skill, Gravity Formation, that Mercedes learned, could change gravity in a small area.

Grid had fought in hell with her aid and witnessed her rapidly slowing down or speeding up the enemys actions.

Based on Mercedes prowess, he thought it would be possible for her to use Gravity Formation to speed up her movement.

Nefelina grumbled as she took off her sleeping mask, “I was just about to fall asleep.

What is this impoliteness”

“During the day”

“I am a child.

Dont I need quality sleep to grow faster”

“Really Sorry, I lacked consideration.”

“I am feeling skeptical these days.

The incarnation of one of the seven evils, who came later than me, is recovering from the Curse of Sloth thanks to you.

Meanwhile, I cant eat to my hearts content.

Now you have to get in the way of my nap It feels like Im the only one who gets treated badly.”

“If it wasnt for His Majestys grace, you were destined to already be dead or sold to a black magicians tower and suffer as an experiment.

You might not be grateful to His Majesty for saving your life, but you are too shameless to complain about it.”

“I dont like this arrogant woman either...”

“It isnt because I am particularly caring for Zikfrector that he is recovering from his curse.

It should be that the characteristic of the Blood King is affecting him.

Well, Ill persuade Administrator Rabbit to give you one extra cow every day.

Is this a bit more comforting”


“Yes, Ill deliver it.” He said so, but this small request probably wouldnt work.

Even one was something she should be grateful for.

It was a situation where his finances were at stake due to consuming too much money on the hell expedition.

If he sold the items the great demons dropped, then he wouldve earned ten or hundreds of times the amount he spent, but there could be no external sales due to Grids policy of focusing on internal investment.

Of course, recently, he had been feeling the need to strengthen not just the Overgeared Guild and Overgeared Kingdom, but the entire human race...

still, it was too early to sell it outside.

“Look at this.” Grid reached out the Heart of the Frost Queen to Nefelina, who was happy without knowing what was going on.

Nefelinas big eyes that glowed like lanterns elongated like a reptile.

She was using her dragons eyes.

It meant she had become serious.


it has a huge amount of yin energy.”

“This is the Heart of the Frost Queen.

Can you eat and digest it”

“It is possible for anyone to eat and digest it, but they wont be able to control the leaking yin energy.

The moment I eat this, everything in Reinhardt will freeze.”

“Arent you blessed by the elements Then why cant you control it”

“The yin in this heart isnt a simple element, but close to evil thoughts.

It is safe to call it an artificial curse made unconsciously.

It shouldnt be consumed by anyone other than a lunatic who wants to reign alone in a frozen world.”

“Is there any way to eat it somehow... If there was a legendary pharmacist, could they change the ingredients to alleviate the side effects”

“There has never been such a brilliant pharmacist in history.

In the first place, didnt I say it was more like a mass of curse rather than a medicine Tsk tsk, the one who is a god is clinging to this power.”

“So there is no way.”

Certainly, the power of the Heart of the Frost Queen was too strong.

It was a balance collapse item that Satisfy hated.

The person would become stronger the moment it was eaten so the setting of isolation would remain unchanged for the sake of balance.

‘The red phoenixs heart is also unresponsive.

It is unfortunate but it cant be helped.

Grid gave up and placed the heart in his inventory.

He had to take up this baggage, but he didnt regret it.

He should avoid this uncontrollable force going to anyone which would increase unnecessary risks.

‘Im glad it wasnt a villain who raided the Frost Queen.

Kujarak, the African leopard—to be honest, he wasnt in the range of Grids interest.

He didnt attend events like the National Competition and he usually moved alone on the periphery.

There was no contact at all so far and there was a high probability there would be no contact in the future.

Yet at this point, Kujarak was bound to be interesting.

Based on the Heart of the Frost Queen, it was highly likely that the Frost Queen was a boss monster in the same class as a super named boss monster.

‘He broke through Heraris vicious snow and raided the super named boss monster...

his reputation of being able to threaten Kraugel is convincing.

Grid wanted to meet him someday.

It was rare that meeting with a strong person would cause a loss.

Grid resumed the work that he had paused for a while.


“Please make this mark appear in my right eye every time I use a skill.

Make it so faint that it is hard to notice unless one focuses.”

Guseha had used his skin production skills relatively correctly.

He healed people who suffered from disabilities and wounds all their lives, and healed their mental illness.

Of course, they werent good deeds without any conditions.

He received a reasonable price for them.

“Dark red flames should burn on my left hand and arm.

However, they should respond to the keywordblack flame dragon.”

Guseha was different from Saintess Ruby.

He had no intention of showing the charity and power of the Saintess.

There were a lot of experiences of simply being driven by money.

If players offered a lot of money to be beautiful or cool, then he would produce skins that fit their taste without saying anything.

In doing so, he realized that the standard ofcool was very subjective.

He confirmed that there were many different tastes in the world.

“Once I raise my hand like this and cover half of my face, I want the background to be dark and for there to be thunder and lightning.

Is it possible”

“If I smile softly, my hair and collar should move as if there is a breeze.”

“Every time I express the wordspast life, a meaningful aura should appear...

how about black angel wings floating behind my back for a while before disappearing”

“Every time I look up at the sky, saycough cough like this or sayHoo, this is good, then blood should flow from my mouth.

If someone sees it, then they will naturally think of a beautiful person who cant live long.

That is the concept.”

...But this was very severe.

He felt dizzy every time Lauel added another demand.

He couldnt understand why the interest was like this.

He believed he already learned that peoples desires and tastes were quite diverse, but that belief was broken today.

The saddest thing was that he had the ability to fulfill most of Lauels requirements.

The things he long believed wereuseless functions\' started to show off their presence as if they existed just for Lauel.

He even wondered if the Skin Maker was a class born to match Lauels bizarre taste.

“Among the requirements, the only one beyond my power is the thunderstorm, but the rest is possible.

Instead, it requires a lot of materials.

The things that come to mind right now are Heldas dye, dokkaebi fire, wyvern lungs, Furios grudge, moonlight glass...”

Lauel eagerly wrote down the list of materials needed to create the skin.

He was happy at first that his ideals could be realized, but then his expression gradually darkened.

It was because there were so many ingredients that were hard to get.

There were some rare materials that were hard to get his hands on even with the help of his subordinates.

“Hoo, it is a series of trials...

the world is too harsh to me.

Perhaps this is karma from my past life.” Lauel smiled bitterly and stared up at the sky.

How wonderful would it be if at this time, blood dripped from his mouth and wings faintly appeared behind his back before disappearing Once his thoughts reached this point, Lauels dying motivation was rekindled.

“Sir Heder, lead all the knights and get these materials right away.”

“Yes, my lord.”


Guseha stared blankly at Lauel summoning the knights and giving them orders before turning his gaze to Vantner.

Destructive Tank Vantner—he was famous as the 1st ranked guardian knight and was one of the first to run over the moment he heard about the cooperation between the Overgeared Guild and Guseha.

“Tell me what hairstyle you want.

I will implement it right away.” Guseha didnt bother asking for Vantners request.

He recalled some of the common wishes of bald clients and took out popular wigs.

They were wigs that looked like real hair.

They were made of special materials and were items in high demand by middle-aged nobles.

“If you are a man, then it is a mohawk...” Vantner was answering with a bright look when he suddenly came back to his senses and shouted, “I! Im not bald in reality!”

The reason he was bald was because he customized his appearance to be bald...

Vantner always insisted on this.

If he wore a wig now, then it was just admitting that he was bald in reality.

“I beg your pardon.

So what do you want”

“...Leonardo DiCaprio.”


“Dont you know the name of this legendary great actor”

“I know...”

“Leonardo DiCaprio.

I want to live with the face of Leonardo in his early 20s.”

The ideal type didnt only apply to the opposite sex.

The psychology of admiring and wanting to resemble the same sex was a universal desire that everyone had experienced at least once.

Guseha saw Vantners heart and nodded.

“I understand.

I can match the body shape, right”

“I dont want that.

Leonardo was very skinny in his 20s.

I want to leave my body as it is and just change my face.”

“It wont be balanced.”

“Its fine.

After all, it is the best as long as you have a good face.”

I understand.”

It was an easy request.

It was simple to make a skin mask and there were many references for the legendary stars face.

Besides, Vantner refused to wear a wig.

There was no need to go to the trouble of doing the hair.

The next day...


The rugged, bald Leonardo with a hairy chest made the Overgeared members burst out laughing.


Blond.Where did you put Leonardos blond hair

Vantner barely swallowed down these words and silently took off the skin mask.

Since then, Guseha stayed in Reinhardt for a long time.

It was because the Overgeared members came to him without a break to make requests.

Unexpectedly, he wasnt tired.

Rather, it was more fun than he expected.

Thanks to the Overgeared members being able to somehow obtain materials that were difficult for ordinary people to get, he was able to carry out difficult production requests that he had never experienced before.

Therefore, his skill experience rose sharply.

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