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Chapter 1421

It was after sending the intruders out of the castle.

“”Was that the Sword Saint just now No, it isnt Sword Saint Kraugel.

I saw him directly in the human world.

Then that person...””

Dantalions faces muttered with serious expressions.

A castle built by eight brains that boasted the largest amount of accumulated knowledge, spanning thousands of years.

TheIndestructible Castle that had hundreds of high-level barriers imprinted on it was sliced like tofu.

Of course, the castle was still intact.

Grid mightve cut at the castle but the damaged part wasnt even one-thousandth of the total size of the castle.

However, there was a possibility that the castle could be knocked down.

“”Destroying a castle that is only possible for the dragons, the original gods and the Sword Saint Thats right.

It has actually been proven.

The hatchling couldnt scratch it but it was because the hatchling was too young.

There might be a mistake in my calculations...

Hmm, what nonsense.

There is no error when I can see everything.””

Dantalion knew Grid.

It was because they had been entangled several times, directly and indirectly.

Still, he wouldve known Grid even if they hadnt been entangled.

Grids reputation was too high.

In addition, the book in Dantalions hands showed the future.

Of course, this wasnt omnipotent.

The scope of the future couldnt be determined.

“”Those guys are camped outside the castle.

I let them go.

Why arent they leaving They are aiming at me.

This is dangerous.


Lets go to the human world right now, kill 666 people and open the book of the future.

No, I cant leave now.

I will lose my castle.””

Dantalion was agitated.

He was the most powerful being who had the power of all the past legends but he wouldnt be able to win a battle against those camped outside the castle.

He believed that he would have a chance of winning by using this Indestructible Castle as a shield and the knowledge he had accumulated for thousands of years.

However, this story changed after Grid used a skill that was like the Sword Saint.

“”Give up the castle.


It is a castle built from thousands of years of study and 6.66 million humans as sacrifices.

Why dont I ask Amoract for help What Do I want to commit suicide””

Dantalion officially belonged to Amoracts faction but he didnt trust Amoract.

Amoract was a blind fanatic of Yatan.

Amoract would never forgive him the moment he scolded Yatan.

The eight faces would argue with each other thanks to the power of conflict and he would die the most terrible death in the world as an offering to Yatan.

“”Should I rely on Baal instead It is better to die than to pester than guy.””

Dantalion sighed and looked out the window.

Grid had become a god with a human body.

The hatchling of the insane dragon, Beriaches son who was the strongest magic user, the master of Keen Insight, a fallen archangel, the incarnation of the seven malignant saints, the Demon Slayer, a farmer...

except for one person, their status and skills were great.

Their present would surely be carved into the myths.

The eight faces of Dantalion were worried for a long time and murmured.

“”They must be pursuing high ideals which is why so many great people have gathered together.

Thats right.

It isnt just one purpose.

It must be a difficult goal that they need to be together to achieve.

They would want to borrow a demons hand.

There is no problem with a god and demon holding hands.

There is already precedent.””

A smile flashed across Dantalions faces as he thought about theinvasion of Behen Archipelago that was the joint venture between Hexetia and the great demons.


‘I didnt expect the skill to be interrupted in the middle.

Grid who safely retreated from the black crystal castle was frustrated.

He originally planned to destroy the castle so he immediately used a five fusion dance.

Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

He didnt doubt that the dance of destruction done with the Falling Moon Sword would turn the black crystal castle into scorched earth.

He was mistaken.

The moment he swung the first part of Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle, the Falling Moon Sword almost popped out of his hand.

It was because the skill action was interrupted and it stopped triggering.

The constraint of the Falling Moon Sword that meant it could only be wielded once every 10 minutes also applied to skills.

The one time referred to here really meant only one action.

‘Dammit, dammit...

It seemed he now knew why it wasnt called the Scorched Earth Sword.

The Falling Moon Sword didnt deserve the wonderful name ofscorched earth.

‘In the first place, the moon night iron is a mineral with too many constraints.

There was too much personality.

It had taken more than half a month to strengthen.

In fact, the blade of the Falling Moon Sword contained no Greed at all.

Only the black handle under the blade was made of Greed.

Nevertheless, the infinite durability meant the moon night iron was a great mineral...

It was just a pity compared to Greed, which had harmony with any mineral.

‘In the end, the potential of Greed is the best...

I can probably only make the Scorched Earth Sword after Braham finishes forging the mineral.


When would it be finished It felt like time was flowing too slowly when he eagerly desired it.


The messengers watched the depressed Grid silently.

To be exact, they were watching the Falling Moon Sword in Grids hand.

Nefelina spoke first, “That sword is dangerous.”

Grid nodded.

“Yes, it is dangerous.

It is incredibly dangerous.”

It was a sword that risked its masters life.

If he swung the Falling Moon Sword when fighting an enemy then he would open himself up to a counterattack.

The activation of the fusion sword dance would be stopped and a gap would be revealed that could allow the enemy to cut off his head.

‘It is my fault for not doing a proper performance test.

Of course, he had tried it several times.

However, it was just at the level of cutting something to test the power.

He tested what could be cut and confirmed it really could cut anything.

The enhanced moon night iron cut even things with infinite durability like Greed.

To be exact, it caused a weakness that reduced the durability and then cut it...

Regardless of the principle, it was likely to neutralize a dragons absolute defense.

Nefelinas thoughts were the same.

“I hope you can lend me that sword one day.”

“Is it to get revenge on the evil dragon”


“Of course I have to lend it to you.” Grid nodded.

In any case, Nefelinas revenge was a story for at least hundreds of years later.

Grid would no longer exist in the world once she became an adult dragon.

There were no problems even if he promised without much thought.

However, Nefelina didnt know his inner thoughts.

From her standpoint, Grid was a god.

She misunderstood that Grid would be alive when she became an adult.

“If my revenge fails then it will trouble you...

I will pay you back for lending me the sword.”

“Im afraid but what can I do Ive been watching you since you were an egg.

You are my messenger.

It is impossible to turn away from you.”

“...Thank you.”

[Affinity with your messengerNefelina has increased by 20.]

Nefelina was purely moved.

Grid felt like he had been pricked but he just changed the subject.

“Lets focus on the situation in front of us first.

How can we kill Dantalion”

Dantalion had opened a gate for Grids party.

It was the exit to the 24th Hell but Grids party avoided the exit and returned to the entrance.

They stood facing the black crystal castle again.

They were determined to end the battle with Dantalion.

The ultimate goal of this hell expedition was to grow.

Leave the target alive and flee instead of killing him to grow How funny.

In particular, Dantalion was a demon who had knowledge in all fields and left it as a record.

Grid still vividly remembered the Dantalions Knowledge Fragment that was acquired after killing Yatans servant.

‘The fragment gave Fighting Knowledge.

It added one level to all combat skills and raised attack speed and evasion.

It was really big compensation when thinking about it now.

Just a fragment could exert that much power.

How great would Dantalions complete knowledge be

‘If we kill Dantalion then there is a high probability he will drop skill level ups that arent limited by class.

There was also the possibility of dropping the skills of former legends.

Dantalion had accumulated knowledge about the previous legends and was actually able to implement some of their skills.

‘I have to kill him.

Grid felt a sense of mission.

He felt a greed he never experienced before as he stared at the black crystal castle.

However, this castle was the problem.

‘It doesnt mean there is no way.

If he put the entire castle in his vision and used the Undefeated Kings swordsmanship then he could cut that huge castle in half.

‘If I keep cutting, the black crystals will break apart.

There was just one problem.

The Falling Moon Sword could only be wielded once every 10 minutes.

Dantalion would find out this fact.

‘It will be tough in the future if he shares this information with other great demons.

The great demons were violent but not ignorant.

Apart from a small percentage of them, they had high intelligence and their level wasnt much different from that of humans.

They had common sense.

‘I have to create variables to win against them and the Falling Moon Sword is the best weapon to create variables.

No matter how gorgeous Grids party was, they would lose their firepower as they ventured deeper into hell.

The ranking of the great demons would rise while Grids party would receive stronger penalties.

Of course, Grid, Yura and Sariel were the exceptions but three people werent enough.

The situation of suppressing great demons was almost at an end.

At that time, the secret card of the Falling Moon Sword would be a great help.

‘There are many tools to alleviate the penalties of hell.

The problem is the performance but if I use them to create items, wont it be possible to amplify the power In any case, the priority now is to bring Dantalion out of the castle...

Then what means should he use

Grid was struggling when Zikfrector opened his mouth.

“Mercedes, can you analyze the black crystals with your Keen Insight”

“There are too many distortions.

if it stays in this state then I could analyze it in two hours, but the arts keep changing in real time or theyre being added...”

“Yura, can you use the anti-magic power to repel the demonic energy in it for a while Once there is no demonic energy, the magic arts will stop.”

Anti-magic power.

It was the resource of the Demon Slayer to resist demonic energy.

It looked similar to divine power at first glance but it was a very different concept.

“It hasnt been long since Ive opened anti-magic power.

It hasnt reached the level where it can be used in actual combat yet.” Yuras eyes were shaken.

She was annoyed at herself for not playing the role of the Demon Slayer despite being the Demon Slayer.

Grid led the conversation before her negative thoughts could deepen.

“Braham, is there any magic that can target a person and forcibly transport it”

“By modifying the magic circle of Mass Teleport, it is possible to forcibly transfer a person even if they dont accept it.

However, creating the magic circle requires a lot of time to create and to trigger.

The biggest problem is that the magic circle wont start in that castle.”

He just spoke casually but it was really possible Grid was once again amazed to discover how great Brahams skills were.

Then he quickly looked like he was eating **.

‘What is the use of theory alone It cant be used when it is really needed.

“Why are you looking like that again” It happened the moment when Braham felt a strange displeasure and frowned.

“”I request a conversation with the Overgeared God.””



The firmly closed gate of the castle opened and Dantalion walked out.

““The god who despises hell has descended directly to hell.

Is it to prepare for a great cause like Hexetia in the past Seeing as the insane dragons hatchling is by your side, do you want to prepare for a battle against the evil dragon No.

You are with one of the seven malignant saints and Sariel.

Are you trying to prepare for war against Asgard rather than the evil dragon Beriaches child is with you.

You mightve promised to restore his power as a direct descendant seeing the way the arrogant Braham is following you.

Perhaps you visited hell to follow Beriaches trail.

What nonsense is this Their purpose is clear with just the presence of the Demon Slayer.

They simply want to destroy hell.””

The eight faces kept talking before Grids party could react.

Then a beautiful black-haired head faced Grid.

“”Overgeared God.

I dont know your intentions but no matter what it is, I can help you.

Lets not stay here like this.

I hope you will come back to the castle with me and tell me your purpose.””

Grids eyes were shining brilliantly.

“Do you want to cooperate with me”

“”Yes, no matter your purpose, I will be on your side.””

Grid had powerful messengers that no gods had ever obtained.

There were many paths he could walk and this strongly tempted Dantalion.

He believed that if he could accompany Grid then he would accumulate profound knowledge through various experiences.

For Dantalion, knowledge was power.

The encounter with Grid was an opportunity that wouldnt come twice.

“Then die.”


Dantalions eight faces that were flushed with excitement scattered like petals.

Blood shimmered in the old moonlight as black liquid seemed to spray.

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