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Chapter 1412

“It is finally over...”

The person who consumed the most mental energy during the battle was Zibal himself.

That looked good to turn things over, could he do it That was a splendid pincer movement.

Should he join in The steel frame piled up like a wall over there seemed to interfere with Mercedes movements.

Should he put them away Faker seemed to be in danger.

Should he use Providence Did he want to take out the magic machine Would breaking the castle bother his allies instead Etc, etc.

Throughout the battle, Zibal couldnt easily make decisions.

It was because the level of the enemies and allies were one step above his own.

Zibal was unsure of his judgment.

He worried that his choices and actions would flow as the enemy intended.

He was afraid that he might cause trouble while trying to help his allies.

Of course, he didnt just watch.

Every moment he was convinced that the gap revealed by Haegak wasnt a trap, his attacks played a role.

Every time he figured out the intentions of his allies, he would run immediately to help realize their intentions.

“Good work.” It was shortly after the end of the Haegak raid.

Zibal was watching from a distance as Grid introduced Zikfrector to his colleagues when Faker approached Zibals side and spoke.

“Thanks to you, I was saved twice.”

Was it Fakers personality to come up and greet someone first

Zibal had a somewhat puzzled expression and sighed.

“I dont know why you are grateful for the guy who just watched the battle because he didnt know what was going on.”

“No, you were good enough.” Faker confirmed the faces of the people who participated in the battle.

The legendary great magician Braham, the legendary knight Mercedes, the legendary farmer Piaro, the archangel Sariel, Zikfrector of the seven malignant saints, Shadow King Kasim, and Overgeared God Grid...

They were the strongest people of this era.

It was difficult for even the most talented person to match them.

It would be good if he didnt disturb them.

Meanwhile, Zibal helped them several times.

He definitely assisted.

Faker had experienced it.

Zibals cooperation was better than his own and the performance was also higher.

Sure enough, he was the leader of the Seven Guilds and a hero of the big country called the United States.

“I wasnt good at all...” Zibal showed a reaction like he disagreed.

Zibal couldnt adapt to the fact that when standing shoulder to shoulder with the supreme one, he could only play a supporting role in the battle instead of being the main character.

He was used to it now, but he always felt sorry.

Once he heard the praise, he remembered things that he didnt do well.

He had rushed to rescue the caught Kasim only to be hit by Haegak and have his ribs broken.

He was trapped between the steel frame and couldnt move for a few seconds.

If Braham hadnt used gravity to help, he mightve had to summon Raiders to clean up the steel frames or consume Providence.

Zibal was red-faced thinking about it when Grid approached with his knights and messengers.

“Why does this guy look so agonized” Braham frowned.

He seemed to be criticizing Zibal for not being able to manage his facial expressions.

The so-called **ing ** management...

the day had finally come when he was treated like this.

Zibals expression became gloomier.

“You were great.” It was Piaro.

He who was called the devil of the fields and had stopped the Seven Guilds invasion of Reidan now spoke with a kind smile.

“It was especially helpful when you lured Haegak to the place where I was sowing the seeds.”

Kasim added, “You moved natural features of the ground to increase the shadow area.

Thanks to you, I was able to bother Haegak a bit more.”

Sariel clenched her hands and exclaimed with bright eyes, “I was watching! You were wonderful!”


Zibals facial expression became ambiguous.

He was wary rather than grateful to those who remembered and praised his few minor performances.

It was necessary to be suspicious of excessive kindness.

Zibal was feeling discomfort when he eventually grasped the situation.

‘Grid made them do it.

He planned to lead the atmosphere by soothing it so he could distribute the items that Haegak dropped without shame.

It was highly possible considering Grids nature.

Someone reached out to Zibal who realized this.

It was a big hand full with calluses.

It was a hand of respect.

He looked up and saw Grid smiling widely.

“You have worked hard.

Lets continue to work together in the future.”


Zibal finally analyzed the situation properly.

They saw him as a colleague and welcomed him.


a colleague...

Zibal turned to Zikfrector.

Zikfrector had become Grids messenger.

Was it necessary for Zibal to stay by Zikfrectors side when he would be protected by the Overgeared Guild in the future No.

Those who were stronger than Zibal would protect him and those who were more competent than Zibal would take care of him.

Zibal had already done his best.

He helped Zikfrector get here and in return, he received many rewards.

‘My work is all done.

Zikfrector doesnt need me any longer.

Zibal looked at Grids hand.

It was still extended for a handshake.

Then Zikfrectors voice was heard.



Zibals gaming life was full of ups and downs.

His unique talent made him one of the first rankers and he received everyones expectations, but he was blocked by the wall called Kraugel and couldnt escape second place for many years.

He created a huge alliance with the theory from MMORPGs that an individual wouldnt be able to go against it, no matter how powerful.

However, this alliance was brutally crushed by the Overgeared Guild and lost its power.

He was always close to being the best but it was a fate that he could never reach.

It was torture.

The pained Zibal pondered on it.

He had determined that he was incapable of leading the organization so he left the world and worked as an individual.

He dreamed of a comeback and entered the empire, luckily standing out to Imperial Prince Edan.

Then that damned Edan rebelled against the empire and he was forced to join Zikfrector before he could accumulate strength.

Due to the influence of Zikfrector, he fought against the followers of the gods.

To be honest, Zibal often contemplated a career change.

The benefits he got from Zikfrector (various skills and quests) made him follow Zikfrector and he came to know the truth of the world and supported ZIkfrector...

Zibal hadnt made a decision about whether to follow Zikfrector in the future.

In fact, the gods were actually deceiving humanity and the evil god and supreme god periodically destroyed the world.

So what This was just a game anyway.

It was a game enjoyed by everyone in the world.

The S.A Group wouldnt want this game to end.

They wanted it to last forever so their stock prices wouldnt plummet.

Even the destruction of the world that Zikfrector said would come one day would happen hundreds or thousands of years later.

Players wouldnt be able to witness the destruction of the world unless the S.A group intended to terminate Satisfys service.

However, players would need to fight against the followers of the gods who were gradually starting their activities to prepare for the destruction of the world and experience all sorts of hardships.

Still, this wasnt a problem for Zibal to worry about.

It was enough to avoid the hardships he couldnt handle.

In the first place, he wasnt Grid or Kraugel.

He didnt have enough strength to overpower everyone alone and didnt have the power to control the continent.


Now he wanted to be comfortable.

He would leave the hard fighting and duties to others and enjoy the game properly.

Hadnt he worked hard in the meantime In the future, he wanted to relax and enjoy the game among ordinary people.

He didnt want to be under too much pressure anymore.

He didnt want to be crushed by a sense of helplessness.

“Zibal, I need you.”


Zikfrectors voice woke him up.

The awakened Zibal saw Grids hand still reaching out to him and Zikfrector standing beside him.

Those who were fighting for world peace...

it was a nice picture.

“Grandmaster, I want to rest.

I dont have the confidence to participate in the fights in the future.” Zibal ignored Grids hand and confessed directly.

The battle between Haegak and the Overgeared Guild was a great help to clear his mind.

Zibal wanted to finish it now.

Strength and honor.

He realized it was pointless to be obsessed with such things.

He desperately felt his limitations.

Even from now on, he wanted to clear his mind and enjoy the game with ease.

Of course, this didnt mean he would fall behind.

Talent and habits didnt dissipate easily.

After lowering his target, he wouldnt stop growing even if he was more relaxed than before.

If a great demon came to the human world, then he had the confidence to maintain enough of a level to help.

“Grid, please look after the grandmaster.

I hope you can liberate the body of the grandmaster and the souls of the other seven good people trapped in the abyss.” Zibal finished speaking and didnt hold Grids hand.

Zikfrector spoke to him as he was turning away.

“I dont need a subordinate.”

Zibal ignored him and took big strides.

“I want a comrade who will fight with me to defend the world.”

Zibal increased his pace.

I want to leave my back to you with peace of mind in a battle.”

Zibals feet didnt stop.

“I want to feel reassured when I wake up from my sleep and see you around me.

Just like before...



Zibal finally stopped moving.

He asked without turning his head, “Why are you clinging to me Im not strong enough for you to rely on.”

‘You should ask if he is gay. Grid picked a fight in his heart.

Grid had raised his affinity with numerous NPCs so far and knew that a heavy atmosphere needed to be released with light words and actions.

He might have difficulty with actual human relationships in reality, but Grid was sociable in Satisfy.

“The measure of trusting a person isnt strength.

I believe in your strong heart and faith.” Zikfrector declared.

There were many opportunities for Zibal to abandon Zikfrector, who had fallen into a deep sleep due to the Curse of Sloth.

Even so, Zibal didnt leave.

He spent hellish days being tracked by followers who were hard to withstand with his abilities.

He mightve wanted to abandon Zikfrector a few times when he was on the verge of death, but he corrected his mind and protected Zikfrector.

A person who could sacrifice himself to keep his word...

there werent so many of them in this world that Zikfrector was trying to defend.

“I have no intention of giving you any duties or assignments.

I just want to be with you as a friend.

I dont want to lose the only friend who knows me asZikfrector.”


Zibals gaze shifted to Grid.

Grid was still holding out his hand.

This was crazy.

What was this obsession with someone who wasnt first in the rankings

Grid laughed.

“Friend, the Overgeared Guild will welcome you greatly.”

“...Do you want me to participate in the newcomers training course under Toban”

“Of course, you will be in Overgeared Guild One.

Ive already determined the territory you will govern.”


it is a troublesome thing.”

Playing the game seriously was already the way he was living.

If he followed the grandmaster, then he was bound to go through several episodes related to the seven malignant saints and accelerate his rate of growth.

The determined Zibal finally took Grids hand.

“Let\'s get along well in the future.


The previous second place in the unified rankings and someone whose ranking was now private.

The owner of the potential legendary (or ancient) classAncient Rider and the master of the magic machine, Raiders.

Zibal Graven.

He joined the Overgeared Kingdom today along with one of the seven malignant saints, Zikfrector.

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