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Chapter 1410

‘How did they know to come

This was the question Grid had the moment the martial god followers entered the dining room.

It took 20 minutes to get to Bairan Castle.

The followers of the martial god appeared there like they had been waiting so he even wondered if there were spies in the castle.

Then he realized that he had ignored something Zikfrector mentioned.

He failed to understand the logic ofsecuring a safe area by destroying the statues of the martial god. It was natural since Grid never instructed Lord to destroy the statues of the martial god.

There were few hints and not enough time to immediately understand Zikfrectors remark.

‘He deliberately lured them.

Meanwhile, Zikfrector was convinced.

Grid had created a safe zone by destroying the statues of the martial god in the forest of the guardian.

It meant he had seen how to get rid of the pursuit of the martial god followers.

Yet he dared to move locations and allow the followers to track them here.

He showed a willingness to start a war for his new messenger by taking on the followers.

‘His quick judgment and steadfast courage are worthy of being an object of envy.

This was why Zikfrector had coveted Grid since the days when Juander was emperor.

He appreciated Grid so much that he urged Grid to become the emperor of Saharan and he had a tendency to overestimate Grid.

It was a time when Grid and Zikfrectors thoughts intersected.

‘Is it a trap

Haegak felt a chill as the fragments of the exploded blood sword swept over his body.

Haegak had never allowed any type of attack to hit since he gained sharper hearing and a sixth sense after abandoning his vision.

Therefore, the burning sensation from his body was surprising.

Haegak turned to Grids direction.

Despite the missed attack, this mans firm attitude of forming blood again into a sword alerted Haegak.

This guy—

He was the king of this kingdom who dared to impersonate a god.

“You are Grid.

I heard you killed Lee Jeong but he wasnt very good.” Haegak abandoned the unstable posture of the one-handed handstand and stood upright.

Grid opened his mouth, “Kukuk, Lee Jeong was the weakest of us—did you want to say something like that”

This was a regular type of comment from Lauel.

He would mutter it to himself every time the dispatched personnel failed and returned.

Haegak flinched and shut his mouth.

“...Really.” Grid frowned when he saw Haegaks reaction and then he used Freely Move.

The followers of the martial god only marched forward.

Their sole purpose was to achieve the peak of martial arts.

Their essence didnt change even if they were deceived by Zeratul and lost their sense of reason.

Due to this setting, the skills they used werent simple.

They were obsessed with techniques that were difficult to use, complex, and hard to hard.

They also sought development in actual combat.

In short, it meant they didnt use targeting skills.

Moonlight flowed in from a collapsed outer wall.

The followers weapons, fists, and kicks moved through along the light, scattering them and causing ripples.

The techniques connected brilliantly, but they couldnt even touch Grids fluttering cloak.

It was because the power of Freely Move to avoid all non-targeting skills was absolute.

‘1.2 seconds.

Grid calculated the time the blood sword combined with the Magic Power Ejection Machine would last and reached Haegak.

He immediately unleashed a four fusion sword dance.

First, Linked Kill occurred and Haegak dodged with restrained movements.

At this moment, the accumulated combat experience rang a warning bell inside Grid.

‘A counterattack will come.

Wave Pinnacle was launched after Linked Kill.

Haegak immediately recognized that it was impossible to avoid this and he stretched out his right arm.

He didnt use any recoil.

He just threw his fist forward with his elbow down by his waist.

The result was amazing.

[There are no attacks that you wont recognize.]

Grids transcendence was triggered.

Originally, an attack gained speed by using the recoil of pulling back the arm but Haegaks fist shot forward like a bullet despite omitting this process.

Grid couldnt afford to admire it.

In a slow world, Grid avoided Haegaks attack and saw the scene of the chain being pulled out as Haegaks fist shot forward and deflecting the blood sword.

It was an iron chain that connected both of Haegaks wrists.

It collided with the blood sword and bounced it back toward Grid.

It was a really fast and sharp counterattack.

Grid didnt even blink once.

He already anticipated a counterattack and was prepared for the situation.

The God Hands blocked the blood sword.

Then the blood sword changed directions and returned to Haegak again.

Grids response was indeed perfect.

Unfortunately, the blood sword didnt reach Haegak.

Just before reaching Haegak, the duration ended and it exploded.

Haegak was wounded by the fragments again and retreated from Grid.

‘He doesnt have complete control over that sword. It wouldve been dangerous if the blood sword hadnt exploded and struck him directly.

During the time when Grid was tied up by Haegak, Zikfrector had bound five followers while Mercedes had killed three.

Zibal stabbed the followers who were bound by the runes that Zikfrector unfolded like a net and shouted, “Grid! Call out the ambushers!”

Thats right.

Like Zikfrector and Haegak, Zibal also believed that Grid had designed this situation.

It was natural.

He wouldnt have left the safe area without any countermeasures.

‘Was there an ambush

Haegak raised his senses.

He could feel Grid and Zikfrector, as well as the sword energy scattered here and there.

There was nothing good about increasing the number of enemies when there were already three strong opponents present who could overwhelm the followers who had learnt eight secret techniques.

‘I should aim for a quick fight.

It wouldnt be easy.

Haegak estimated that Grids skills were as good as his.

Rather, it was right to see Grid as more favorable than himself seeing that Grid controlled 10 black-gold hands holding different weapons.

‘I can only hope that I have more reinforcements than there are ambushers.

In the worst case, he might have to borrow thewings. It was a method where four angel wings were implanted to force him to become an angel, or an apostle of the martial god.

It was a black magical art that caused extreme suffering by temporarily separating him from a human, making him lose his sense ofme in exchange for borrowing the power of an angel into a human body.

In the first place, the relationship between the human world and angels was the worst.

From the moment the wings were implanted, his mental strength and stamina would be worn out.

Even his life span was decreased.

‘Lee Jeong hadnt learned this black magical art. Grid might be hit because he didnt know about its existence.

Haegak was judging the situation while Grid looked embarrassed.

‘Things would be worse if I had prepared an ambush.

It was necessary to stop the knights and soldiers who would come running after hearing the turmoil.

The followers of the martial god who appeared here had learned at least eight secret techniques.

Ordinary knights and soldiers would just be cut down by them.

The best way to confront them was with a small number of elites and at least four elite people were gathered here.

Himself, Mercedes, Zikfrector, and Zibals magic machine...

no, Zibal.

In this way, it was enough for the four of them to wipe out the followers.

The rapidly rising skill proficiency when fighting the followers was a bonus.

If they were lucky, they might get one of the martial gods secret techniques.

“What ambush We are enough.”

Yes, there was no such thing as an ambush.

It happened when Grid smiled while concealing his thoughts and raised his thumb...

The windows and walls on all sides shattered and new martial god followers entered.

There were at least 20 of them.

The number of enemies doubled in an instant.

“You alone are enough Haha! Yes, you can try it!”

Haegak shouted and the 40 followers rushed to Zikfrector.

Their purpose was Zik of the Seven Evils.

It was to eliminate the danger that could use all types of tricks to incite a rebellion against the heavenly gods.

Mercedes blocked the followers.

She pushed away the leading followers with her shield, rotated while swinging her sword close to the ground, cutting the Achilles heel of the followers.

The followers ignored her.

They broke through the gaps caused by her attacking their colleagues and aimed all sorts of techniques at Zikfrector.

Zikfrector was slowly pushed to the defensive.

His body was weakened due to just awakening from the long sleep the Curse of Sloth put him under and the ancient magic using runes took time to unfold.

He couldnt easily handle the followers who rushed in from all directions without caring about defense.

Grid tried to help him.

Where are you going” However, Haegak blocked Grids way.

It just stretched out, out, and out.

Haegaks right fist flew forward at high speed without the help of the recoil and forced Grid into the world of transcendence.

Grid dodged while noting that the right arm had more developed muscles than the left arm.

It seemed that his habit of moving around using his right arm wasnt for nothing.

The reason why the follower blindfolded himself, restrained his hands and feet, and did a handstand with one arm was all part of training.

The training of unusual intensity developed his body and combat skills.

Grid understood this too.

This was why he did his next action.


So far, both hands had been restrained by Lee Jeongs handcuffs.

[Lee Jeongs Handcuffs have been unequipped.

The attack range, hit rate, and attack power of the equipped weapon are restored to normal.

Some of the skills that have been sealed will be released.]

“Kukuk!Kuhahaha!Haegak saw Grid removing the handcuffs around his wrists and burst out laughing.

It was an action that showed he found it absurd.

Haegak also loosened the iron chains restraining his wrists and the chains that fell to the ground caused it to shake.

Haegak released the chains binding his ankles and the shackles fell into a hole it created in the ground.

“Lee Jeongs handcuffs are half the weight of my handcuffs.”

Finally, Haegak took off his blindfold.

All the restrictions for training were removed.

Haegak disappeared like smoke.

The moment Grid took one step back, Haegaks kick passed by the tip of Grids nose.

[You have suffered 1,900 damage.]

His nose bled.

Grid definitely felt it.

Haegak became several times faster and stronger than before.

The attack hit rate had risen to the point where it was difficult to dodge even using the world of transcendence.

The depth of the martial arts that predicted the targets response combined with vision made him a monster.

“The Triad...

it wasnt a bluff.” Grid honestly admired it.

Haegak shrugged in response, but he didnt let down his guard.

He had determined that he might have to transplant the wings in exchange for his life, so he couldnt underestimate Grid.


The strongest single sword dance cut through the waves of moonlight.

Grid suppressed Haegak with Restraint, appeared behind Haegak, and entered the Transcend state.

He connected Kill and Pinnacle to restrict Haegaks movements.

Dozens of blue petals appeared in the area and exploded with a wave-like momentum.

Grid pierced Haegak with Dragon and blood scattered.

[The heavenly gods are paying attention to you.]

Sky was a sword dance that announced the birth of a new sky.

The attention of the gods was natural and interest was directly linked to hostility.

This was why Grid suppressed the sword dance, Sky, that was powerful enough to be a fusion sword dance.

However, that was a story of the past.

There was no hesitation in the current Grid.

From the moment the heavenly gods imprisoned Hexetia, the relationship between Grid and the gods had become irreversible.

The battle between Grid and Haegak intensified dramatically.

Grid gradually increased his momentum by using stronger sword dances while Haegak responded with the dozens of martial arts that he had trained in.

The strong wind that stretched out from Haegaks fist failed to hit Grid and destroyed a spire before being extinguished.

Then the God Hands deflected Haegaks next strike and fell to the ground.

Next, Haegak was cut on the thigh in exchange for blocking a sword dance and leaned over.

He grabbed Grids collar, used a grappling technique and tossed Grid away.

However, Grid appeared in front of Haegak again using Shunpo and swung his sword.

Grid and Haegaks attacks moved along all types of trajectories and collided, creating shockwaves that shook the castle.

Haegak, who had been concentrating for a long time, suddenly burst out laughing.

“Hahaha! Arent you too focused on me”

The scene was filled with a bloody smell.

It would surely be the blood of Zik who was surrounded by dozens of followers.

“The 6th evil is dying while you are tied up by me...”

Haegak was talking while enjoying the situation only for his eyes to widen.

It was quiet.

There wasnt a single noise at the scene other than his own voice.

He felt something strange and turned his head, only to be shocked.

All his followers were corpses.

A silver-haired man sat on the mountain of corpses like it was a throne, a farmer and an angel on his left and right sides.


What type of bizarre combination was this Haegak couldnt understand the sight unfolded before him and seemed to have an illusion that the shadows around him were shaking.

Then he soon realized it wasnt an illusion.

It was due to two assassins rising from the shadows and attacking him.

Grid smiled brightly.

“You shouldve been careful of an ambush.”

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