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Chapter 1404

There were attack methods that took advantage of Satisfys high degree of freedom.

It was simple: Use things.

The stones at their feet, the chair they just sat on, the tools at the table, or the table itself.

Players had the right to touch most materials in the world, handle them with tools, and use them as weapons.

This meant it was possible to attack the target by throwing or swinging anything in their hands.

However, the damage was affected by the users strength.

It was a correct judgment since items werent weapons that had separate attack power.

Depending on the shape or mass of the object, the user could exert at least 1% of their strength up to 30% as attack power.

In other words, the utility was low.

Grids current strength at level 440 was over 4,400, but the objects he threw or wielded were only capable of an attack power of up to 1,400 maximum (the fourth awakening meant there was 0.8 attack power for every point in strength).

However, what if even a very small amount of attack power was attached to the object

For example, if a knife that had been previously cutting meat was wielded as a weapon, then the knife would be judged entirely as a weapon.

100% of the users strength would be applied.

Grid started experimenting from this point.

Blood Sword Shatter—it was blood magic that inflicted wide area damage by making a sword with blood created by magic, his own blood, or other peoples blood, and then shattering the sword into small pieces.

Here, blood was a substance and the shape of a sword meant it was a weapon.

According to the skill coefficients, the magic sword contained 300% of Grids physical attack power and 200% of his magic attack power.

If it could be equipped, Grid would have a weapon with a physical attack power of at least 24,585 (based on the 4 Enlightenment Sword) and 12,338 magic attack power.

Grid made this hypothesis and held the blood sword in his hand.

However, the blood sword was ultimately a collection of blood.

It was physically impossible to hold it whenthe handle melts into liquid and it is held in the flowing wind.

Therefore, Grid used the Pulling Device.

The shape of the blood sword was preserved by adding the Pulling Device to the handle of the blood sword.

It was the principle of a cup holding water.

He used the Pulling Device as a handle and held it in his hand.

The result...

[The Blood Kings Blood Sword has been equipped.]


He succeeded in making the blood sword be judged as a weapon.

The special tool called the Pulling Device combined with the class effectcan wear all items of Pagma\'s Successor to create a weapon that transcended the power of Hexetias Short Sword.


Grid got goosebumps.

He felt the power boiling from the hand holding the blood sword and waved it with a joyful smile...

[The Blood Kings Blood Sword is destroyed and has disappeared.]

[The durability of the Pulling Device has been greatly reduced.

Immediate repair is needed.]


It failed.

It took 2.9 seconds to make the blood sword and combine it with the Pulling Device.

Then the moment it was swung, the 3 seconds shape retention time ended.

There were two problems.

First, it took 1.8 seconds for the blood to form the shape of a sword.

Blood Sword Shatter, like most blood magic, was useful because it boasted avisible effect.

It was beautiful and easygoing.

Thus, it took time to form.

Second, the shape of the sword was vague.

‘Can I make the shape of the handle a bit more visible

In order to use the Pulling Device as the handle of the sword, it naturally must be worn on the handle of the blood sword.

It didnt mean he could attach it roughly to the blade.

The power was greatly reduced when it was unbalanced.

This was why there was no point in making such efforts.

“Divinity, Blood Sword Shatter.”

[The cooldown time of Blood Sword Shatter is reset by the effect of the skillDivinity.]

“Blood Sword Shatter.”

After repairing the Pulling Device, Grid used the skill again and the blood sword reappeared in front of Grid.

It wasnt a smooth sword shape, but a sword where the bright red blood kept fluctuating.

Blood kept dripping down.

The position of the handle couldnt be immediately identified because a dense bloody fog was wrapped around it, making it look as sinister enough to be called a demon sword.

Grid caught the handle and immediately attached the Pulling Device.

It took 3 seconds.

It was longer than the first time.

It was combined and destroyed at the same time.

“Divinity, Blood Sword Shatter.”

He repaired the Pulling Device and tried again.

This time, the stream of blood was a bit less tumultuous.Thanks to this, it took only 2.3 seconds for the Pulling Device to be attached accurately.

Next was 2.4 seconds and 2.8 seconds.

Another time was 2.7 seconds.

“...This also depends on luck.”

The wavelength of the bloody fog surrounding the blood sword was subtly different every time, so it was impossible to shorten the record through learning and adaptation.

If the fog was light then the handle could be quickly identified.

If the fog was heavy then it took time to identify the handle.

It might be a difference of between 0.1-0.5 seconds, but even this fleeting difference was unfortunate.

‘It would be great if the shape formation was 0.5 seconds faster than it is now.

Ideally, it was better to end the weaponization within 2 seconds if he wanted to link the blood sword weapon with an attack.

However, it took 1.8 seconds to form the sword so there was no time.

‘I need the command stat.

Equip the blood sword that showed an overwhelming attack power, link a skill, and directly shatter it to cause additional damage.

He could summon a total of seven blood swords using Divinity and attach seven Pulling Devices to make them be judged as weapons.

Then after using the rain of battle gear or a five fusion sword dance with them, even a single digit great demon couldnt easily withstand it.

This was the strongest combo theoretically possible.

In order to reliably implement this combo, he needed to raise his command stat.

The faster the speed of shaping the blood magic and the longer the duration time, the more complete and diversified the combo that used Blood Sword Shatter would become.

Grid checked his command stat.

The Blood King\'s Order was triggered today but it was still at 0 points.

This damn game.

No matter what, nothing was easily given.


I have no choice but to hope that time will solve it.”

Still, it was a great comfort to imagine the time when his command stat had risen.

He wouldnt lose easily no matter who he fought from the moment he could fully utilize the blood sword.

Grid felt thrilled as he imagined himself in the future.

Then he suddenly had a question.

‘By the way...

am I weak now

It felt like he had never won fighting alone since raiding the 17th Great Demon, Botis.

‘Is it...

an illusion

Grid started sweating as he looked back on his memories.

He barely succeeded in raiding Drasion (formerly Sariel) with a great number of people, he was helplessly beaten by Mir, he was too scared to even challenge Leraje, he worked together with Leraje to beat Krucha, and Marie Rose was just like a god...

He didnt remember any fights where he won coolly recently.

Did this make sense He felt like he was the only one standing still while his enemies were becoming stronger exponentially.

His self-esteem collapsed.

It was shameful that he was revered as a god by the people.


It might be because he hadnt been able to craft new items for a while that he was stagnating.

However, it was difficult to create new items right now.

Even a fool knew it was wise to save materials until the level of the stone statue was higher.

‘I think Ill have to hold on for at least two more weeks for the statue to level up.

Did he have to stay in this state of low self-esteem for two weeks Grids attitude of serious concern was unreasonable, objectively speaking.

Drasion, Mir, Leraje, Krucha, and Marie Rose.

In the first place, they werent opponents that players could fight alone.

However, Grid thought differently.

He didnt know about the other opponents, but he shouldve at least been able to hunt Krucha by himself.

The subordinate of the 8th Great Demon, Barbatos—Barbatos might be a wall that Grid couldnt overcome at the moment, but Krucha was just a subordinate after all.

Krucha mightve received support from Barbatos, but it was upsetting and embarrassing that Grid couldnt raid him easily.

‘Barbatos has many subordinates and they will always have Barbatos cover fire when fighting.

Grid and Barbatos had clearly become hostile to each other.

It wouldnt be strange if he was suddenly attacked by Barbatos power while active in hell.

He should have enough power to smash Barbatos subordinates by himself.

Grid came to a conclusion and felt the need to check his condition first.

‘Exactly what level am I now

He needed confirmation.

Yet how

‘Should I raid Hell Gao on my own next time No, I dont think it can be a true fight because I have figured out his pattern to a certain extent.

Who could he fight to check his skills properly The worried Grid looked out the window, only for his eyes to widen.

A pure white light was swallowing the world.

An explosion occurred and a mountain collapsed.

It was a disaster caused by Braham who was magic forging Greed.

Grids heart thumped.

A person who wouldve easily killed Krucha while ignoring Barbatos support fire.

How far could he fight against the legendary great magician Braham He wanted to check it.

This was also a necessary procedure.

It was natural to understand the fighting power of his allies.

“Shunpo.” Grid moved to the top of the mountain that had just been half broken.

“Are you finally going to challenge me” Brahams ruby eyes already showed the appearance of Grid.

His expression was very serious as he looked back at Grid, who suddenly appeared in the sky.

There was no trace of an arrogant smile.

Braham had been feeling weak lately as well.

Braham also felt the need to check his skills.

He was very pleased to see Grid who came showing his fighting spirit.

Grid wondered, “Are you agreeing to the duel”

“I have never avoided a fight in my life.”


Before he could finish, Braham took the action first.

The rain of fire rising in the sky struck at Grid.

There was no end to the constantly rising rain of fire despite cutting them one by one.

Grids body, engulfed in lightning, moved.

Braham avoided it using Blink and spread decoys out everywhere.

There were few spells as useful as Decoy against a transcendent person with extremely developed senses.

Grids transcendent senses felt dozens of decoys in the form of Braham and it confused him.

Nevertheless, Grid responded calmly with the Wave sword dance.

Dozens of sword energies spread in all directions.

Meanwhile, the God Hands protected Grid from the dozens of water bombs.

Brahams counterattack was faster than Grids response.

The debris of the collapsed mountain was rising and approaching Grids feet.

The sight of an earth barrier rising with enough momentum to cover the sky was truly spectacular.

The water bombs exploded and poured down, mixing with the barrier of earth to form mud.

The waves of mud that filled the sky blocked Grids view, meaning that Grids combat effectiveness was halved.

A deep smile spread on Grids face.

He was relieved that Braham seemed to be in good shape and was delighted at his own development in finding a way to counterattack against Braham.

‘Earth God.

The wave of mud that had been engulfing Grid instead poured down like a waterfall on Braham.

Braham watched it and extinguished it as natural as breathing, only for hundreds of lights to flash from Brahams left and right sides.

It was a baptism of Magic Missile toward Grid.



Administrator Rabbit collapsed in his seat as he stared at the clash between the sword and magic that was occurring between the sky and the earth.

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