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Chapter 1403

『 The new vampire species was unlocked and peoples interest is increasing dramatically.

It is estimated that the number of players who changed their species to a vampire exceeded 1 million in just one day...

『 It is quite different from the orcs.

When the orcs were unlocked, werent people very cautious about changing races There are only two species changes per account.

Each race has its own pros and cons, so it takes a long time to weigh the gains and losses.

However, the moment the ban on vampires was lifted, it was chosen by countless people.

It has become commonplace to meet vampires in villages and hunting grounds in just a day.

What is the reason 』

『 The unique characteristics of the vampire race has captured the hearts of users.

Satisfy has less means of health recovery than other games so life-stealing is a great means of survival.

I think those who have witnessed rankers with vampiric abilities such as Grid and Katz, who are active in raids and large-scale battles, are bound to be fascinated by the vampires.

『 Isnt this too dangerous Once exposed to sunlight, your stats will drop by 30% and some skills are disabled...

A vampires weaknesses are deadly, but there is also the unidentified presence called the Blood King behind the scenes.

People who have become vampires without recognizing this can be said to have no sense of crisis...

Blood King—the mysterious existence that ruled the vampires.

The system didnt force loyalty to the Blood King, but it did state it was a duty.

It was almost certain there would be a penalty for refusing the order.

If the Blood King gave the wrong order, then embarrassing situations would be produced.

『 In the first place, vampires are demonkin, demonkin.

They are bad guys who use human blood as food.

If you become a vampire, you might be ordered by the Blood King to hunt humans.

『 A war between races will break out! 』

Experts were concerned and people sympathized.

The vampire players gulped as they imagined being played by someone they didnt know and having to hurt their existing colleagues and friends.

However, vampires were an attractive species even considering all the dangers.

Putting aside the high potential of vampires and blood magic, the basic stats themselves were very good.

Rather than specializing in strength and stamina while having low intelligence like the orcs, all their stats were high with good balance.

Obviously, they had a high level compatibility with humans.

Instead, there was a deadly weakness of being weak in sunlight.

Still, it was enough if they were in a dungeon or indoors during the day.

Above all, the outward appearance was very nice.

If they changed their species to a vampire, their appearance was modified to become several times more beautiful than when they were human.

Experts warned them to be careful since they could only change species twice in a lifetime, but people chose to become vampires because it was a chance that could only be done twice.

There were even cases where people who already changed to an orc chose to become a vampire.

It was extremely normal for people to want to become stronger and more beautiful.

They might be a puppet of the Blood King if they werent careful What did it matter if they became a soldier of the Blood King to fight against humans In any case, they werent human from the time they changed species...

Players who became vampires dismissed the concerns of the experts, arguing thatthose who cant accept change will just be left out. Meanwhile, experts criticized their behavior asa tragedy caused by safety insecurity and convenience.

In the midst of their worries—

[The Blood King\'s Order has arrived.]

It was finally here.

Who was the Blood King and what purpose did he have Why should a vampire obey the Blood King As they felt doubts and tension, the vampire players opened the information of the Blood King\'s Order.

They believed that the contents of the Blood King quest would provide clues to the identity of the Blood King.

[Blood King\'s Order]

[Difficulty: B

The monstergiant worm in the Reidan Desert often invades the vampire cities while moving underground.

Hunt the giant worms to help keep the city safe.

Quest Clear Conditions: Kill 50 giant worms within a week (0/50)

Quest Clear Rewards: 0.4% experience, blood magic proficiency will increase, 10 blood potatoes.]

[Blood King\'s Order]

[Difficulty: C

It is rumored that there are monsters that hunt travelers at the desert oasis.

Cleanse the oasis, take responsibility for the safety of the travelers, and contribute to the vitality of the cities.

Quest Clear Conditions: Cleanse three oasis within a week (0/3)

Quest Clear Rewards: 0.3% experience, blood magic proficiency will increase, 10 blood potatoes.]

[Blood King\'s Order]

[Difficulty: E

It is known that vampires need to consume human or monster blood in order to sustain life, but this is just an old-fashioned prejudice.

The blood potatoes grown in the vampire cities are quenching the thirst of the people.

Help the citys farmers harvest the blood potatoes.

Quest Clear Conditions: Harvest 100 blood potatoes in one week (0/100)

Quest Clear Rewards: 0.2% experience, blood magic proficiency will increase, 10 blood potatoes.]

“...It is ordinary”

The content of the Blood King\'s Orders that arrived in front of the vampire players was very similar.

It was fighting for the security of the Reidan Desert where the vampire cities were located or helping with agriculture.

It was extremely ordinary.

It was embarrassing that they were so nervous.

“Kill the monsters that threaten travelers At this point, it isnt just normal.

It is too kind.”

“What is the Blood King His actions dont match with his name...”

The unexpected development reassured people.

There was some frustration because it was so ordinary, but it was much better than killing people or fighting between species.

The relieved people soon focused on the rewards for the Blood King\'s Order.

There was a defined experience reward.

Depending on the quest difficulty, they could earn at least 0.1% and up to 0.5%.

It was a reward that had no value at all in the low level section where experience increased just by catching a few monsters.

However, as the level increased, this reward became more precious than 1,000 gold.

For the high ranking, high level players, it was regrettable that the Blood King\'s Order was a weekly quest instead of a daily quest.

One of them was Katz.

“Is the quest difficulty random”

He got an F grade difficulty quest.

The experience reward for F grade quests was 0.1%.

He was very upset, but even this was a good thing.

Katz tried hard to comfort himself, but he was still puzzled.

His epic class was upgraded to an ancient class overnight.

It felt more like a dream than reality.

As time passed, he often laughed at himself in the past for being a pushover and buying an epic rated class change book for more than 2 billion won.

Now that 2 billion won class change book transformed into a 10 billion won one.

The radically changed reality didnt feel real.


Katz, who was performing the Blood King\'s Order quest by sprinkling the blood of monsters onto the blood potato field, suddenly burst out laughing.

‘Yes, Blood Warrior is different from the usual epic class.

The rating is epic, but the power was similar to the unique rating.

There wasnt much lacking compared to Seurons Soul Predator.

Unlike vampires, the big weakness was that he couldnt make blood using magic power.

He had to use his own blood or other peoples blood as a medium to activate his skills.

Now this wasnt the case anymore.

By consuming magic power, he could make blood and control it.

He would be able to show strong combat power even if it wasnt a battlefield.

He was no longer a conditional strength but complete.

At this point, the real supreme one...

well, he wouldnt be the supreme one because there was Grid, but it would be nice to aim for the top three.

‘There are Faker and Yura.

There might be many powerful people apart from Kraugel, but I have an ancient class.

I have a chance of winning.

Katz smiled as he thought of a future of relying on each other with Grid.

Then he was struck by doubts.

‘So why didnt the world message appear

Katz liked to stand out.

In the early days, he enjoyed standing in the middle of town to show off his weapons.

He was the first to changed class to an ancient class, but this fact wasnt known to the world.

It made Katz very dissatisfied.

‘Come to think about it...

Most of the legendary classes, including Grid, only received the world message a while after they changed classes.

‘Is there another condition

He had to find out what the conditions were as soon as possible.

It was only in this way that the world would know that Katz had become the worlds first ancient class.

[You have completedSprinkling the Blood Potato Field with Blood.]

[TheBlood King\'s Order quest has been cleared.]

[The quest clear rewards...]


As the first ancient class, he was watering the fields with blood...

Katz felt a sense of shame, but the reward of 0.1% experience was very sweet.

‘I will start with the class quests for the time being.

It was a quest to find Beriaches Painting.

He didnt know why a great demon would be painting, so it was hard to find clues, but in any case, he had to do something.

It happened when the anxious Katz was removing himself from the field...

“You” He heard a familiar and ominous voice.

“Isnt this the fool Katz who cant do anything without blood”


The Soul Predator.

He has lost to Grid and the Overgeared Guild several times, but Seuron was still one of Satisfys strongest.

He was chosen as a person who should never be met on the battlefield.

“Enemies meet on a narrow bridge.

Katz, you have become a vampire too.”

Enemies Why am I your enemy”


did you erase the fact that you cowardly set a bounty on me from your memory”

Seuron, who became a victim of Katz money, still held a deep grudge against Katz.

The person who got hit remembered it, but the person who hit them didnt remember at all.

“Did that ever happen”

“Bah! That\'s it! Lets have a match!”

Soul Predator grabbed the souls of the dead and used them as a means of attack.

Like Katz Blood Warrior, he was the type to become stronger when there were more bodies.

It was just that the overall performance of his unique class was better than that of the Blood Warrior.

Even if the target was alive, he had skills optimized for combat, such as interfering with the soul and causing obstacles to movement.

Seuron put away the hand plow he bought to harvest blood potatoes and pulled out his sword.

He knew how to easily deal with Katz.

He just couldnt bleed.

It was enough to crush Katz in an overwhelming manner.

“You are nothing but an ordinary warrior when there are no bodies!” Seuron screamed confidently and started using Soul Restraint.

“Blood Tornado.”


Just then, blood flowed around Seuron and a bloody storm immediately occurred.

It wasnt blood magic.

Players who had just become a vampire couldnt learn advanced blood magic.

Incredibly, this was a Blood Warriors skill.

‘How can he use this when there isnt a drop of blood

Seuron was surprised by Katz different abilities.

Then he suddenly realized something and marveled.

“I see.

Did you use the blood of the blood potatoes as a resource Kukuk, you might be an enemy, but I have to acknowledge it.”


I used mana.”

“Bah, are you lying to me because you are afraid I will leave the field Im not as bold as the one who used dirty money to kill others.”

It doesn\'t matter where we fight.

I have the first ancient class, so I am strong anywhere and anytime.”


Seuron made a pitying expression.

Ancient class It was a reaction to Katz bluff with a rating that didnt even exist.

At the same time...

“Oh, indeed.”

Grid held the blood sword that was created by Blood Sword Shatter and wielded it like a weapon.

He made a handle by attaching the Pulling Device to the bottom of the blood sword.

Thanks to this, themagic form was deemed an item.

It was the result of using the characteristics of blood magic that was made up of the substance called blood.

Endless possibilities were opened.

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